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Chapter 120 I“ll Take Care of Everything First!


Ye Xuan suddenly reached out his right hand to stop Mo Yunqi.

Mo Yunqi looked at Ye Xuan cautiously, or alertly. He knew that Ye Xuan often started a fight without warning!

Ye Xuan did not move. He patted the shoulder of Mo Yunqi and said, "Are those words true?"

Mo Yunqi nodded quickly. "Yes, yes. They are definitely true!"

Ye Xuan nodded and said, "Well, then say it two more times!"

Mo Yunqi: "..."

In the end, Mo Yunqi said it several times before Ye Xuan turned and left.

Looking at the back of Ye Xuan, Mo Yunqi squatted on the ground and madly vomited. "So fucking shameless..."

After a while, Mo Yunqi stood up and clenched his hands, his eyes full of firmness. "Today's humiliation, I'll let him return to me ten times more!"

He then screamed strangely and ran madly to the distance.

Ye Xuan returned to the bamboo forest. Inside the tower, his mouth curved while he was feeling the big sword in front of him.

He finally decided not to devour this big sword!

Because he could use this sword after channeling the Earth Power! When using this big sword, there was another power in his sword!

Sheer dominative power!

In other words, playing One Sword Deciding Life and Death would absolutely have a miraculous effect after he channeling the Earth Power!

After a while, Ye Xuan smiled and said, "The sword is so big and dark. I'll call it Big Black! Big Black Sword!"

He then smiled. Obviously, he was very satisfied with the name he had taken.

In the field, Ye Xuan estimated his strength. Although he had not reached Secluding Realm, he could reach it anytime! After all, he had money now!

And now, the biggest hidden card was One Sword Deciding Life and Death, as well as Sword Eyes which definitely could play a surprising effect. In addition, he had Tao Rules!

The power of this Tao Rule was stackable to One Sword Deciding Life and Death!

Sword momentum, sword will, battle intent, Earth Power, and One Sword Deciding Life and Death. When these five things stacked together, that was his strongest hidden card!

As for the Prison World Tower, he now would rather die than channeling it!

It was too painful!

Ye Xuan returned to the bamboo forest. He looked up at the sky. At this moment, a picture of a woman appeared in his mind... She wore white clothes and was stainless!

An Lanxiu!

He did not know how strong she was now!

After a while, Ye Xuan grinned, "Lil An... Wait for me!"

After that, he turned and walked toward the distance.

Ye Xuan came to the kitchen, and Ji Anzhi was still cutting woods.

When she saw Ye Xuan, she stopped. She still had half a bun in her mouth!

Ye Xuan smiled slightly. "Come with me to buy something down the mountain!"

Ji Anzhi did not refuse and put up her saber. She then went down the mountain with Ye Xuan.

The sky was a bit bright, and there were less than four hours before the official recruitment of Canglan College!

On the street, Ye Xuan and Ji Anzhi walked slowly.

Soon, Ye Xuan took Ji Anzhi to Drunken Fairy Building. The woman who received Ye Xuan was named Xiao Gu. She looked pretty. She obviously knew the identity of Ye Xuan, so she was very polite.

Ye Xuan smiled. "I want to buy some clothes!"

Xiao Gu glanced at Ji Anzhi and smiled a little. "Master Ye, Miss Ji, come with me!"

She then took Ye Xuan and Ji Anzhi away...

Ye Xuan sat in a room, and after a while, Xiao Gu brought Ji Anzhi to Ye Xuan. At this moment, Ji Anzhi had changed her dress.

At the moment, Ji Anzhi had an ink-colored shirt and a water-green leaf skirt. It was not too big or too small, and it just fit her slim body, making her look sexier. Although she did not like to smile, she did not have that kind of cold aura. On the contrary, she gave people a feeling of tenderness, and people couldn't help but want to approach her.

Ye Xuan smiled a little. "Do you like it?"

Ji An nodded. "Yes!"

Ye Xuan smiled. "Then it's great!"

While speaking, he faced Xiao Gu, who was next to Ji Anzhi. "Give me a couple of men's clothing of my size. Also another couple of clothes of bigger size!"

He, Mo Yunqi, and Bai Ze would naturally need to change some better clothes. After all, there would be an important occasion today. Since they were all male, they could dress a little casual.

Ji Anzhi was different because she was a woman. It's better to try it out personally!

Xiao Gu smiled and said, "Understood."

After that, she was about to turn and leave when Ji Anzhi suddenly said, "More!"

Xiao Gu looked at Ji Anzhi. Ji Anzhi said, "I'll take all that I've seen!"

Xiao Gu was stunned for a while and then quickly said, "Ok!"

After that, she turned and left.

Ji Anzhi sat in front of Ye Xuan. She picked up a fruit on the table and ate it for a while. She suddenly looked at Ye Xuan. "Why?"

Ye Xuan was not stupid, and he naturally knew the meaning of Ji Anzhi. He thought for a while and then said, "I know that you want to bring back the bodies of Canglan students on the mountain path of Cangshan Mountain, and you've been bearing a great burden... There is also the vengeance for Old Ji, his last wish, and Canglan College... Don't think too much. I will take care of everything first."

Ji Anzhi looked at Ye Xuan and did not speak.

Ye Xuan said, "I sent a gold card to three of you each, and there is a lot of money in it. Don't be harsh on yourself. Especially you. You are so beautiful, and you should buy clothes if you want."

Speaking of this, he also felt a little emotional.

When Old Ji was still there, Canglan College was really too poor!

Until now, he found that Ji Anzhi only had two sets of clothes, and they were all very, very old. As for cultivation resources, although there was no lack of them, it was definitely not much, or pitifully short... However, she had cultivated thus far. He could not imagine how this woman had managed to live.

Ji Anzhi was eating the apple and did not speak.

At this time, Xiao Gu came to the room with a big box.

Ye Xuan collected the box into the Prison World Tower and was about to pay. Xiao Gu quickly said, "Master Ye, I dare not to take your money. The Drunken Fairy Building give you these for free. Please do not refuse!"

Ye Xuan shook his head and smiled. "It doesn't work this way. A relationship is a relationship, and I will pay for whatever I need to pay. Otherwise, I won't buy them here!"

Saying so, he took out a money bag and handed it to Xiao Gu. "I think it should be enough."

Xiao Gu was hesitant, but Ye Xuan had already turned and left with Ji Anzhi.

Xiao Gu quickly went to see them out...

On the street, Ye Xuan walked slowly, and Ji Anzhi slowly followed. She had a chicken leg in her hand out of nowhere. None of them talked, and their figures were getting longer and longer...

Half an hour later.

A red sun slowly rose from the end of the sky, and a new day begun!

On this day, countless people came to Canglan College.

Join Canglan College!

There was no doubt that it's the goal of countless young people in Jiang Country.

Now, there was no Cangmu College in this country. These young people want to achieve something, and joining Canglan College was a good choice. Joining a college meant that one would be taught and have cultivation resources.

On this day, under Jiyun Mountain, it was almost a sea of people.

There were too many people!

When Ye Xuan and the other three people looked down from the mountains, they were all stunned.

None of them expected that there would be so many people coming!

Beside Ye Xuan, Mo Yunqi suddenly said, "Ye, Bandit Ye. There are so many of them!"

Ye Xuan smiled slightly. "Good thing!"

So many people meant that the reputation of Canglan College was spread widely!

Mo Yunqi nodded and said with excitement, "I didn't expect that I would also be a mentor!"


There was no expert in the college, so they were all mentors. Moreover, they were also responsible for the rest of the college's matters. Anyway, they would do anything if needed.

Today, the four people had specially dressed up, especially Ji Anzhi. She was already good-looking without make-up, but now with a brand-new dress, she was even more beautiful!

Watching the crowd growing bigger, Ye Xuan said lightly, "How good it would be if Old Ji is still here!"

Old Ji!

Hearing this, the smiles of the other three people solidified in an instant.

Ji Anzhi clenched her hands and did not speak.

After a while, Ye Xuan looked up at the sky. "Old Ji, just wait and see. Canglan College will become the best college in Qing Country. No, the best college in the whole Qing Cang World!"

After that, he walked down the hill.

Mo Yunqi and the other three people followed closely.

Soon, they came to the foot of the mountain. When people saw them, the crowd suddenly burst into an uproar.

Some people were even screaming the names of the four people!

Beside Ye Xuan, Mo Yunqi put his hands behind his back and looked serious.

Bai Ze also stood straight and had a very serious look.

Ji Anzhi put her right hand behind him. In her hand was a chicken leg...

Ye Xuan suddenly raised his hands slowly and then gently pressed down. Instantly, the field suddenly quieted down.

Ye Xuan took a step forward, and Mo Yun subconsciously moved forward. But he was pulled back by Bai Ze. Bai Ze took a look at Mo Yunqi. "Bandit Ye is giving a speech. What mess are you going to create!"

Mo Yunqi: "..."

Below, everyone was looking at Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan smiled slightly. "Welcome to Canglan College, everyone. I am Ye Xuan, dean of Canglan College. Today, Canglan College will accept 30 students. These 30 students must pass three tests. Those who succeed in the tests will immediately become students of this college. Of course, after accepting 30 students, those who can pass the tests will also join the college."

Hearing this, countless people cheered!

30 people. The number was too little!

There was no doubt that people had more opportunities!

Ye Xuan smiled and continued, "The tests will be handled by Mo Yunqi, the mentor of the college. Now, let him explain it to everyone!"

After that, he stood aside.

Mo Yunqi took a deep breath and took a step forward. Looking at the black crowd under below, Mo Yunqi felt his heart was beating faster.

Mo Yunqi once again took a deep breath and forced to suppress the tension inside. He smiled slightly. "Hello everyone, I am Cock Mo..."

Speaking of this, he suddenly stopped and felt that something was wrong...

Everyone: "..."