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9 Rings for the Girls

Wulin POV:

This entire time I was using my Spirit Ability while keeping a hand over both girl's mouths, as I didn't want them to make a sound and alert the Spirit Hall. Although I am angry at what Spirit Hall did, I know that I am still too weak to be able to do anything yet. Also, it may be because I was reborn and kept my memories, I didn't feel too attached to my family. However, killing the entire village without even letting off the children really went too far. The girls are quietly sobbing while shivering, Feng Feng took the hardest hit as she was really attached to her family, while Little Yue still has me alive. After hearing the Spirit Hall leader tell them to search the area the three of us made sure not to make a single sound, soon, someone landed at the lake near us. He gave an exasperated sigh, "It's impossible to find these brats, I mean we don't even know if there really was two Phoenix Spirits awakening, and yet we were sent off and killed an entire village"

Hearing this, I was enraged even further, 'They weren't even sure if there was a Phoenix Spirit here, but they are still willing to kill so many people, Spirit Hall is too inhumane. When I am stronger, I will completely destroy Spirit Hall!' while I was silently swearing, the girls were also doing something similar. The man searched around the lake for a little while before leaving, I let out a sigh of relief and released the girls. Feng Feng burst out crying while Little Yue was still silently sobbing, with some sniffles from time to time. I hugged both of them gently and tried to console them, "It's alright now, they can't find us, we will get revenge in the future, but we are still too weak right now. For now, we must keep quiet for a couple more days to make sure they leave." The two eventually cry themselves to sleep.

For three days I stayed awake, studying my Illusion Ice Transformation, just so that my Illusion Ice Transformation doesn't disappear. During this time the girls already stopped crying and are determined to become stronger, spending all their time to cultivating as well. Now, it is time that we leave the tree and go somewhere else, "Alright, I think it has been enough time, when I wake up we can leave." Before I was able to cancel my Spirit Ability I passed out and landed on Little Yue, squishing her tiny body under me.

I wake up inside the Immortal Realm and spend some time to plan out the most effective way to utilise this Realm. After contemplating for a while, I will break my time up into thirds, spending a third of the time inside the Spirit Ascension Realm upgrading my Spirit Rings, the next third in the Spirit Arena and the remaining time to cultivate my Spirit Energy. In the Spirit Ascension Realm, I didn't bother going to a specific environment and just slaughtered all I could find in the forest, increasing my Spirit Ring to 387-years-old. Afterwards I entered the Spirit Arena and chose to fight monkey type Spirit Beasts around 2000-year-old in a jungle environment. Sometimes against one, sometimes against many, I would watch how they move and learn from it, integrating it into my own movements. Through this I was also able to discover the many disadvantages I had, mainly my speed drops significantly when there is nothing for me to swing around, and when fighting Spirit Beasts stronger than myself, I have no ranged weapons to keep them away. While cultivating, I try to move my tail in complex patterns to increase my control over it, as it is often used as a lethal weapon by the monkey Spirit Beasts.

When I exit the Immortal Realm and wake up in real life, I see the girls sleeping while entangled on my body, shaking them gently I wake them up and prepare to leave. We will be heading towards a low rank academy called Blue Snake Academy, as it is near a Spirit Beast Forest. It is in the opposite direction of the village and should be far enough that it doesn't draw attention. If the girls integrate with their Spirits directly without showing their Spirits and Spirit Marks, the fact that they are Phoenix Spirits shouldn't be known. I don't know if it can be called good, but since everyone in the village is dead, nobody knows our appearance or names, so we don't have to hide our appearances.

We get up and take a bath as we stayed cooped up in the tree for three days. Afterwards, I lead the way and we start our journey, I don't hold their hands this time as I need to stay alert and be ready to react at a moments notice. I plan to go to the Spirit Forest first to get the girls their first Spirit Rings before going to the academy.

It took a week to get to the Spirit Forest and we weren't idle during that time. On the way we would still carry weights and exercising along the way, I was able to increase my strength to 50kg while the girls carried 25kg, Inside the Immortal Realm I spent my time enhancing my Spirit Ring and consolidating my fighting style. Thanks to my genius comprehension it was relatively easy to learn the moves of a monkey, and I was able to create a basic monkey step. Using the power of my toes I am able to grip the earth and push off with a great burst of power, moving rapidly along the surface of the ground. The only problem is its lack in versatility and variability, it can be used to close the distance between opponents or to run away quickly but it is too obvious and rigid. I will see if I can learn Tang San's Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track when I go to Shrek Academy. I was able to evolve my Illusion Ice Transformation once again when it reached 1000-years-old and turned into a purple Spirit Ring.

While inside the forest we didn't carry any weights as we couldn't be burdened if we ran into a strong Spirit Beast. I would use my observation ability to find a suitable Spirit Ring for the girls, Little Yue wants to become a control/support Spirit Master while Feng Feng wants to become a pure offensive Spirit Master. Along the way I would let the girls fight the spirit beasts we encounter to give them some experience fighting, while I would only help if it looked like they were in danger. Soon I found a suitable Spirit Beast for Feng Feng,


Name: Flaming Eagle

Age: 422-years-old

Spirit Ability: Fire Talon Strike


I let Feng Feng fight the eagle on her own, and after a long battle she was able to defeat it, but not without some damage. Her clothes were ripped with some scratch marks, thankfully her Fire Phoenix Spirit gives her some immunity towards fire-based attacks, so a weak beast like the Flaming Eagle couldn't burn her. She spent half an hour absorbing the Spirit Ring, and surprisingly the Spirit Ability mutated, possibly due to her dominating Phoenix Spirit. Her ability mutated into Fire Phoenix's Talon Strike. It is a short-ranged ability which makes a Phoenix talon made of fire and strikes the enemy. It has strong penetration and burning effects.

It took a bit longer to find a suitable for Little Yue, but it gave Feng Feng time to get used to her new Ability. After a few hours I found an ice attribute wolf,


Name: Frost Wolf

Age: 401-years-old

Spirit Ability: Flash Freeze


Thanks to her immunity to ice the Frost Wolf couldn't do anything to her and she quickly killed it, before absorbing its Spirit Ring. Her ability allowed her to freeze the ground around her, slowing enemies by 30%.

Now that they both have their Spirit Rings we can go to the Blue Snake Academy and cultivate, we arrive at a town near the academy and spend a night there. In the morning we asked for directions towards the Blue Snake Academy and went towards there. When we arrived, we had to register our names and pay a small fee to become a part of the school. I paid a little extra to get a noble room for just the three of us. We put all our belongings in the room before I started talking to the girls, "This is where we will stay for a couple years, then we will go to Soutuo City to gain fighting experience and money for the next academy."

"Big Brother, what is the academy called? Is it strong?" (Little Yue)

"It's called Shrek Academy, it's a small and relatively unknown academy with only a few students." (Wulin)

"Big Brother Wulin, what is so good about Shrek Academy? I have never heard my parents talk about it before?" (Feng Feng)

"It's an unknown academy because it only accepts monstrous genius', all the people that graduate from that academy are famous, the minimum requirements for enrolment is to be 12-year-old or younger and have a minimum Spirit Rank of 20. The tuition fee is also 100 gold." (Wulin)

Both girls gasp at the ridiculous requirements just to enrol, but they still ask, "Why is the tuition fee so high?"

I look at them with a slight smile, "Because they don't have enough money to run the academy."

The girls have a lost look in their eyes while thinking, 'Will we be alright?'

And so, started our time at Blue Snake Academy.

(A/N: Alternate Titles: 'Vengeance is a Must!', 'Blue Snake Academy', 'School Arc Activate!' 'Will we be Alright?')