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Destined Wife: The Apple of My Eye

Author:Yao Yao Zhi Xin 妖妖之心

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UpdateTime:2019/10/3 11:37:21

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Yan Hua loses her memory in an accident. Later, she is pregnant with someone else’s child. After kicked out of her husband’s house, Yan Hua is about to perform the story of an inspiring mother raising her child. Unexpectedly, the baby is regarded as a real treasure and, thus a bunch of people are rushing to acknowledge as the baby’s relatives. Therefore, Yan Hua is drawn into the whirlpool of dis...
《Destined Wife: The Apple of My Eye》 Text
Chapter 1 The Pregnant Woman Evicted from Home
Chapter 2 Just Remove All Clothes
Chapter 3 Prince in A Wheelchair
Chapter 4 Not the Prince But the Devil!
Chapter 5 Transfer the Kidnapped Person?
Chapter 6 Now We Know the Baby’s Father
Chapter 7 The Immortal, Or Monster?
Chapter 8 Twins or Triplets…
Chapter 9 Call Me Brother or Ruoxian
Chapter 10 Easy Abortion?
Chapter 11 Two Misses in Lang Family
Chapter 12 Really Good Actors...
Chapter 13 Taken Forcibly to the Clubhouse
Chapter 14 Yan Hua Gets Watched by Crowds
Chapter 15 Are You Out of Your Mind?
Chapter 16 She Hooks Up with Other Men
Chapter 17 Lang Jie Goes Abroad
Chapter 18 Grandpa Comes Back.
Chapter 19 The Man Who Knocks at the Door at Midnigh
Chapter 20 He Mingkai Barges Into the Room.
Chapter 21 I Will Take You Back!
Chapter 22 Stepmother of Lang Ruoxian
Chapter 23 Lang Ruoxian Leaves Home
Chapter 24 Went to the Police Station
Chapter 25 Just Diss back If you’re Picked on!
Chapter 26 Midnight Horror
Chapter 27 There is No Free Lunch
Chapter 28 Shopping with Lang Ruoxian
Chapter 29 The Truth?
Chapter 30 Let’s Make a Deal
Chapter 31 The Two has Reached an Agreemen
Chapter 32 To Have a Caesarean Birth in Advance
Chapter 33 Lang Yi Comes to the Hospital at Midnigh
Chapter 34 A Little Chubby Old Man
Chapter 35 Lang Ruoxian Has a Car Acciden
Chapter 36 Gungun, Panda and Emperor
Chapter 37 The Feast Celebrating the First Month of Gungun Gets Bloodied
Chapter 38 Gungun Disappears
Chapter 39 I Wang to Disfigure Your Face
Chapter 40 Yan Hua Breaks Down
Chapter 41 Our Cooperation Will Come to an End
Chapter 42 Guo Xiaotong Gets a Mental Disease
Chapter 43 Blind date
Chapter 44 The Snare and Herbs
Chapter 45 To Save Her? How?
Chapter 46 Follow-up Disturbance
Chapter 47 Mommy! Mommy!
Chapter 48 Fei Family’s Dinner Party
Chapter 49 You Saved My Daughter
Chapter 50 Gossip
Chapter 51 Explosion in the Stree
Chapter 52 Yan Hua is the Chief Culprit?
Chapter 53 Relations Back to the Beginning
Chapter 54 Xiaojiu Is Grabbed
Chapter 55 Ripping Open the Face
Chapter 56 Poor Woman
Chapter 57 I Have Feelings for Her
Chapter 58 Who Can Touch You?
Chapter 59 The Lesson We Can Learn From the Story
Chapter 60 Go to Holiday Village Together
Chapter 61 He Mingkai Always Lingers on
Chapter 62 How Dare You Beat My Son?
Chapter 63 A Road Accident Happens
Chapter 64 New Words Gungun Has Learned
Chapter 65 Yan Hua’s Foundation
Chapter 65 Yan Hua’s Foundation
Chapter 66 Gungun’s IQ
Chapter 67 Lang Li’s Lover
Chapter 67 Lang Li’s Lover
Chapter 68 Go to the Country for Summer Resor
Chapter 69 Meet a Crazy Guy
Chapter 70 The Unlucky Yan Hua When She Goes Ou
Chapter 71 Come back with Shu Yafei
Chapter 72 Gungun Attends the Parent-child Class
Chapter 73 Unexpected Storm
Chapter 74 I’ll Replace You
Chapter 75 After the Curtain Falls
Chapter 76 The Murderer Behind
Chapter 77 Is Fei Ying Missing?
Chapter 78 Let’s Go to the Island for a Vacation!
Chapter 79 A Person in the Darkness
Chapter 80 She Is Ill Due to Be Frightened
Chapter 81 She Is Severely Ill
Chapter 82 Everyone Has Secrets
Chapter 83 Lang Ruoxian’s Calculation
Chapter 84 Meet a Friend in Another Country
Chapter 85 Late-night Telephone
Chapter 86 Gungun’s Little Star
Chapter 87 A Woman Coming for Diamonds
Chapter 88 The Situation Gets Worse
Chapter 89 The Attractive Skill Is Lit Up
Chapter 90 Xiaojiu is Going to Film
Chapter 91 One More Little Brother
Chapter 92 Gungun’s Narrow-Mindedness
Chapter 93 Woman’s Scheme
Chapter 94 Lang Jia’s Boyfriend
Chapter 95 Jackass Is Taking Actions
Chapter 96 Where Are the diamonds?
Chapter 97 A Shameless Couple
Chapter 98 Xue Juan’s Findings
Chapter 99 Isn’t Mr. Lang Courting You?
Chapter 100 Xue Juan Is Taken Away
Chapter 101 Underground Relationship Exposure
Chapter 102 Treat It Calmly
Chapter 103 Lang Cha’s Decision
Chapter 104 Who Has the Truth?
Chapter 105 You Have No Alternatives
Chapter 106 There Is Always Someone Looking for Trouble
Chapter 107 Exposure Post on Micro Blog
Chapter 108 Lang Ruoxian Brought a Woman
Chapter 109 Xue Juan is Kidnapped
Chapter 110 Martyr’s Pension
Chapter 111 500 Yuan Per Time
Chapter 112 Trapped in Fire
Chapter 113 Lang Ruoxian Dating a Woman
Chapter 114 Lang Ruoxian and the Beauty Painter
Chapter 115 Yan Hua’s Love Affair
Chapter 116 Typhoon is Coming
Chapter 117 Found a Box Full of Money!
Chapter 118 Godlike Assistant and Pig-like Teammate
Chapter 119 Disputes on the Dinner Party
Chapter 120 I Usually Avenge Immediately
Chapter 121 What Is the Truth
Chapter 122 Brother Mingxi Has a Puppy
Chapter 123 Lang Li’s Appearance
Chapter 124 New Neighbors Quarrel
Chapter 125 Someone Who Has Come to Share the Room
Chapter 126 The Divorce
Chapter 127 Li Yi’s Wonderful Though
Chapter 128 Gungun Howls in Grievance
Chapter 129 Incidents on Holiday
Chapter 130 Maternal Love or Selfish Love
Chapter 131 Moving
Chapter 132 The Rival in Love Returns Home
Chapter 133 Isn’t It Given to Me?
Chapter 134 Qiang Di’s Invitation
Chapter 135 Old Friend’s Trus
Chapter 136 The Traffic Acciden
Chapter 137 Fei Shan Is Taking Actions
Chapter 138 The Confusing Relationship Between Father and Son
Chapter 139 Be Pregnant?
Chapter 140 A Miserable Battlefield
Chapter 141 Yan Hua’s Choice
Chapter 142 Fei Shan Brought Trouble to Yan Hua
Chapter 143 I’m Chasing after Yan Hua
Chapter 144 Contract Lover
Chapter 145 Don’t You Love Me, Sister?
Chapter 146 The False Family
Chapter 147 The Nightmare of Yan Hua
Chapter 148 The Nightmare Becomes True
Chapter 149 The School’s Daily Life of Xiaojiu
Chapter 150 Gungun’s Wish I
Chapter 151 Gungun’s Wish II
Chapter 152 The Man Behind
Chapter 153 Homecoming
Chapter 154 Cheekily and Childishly Coax Yan Hua
Chapter 155 The Fact Gets Exposed
Chapter 156 Change the Will
Chapter 157 Lang Yukun’s Story
Chapter 158 Paving the Way for Breaking Up
Chapter 159 The Wronged Person
Chapter 160 Impenitence
Chapter 161 Pouring Sulfuric Acid
Chapter 162 I Won’t Tell You I’m Five Years Old
Chapter 163 Did She Lose Her Child?
Chapter 164 Let’s Go for an Outing Together!
Chapter 165 Dad! Son!
Chapter 166 Son! Father!
Chapter 167 The Emergency
Chapter 168 Qiang Di Comes Back Again
Chapter 169 Lang Ruoxian’s Secre
Chapter 170 The Truth at That Time
Chapter 171 Come to the Appointmen
Chapter 172 Qiang Di’s Pain
Chapter 173 Dream and Reality
Chapter 174 Showdown
Chapter 175 All in Vain
Chapter 176 Dad, Is Mom Yummy
Chapter 177 Compensation Is No Future
Chapter 178 Get What He Wants