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Top Furious Doctor Soldier

Author:Fu Shou 覆手

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UpdateTime:2019/10/8 18:47:39

Updates:Chapter 183 Are You Killing Me?

He had served in the strongest Special Forces, Heavenly Sword Special Force. As the commando of commandos, he created the Netherworld in the western underground world and became the formidable Oriental Yama. He said, “I’m Liu Feng. I’m adept at two things: killing and saving. If I want to cure someone, even ghost soldiers can’t take him away; if I want to kill someone, God can’t save him.” Now he...
《Top Furious Doctor Soldier》 Text
Chapter 1 Liu Is My Surname, Feng From 'Romantic Wind'!
Chapter 2 Upper Finger, Eight-Inch Needle
Chapter 3 Putting in Needles Like a God
Chapter 4 Gunshot, I'm Peeing!
Chapter 5 I, I Have Not Lived Enough!
Chapter 6 Take It That I Had "Taken Your Services"!
Chapter 7 Racing Car? Looking to Get Trashed?
Chapter 8 Running a Red Light, Drifting
Chapter 9 In Future, Ke Da Will Only Have One Brother Feng
Chapter 10 Just Drink a Bit More Wine in a Momen
Chapter 11 A Game of Whac-A-Mole
Chapter 12 Spitting Over Here
Chapter 13 Bringing the First Miss Lady Yang to Open a Room
Chapter 14 Raiders
Chapter 15 Gaosa Huishe
Chapter 16 Apologizing to the Ball
Chapter 17 Peng Jiaqi, Heavenly Sword
Chapter 18 After You Get Drunk, Then I'll Bring You to Kill People!
Chapter 19 Rumor
Chapter 20 Challenge
Chapter 21 Upgraded Competition
Chapter 22 What Record Did He Break?
Chapter 23 The Final Condition
Chapter 24 Hitting Sun Chengfeng Thrice
Chapter 25 A Battle between Two Beauties
Chapter 26 Fei Daojia
Chapter 27 On Account of your Father
Chapter 28 Am I Boasting?
Chapter 29 Confessing
Chapter 30 Monitor, Why Don't You Drink?
Chapter 31 Master Ling and Master Bai
Chapter 32 This Car Is a Gift for You
Chapter 33 Then We Are Enemies!
Chapter 34 Wei Zixuan VS Liu Feng
Chapter 35 It's One against Four
Chapter 36 Whose Home Field Is It Exactly?
Chapter 37 The Police Are Here
Chapter 38 Silencing Someone?
Chapter 39 Exploding Head
Chapter 40 The Culprit Who Poisoned
Chapter 41 Ma Xiaoyun
Chapter 42 Resurrected
Chapter 43 Like a God Descending from Heaven!
Chapter 44 Cover Your Breasts
Chapter 45 Brother Feng Is Back
Chapter 46 Expel Me?
Chapter 47 Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 48 I Couldn't Keep a Low Profile Even If I Wanted to
Chapter 49 Stupefied
Chapter 50 Strong Confrontation
Chapter 51 What an Influential Background
Chapter 52 You Are So Strong!
Chapter 53 Instructor
Chapter 54 Longyuan VS Longyuan
Chapter 55 A Miracle in the History of War
Chapter 56 The Point of the Sword Is Grounded and Sharpened
Chapter 57 The Old Wang at the Next Door
Chapter 58 Force Dispersing
Chapter 59 Wall-bam
Chapter 60 The Show Up of Doctor Shi
Chapter 61 Killed
Chapter 62 Liu Feng, I'm challenging you!
Chapter 63 Do you deserve it?
Chapter 64 My hand slipped
Chapter 65 Monitor, I'm here to save you!
Chapter 66 Cooperation, Shili Lane
Chapter 67 Fight Throughout the Stree
Chapter 68 Give Me a Reason Not to Kill You
Chapter 69 Trus
Chapter 70 The Sun Family's Decision
Chapter 71 I Will Shoot a World Ball, Just You Watch!
Chapter 72 It's the Soccer Player Who Has a Soul!
Chapter 73 The Violent Yang Shiwen
Chapter 74 You Tricked Me!
Chapter 75 Left Leisurely
Chapter 76 Long Jianfei, the Judge
Chapter 77 Kneel and Sing "Pleasant Sheep"
Chapter 78 Sounds of Screaming
Chapter 79 Captain Tong Said Let Him Go
Chapter 80 Penetrating
Chapter 81 Men Who Cannot Be Defeated
Chapter 82 Once the God of War in Military
Chapter 83 Legend in Venture Capital
Chapter 84 The Pressure Is Getting Greater
Chapter 85 Wanting an Explanation
Chapter 86 I Will Never Let Ye Zhiqiu Go
Chapter 87 Liu Feng's True Identity
Chapter 88 I'm Chinese Too!
Chapter 89 The Kiss Was Too Sudden
Chapter 90 One of the Capital's Four Young Masters
Chapter 91 The Terms Have Been Agreed
Chapter 92 Even Dogs Are Better
Chapter 93 Who the Heck Are You?
Chapter 94 The Contempt from the Princess
Chapter 95 The Goblin's Sincerity
Chapter 96 Tell Her That I Am Angry!
Chapter 97 The Noctivagant Emissary Luo Tengfei
Chapter 98 Who Is Making the Mess?
Chapter 99 True Love
Chapter 100 Shiwen Likes You
Chapter 101 Elder Guo Appears
Chapter 102 Today You Are Dead
Chapter 103 Duanmu Tong's Favor
Chapter 104 Liu Feng How Dare You to Beat Me?!
Chapter 105 When Will You Marry My Daughter?
Chapter 106 Jiaqi's mother
Chapter 107 What's the Big Deal
Chapter 108 This Is My Promise to Jiaqi
Chapter 109 It's As Simple As Tha
Chapter 110 The Interception
Chapter 111 A Super Amazing Pass
Chapter 112 So Simple to Score a Goal
Chapter 113 By 11:0
Chapter 114 The Five Mosts!
Chapter 115 Is Master Huang Still the Law?
Chapter 116 Of Course... No!
Chapter 117 You May Go Down the Mountain
Chapter 118 The Crane Immortal Wu Xiao
Chapter 119 An Invincible Grandmaster
Chapter 120 Shiwen You Did a Deed of Meri
Chapter 121 Brother Feng Will Protect You Forever
Chapter 122 What a Useless Man
Chapter 123 You Have to Make Me Beat You Fool
Chapter 124 It Is Not Fat But Swollen
Chapter 125 The Consequences Will Be Serious
Chapter 126 Fight for Liu Feng
Chapter 127 Lady, Are You Secretly Photographing Me?
Chapter 128 Day Patrol Messenger Haiyer
Chapter 129 A Beauty Came for You
Chapter 129 Incidents on Holiday
Chapter 130 Live Broadcast of Homicide
Chapter 131 The Waiting Soul-reaper Messenger
Chapter 132 I Am Liable for Any Death
Chapter 133 A Familiar Figure
Chapter 134 Counterplo
Chapter 135 Absolute Strength
Chapter 136 The Poison King Appeared
Chapter 137 A Markdown Sale
Chapter 138 You Are Disabled
Chapter 139 Poisoned
Chapter 140 Should I Bathe Him?
Chapter 141 One-on-One
Chapter 142 Time to Make a Clean Sweep
Chapter 143 The Destruction of the Dongfang Family
Chapter 144 Intention of Killing in the Lif
Chapter 145 The Press Conference
Chapter 146 Grabbing the Headline
Chapter 147 Good Luck to You
Chapter 148 The Best Assist Man
Chapter 149 Because He Is Weak
Chapter 150 The Tai Chi Master
Chapter 151 Cool Plum Chen Xin
Chapter 152 He Seems to Be Aiming at Us!
Chapter 153 The Medicine Buddha Wu Yu
Chapter 154 One Punch Was Like Seven Punches
Chapter 155 Seven-style Buddhist Punch
Chapter 156 See Who Is the One to Teach
Chapter 157 Hanging a Painting Twice
Chapter 158 Min Zuowei
Chapter 159 I Am Doing What Is Righteous
Chapter 160 I've Known Who This Person Is
Chapter 161 Ouyang Xiaofeng
Chapter 162 The Arrogant Overseas Student from Japan
Chapter 163 Beat Him Just Like a Rascal!
Chapter 164 The Match Continues
Chapter 165 Doping
Chapter 166 Let Him Commit Suicide
Chapter 167 I Will Deal with Him
Chapter 168 Let Him Go This Time
Chapter 169 You'd Better Admit Defea
Chapter 170 Billards hit the balls
Chapter 171 He was tripped and killed by you.
Chapter 172 Go back at once
Chapter 173 I Come From the Netherworld
Chapter 174 Nemesis, Goddess of Retribution
Chapter 175 Luo Tengfei's Bloody Eyes
Chapter 176 She Must Die
Chapter 177 The Second Death Shows Up
Chapter 178 A Death Is Killed by Acciden
Chapter 179 Deep Cooperation
Chapter 180 The Wolf Castle
Chapter 181 Instructing Yang Shiwen
Chapter 182 It's Your Showtime
Chapter 183 Are You Killing Me?