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6 Spirit Awakening Ceremony

Two years pass, and my Spirit Energy has finally reached Innate Full Spirit Power. When I was about one and a half, I decided I was old enough to start talking and said my first words. Surprisingly, Little Yue also said her first words not long after me, it looks like she is also quite the genius. We are both able to waddle around properly as our bodies are strengthened by Spirit Energy, so we explore the house. I was able to find the library and started reading some books to understand where I am and places I will want to visit when I become a Spirit Master.

According to the history books, I am living in the Frost Fire Village, where it is said two phoenix Spirit Beasts died together. The village has two main leaders, the Chen clan and the Yan Clan. The Chen clan, which I belong to, is said to be descendants of the Ice Phoenix as they all awaken Spirits that are related to water and ice, while the Yan clan is said to be descendants of the Fire Phoenix as they awaken Spirits relating to the fire element. Our families have a slight competitive nature with each other, but it is only on the level of friendly competition. Only some children are really competitive and bully the other family.

Another thing that happened is that we can go play in the village and surrounding woods. We were introduced to some of the other children in the clan and the servant families but when they tried to get close to us Little Yue would get annoyed and take on a cold expression, causing them to dislike us. After using observation on them I saw that none of them were talented, so I also didn't try to make friends with them. After all, I can only handle dealing with so many kids, so they must be extremely talented. Instead of making friends in the village we went into the woods to search for cool hiding spots and places to play. The surrounding woods don't have any vicious animals, so it was safe for children to play in.

Every day I would go to the library to read up on books, teach Little Yue some things and play around with her. Now that cultivating my Spirit Energy has no effect, I spent most of the time reading and coming up with plans to train my body, while the other half was spent on learning to control my body. Although I am only in spirit form and my body doesn't get the benefits of training, it still simulates all my muscles and nerves, so I can learn to control my body. The body is the container of the soul, and the medium in which we release Soul Power, so if my body strength and control becomes very strong it will be able to absorb more Spirit Energy and harness it with greater control and smoothness.

One day, when we were walking through the village towards the woods, we saw a fight happening, if it could be called a fight, it was more like a slaughter. On the losing side was two kids from the Chen family crying while getting punched in the face, these two kids were ones that were competitive even within our own family and would try to bully others with their big size. The one punching their faces was a small girl with red hair, signifying her as a Yan clan girl. A little shocked that a small girl is able to beat the both of them, I use my observation ability on her.


Name: Yan Xifeng (A/N: I actually looked up a name for her. Xifeng means western phoenix)

Spirit Rank: 10 (Innate Full Spirit Power)

Spirit: Not Awakened Yet


'Another Innate Full Spirit Power! It is already extremely rare for someone to have Innate Full Spirit Power, but for two to pop up at the same time, it's unheard of! If I make friends with her, I will have another trusted companion with me'

Seeing that the two from my family have been beat enough I step forward to stop her, I say, "Alright, alright, I understand that those two are idiots, but don't you think that you have beat them enough, I think one of them have pissed their pants already."

Hearing me, she turns around, but when she sees my hair, she flares up again and says "You want to bully me as well! I will beat you until you cry!" As she starts to get closer Little Yue tries to step forward with a cold face as if she's going to murder her, but I hold her shoulders, "Let me do it, I don't want to hurt her that much since it's just a misunderstanding, I also want to be friends with her." 'And also, you have never trained your body, so you will probably get beat up.' But of course, I can't say that to her and just keep it to myself.

Luckily, thanks to my training within the Violet Jade Immortal Realm control over my body and reflexes have increased significantly. A little kid nurtured by Innate Full Spirit Power won't be able to compete with me. She dashes towards me and does a wide swing at my head, seeing this I let her fist come closer before taking a small step back, just enough for her fist to graze past my face. Because of her momentum she kept moving forward and ran into my chest, taking advantage of this I hug her tightly, making sure to not let her arms free.

Still in a rage, she yells "Let go of me, you stinky pervert! I will beat you to death!!" Although she is angry, with her voice it only makes her sound extremely cute. Her high-pitched voice rings clear and comes out smooth, and it has a very lively and springy vibe. Now that I am up close I can get a better look at her. She has long scarlet hair and large, beady crimson eyes like a burning flame. A high bridged nose adorns her fair white skin, with pretty pink lips, slightly wet from her yelling.

"Big brother…" A cold and desolate voice makes its way into my ears. Looking around I see Little Yue's cold face; her eyes look a little unfocused yet it feels like she is staring directly at me hugging Yan Xifeng. Quickly, I let go of Yan Xifeng and go to Little Yue, holding her hand and patting her head I ask her why she is being like this.

"Big brother, why were you hugging her for so long? If you want to hug someone, aren't I right here?" (Little Yue)

Almost sweating, I quickly explain to her, "I wasn't hugging her on purpose, Little Yue. It was just the easiest way to restrain her without hurting her! If I wanted to hug someone, of course I would head straight to you, you are my darling little sister after all." Hearing my sweetened words, her eyes become focused again as she blushes. Unable to say anything more, she puffs and swishes her head to the side.

Escaping that little disaster, I turn my attention back towards Yan Xifeng, who still looked ready to fight. Sighing, I say "I already said that I didn't want to hurt you, although they are part of my family it's not like I have any real ties to them. They are quite mean to everyone, on the other hand, I would like to befriend you."

Discovering that I wanted to be her friend, she looked shocked initially, before beaming with joy as she bounced over to us, "You want to be friends with me?! Ok! My name is Yan Xifeng, I don't have any other friends, all the boys try to bully me, and the girls ignore me." Well, it's not like I don't understand. The boys are probably bullying her because she is pretty, and they want her attention while the girls are ignoring her because they are jealous. This doesn't happen to Little Yue because she is always with me, and we never try to hang out with the other kids.

"My name is Chen Wulin, and this is my little twin sister Chen Yue. We are about to go and play in the woods surrounding the village, do you want to come join us?" (Wulin)

Yan Xifeng quickly agrees and follows us into the woods ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ), along the way Yan Xifeng is chatting about everything, from her family to a pretty butterfly she saw yesterday. Little Yue tried to keep a cold expression and ignore her, but she wasn't able to last long before her expression melted and started chatting excitedly with Yan Xifeng, mainly about how cool and smart I am. While they were talking we finally made it to our secret base. It is a small clear lake that isn't very deep, when in the middle of the lake the water rises just below our necks, so we can take quick baths here after playing around. There are a couple fresh water fish in there, to which I took a couple and placed them in my Violet Jade Immortal Realm. There is also a large dead tree that has hollowed out, leaving enough space for all three of us to sit in there and talk comfortably. I bring Yan Xifeng into the tree as I say, "This is our secret base, you can't tell anyone about this, not even your family. Every day after lunch come and meet us here, then we can play together and go home when it gets late." Yan Xifeng Agrees while rocking her head up and down, excited to be able to keep a secret with friends. After getting her promise, we play some games of hide and seek, and tag in a small area near the tree. When we have played enough we go and take a bath in the lake to wash off our sweat, Yan Xifeng didn't seem to have any knowledge about the matters between men and women, so she didn't have any aversion towards bathing together. Since they are still young, I don't have any interest in their bodies, and washed Little Yue's back, seeing what I did, Yan Xifeng also came to me to wash her back, then the two girls washed mine. Afterwards, the two girls looked sleepy, so we went back to the tree to have a little nap. Seeing Little Yue cuddle up to my side and her satisfied expression as she lay down, Yan Xifeng thought that it looked comfortable and came over to my other side to do the same. Hearing her moving around Little Yue opened her eyes to see Yan Xifeng clinging to me, although she looked a little ticked, she gave up eventually and went to sleep.

A year passed by of playing with Feng Feng. She lets us call her Feng Feng now because that's what her family calls her. The three of us have become very attached to each other, since we spend most of our time playing and sleeping together, and Little Yue and Feng Feng have become close like sisters. By now each of us have grown enough to start training our bodies using weights, so today I brought some baskets along to the secret base. When we reach the base, I see Feng Feng by the lake with her feet swishing around in the water. Since the two of them are active girls they can play around for hours without feeling drained, so now I will introduce the weighted training. I give both a basket and fill it with about 3 kg of rocks, I then fill mine with a couple more rocks in to push myself further. To make it fun for them so they don't give up half way, we train by playing tag with the baskets on our back, which tires the three of us our much faster than before. Later, when taking our bath, I would teach them how to swim so that they can tone their entire body.

The fish I put in to the Violet Jade Immortal Realm have grown enough and repopulated to the point of being self-sustained, so I can start eating them. Because of the excellent environment they now live in, these fish are much larger than the tiny fish found in the lake. I made a small excuse to the girls and started a fire to cook for them. Although I have never cooked in this life, I used to cook all the time for myself in my previous life. I also knew a lot of recipes and ways to cook things, thanks to my Asian heritage. Quickly roasting some fish over the fire, I let the girls eat. As they take a bite into the fish, their eyes become as wide as saucers, then they start making squealing noises while jumping up and down. Swallowing down their piece, together they say, "Big brother, it tastes sooo good! You have to cook for us more often!" Seeing their reaction, I was surprised, although cooking in this world isn't as advanced as my previous world, they shouldn't have that large of a reaction to my cooking, as I didn't use a very advanced technique. Curious, I take a bite of my own fish, '!!!. This is better than any fish I've ever had before! It looks like the better water and more Spirit Energy in the realm has made the common fresh water fish become as delicious as a delicacy.' The fish was so juicy and it's meat seemed to melt in my mouth. Making a silent promise to myself to catch rare foods and let them live in my Immortal Realm (A/N: Alright! I give up! I'm not gonna say the full name anymore!) so that I can eat more of the best foods.

"Alright then, from now on I will make lunch for the three of us, so meet us here after breakfast, I will teach you in the morning then we can play after lunch. Tell your parents that you will be eating at a friend's place, and we will do the same."

Feng Feng and Little Yue quickly agrees and continues to devour their fish, afterwards they each ate another one before feeling full and going into a food coma, hugging each other.

2 years of teaching, training, eating and playing pass, and we are all 6 years old now. Today is the day we will go through the Spirit Awakening Ceremony and find out what our Spirit is. I am excited to find out what kind of spirit I will get, so I quickly drag Little Yue towards the village square where we meet up with Feng Feng. All of us have grown a lot in the past two years, especially in terms of strength. Now, when we are playing the girls carry 15 kg of rocks in their baskets while I carry 20kg, more than half my weight. My body has become tanned, and without much fat, my muscles are easily seen. Thanks to working out and healthy eating I was able to grow half a head taller than them, thankfully retaining my title as the big brother, I wouldn't want them to suddenly shoot past me and use me as an arm rest while calling little brother. The two girls have lean bodies, completely growing out of their baby fats, with a small definition of their muscles around their bodies. Although their bodies haven't developed much, their hips and butt have gotten a bit bigger, and their bodies have great elasticity due to all the swimming and running around, especially Little Yue, who likes to swim around in the water the most.

"All of you, I will be conducting the Spirit Awakening Ceremony today, all you have to do is come up and I will use my Spirit Power to awaken your Spirits. Then, you can place your hand on this orb to find out your Spirit Rank. Your Spirit Rank determines whether you can train to become a Spirit Master or not. Now, one at a time come up and have your Spirits awakened" An aged Spirit Master from the Yan clan seems to be conducting the ceremony this year. Soon, children excitedly went up to have their spirits awoken, some even more excited afterwards while other disappointed. Soon, it was my turn to awaken my Spirit. Receiving the encouragement of the two girls, I walk up excitedly towards the elder. He puts a hand above my head and inputs his Spirit Energy, suddenly, I feel something awaken inside me and come out from behind me. I turn around to see my new spirit, It has silver hair and a human like body. Wait, hair isn't a very good word to describe it, it's more like, fur.



(A/N: Alternate Titles: 'Feng Feng The Red Rocket', 'Luring Children Into The Woods', 'Bathing like a King','I'm Not a Lolicon, I Swear!'. 'Food God Wulin', 'It's a Mother Fucking Monkey!')