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Chapter 137 Dugu Baishi

"Oh? It's you!"

The demonic soul exclaimed after he carefully studied the immortal swordsman. It seemed that he knew the immortal swordsman, which shocked everyone. The demonic soul was not simple!

"You know him?" Wang Bugui asked.

"Yes, we two are from the same age!" The demonic soul looked solemn, as if he was pretty afraid of this person.

Wang Bugui continued to ask, "So, what's his name?"

"Dugu Baishi, the top swordsman of the Time Immemorial! He's quite similar to his name, alone with a sword only, and defeating all the prodigies. Everyone was respectful to him in the Time Immemorial."

"Presumably, no one can surpass him in terms of swordsmanship from the Time Immemorial till now. Who can defeat his Sky Cutting Lonely Sword? He was the most capable immortal swordsman of attacking since the Time Immemorial!"

The demonic soul told the ancient story.


His words caused a fierce discussion among the people. They didn't expect the immortal swordsman to be so powerful. He's the strongest immortal swordsman in the Time Immemorial, not just a swordsman.

This meant that even among the immortal swordsmen, he was also the strongest!

They never thought such a person would appear in Wang Bugui's catastrophe today. Did it mean that Wang Bugui could also become an immortal?

"Before he became an immortal, his soul was copied by the natural Taoism. I didn't expect it would appear in your catastrophe now. Alright, just let me the gap of our strength when we're in the same realm!"

The demonic soul mobilized his entire strength, improving his capability to fight to the extreme, as if he wanted to have a deadly fight with it. However, Dugu Baishi had not made attack yet, which made Wang Bugui feel a bit strange.


Suddenly, a rumble sounded, and tens of thousands of lightning began to gather in the sky. Then, a golden figure slowly came out from it. Bathing in golden light, he looked tall and heroic.

There was a trace of vicissitudes on his handsome face, and a kind of majesty between his eyebrows. His golden eyes were overlooking the world.

"Is that the God of War!"

Yun Jinghong widely opened his eyes. He couldn't believe what he had saw at all. That was the God of War! The founder of the Palace of the Human Emperors! The only immortal of the palace! Also the last immortal of the ancient historical times!

Even he had appeared in Wang Bugui's catastrophe! Two immortals appeared in the catastrophe at the same time! How terrible would it be?!

One of them was invincible in the Time Immemorial. He was able to kill everyone in the world with his sword. The other one had broken the magic barrier that no one could become an immortal in the Age of Dharma Decline, and established the Palace of the Human Emperors to protect the Human Race till now.

They two were both the strongest among the true immortals. Wang Bugui met both of them in his middle-stage catastrophe in Sage Realm. How could it be catastrophe?! It wanted him to die!

"Haha, you're really amazing. There were actually two true immortals emerging in your Sage-Realm catastrophe!" The demonic soul now had put away his contempt of Wang Bugui, and took him seriously.

"You'll cry later!" Wang Bugui replied with an evil smile.



All of a suddenly, the immortal swordsman and the God of War began to move. Wang Bugui and the demonic soul stood at the same side, and the two immortals were rushing to them respectively.

"Come on!"

The demonic soul suddenly made a scream, and rushed toward the immortal swordsman. Therefore, Wang Bugui had to fight against the God of War.

The God of War made a Break Heaven Fist toward Wang Bugui, carrying unparalleled fighting will. The fist had even trembled the sky. Wang Bugui chose to resist it with a fist as well. They two tangled with each other for a time.

The collision between the two golden fists caused a fierce fluctuation of spiritual power, cracking the sky. Then the two displayed the Kick of the Universe at the same time, shaking the dimension.

Wang Bugui stopped the Reversal Method and the Eight Limits Universal Order, fighting the God of War with the Heavenly Battling Force alone, so did his opponent.

The battle between the two astonished all the headmasters. It seemed that the raging spiritual power was not released by a cultivator at the early stage of Sage Realm, but by a Big Capable.

Wang Bugui shouted, and formed three punches within less than 0.1 seconds. The three punches then formed 1,000 hits. The God of War performed the Glittering Fist to defend, and then displayed the Thousand Kicks, but was evaded by his opponent with Hell Step.

Wang Bugui resorted to the Thousand Kicks as well, and followed to make a Meteorite Kick. However, the God of War formed a Primordial Palm, resisting Wang Bugui's attacks all, and even turned the tables on the attackers.

The Primordial Palm was rushing toward Wang Bugui with supreme power. Wang Bugui displayed the Hell Step to extreme, arriving at the back of the God of War in a flash, and also made a Primordial Palm toward him. Such a powerful killing attack, the God of War took it actually with his hand only.

"Break Heaven Fist of Blood Sea!"

Wang Bugui shouted, and rushed forward with a punch full of surging blood vigour. The God of War displayed the Killing Air to defend. But this time, he was actually forced to retreat a step.

How could Wang Bugui miss such a good opportunity. He moved closed to the God of War with the Extreme Heaven Explosion, and then formed successional heavy punches. The God of War was not weak. He adjusted himself immediately, and fought Wang Bugui with his fists again at a speed similar to that of Wang Bugui.

However, it was enough. Wang Bugui was able to hit the God of War within one thousandth of a second.


After they had made thousands of attacks, the God of War was finally slower a little, and was hit heavily by a punch from his opponent. He also seized the opportunity to fight back. Thus, both of them were beaten far away.

Falling on the ground, they left a large pit on it. They both sprung up in the next second. Then Wang Bugui rushed forward with the Kick of the Universe, while the God of War with the Killing Air. The fierce battle continued.

"Demons Destroy the World!"

In the distance, the demonic soul screamed, and condensed Taoism power at his palm, shooting it out. In an instant, thousands of illusions of demon filled up the sky. They all rushed toward the immortal swordsman in roars.


The holy sword in the hand of the immortal swordsman gave out brilliant light. He brandished it, forming a beam of sword power of hundreds of feet wide. All the nearby demons were turned into broken bits.

However, it didn't stop, and was still rushing toward the demonic soul. The demonic soul made a long shout, and raised his hand to form a fist to resist.


The dark red giant punch had crushed the sword power and continued to rush toward the immortal swordsman. The immortal swordsman only slowly lifted the sword, and brandished it, creating a beam of sword power with a width of nearly 10,000 feet.

The horrible sword power contained a kind of supreme killing intention, which suddenly spread out, filling up the whole dimension. The audience in the distance were all shocked and stunned.

Some of them were even going to kneel down, because they were extremely afraid of this killing intention instinctively. It seemed the killing intention was asking them to kneel down, and if they didn't obey it, they would be killed!

How terrible it was? Since the sword power was full of this kind of killing intention, obviously, the demonic soul couldn't take it at all. As soon as his arm touched the sword power, it began to crush.

Just in a flash, one of his arms was totally destroyed. The demonic soul made a roar and refused to fight with the immortal swordsman bare-handed. He summoned a blood machete and tried his best to kill the immortal swordsman.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Bang!

The machete and the sword collided each other fiercely, revealing the power of two Big Capables. It seemed that this place would be turned into broken bits, without the guard of the array lines.

The demonic soul turned his huge body into the ordinary size, and quickly brandished the blood machete, forming numerous beams of terrifying machete power which had cracked the surrounding dimensions.

The immortal swordsman began to dance with his sword. He spun the holy sword at a rapid speed, and moved up and down along with it. Beams of sword power rushed out, making the surrounding dimensions collapse directly.

The machete power of the demonic soul had offset the sword power, but it still couldn't stop the supreme killing intention. In the next moment, his body was covered with cracks by this killing intention. Even so, he still endured the pain, and continued to fight against the immortal swordsman.

After all, it was just the will of the immortal swordsman, not a real person. Since he was only left with half of his soul, it was a fair battle, and he had even taken the advantage.

Because he could infuse his primordial spirit into the machete to unite his spirit and his energy, whereas the immortal swordsman couldn't. Then, the demonic soul entered the state of the unity of human and machete, and integrated the machete with his own primordial spirit.

He clenched the machete and produced an overbearing attack which was the most powerful strike he could form now. Facing with such an attack, the immortal swordsman showed no fear and intention to retreat.

He raised the ancient sword slowly, reaching the state of the unity of human and sword instantly, and then infused his spiritual power and killing intention into the sword. Then he cut it forward, forming a beam of sword power of 10,000 feet wide, unstoppable.

The strongest strikes collided into each other in a flash. After a while, people heard a clear sound, and the machete power began to crack.

The cracks spread to the entire machete, and then it exploded. However, the unparalleled sword power had not disappeared, and was still rushing toward the demonic soul in roars.


The demonic soul bellowed, and lifted his machete, intending to block the sword power. But the sword power was too strong. In addition to that killing intention, the demonic soul couldn't stop it at all. His machete was wailing.

Then cracks began to appear on the blood machete, and spread out. Finally, it was broken completely. Then the sword power began to blow up, turning into bright radiance to swallow up the demonic soul.

When all the brilliance dissipated, people saw that the blood machete of the demonic soul had been broken into pieces, so had the other arm of his. The immortal swordsman stopped attacking him at this time, but began to move toward Wang Bugui.

"Haha, I'm indeed not your opponent, Dugu Baishi. I've mobilized my primordial spirit, but I can't even defeat your will..."

The demonic soul squatted on the ground alone and laughed at the sky. The man was still him, insurmountable and should be looked up forever. Dugu Baishi, was there someone who could defeat him?