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Chapter 128 Gungun Howls in Grievance

With the announcement released by Yan Hua and Lang Consortium, the hot topic cools off. But there are still some keyboard warriors online saying ugly words, to whom Lang Ruoxian asks the judiciary branch of his group to send a lawyer’s letter.

Soon everyone online seems to be quiet after several social media influencers that were gossiping get banned and fined for defaming others in public. Yan Hua observes for a few days and notices that no one is talking about her affair anymore. But a new trending subject pops up.

“It’s said online that Cong Fei has divorced secretly and been abroad for a vocation!” Fei Ying and Chen Hong talk in awe with the cell phone in their hands.

“She just attended a ceremony with her husband two months ago, and now gets divorced?” Chen Hong shakes her head, “It must be her that proposed the split-up.”

Fei Ying looks at her, “That doesn’t sound like you, Hong. Shouldn’t you say her husband commits adultery?”

“Probably not.” Chen Hong goes on, “Half a year ago I met her husband who at that time lost several business ventures and it was Cong Fei who paid for his debts.”

“So, they divorced because she didn’t want to pay his debt anymore?” Catching Yan Hua is going through a tourism magazine, Fei Ying throws a small mango at her, “Come on, join the discussion.”

Yan Hua puts the mango onto the table, “I don’t even know who you’re talking about.”

“You never heard of Cong Fei?” Fei Ying is shocked, “Hua, are you living on Mars?”

“Which movie did she act in?” Yan Hua really doesn’t know the actress

Chen Hong shows her the phone, “Look, these are all films starring her, she is a winner of three film awards, and you must have watched one of her work.”

“It is her...” Yan Hua did watch one of her movies, “Her acting is good, and she has very unique looks.”

“It’s said that she never took any plastic surgery.” Fei Ying touches her own face, “A natural beauty with elegant temperament.”

“Don’t they have a daughter? Who got custody?”

“No one knows...”

“I’ve pity on the poor kid.”

This kind of gossip talks usually end after meals and they move on to enjoy the fancy island life. One day the hotel where they stay holds a parent-child match, for which only a family of three can sign up to make a DIY eight-bannered doll.

“Take it easy. We’ll for sure be the first to complete!” Called up by Chen Hong, Li Yi stands beside her laughing merrily.

Feeling he smiles in an obvious malicious way these days, Chen Hong glares at him, “If the match isn’t for a family of three, I certainly won’t take you.”

“I knew! I knew! That’s why I’ll take efforts to win.” Li Yi lowers his voice, “Plus, don’t mention it anymore. In case the organizer hears you, they may cancel our qualification.”

Chen Hong shuts up at his words. And Li Yi raises his eyebrows in an arrogant manner: Surely I can let you surrender...

Each family is assigned to a handmade bag, which contains materials of an eight-bannered doll. Mingxi can do it almost by herself with the help of Chen Hong and Li Yi. But as to Gungun and Xiaojiu, they are too young to finish the task and their parents have to do all.

“Mommy! What is Xiaojiu saying?” Gungun doesn’t know English and he’s curious about what Xiaojiu talks with a foreign boy beside her.

Yan Hua glances at them, “She says hi to him. You will learn English next year when you go to the kindergarten, and you can understand then.”

Except these three Chinese families, all participants are foreigners. Soon a lady with a five-or-six-year-old girl comes to the staff and asks for something. Being apparently rejected, the little girl starts to yell and howl.

“We’re done!” Mingxi is the first to raise his hand, causing Li Yi and Chen Hong applaud loudly.

After checking Mingxi’s doll, the staff judges it qualified and awards him a giant model of the eight-bannered doll, which is said to be a brand owned by the Forbidden City Museum. The price of the doll is moderate at home while it increased over tenfold in foreign market to more than 100 US dollars!

“Mommy! Mommy!” Gungun is anxious because only the hat of his doll is glued well.

Lang Ruoxian hands Yan Hua a fixed toy leg, “Give me yours.”

“I’m done soon.” Yan Hua thinks her handwork skill can’t be worse than that of a man.

But Lang Ruoxian points it out, “Well, you made its clothes inside out.”

“...” Stubbornly, Yan Hua checks again the reference drawing and passes silently her wrong attached model to Lang Ruoxian.

But Gungun doesn’t understand it, and he bursts in tears when seeing Lang Ruoxian tearing the fixed parts apart.

“Don’t cry, Gungun!” Xiaojiu hastens to give him the doll that she just made. Gungun reaches for it but Yan Hua wipes his tears and says, “Gungun, that one is Xiaojiu’s and you can’t take it. We’ll make one soon.”

Gungun pouts his lips with reluctance.

“Dear Xiaojiu!” Mingxi gives her his prize doll.

Xiaojiu runs to Gungun and leaves him her handmade toy, “Auntie, now Gungun can take mine. I have the prize!”

“...” Staring at the big doll in her arms, Gungun cries louder when he realizes his own one is so tiny.

Chen Hong boasts, “Gungun, remember, you are the younger brother!”

“Hahaha!” Fei Ying erupts into a wicked laugh.

Mingxi worries much but doesn’t know how to comfort Gungun. Yan Hua pats his head, “Mingxi, take Xiaojiu now to the prize, alright?”

“But Gungun...” Mingxi is overwhelmed by feeling of guilty.

“You did nothing wrong.” Yan Hua smiles, “Gungun is too young to know what’s right or wrong. Leave him alone, go ahead!”

Mingxi and Xiaojiu go for the award together. Yan Hua gives Gungun a new doll that Lang Ruoxian just made.

“Do you want the doll made by Mom and Uncle? And you helped a lot as well.” Yan Hua crouches down to look Gungun in the eye, “Or, you just want one made by others?”

Gungun groans twice with pleasure and holds the eight-bannered doll in hand carefully.

“It’s... is made by Uncle! Mommy didn’t do it.”

Yan Hua rolls her eyes, “Fine, you want it or not?”

“I want!” Gungun runs to the place where he is to receive a prize. Lang Ruoxian shakes his head at Yan Hua and follows her son.

Looking at other children, Gungun whispers to Lang Ruoxian, “Uncle, our doll is prettier than theirs!”

“Really?” Lang Ruoxian points Xiaojiu beside him, “What about the one of Xiaojiu?”

Gungun thinks about it, “Ours is better!”

“What about the big one in Mingxi’s hand?”

Gungun purses his lips and looks sad at him, “The big doll...”

“I’ll buy you one when we back home. Hiss! Don’t tell your mother.”

Hearing them talking, Yan Hua shakes her head and is about go over when a little girl rushes up to Gungun to grab his doll and tear it in two.

Gungun is shocked at the broken doll lying on the floor. Staring at the girl, he bursts into tears.

This time Gungun almost cries his heart out with his face turning red immediately. He is about to fall because of his own piercing howling when Lang Ruoxian picks him up and gives his back a quick rub. And Yan Hua comes up and pats his chest.

“You’re such a bad girl!” Seeing the adults are concerned about Gungun and no one minds the girl, Xiaojiu shouts and throws her onto the ground.

Being knocked down, the little girl jumps up to fight back, while Mingxi grabs her arms and pushes her away to protect Xiaojiu.

Unluckily, the girl falls onto a table and hits the head. Her mother runs over at her daughter’s crying.

“Let me see!” The woman is wearing a scarf and dark glasses to hide her face.

She lifts the girl up and checks her head to make sure there is no bump or blood, and says, “I went to buy some water and you got me in trouble again?”

“They pushed me down!” The girl yells, “Didn’t you see that?”

The woman wipes her tears, “Alright, alright. So many people are here, aren’t you ashamed?”

“You’re so bad!” Xiaojiu shouts at her standing not far away, “You bully little kids.”

The woman turns around. Although Chen Hong can’t see the expression, she still thinks the lady looked familiar.

“Could you also discipline your kids? Though they are young, they should not bully others!”

Yan Hua and Lang Ruoxian move aside to stop Gungun’s wailing. Fei Ying goes over to take Xiaojiu and answers, “Lady, why don’t you ask your daughter what she did just now?”

“What did you do?” The woman seems to quite understand her own child and turns her head to ask at once.

The little girl looks indifferent and shakes her head, “I just dropped his doll by accident.”

“You liar!” Xiaojiu shouts, “You tore my brother’s doll apart!”

Fei Ying gives Xiaojiu’s hand to Mingxi, “Take your sister over there.”

Mingxi brings Xiaojiu to Gungun’s side. Chen Hong asks, “How old is your daughter? She’s such a good liar. There are so many people here, you can ask them if it is what she said.”

“What the hell is going on?” The woman is so angry and slaps her girl hard across the face.

Startled by the smack, Chen Hong frowns, “Lady, though your girl made mistakes, you can’t beat her so rudely. She is a young child anyway...”

“It’s you that say she is wrong!” The woman is vexed, “What the hell do you want?”

Fei Ying tugs at Chen Hong, “Leave it. Let’s go!”

Chen Hong looks at the little girl who covers her face and casts them a vile gaze. They are sympathetic to the kid who is raised onto a wrong track. She may be ruined if her mother keeps treating her in that way.

“Stop crying?” Lang Ruoxian walks to Yan Hua and sees Gungun asleep.

He gets Gungun over and Yan Hua says, “Yes, he’s tired. I’m so sacred that he might be faint from the cry.”

“Time to back. Let’s go!”

On their way back to hotel, Chen Hong tells Yan Hua what happens and points up the woman slapping her daughter. Yan Hua is irked by the little girl’s misbehavior but she feels sorry for her mother, because children’s wrongdoing is definitely the educating problem of their parents.

As a Chinese saying goes: The demerits of a son all implicate his parents.

“Does the woman look a little familiar to you?” Chen Hong asks.

Yan Hua shrugs because she didn’t even look at that woman.

“She surely looks familiar. Didn’t you gossip about her this morning?” Li Yi, who doesn’t speak for a while, now grasps a chance to show his importance, “She is exactly the divorced movie queen.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Chen Hong claps, “Exactly, Cong Fei!”

It gives Fei Ying a shock, “She is Cong Fei? How can she treat her girl in that way?”