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Chapter 128 Iron Head Kid

Gao Ge doesn’t close the door. He is afraid to be seriously slandered.

He sits on the bed and also puts on his coat. After all, boys must protect themselves when they are out.

“What are you doing here?” Gao Ge asks with a frown.

The camgirl curls her lips and puts on a sad face, “I just gave you a free ride today and now you want to discard your helper?”

Gao Ge can’t remain grim anymore. After all, she is right. He should not case his helper aside when she has served his purpose. Otherwise, he will feel guilty.

Since he has got her help, he should at least be nice to her.

He cannot take everyone as someone who buys a pig in a poke like Liu Dan anyway.

“Handsome, can you bring me into the tube-shaped apartment building?” The camgirl blinks her big eyes and asks.

Gao Ge shakes his head determinedly, “No.”

Is she insane?

Gao Ge is even not sure whether he can go in there or not. How can he bring her too?

Then Gao Ge changes the topic and asks, “You’ve seen what happened today. The haunted building is so dangerous. Why do you still want to go there?”

“Handsome, do you know what my net name is?”

“What is it?”

“Iron Head Kid!” The camgirl says forcefully.

Gao Ge doesn’t say anything.

“Today I finally find out that you are much more capable than Master Wen.” The camgirl says cross-legged.

Gao Ge laughs.

The camgirl continues saying, “Why the laughter? Do you think Master Wen is a fraud? He is not, actually. He is capable indeed, but his capability is not good enough. Moreover, he is still very useful to me. Why do you think I have so many fans in my live studio? Why can I make so much money in one year? I work with him to sell talismans! It’s considerable income for us!”

Gao Ge is a bit surprised.

Unexpectedly, this girl should have such business acumen.

The profits of the business are imaginable.

“How about this? You work with me and I will give you half a million per month. What do you think?” The girl says, “As to Master Wen, I will let him go back to where he comes from.”

Her tone is quite arrogant.

“He comes from his mother’s womb.”

The girl stares at Gao Ge, “Did you use to work on wrangling before?”

Gao Ge grins and can’t help sighing. Being a camgirl makes so much money. She just offers half a million so easily.

“Forget about it. I am not interested in that.”

Gao Ge’s refusal startles the girl a bit but very soon she comes to her senses, saying with a smile, “It’s quite normal. You are a true master, who regards money as unimportant.”

If Yue Xincheng and Xia Lu were here, they would spit their saliva on her face.

“Well, I don’t need you to cooperate with me. As long as you do the live broadcasting in the tube-shaped apartment building for me, I will give you one million. What do you think? Recently, just because I come to the tube-shaped apartment building for live broadcasting, our website even has put me on the homepage. I can’t miss this opportunity!” The girl says, “As long as I make it, I will become the No. 1 camgirl in Douxia platform. The other competitors can only come to my live studio as audience with tears.”

Gao Ge is speechless.

Their circle is quite complicated!

Noticing that Gao Ge is still silent, the girl grits her teeth, “Two million!”

Gao Ge remains silent.

“Five million!”

Gao Ge can’t help falling lost in thought.

The girl seems to have made up her mind.

She stands up to watch Gao Ge, who is sitting on the bed, and then goes near him step by step.

“Master is master. Even money cannot touch you. Yet, it’s fine. I know what you want. You are a man! Let’s close the door first and then do what you want, okay?”

Gao Ge gets up instantly.

He takes a few steps backwards and watches the camgirl called Iron Head Kid, saying furiously, “What’s wrong with you? Since you can’t persuade me with money, you want to threaten me now?”

The camgirl is confused.

Is what she is doing called threat?

When other men send her hundreds of rockets, they can only get an emotion icon of heart and a “thank you” in return.

“Don’t you want to do something you feel like doing?” The camgirl takes a deep breath and holds in her anger, saying in a coquettish tone with a smile.


“Then do it!” The camgirl lies in bed and closes her eyes.

“Can I?”

“Sure. Go for it! No need to care about my feelings!”

Hence, Gao Ge goes forward and reaches out his hand.

He drags her hair and hears the camgirl screaming harshly. However, he turns a deaf ear to that.

After throwing her out of the room by pulling her hair, Gao Ge closes the door instantly.

He takes a long breath and mumbles to himself.

“Having done what I want to do, I feel so good…”

The camgirl keeps knocking on the door for a long time and cursing him. However, Gao Ge doesn’t care about that and instead, he sits on the bed to run the Star Rotating Method so as to recover his power of stars.

“If I want to enter the tube-shaped apartment building, I must think of other ways.”

“In terms of my current capability, even with the help of the power of stars, I can hardly resist the pressure around the building.”

He thinks to himself.

When he opens his eyes again, it’s getting dark.

The power of stars is only 80% recovered.

“Boss, you are awake? Have some food.” Yue Xincheng says while playing with his phone.

Gao Ge sees some cake is placed on the table so he seats himself to start eating.

“By the way, the camgirl came to curse you before, saying that you didn’t appreciate what was good.” Yue Xincheng keeps saying.

“What’s next?” Gao Ge asks.

“Then she was beaten to tears by my sisters-in-law.”

Gao Ge is finally relieved.


She is an iron-head kid indeed…

“Oh right, the camgirl said you took advantage of her and wanted to sleep with her.” Yue Xincheng says, “Hence, Sister Jing beat her harder. This is the first time that I have seen her beating others. She did beat the camgirl rather harshly. I really can’t understand what the camgirl was thinking about. My two sisters-in-law are so beautiful. Unless you are insane, you won’t take a fancy to her.”

“Yeah, I am not you after all.”

Yue Xincheng doesn’t know how to reply.

After grabbing a bite and drinking some water, he stands in front of the window to watch the night scenery. Having thought for a while, Gao Ge suddenly has an idea.

“Let’s go to the tube-shaped apartment building tomorrow night!”

Yue Xincheng is shocked and gets stricken by mistake in the game. Hence, he throws the mobile phone aside, “Boss, we go there at night? Isn’t that dangerous? Ghosts all like hanging out at night.”

In fact, what Yue Xincheng said is right.

At night, ghosts will become stronger.

However, likewise, at night, the power of stars will be recovered at a higher speed and run faster!

He must see who is more awesome.

“Forget it. You are the boss. I’ll do whatever you say.” Yue Xincheng says, “Boss, can you find a way to bring me inside too?”


Yue Xincheng puts on a serious face then.

“What’s wrong?”

“I am thinking whether I should not ask you to come here.” Yue Xincheng says with a bitter smile.

Seeing Yue Xincheng who is so serious, Gao Ge goes over to pat his shoulders.

“I am a human. Human will die eventually. Yet, I am pretty sure of one thing. I won’t die here. Moreover, I can live very long.” Gao Ge says with confidence.

“I believe that.” Yue Xincheng nods his head heavily and says.

They chat for another while, and then Gao Ge sits on the bed again to run the Star Rotating Method.

He must adjust his condition and go into the tube-shaped apartment building for exploration tomorrow night.