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Blood Moon Hunters

Author:Mang Guo Suan Nai Bing 芒果酸奶冰

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UpdateTime:2019/10/11 22:30:08

Updates:Chapter 152 The Sea of the Ganoderma

The first Emperor of China Ying Zheng, the brilliant strategist ‘Sleeping Dragon’ Zhuge Liang, the brave and elegant Zhao Zilong of Changshan, the fearsome and peerless Lü Bu…. what sort of people were they in real life? And what secrets did they keep? Why did their spirits appear thousands of years after their deaths? Their re-emergence will stir up another round of bloodshed in another world….<...
《Blood Moon Hunters》 Text
Volume 1: Bloody Melody - Chapter I: The Dracula
Chapter 2: The Sanctuary
Chapter 3: The Battle Began
Chapter 4 – Kelson Green
Chapter 5: Black Tower Mage
Chapter 6: Clara's Fury
Chapter 7: Blood Hunter
Chapter 8: Alice, Wang Xuanming
Chapter 9 – Fighting against the Infantes
Chapter 10: Reunion of the Main Forces
Chapter 11: The Final Duel
Chapter 12: Violent Collisions
Chapter 13: Life Is An Ar
Chapter 14 – Dracula
Chapter 15: The Final Fight Began
Chapter 16 The Holy Lance of Longinus
Chapter 17 Descend! The Red Dragon King
Chapter 18 Wang Xuanming's Forbidden Ar
Chapter 19 Destruction of the Mountains and Rivers of 10,000 Realms
Chapter 20 The Dead of the Blood Hunter Clan
Chapter 21 The Death of a Beauty
Chapter 22 Searching, Crying
Chapter 23 The Azrael
Chapter 24 The Pac
Chapter 25 The Path from Now On
Chapter 25 The Path from Now On
Chapter 26 Farewell
Chapter 27 The Lonely Halloween
Volume II: The Cultivation Road - Chapter 28 Going to the Kunlun Mountain
Chapter 29 Looking for a Master
Chapter 30 Divine Cudgel
Chapter 31 Breathtaking
Chapter 32 The Reason for Learning the Ways of Tao
Chapter 33 The End of the Search for One's Own Path
Chapter 34 The Foundation of a Hundred Days
Chapter 35 Drawing in Prana Power
Chapter 36 The Secret of the Eight Limits
Chapter 37 The Blending of the Prana Power and the Blood
Chapter 38 About Cultivation
Chapter 39 The Limit of Prana Power
Chapter 40 Endless Golden Body Manifestation
Chapter 41 Maximal Power
Chapter 42 Training with Stone
Chapter 43 The Star Gate of the Purple Waterfall
Chapter 44 Maximal Speed
Chapter 45 Trespassing into Restricted Area
Chapter 46 The Fate
Chapter 47 The Acuity Limi
Chapter 48 Fate in the Divine Lake
Chapter 49 The Explosion Limi
Chapter 50 The Late Arts Universe
Chapter 51 Spiritual Beast Cheerleading Team
Chapter 52 In Remembrance
Chapter 53 Disaster on the Path to Immortality
Chapter 54 Tempering of the Body
Chapter 55 The Vow: Building an Invincible Body
Chapter 56 Tempering Body in the Jade Lake
Chapter 57 What the Primordial Spirit Saw
Chapter 58 The Jade Soul
Chapter 59 The Puppet Soul
Chapter 60 Experience in the Human Society
Chapter 61 The Secret Realm in Jiu Zhai
Chapter 62 The Way of Mending the Heavens
Chapter 63 Revisiting Sichuan
Chapter 64 Heizhugou
Chapter 65 Battling Stone Gate Pass in Fury
Chapter 66 Wandering for Three Years
Chapter 67 The Gates of Hell
Chapter 68 The Ten-Year Cultivation Road
Chapter 69 Leaving for the Mountain Tai
Chapter 70 Injustice in the World
Chapter 71 Friending with Other Cultivators
Chapter 72 Trespassing into Nature's Land Together
Chapter 73 The Dragon Trapping Well of Beijing
Chapter 74 A Shocking Turn of Events
Chapter 75 If I Direct You to the Path of Immortality
Chapter 76 Brothers in a Time of Troubles
Chapter 77 Meeting at Mount Tai
Chapter 78 The Young Prodigies
Chapter 79 The Meet Begins
Chapter 80 The Grace of a Prodigy
Chapter 81 Dress Up as Pig to Eat Tiger
Chapter 82 The Gamble
Chapter 83 A Great Loss
Chapter 84 Initial Sultry Battle
Chapter 85 Become Famous in a Figh
Chapter 86 Fighting for the Last Eigh
Chapter 87 Scarlet Heaven Sword
Chapter 88 Graceful in Victory, Cool in Defea
Chapter 89 What is the Meaning of Cultivating One's Body?
Chapter 90 The Final Eigh
Chapter 91 The Quarterfinal
Chapter 92 Overpowering Halberd
Chapter 93 A Battle Between the Buddhism and the Taoism
Chapter 94 Extremely Poweful Wills
Chapter 95 The End of the Quarterfinal
Chapter 96 Ending the Battle with a Punch
Chapter 97 The Magic Weapons for the Top Four
Chapter 98 The Semifinal
Chapter 99 The Soul in the Halberd
Chapter 100 Fighting Against the Heavenly Girl
Chapter 101 Two Antiquities
Chapter 102 Talk at Nigh
Chapter 103 The Final Battle Started
Chapter 104 Fighting with Heavenly Girl by Punching
Chapter 105 Descendant of Imperial Palace
Chapter 106 Winning the Championship
Chapter 107 A Frightening Nigh
Chapter 108 The Identity of the Man in Black
Chapter 109 An Emergency Recall
Chapter 110 If the Sky Is Ruthless, I Will Reverse
Chapter 111 Returning to the Yuxu Palace
Chapter 112 The World of Mortals
Chapter 113 Exploring the Divine Lake
Chapter 114 A Tes
Chapter 115 Getting Good Luck
Chapter 116 Breaking Through to the Sage Realm
Chapter 117 Rebuiding the Cultivation Base
Chapter 118 The Sage-Realm Catastrophe
Chapter 119 A Fairyland in the Thunders
Chapter 120 The Essence of the Thunder
Chapter 121 Friends and Families
Chapter 122 Deduction
Chapter 123 A Gathering at the Jade Lake
Chapter 124 A Misfortune in Ancient Historical Times
Chapter 125 Vanishing
Chapter 126 The World Was Not Wrong, People Were
Chapter 127 Hunters of Blood Moon
Chapter 128 Performing Righteous Acts on Behalf of Heaven
Chapter 129 To Do Everything
Chapter 130 The Experience in the Gates of Hell
Chapter 131 A Thousand Flower Dance
Chapter 132 The Covering Sky Sword Skill
Chapter 133 None Such Under Heaven
Chapter 134 The Second Killing Array
Chapter 135 The Soul of A Monster in Ancient Historical Times
Chapter 136 Fighting Against a Demonic Soul
Chapter 137 Dugu Baishi
Chapter 138 Fighting Against Two Immortals Alone
Chapter 139 The Three-life Flower
Chapter 140 Hanae Chiou Finally Woke Up!
Chapter 141 Terrifying Women
Chapter 142 Discussion
Chapter 143 Sect Leaders Paving the Way
Chapter 144 Fighting All the Way
Chapter 145 Seeing the Map
Chapter 146 A Trial to Test Primordial Spiri
Chapter 147 The Most Powerful Prodigy of the Age
Chapter 148 The Queen Mother of the Wes
Chapter 149 The End of the Trial
Chapter 150 Memory of the Past Life
Chapter 151 Finding the Young Talents
Chapter 152 The Sea of the Ganoderma