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I wake up feeling refreshed, looking around I see Feng Feng and Little Yue still asleep in my arms. Not wanting to wake them, I silently inspect my body. Surprisingly, my Spirit Rank increased and now I am at rank 40, maybe that weird sensation when I took their virginity was the cause? I use observation on myself.


Name: Chen Wulin

Spirit Rank: 40

Spirit: Yin-Yang Monkey Emperor (3 Tails)


'Wow! My spirit seems to have mutated, is it from taking the Vital energy from the girls, then have some changes also happened to them?' Thinking so, I also use observation on the girls.


Name: Chen Yue

Spirit Rank: 30

Spirit: Yin Ice Phoenix (2 tails)



Name: Yan Xifeng

Spirit Rank: 30

Spirit: Yang Fire Phoenix (2 tails)


The girls also increased their Spirit Rank, and their Spirits mutated, it seems like they gained my fox power trait, with the tails. I really want to see what the difference is, but I don't want to wake them up yet, so I wait while watching them. Luckily, I didn't have to wait long as they began the stir. Taking a proper look at them, I realise they have become even more beautiful, it looks like the saying is true, women become more beautiful after sex. Giving them a kiss, I congratulate them on reaching a Spirit Rank of 30, which made them surprised as they inspected their bodies. We get up and take a bath, before having breakfast. Their bodies have already fully healed thanks to their innate regeneration. Since we are all able to get another Spirit Ring, I suggest going to the Spirit Forest nearby to get them their Spirit Rings before enrolling at Shrek Academy.

We head off into the Spirit Forest in search for suitable Spirit Rings for the girls. 5 days pass and we haven't found anything worthy of them, in these 5 days I didn't enter the Immortal Realm as I need to stay alert to ambushes. We didn't kill anything while in the forest and instead scared them away, otherwise there would be nothing left for the later generations. I discovered that because of our mutation, some of their abilities became stronger.

Black Ice Staff  Yin Ice Staff – Produce a staff made from Yin Ice, 2 times stronger than black ice.

Monkey King Transformation  Monkey Emperor Transformation – Increase power, speed, and defence by 30% per evolution.

Flash Freeze  SubZero Field – A large area of ground is frozen solid, slowing enemies by 40%

Ice Chains  Yin Ice Chains – Strong chains made of Yin Ice to bind enemies.

Fire Phoenix's Talon Strike  Yang Fire Talon Strike – Short ranged talon strike made from Yang Fire.

Hell Fire Blast  Yang Fire Blast - Large AOE blast, more damage the longer it charges.

Not only have our Spirit Abilities become stronger, but our Spirits have strengthened as well, the girls gain 10% increased strength using Fire and Ice-based abilities for each tail, and their natural regeneration increases by 100% per tail as well. My Monkey King mutated into a Yin-Yang Monkey Emperor, which gives me a resistance towards Ice and Fire while increasing my power, speed and defence by 20% for each tail.

We strolled around in the Spirit Forest while scaring off Spirit Beasts with my 100,000-year-old Spirit Rings, when suddenly in the distance I hear a bird call, similar to a phoenix. Thinking this could be our chance, we rush towards the sound. We reach the source of the sound and it seems to be three bird Spirit Beasts, a blue luan, red luan, and a mutated baby bird. I use observe to check their Spirit Abilities.


Name: Blue Luan Spirit beast

Age: 4200-years-old

Spirit Ability: Luan bird's Tear's



Name: Red Luan Spirit Beast

Age: 4500-years-old

Spirit Ability: Luan bird's cry



Name: Phoenix Spirit Beast (Mutated Luan)

Age: 23-years-old

Spirit Ability: Phoenix Regeneration


Although the Luan Spirit Beasts are over the ideal age, I believe that they will still be able to absorb them due to their superior bloodline, pressuring the Luan Spirit Beasts. I let the two of them fight the two Luan while I watch, the Luan are unable to fight to their full potential due to the bloodline suppression and soon begin to lose ground. Taking this opportunity, I decide to see if I can give the girls a hidden opportunity. I silently apologise to this bird family, as I will be hurting them for the benefit of my girls. Then, I quickly move towards the baby Spirit Beast and grab it by the neck bringing it behind the girls. The Luan are outraged and try to attack me but are stopped by Little Yue and Feng Feng, making them also gain the resentment of these birds. I show the phoenix baby to the Luan and break its neck. Seeing this, the Luan couple go insane and attack us without regard to their safety, allowing Feng Feng to attack their unguarded bodies. She directly kills the Red Luan while the Blue Luan is gravely injured. Little Yue walks up to it and apologises before killing it.

Sighing, I go up to them and give them a hug, "This is necessary for us to grow stronger, this is the way of life here and if we want to survive, we have to be the strongest. Don't let their lives go to waste, we will bury them together." The three of us absorb the Spirit Rings of the Spirit Beasts, mine only takes a couple seconds as it was a white grade Spirit Ring, but the girls are taking a lot longer. After a couple hours of waiting, their Phoenix Spirits were able to suppress the Spirit Rings, allowing them to be absorbed. Each of our Spirits gained another tail from absorbing the Spirit Ring. The abilities also mutated, becoming phoenix variants thanks to their Phoenix Spirits.

Phoenix's Tears – Support Ability, Heals health and Spirit Power by 50% per drop.

Phoenix's Cry – Debuff – A powerful cry that disorients the enemy. Disrupts any channelling Spirit Skills, and confusing them, leaving them unbalanced.

After they absorb the Spirit Rings, I go to the body of the Blue and Red Luan. Luckily, my merciless act wasn't for nothing, as their unresolved resentment led to them leaving behind Spirit Bones, both head pieces. I get the girls to absorb the Spirit Bones also, which became easier now that they absorbed their third ring, and the Phoenix bloodline suppression. We bury the bird family together and say our prayers before making our way towards the village closest to Shrek Academy. On the way I had the girls test out their Spirit Bones and it seems that it increases the power of their Elements by 50% while enhancing their mental resistance.

The Phoenix Regeneration Spirit Ability I got is a passive ability with no active Spirit Skill, however it's benefits will far outweigh that detriment when I evolve the Spirit Ring. Currently it is a white 10-year-old Spirit Ring and gives me regeneration equal to three times my natural regeneration, allowing me to fight for extended periods of time and heal far faster than others.

We arrive at the village nearing Shrek Academy and book a large room at the only inn. Once there I take the girls shopping with me, since there is something I need to get before enrolling. We stroll the streets, buying some clothes and having fun until I came across this old antique Spirit Shop. I entered and saw a middle-aged man sitting lazily on a chair, he glances at us then looks away. Ignoring him I walk around the shop while the girls look at the man suspiciously. After a small search I find what I am looking for, A golden gemstone that looks like it has many threadlike substances inside. I pick it up and ask the man, "How much for this?"

"100 gold." (Flander) Sure enough, the middle-aged man is flander, the dean of Shrek Academy and a total cheapskate.

"Alright, I'll take it." (Wulin)

"No. Now it's 200 gold." He changes his mind, doing this again he is really trying to piss me off, so I need to get back at him.

"Then, how about we make a bet, if I can make you surprised then you gift me this item, if I can't surprise you then I will pay ten times the price." Hearing that I will pay ten times the price, his eyes flash with greed and instantly accepts the bet thinking, 'I am a Spirit Douluo, nothing this kid can do will be able to surprise me, he is just giving free money.'

Once I get his agreement, I smirk to myself and prepare my Illusion Ice Transformation, I use it to transform into a normal middle-aged man, he chuckles at me and says, "So you are actually an old man, but that much is not enough to surprise me." I laugh out and tell him, "This is just the beginning." I use my Illusion Ice Transformation and produce 9 Spirit Rings all using my Illusion Ice Transformation ring as a copy. Now, I have 9 Spirit Rings all 100,000-years-old exuding an immense pressure on Flander. Flander quickly jumps up in fright and summons all his Spirit Rings. Laughing, I undo my Illusion Ice Transformations and ask him, "How about that, don't try to tell me you weren't surprised by that? You even jumped away with eyes bigger than a Giant Apes." He stares at me warily and concedes, "You have won the bet, so you can have it for free but how are you able to change like that, and even recreate the aura of a 100,000-year-old Spirit Ring?"

I make up a story, "Once inside the Spirit Forest, there was a man fighting against a massive Spirit Beast, they fought for hours before the man eventually won, and out of the Spirit Beast a red Spirit Ring appeared from its body, giving off an aura of dominance. I use my first Spirit Ability to transform and create illusions that can recreate aura." I show him my first Spirit Ring, turned yellow by my Illusion Ice Transformation. Flander gives an impressed look and asks, "What are you doing in a small village like this, are you sight-seeing or just passing by?" I shake my head and say, "No, my wives and I are going to join Shrek Academy this year, otherwise we will be too old."

Flander stares at us and lets out an incredulous look, "You and the white-haired girl look as if you're 17 and even the red-haired girl there looks to be 14, you do realise that the school only accepts those who are 12 and under, right?" Feng Feng gives him a look like he's an idiot and tells him, "Of course we know that, we are only 12, old man you look like you're 72, maybe you are going senile already?" Little Yue nods her head in agreement, while I laugh it off, "You can check our age through our bones, that is more believable right?"

I give him my hand and he checks my bones, he looks surprised and then checks the bones of Little Yue and Feng Feng, "I can tell that you guys have exercised your bodies very often, while eating healthily, allowing your body to grow at a pace faster than normal children." Hearing him say that we exercise our bodies often, Little Yue and Feng Feng blush a bit while looking away. I almost burst out laughing but held it in, "Alright, it's getting late now so we have to go back to our inn. We will see you another time, old man." Flander nods and says, "Sure, we will meet again soon."

Together with my wives I go back to the inn where I rest for the night, after a little exercise, of course.

(A/N: Alternate Titles: 'Real Third and Fourth Rings', 'The Rumours Are True', 'Family Killer Wulin', 'Bones for the Girls', 'Exercise is Healthy')