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Chapter 199 Expose

Ding Ning did not dare to be careless. After all, he studied traditional Chinese medicine, and majored in western clinical medicine in college. Many knowledge of modern traditional Chinese medicine were blind spots for him.

He found a random restaurant to invite Executive Zhou, who had waited for him outside, to have lunch with him, and then went to the library to spend the noon reviewing professional knowledge.

Traditional Chinese medicine graduate students were cultivated based on three training modes: basic medicine, clinical scientific research and clinical skills.

The postgraduates of basic medicine were engaged in the research of some documents and basic traditional Chinese medicine. The postgraduates of clinical scientific research were engaged in scientific research experiments in the hospital and helping the instructor to complete the subject, and would be granted a degree in medical science after finishing their education. The postgraduates of clinical skills mainly worked in different departments of the hospital, and would be granted a degree in medical science after finishing their education.

The postgraduates of clinical skills only needed to stay in the school headquarters for half a year, while the postgraduates of scientific research needed to stay in the school headquarters for a whole year. For Ding Ning, who was eager to get a degree, it was natural that the clinical skills class was more suitable for him.

If he worked in different departments of the hospital with the tutor, he could not only access a variety of cases, but also quickly accumulate credits, so that he could get the degree as soon as possible.

In the corner of the library, a girl with shoulder-length hair looked at her companion, who looked as exquisite as a porcelain doll, wore countrified black-rimmed glasses and was absent-mindedly looking over the book about traditional Chinese medicine in her hands, and secretly sighed that the creator was so biased.

Such a beautiful woman had a surprisingly high IQ. She was really full of myriad favor, which made others even unable to be jealous of her. The girl asked curiously.

"Jingjing, I really don't know what you are thinking. What makes you suddenly want to attend the postgraduate entrance examination of traditional Chinese medicine?"

"Psychology isn't difficult at all. I just feel bored and want to have some fun."

Jingjing perfunctorily answered, while keeping focusing on Ding Ning, who was almost reading each book with an average of ten minutes.

She secretly muttered, “Is he pretending or really able to memorize them? If he could really memorize them, his memory is just as retentive as mine.”

The girl with shoulder-length hair curled her lip glumly. "I don't understand what a genius is thinking. I am just a normal person. I will be satisfied if I can get my master degree smoothly, find an appropriate man whom I can marry and be an understanding wife and loving mother."

"Sister Xiaoyu, you really have no ambition. If you are not going to show your talent after graduation, don't you feel sorry for what you have learned?"

Jingjing withdrew her attention and began to earnestly instruct the girl with shoulder-length hair.

"Okay, stop instructing me. Now there are numerous masters in this society. As a master majoring in business management, I have no work experience, no journals with international influence during my school days. To speak bluntly, in addition to a master's degree, I'm just a three non-product in society. Do you really think that there will be someone who begs me to show my talent? Stop dreaming. I'd better find a good man and marry him."

The girl with shoulder-length hair rolled her eyes and complained listlessly.

Jingjing shook her head with a chuckle. She knew that Xiaoyu was telling the truth. Although she had not experienced that, it was not difficult for her, who had high intelligence and emotional intelligence, to understand it.

With the advancement of society, the rapid growth of the population, the lowering of the threshold of being admitted to a university, the expansion of the bubble economy and the fierce competition in the job market...

The pressure of living kept increasing. In this era of intensive competition, how many people could be the winners of life?

It was no wonder that even a study overlord like Xiaoyu felt the pressure and said such something so frustrating.

Nevertheless, she knew about Xiaoyu's family background. Even if she didn't work for a lifetime, her family could afford to support her. She just said that for complaining.

However, the more intense the competition was, the more it could inspire her fighting spirit. She wanted to use her wisdom and labor to realize her dreams, not for making much money, but for realizing the value of her life.

I have been to this world. I have been brilliant in this world. This was enough!

Some people said that there was only a fine line between a genius and an idiot.

People also said that a genius was equal to a madman!

Jingjing agreed with this sentence. She had been a genius since she was a child, so she was also a madman.

As a doctoral student in psychology, she came to take the postgraduate entrance examination in traditional Chinese medicine. If she was not a madman, what else could she be?

The reason why she made this decision was that three days ago, she had inadvertently learned that someone, whom she was interested in, would come to take the examination.

In just three days, she, who had no theoretical foundation of traditional Chinese medicine, had looked through all the documents and theoretical foundations of traditional Chinese medicine that she could found. Even if she could not recite them backward fluently, she had memorized them thoroughly. If it was spread out, no one knew how awkward those geniuses, who considered themselves above the crowd, would feel.

However, the profoundness and incomprehensibility of traditional Chinese medicine were still beyond her expectation. Even if she had already brought her memory to the extreme, she could only stay at the stage of reading the theories and basic knowledge hastily without thinking and mechanically memorizing them.

Even so, according to the difficulty of the postgraduate entrance examination of traditional Chinese medicine in the past years, the theoretical knowledge was enough to enable her to easily clear away the obstacles on her way and triumphantly conquer this test.

In terms of becoming a great traditional Chinese physician, Zhao Jingjing had never thought about it. Taking the postgraduate entrance examination was merely a game for her. She just wanted to take the opportunity to approach the only man, who could interest her a little in the past 18 years.

"Brother keeps greatly praising him as if he is extremely rare around the world, but he turns out to be a normal person."

Watching Ding Ning place a stack of books about the basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine from his left side to the right side after finishing reading them in a short time and look at her from time to time, Zhao Jingjing showed a trace of disdain in her eyes.

It was impossible that he could memorize them at this speed. Even she couldn't do it with her memory. This guy must have found that she was staring at him, so he was pretending in order to attract her attention.

With the intelligence of 260, she was extremely proud of her bones. Maybe there were people smarter than her in this world, but it could never be Ding Ning who was in front of her.

Although she had a pretty face and a curvaceous shape, she had never been proud of them. She always valued a person's ability and connotation.

Ding Ning attracted her attention in this way, which made his good impression on her instantly suffer a disastrous decline. She had seen numerous this kind of men who intended to attract her attention by acting like a maverick.

"Let's go. I still have some time to go back to the dormitory to take a nap. I don't want to waste time here."

Zhao Jingjing, whose interest was worn-out suddenly, yawned, put the medical book she borrowed back to its original place, pulled Xiaoyu, who looked confused, and turned around to leave.

Humph! She knew that he would do this. He must fail to retain his composure.

Zhao Jingjing glanced at Ding Ning and noticed that he suddenly stood up and came up to her. She became increasingly sure of her guess, and the disdain in her eyes increased.

She was not eager to leave, ignored Xiaoyu, who looked anthomaniac, and looked at Ding Ning with her provocative eyes, wondering what other tricks he was going to play.

Looking at her hostile eyes, Ding Ning was slightly stunned. He politely nodded, while secretly wondering, “Is there something wrong with this girl? Why does she look at me like that?”

The disdain in Zhao Jingjing's eyes increased. Seeing that Ding Ning had come up to her, she was about to ridicule him. However, Ding Ning just passed her by and reached out to take the Notes of Basic Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine that she just put back, from the shelf. After that, he didn't look at her again, turned and walked to his seat.

"Hey, what's the matter with you? Why do you keep pretending?"

Zhao Jingjing got so furious that she almost spat up blood. F*ck, this guy played a new trick to hook up with a girl. He even disregarded me. Humph, although it was an old trick, he succeeded in attracting her attention. She could not help but yell angrily.

"Are you talking to me?"

Ding Ning looked back at her in astonishment with a puzzled face.

"Anyone else except you? Just pretend, keep pretending."

Zhao Jing pouted angrily with undisguised scorn on her delicate face.

Ding Ning frowned and carefully looked at her. She was as high as 1.65 meters, with white skin, a bun on her head and old-fashioned black-rimmed glasses which covered her delicate face that should look good.

Her large orange-red cartoon T-shirt was above her knees, revealing a small piece of smooth calves. He couldn't see how her figure was, but could only recognize that her boobs were small. She wore a pair of dusty white sneakers with the backs turned in, which made her look a bit untidy and even slovenly.

These were not the key point. The point was that he was sure that he didn't know this girl who didn't satisfy his aesthetic standards at all. He immediately said impatiently, "Have you mistaken me for some else? Do we know each other?"

With a sparkle in her eyes, Xiaoyu put her hands in front of her chest and said with reddish cheeks, "Hi, cute boy, my name is Song Xiaoyu. Can we know each other?"

Ding Ning twitched his mouth. This girl had big boobs and a slender waist, with faint makeup on her face. She looked good, but he had never liked this kind of anthomaniac. So he said with no expression, "No need."

"You... you are not courteous at all. I'm a girl!"

Xiaoyu was so embarrassed that she immediately blushed and shouted in anger.

In the past, as long as she took a little initiative, those men would come up to her and show her excessive attention like flies. Unexpectedly, the handsome guy ignored her beauty and wisdom, which made her gnash her teeth in anger.

"Does your sex have anything to do with me? I'm only courteous towards my friends, but we are not familiar with each other."

Ding Ning said without mercy, turned around and left, because he didn't want to waste time here.

"Stop. Keep pretending as hard as you can." Zhao Jingjing was so angry that she blushed and could not help but shout in rage.

On hearing her words, Ding Ning frowned, turned around to look at her and said impatiently, "There must be something wrong with you."

"Humph, there is something wrong with you and your family. You deliberately read books so quickly. Do you dare to say that you didn't mean to attract my attention? Don't think I didn't find out that you have been peeking at me. Seeing us about to leave, you failed to retain your composure. You could not help coming up to talk with me, but deliberately pretended to be cool."

With the complacent ridicule of revealing Ding Ning's true colors, Zhao Jingjing said, “You made a masterly application of playing cat and mouse. But unfortunately, I have seen numerous stupid men, who wanted to approach me, like you. This trick is too old-fashioned. I'm telling you, I have no interest in you. Just drop the idea of pursuing me."

Watching the girl complacently indulge in verbiage, Ding Ning was stunned. He had seen narcissistic people, but never seen someone as narcissistic as her.

With his face flushed, he couldn't help but swear after restraining his anger for a long while, "What the h*ll, psycho, you are really unreasonable."

"You are psycho. All of your family are psychos. If you don't want to hook up with me, would you deliberately read the books so quickly? I guarantee that you have not memorized a word, because you paid all attention to me and concentrated on peeping at me. Humph, if you admit it honestly, maybe I will still consider you responsible and give you a chance to pursue me. Now, you keep playing tricks, which makes me increasingly despise you. You want to hook up with me, in your dream, hahaha. Do you feel very lost and regretful because I've exposed your thought? I'm telling you, it's late."

With her face filled with the delight of revealing the truth, Zhao Jingjing said playfully.