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The Venerable Swordsman

Author:Qing Luan Feng Shang

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UpdateTime:2019/10/8 18:41:36

Updates:Chapter 175 Am I Cocky?

As the heir apparent of the Ye family, Ye Xuan went through fire and water for his family, but Ye Lang, who had just awakened his Divine Soul, usurped his place. In order to keep his position, Ye Xuan challenged Ye Lang to a Life-death Duel. With the broken Dantian, would he win this fight? The black ring his mother left brought him a great opportunity: Realm Hell Tower, where he met a mysterious...
《The Venerable Swordsman》 Text
Chapter 1 Who Dares to Touch My Sister!
Chapter 2 The Prison World Tower!
Chapter 3 Once A Man Falls Into Disgrace, He Is No Better Than A Dog
Chapter 4 If the Sky Falls, I Will Hold It First!
Chapter 5 The Hidden Realm!
Chapter 6 A Vision of Heaven and Earth!
Chapter 7 Who Dares to Talk About My Sister!
Chapter 8 The National Warrior!
Chapter 9 How Can I Be a Coward?
Chapter 10 One Sword Strike Decides Life and Death!
Chapter 11 On the Life and Death Platform, a Decisive Battle!
Chapter 12 No Longer a Ye Family Member in This Life
Chapter 13 Then I Will Die with You!
Chapter 14 A Brother Should be Like This!
Chapter 15 I Am Ill-tempered!
Chapter 16 One Sword Strike Decides Life and Death!
Chapter 17 A Great Sword Cultivator!
Chapter 18 Ye Xuan's mother!
Chapter 19 Sorry, But I Am a Great Sword Cultivator!
Chapter 20 I Only Have My Brother!
Chapter 21 The Consequences of This Sword Strike!
Chapter 22 Draw More Than One Sword Strike, I Lose!
Chapter 23 Do Whatever You Can, but I Am Invincible!
Chapter 24 The True Heart!
Chapter 25 In Your Dreams, You Can!
Chapter 26 One Person Alone Blocks Three Thousand Guards in Armor!
Chapter 27 The Silver Armor, The Golden Knife!
Chapter 28 Imperial Capital!
Chapter 29 Sorry to Disturb!
Chapter 30 The Best Sight in the Imperial Capital!
Chapter 31 Bro Ye, Could You Come Over and Talk with Me?
Chapter 32 A True Hero Should Be Like This!
Chapter 33 The Cangmu College!
Chapter 34 You Take Too Much Fucking Bullshit!
Chapter 35 Invincible Sword Body!
Chapter 36 Still Want to be Your Sister in My Afterlife!
Chapter 37 I Just Don't Like You!
Chapter 38 I Only Like Men!
Chapter 39 I Am Also Very Handsome!
Chapter 40 Do You Know What I Like about You?
Chapter 41 Let's Beat Him Up?
Chapter 42 What Are You Afraid of? Just Go Beat Them up!
Chapter 43 Brother, Beat Him!
Chapter 44 A Brawl!
Chapter 45 National Warrior Ye!
Chapter 46 Punch a Hill!
Chapter 47 Decide Life and Death!
Chapter 48 Brother Was the Only One and the Whole World!
Chapter 49 The Footsteps Came from the Second Layer!
Chapter 50 A Paw!
Chapter 51 You Are but a Group of Little Brothers!
Chapter 52 I Will Lead You to Kill!
Chapter 53 A Complete Waste of My Saber Qi!
Chapter 54 Such an Ugly Person Don't Deserve to Live!
Chapter 55 Fight for It with Our Lives!
Chapter 56 I Can't Cut Anymore!
Chapter 57 Are You Not Awake Yet?
Chapter 58 Actually, I Also Have Support from People in High Positions!
Chapter 59 I Believe in Him!
Chapter 60 A Master Supported Me Behind!
Chapter 61 Talk about Our Lives and Our Dreams!
Chapter 62 Remain Single Relying on Your Own Strength!
Chapter 63 I Am So Damn Poor!
Chapter 64 You Really Need a Spanking!
Chapter 65 Say It After Fucking!
Chapter 66 The Rule for the Tao Appeared!
Chapter 67 I Can't Fucking Be Convinced!
Chapter 68 I'm Going to Look for My Master!
Chapter 69 What a Nerd!
Chapter 70 Ling'er, I'm Back!
Chapter 71 Are You All in the Doldrums?
Chapter 72 Whoever Bullies You, I'll Kill Him!
Chapter 73 He Must Die!
Chapter 74 Don't Make Peace and Don't Stop Fighting!
Chapter 75 Canglan College Headquarters!
Chapter 76 The Momentum!
Chapter 77 I Am a Genius!
Chapter 78 He Is Coming!
Chapter 79 No One Has Guts!
Chapter 80 I Will Kill Any Cangmu College Student I See!
Chapter 81 Watch My Performance!
Chapter 82 We Can Get Rich by Fighting!
Chapter 83 They Are So Poor!
Chapter 84 Please Call Me Sword God Ye!
Chapter 85 I'm Too Dumb!
Chapter 86 What Is This Conceptual Sword Skill?
Chapter 87 Where Is My Sister?
Chapter 88 I Will Take You Home Right Away!
Chapter 89 Sorry, but I Disagree!
Chapter 90 Killing! Killing!
Chapter 91 Killing! Kill to the End!
Chapter 92 I Have Been Expecting You for a Long Time!
Chapter 93 I'll Take You Home!
Chapter 94 F*ck Chu Country Royal Family!
Chapter 95 Beat Me to Death, Please!
Chapter 96 Get Your Fucking Ass over Here!
Chapter 97 Brother, I Want to Go with Her!
Chapter 98 I Wanna be a Sword God!
Chapter 99 Kill Them!
Chapter 100 Activate the Prison World Tower!
Chapter 101 No One has Balls!
Chapter 101 No One has Balls!
Chapter 102 Destroy Canglan College!
Chapter 103 I Cannot Protect You Anymore!
Chapter 104 I Am His Backer, Are You Not Convinced?
Chapter 105 Don't Talk. Let Me Kill Quietly!
Chapter 106 I'm invincible. You Suit Yourselves!
Chapter 107 Kill Sword God!
Chapter 108 Use Sword as Eyes; Use heart to See Everything!
Chapter 109 Blood for Blood!
Chapter 110 I Just Wanna Beat You to Death!
Chapter 111 Do You Want to Live?
Chapter 112 No Regret in This Life!
Chapter 113 Not a Sword God? Kill!
Chapter 114 Sister Sword God, Someone Is Coming to Beat You!
Chapter 115 Sword, Come!
Chapter 116 Dare You Take My Strike?
Chapter 117 The Heavens and Earth Are My Swords!
Chapter 118 You Are So Stupid!
Chapter 119 Sleep the People You Like!
Chapter 120 I'll Take Care of Everything First!
Chapter 121 I'm sorry, I Don't Want to Hear It!
Chapter 122 Fight First!
Chapter 123 The Dragon Force!
Chapter 124 You Are Not Pregnant, Right?
Chapter 125 Sword God? Shameless God?
Chapter 126 I Use My Sword as My Eyes!
Chapter 127 I've Killed Countless!
Chapter 128 Let's Do It. Do Some Real Big Things!
Chapter 129 Kill Them All!
Chapter 130 A Bloody Battle!
Chapter 131 Call Our Men!
Chapter 132 Beat All of Them to Death!
Chapter 133 Kill Some People by the Way!
Chapter 134 Beat Me Please, I Mean It!
Chapter 135 Fight to the Death!
Chapter 136 Bandit Troops!
Chapter 137 Die-trying!
Chapter 138 Invincible in 15 Minutes!
Chapter 139 Brothers Tried!
Chapter 140 Bandit Ye, I'm coming!
Chapter 141 Kill! Kill Them All!
Chapter 142 Come on, Make Someone Your King!
Chapter 143 We Lost! Lost!
Chapter 144 Let's Make Our Own Way Together!
Chapter 145 Live and Die Together!
Chapter 146 Have They Asked Me?
Chapter 147 The Dark World's Dao Soldier!
Chapter 148 Please Come and Kill Me!
Chapter 149 I Want to Kill People!
Chapter 150 Marvel List of Central Divine Continent!
Chapter 151 Tell Me, What Position Do You Want!
Chapter 152 Wait For Me!
Chapter 153 Three Super Talents on the Marvel List!
Chapter 154 Who Dares Touch My Brother!
Chapter 155 What's A Brother Like?
Chapter 156 Life and Death Order!
Chapter 157 Suffer Together and Die Together!
Chapter 158 Big Brother for Life!
Chapter 159 You Are Stupid!
Chapter 160 If I Become Evil, the World Perishes!
Chapter 161 Submit or Die!
Chapter 162 Do I Want to Lose Face?
Chapter 163 The Twelve Gold Man!
Chapter 164 I Didn't Let You Hold Me!
Chapter 165 Who Could Match the Dark Flame Army?
Chapter 166 I Really Don't Want to Die!
Chapter 167 Beat My Brother?
Chapter 168 Charge and Fight!
Chapter 169 One Man Holds Back Ten Thousand Men!
Chapter 170 As Long As You Tried!
Chapter 171 Sorry!
Chapter 172 Are You Also Dead?
Chapter 173 Establish Dao Soldiers!
Chapter 174 My Name Is Ye Xuan!
Chapter 175 Am I Cocky?