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Chapter 128 Day Patrol Messenger Haiyer

Being extremely fast, Liu Feng grabbed Xiaomin's mobile phone in his hand upon bending down, and seized the opportunity to put it into his trouser pocket.

Xiaomin almost saw nothing clearly during the process, she only realized that Liu Feng came to her behind and then turned to her front instantly.

"No, I'm not secretly photographing you. I'm simply presenting a live broadcast."

Xiaomin tried to calm down, and shortly she extended a little hand towards Liu Feng. "Let me introduce myself. I am Xiaomin, the popular anchorwoman of Lele Video, commonly known as an Internet celebrity now."

"Hello, Internet Celebrity, your name is a little out of date!" Liu Feng shook hands with Xiaomin and made fun of her.


Xiaomin pouted and said, "My name is Xiaomin. I'm an anchorwoman and Internet celebrity. It's not that my name is Internet Celebrity."

At this moment, Yang Shiwen also came along. "Hey, Liu Feng, I hope that I come over without disturbing your hitting on this beauty, right?"

Hearing that, Liu Feng and Xiaomin were both pouting angrily!

"But this lady, you must not be picked up by him. This guy has already had a girlfriend."

First Miss Lady Yang raised her thumb and pointed to Liu Feng with a commanding attitude, saying, "Brother Feng, am I right?"

This was ABSOLUTELY asserting her claim. Yang Shiwen was much tougher than Peng Jiaqi.

Initially, Xiaomin wasn't concerned about Liu Feng at all, but this gorgeous beauty, provoked by First Miss Lady Yang, felt a little offended somehow.

"Really? Is Liu Feng your boyfriend? Does he admit that?"

Looking at Liu Feng, Xiaomin said seriously, "Speak for yourself, are you her boyfriend?"

Clearly, Xiaomin, a popular webcaster, was also very tough.



Before Liu Feng could even explain, Yang Shiwen did something even more threatening. First Miss Lady Yang should swing her little palm directly and slapped Liu Feng on his ass.

"D*mn it!"

After that, Liu Feng, who was brazenfaced, turned red in the face suddenly. Spanking others was a special trick for Liu Feng to deal with women, but how come that Yang Shiwen did it to him instead today?

What annoyed Brother Feng even more was that Yang Shiwen raised her right hand and gently rubbed her fingers. "This hip is very elastic, wide and sexy!"


Following that, Xiaomin patted the other half of Liu Feng's buttock without showing weakness, and the crisp voice proved that this lady used great strength.

"What firm gluteus maximus! You're a strong man. You're my cup of tea." Xiaomin lifted her chin up towards Yang Shiwen in a demonstrative way, and still kept shaking hands. Apparently, she just hit too hard that her own little hand was painful.

"Liu Feng, you… She touched your ass, and you allowed that? You, you, you…" Yang Shiwen was really a little upset that her fine-looking face was covered with a layer of chill, and then she swang her little hand.


"What the f*ck!"

Having been slapped on the buttock again, Liu Feng was really furious at that time. "No spanking anymore. I warn you that the tiger's buttock can't be touched."

However, Xiaomin raised her little hand again, as if she were annoyed if Yang Shiwen beat Liu Feng once more than her.

However, Liu Feng's figure flashed and went behind Yang Shiwen, and thus Xiaomin missed it. "Stop! You Internet celebrity, I must tell you that I, Brother Feng, am not a casual person."

"Hee hee!"

Yang Shiwen's face showed a triumphant smile. "Yes, Brother Feng is not a casual person, and he won't do anything with you."

After saying this, Yang Shiwen took Liu Feng's arm and turned around to leave.

At this moment, all the onlookers were dumbfounded. No, it should be that they were envious and jealous to the point.

"My goodness! Liu Feng was spanked by two stunning beauties in public. Why can't I meet such an enjoyable thing?"

"Because you are not Liu Feng. You're not so handsome, not so rich, and not so skilled at football as him."

"I know that lady, who is the super anchorwoman of Lele Video. I've heard that she has over one million followers and this online celebrity should be interested in Liu Feng. Is this star attracted by Liu Feng?"

Many players in Technology University kept gossiping about Liu Feng, and followed Liu Feng and Yang Shiwen, laughing and joking.

At the airport, Pete and Zhong Shilong still stood there stupidly. The two amazing figures in the Chinese football world didn't seem to recover from the shock.

As for Xiaomin, she looked even more unwilling and murmured in a low voice, "You see, Xiaomin was bullied by another beauty today." "It will be much harder for Xiaomin to present a live interview with Liu Feng. You must stand up for Xiaomin." "And… Hey, where's my cellphone?"

Xiaomin found that her mobile phone for the live broadcast was no longer there when Liu Feng and the football team of Technology University had disappeared.

It didn't matter if the phone was only needed for the live show. But there were many bold private photos of Xiaomin. Wouldn't it be a blessing for countless indoorsmen if these photos were let out?

So Xiaomin panicked. She turned around several times in situ, and then suddenly thought of Liu Feng.

"It's him. It must be him. D*mn it! I can't let you go this time." Xiaomin stomped her little feet where she was and then quickly chased outside the airport.

Arranged by Yang Shiwen, the Technology University football team stayed at Junlin International Hotel near the Mount Wutai Stadium in Nanjing.

About half an hour after everyone checked in, a young man and woman dressed as strange tourists appeared in the hotel lobby, with their travelling bags on their backs.

The two were physically strong and bright-eyed, and they did not check in at the front desk and just walked straight towards the lift.

After taking the lift, the young man pressed down the button of the 15th floor straightaway. When the lift door closed, the young woman asked gently, "Do Liu Feng and Yang Shiwen both live on the 15th floor?"

"Don't worry, I have already found it out. They had already booked the room before they came to Nanjing," the young man replied in a low voice.

Just then, a big hand came in from outside the lift and separated the closing door again.

"Excuse me, wait a minute." A strong man in sportswear came in.

The man had deep eye sockets, a high nose, and clear facial features, which was a typical Western face. But he also had yellow skin, black eyes, black hair yet with natural curling, thus looking like a Chinese-foreign hybrid at first glance.

Both the young men and women seemed to feel somewhat reluctant when this mixed-race man suddenly squeezed into the lift.

But the half-blood didn't realize the slightest disgust from them. He took the initiative to chat with the two persons when the lift went up after its door closed again.

"Hi, handsome man and beautiful woman, are you coming to Nanjing for a trip?"

"I'm here to travel too. I'm from abroad. By the way, are you two lovers?"

"Don't ignore me. What's the matter with a chat?"

The half-breed man spoke at a moderate speed, and there were rhythmic pauses during his talk, which sounded quite comfortable.

Even though the two rejected him at first, but they somehow felt a bit intimate about him after he completed three sentences.

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Haiyer."

The mixed-race man then smiled a weird smile in his face. "I come from the Netherworld of the western underground world. I'm the Day Patrol Messenger, one of the nine soul-reaper messengers. Who are you two? What are your names? What do you do?"