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Don’t Heal the Others

Author:He Dao Zhang

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UpdateTime:2019/10/8 12:08:22

Updates:Chapter 175 Desperate Situation

Xiao Feng, the protagonist of the story was an ace at online games. By accident, he knew a game called Mystery which can reduce human’s energy consumption and improve the space-allocation on the earth. In this game, he hit monsters, increased his levels and met a lot of friends. However, at the same time, he was inevitably drawn into the struggle within and outside the labor union. What should he...
《Don’t Heal the Others》 Text
Chapter 1 Waiter at the Gold Medal Internet Bar
Chapter 2 A Little Girl with Golden Hair and Blue Eyes
Chapter 3 Myth
Chapter 4 Can A Priest Attack Monsters?
Chapter 5 Bang Bang Bang
Chapter 6 Onlookers
Chapter 7 Midsummer Rose
Chapter 8 The slightest Slip of Attention
Chapter 9 Great Drop!
Chapter 10 Run Wild in the Novice Village
Chapter 11 The Only Task
Chapter 12 Ask the Player to Fight Offline Only to Find She is a Girl?
Chapter 13 You Win!
Chapter 14 Naughty Boy
Chapter 15 I'm Ill-tempered
Chapter 16 Equally Honest with Aged and Child Customers
Chapter 17 Selling Items in the Stall
Chapter 18 Special Task
Chapter 19 Men Never Give in!
Chapter 20 A Woman Hooligan
Chapter 21 I'm Gonna Call the Police
Chapter 22 Scrounging Free Meal
Chapter 23 The Hidden Task in the Forbidden Land
Chapter 24 Swarming Kill in Novice Village
Chapter 25 System Tips Bombing
Chapter 26 The Underground Hole
Chapter 27 The Best Analyst of Online Games
Chapter 28 Level 8
Chapter 29 Investigation
Chapter 30 Qian Duoduo is a Barrel of Laughs
Chapter 31 The Ranking Lis
Chapter 32 The Poisonous Crocodile King
Chapter 33 Kill the 9th-Level BOSS
Chapter 34 Qian Duoduo Was a Tough Girl
Chapter 35 The New Elite BOSS in the Wild
Chapter 36 The Invincible Red-eyed Bull King
Chapter 37 The Difficult Fight Against the BOSS
Chapter 38 The Golden Bull Totem
Chapter 39 The Unexpected News
Chapter 40 Fear
Chapter 41 The End of the Foreshadowing
Chapter 42 Level 10
Chapter 43 Transfer Profession and Become a Ritualis
Chapter 44 The Waves of Transferring Professions
Chapter 45 The Strange Muguang Fores
Chapter 46 The Golden Skeleton King
Chapter 47 Half of the List Was Occupied by Xiaofeng
Chapter 48 Storyline Task
Chapter 49 Go Back to the Novice Village
Chapter 50 Eat Two Pounds of Shi
Chapter 51 Lying in Ambush outside the Instance Zone
Chapter 51 Lying in Ambush outside the Instance Zone
Chapter 52 The Horrible Damage
Chapter 53 Thank You for Reminding Me
Chapter 54 ACE
Chapter 55 Capture Skill
Chapter 56 The Contaminated Muguang Fores
Chapter 57 The Dark Army
Chapter 58 The Big Lich Fled
Chapter 59 Discovery
Chapter 60 The Plo
Chapter 61 Meet War Spirit Knife by Chance
Chapter 62 An Excellent Woman
Chapter 63 Ice Giant Guardian
Chapter 64 Fierce Attack
Chapter 65 I'll Resist Its Attack
Chapter 66 Master Player
Chapter 67 A Big Trouble
Chapter 68 Boiling with Rage
Chapter 69 The Temple of Ligh
Chapter 70 Xiaobai
Chapter 71 A Rewarding Journey
Chapter 72 Compromise
Chapter 73 Privilege
Chapter 74 Make Trouble
Chapter 75 A Scam
Chapter 76 The Horrible Scene
Chapter 77 The Efficiency
Chapter 78 The Pioneering Team
Chapter 79 Who is the Person?
Chapter 80 Set Off
Chapter 81 The Detachmen
Chapter 82 The Horrible Attacking Force
Chapter 82 The Horrible Attacking Force
Chapter 83 The Plan
Chapter 84 Kill the First BOSS
Chapter 85 Join the First Team
Chapter 86 What the Fuck Are You Doing?
Chapter 87 What Happened?
Chapter 88 The Line of Killing
Chapter 89 Rubbish
Chapter 90 Salamander Lord
Chapter 91 Huge Figure of Damages
Chapter 92 The Cooperation
Chapter 93 The Advertisemen
Chapter 94 Fail to Get the Best Drops
Chapter 95 Become a Streamer
Chapter 96 A Grand Occasion
Chapter 97 The Busy Live Studio
Chapter 98 Mission Completed
Chapter 99 Feeding
Chapter 100 Building the Treasure Pavilion
Chapter 101 Encounter the Kid Again
Chapter 102 The Instance Zone Task
Chapter 103 Endless Nightmare
Chapter 104 Silver Sword Edge
Chapter 105 What are You Saying
Chapter 106 Live Streaming
Chapter 107 I'll Save You
Chapter 108 Challenging the undercity Dungeon
Chapter 109 Harves
Chapter 110 The Eve of the Treasure House
Chapter 111 Xiaoxue
Chapter 112 The Golden Moun
Chapter 113 Level 15
Chapter 114 Astonishmen
Chapter 115 The Treasure Pavilion Opened
Chapter 116 The Appetizer
Chapter 117 The Star
Chapter 118 The Sky-high Price
Chapter 119 The Price of One Million
Chapter 120 The New Ranking Lis
Chapter 121 The Celebrity List and the Internet Troll
Chapter 122 The Goddess Lis
Chapter 123 Chew and Screw
Chapter 124 Down with the Unscrupulous Businessman
Chapter 125 Han Feng
Chapter 126 Meet Su Tingting Once Again
Chapter 127 The Weird Little Girl
Chapter 128 Su Tingting
Chapter 129 Mandala Sache
Chapter 130 Fight in the Wild
Chapter 131 The Mist of War
Chapter 132 Getting Out of the Mist of War
Chapter 133 Being Killed for the First Time
Chapter 134 The Night before Leaving
Chapter 135 An Acciden
Chapter 136 Purple
Chapter 137 Dragon's Skull
Chapter 138 The Paladin Order
Chapter 139 Brag
Chapter 140 Great Difficulty
Chapter 141 An Empty City
Chapter 142 The Requisition
Chapter 143 Unstoppable
Chapter 144 Failure
Chapter 145 Wordless
Chapter 146 Midsummer Rose's Fate
Chapter 147 Meet Offline
Chapter 148 Liu Qiangwei
Chapter 149 Humiliation
Chapter 150 Changes
Chapter 151 New House
Chapter 152 Ignoran
Chapter 153 A Team of Weakers
Chapter 154 A Group of Rookies
Chapter 155 We're Done
Chapter 156 Conflic
Chapter 157 Qian Duoduo
Chapter 158 An Unexpected Advancemen
Chapter 159 Xiaobai at Faerie Level
Chapter 160 BOSS
Chapter 161 Dragon's Claw
Chapter 162 What Were You Doing?
Chapter 163 What Did You Think?
Chapter 164 Ning Keke
Chapter 165 Disconsolate
Chapter 166 Loli Babysitter
Chapter 167 My Lord
Chapter 168 Starting to Attack
Chapter 169 Server-Wide Treasure Hun
Chapter 170 Battle of Honor
Chapter 171 Maxed-Out Attributes
Chapter 172 Head-On Figh
Chapter 173 Survive
Chapter 174 Unexpected Change
Chapter 175 Desperate Situation