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Not bothering myself with weak competition, I decide to watch the others as they fight, together with Rong Rong and Oscar. I was especially interested in Tang San's fights because he has his Tang Sect Techniques, but I don't know how strong they really are compared to the novels.

Before the battle between Tang San and Qing'er, Mu Bai asked Tang San to go easy on her. The battle began, and Tang San moved like a ghost across the arena, even I couldn't tell when he was going to turn.

Qing'er had troubles catching up to him with her fast speed and had to use her Spirit Abilities. She lunged at Tang San as fast as she could, but Tang San dodged it calmly by a hairs breadth. Her momentum was too fast for her to stop on a small arena like this and almost fell off the stage.

Tang San used his River Grass to stop her from falling and kept her on the stage. Qing'er noticed that he stopped on purpose and had a cold look, "I forfeit, a loss is a loss." Then she walked off the stage.

Soon, she comes across Mu Bai who was watching her fight, "You did pretty well against Tang San, he is a control system and also the strategist of our group, he knows you too well, so he can counter you easily. Even I don't know if I can beat his movement techniques."

She just gives him a cold look, "You were the one that asked him to go easy on me, weren't you? Mind your own business next time."

As she walked away, Mu Bai had a pissed off look on his face and angrily left.

I stayed back to watch my girls in their two vs two fight. It was against two light attack system Spirit Masters. The second the battle began Little Yue used her Sub-Zero Field, slowing the movements of the opponents, then using her Yin Ice Chains she materialised them from under her opponents, binding them.

Feng Feng charged up her Yang Fire Blast and shot it at them, blowing them off stage. The girl's teamwork has become really good, normal Spirit Masters don't stand a chance against them.

I meet up with them and go to the gathering point while holding hands. Along the way, Oscar is trying to get Rong Rong's attention by telling her that he is almost at a breakthrough, though she looks shocked at the thought of a food system Spirit Master reaching level 30 at 14-years-old, but when she thinks of me, it doesn't seem as impressive. When we arrive, it seems that the others have also finished their battles are sitting together, talking.

Mu Bai is still angry and is off to the side, while Qing'er is standing on the opposite side, far away from Mu Bai. Rong Rong sees this and begins to jeer Mu Bai, "What's wrong, did the lady killer fail to chase a lady? Didn't the rumours say you are romantic? They must have been just rumours, hehehe~"

Mu Bai lets out an angry roar and sends a Spirit Power wave to our direction. I go up front and block it with a punch, "Calm yourself, before you do something you regret."

Though this seems to only make him angrier, Tang San also rushes forward, "Mu Bai, we're all from the same academy, don't be rash."

Mu Bai looks at me, before relenting and looking at Tang San, "Fine, but only because you of you two." Then he glares at Rong Rong, "Ning Rong Rong, you better remember! There won't be a next time!" before huffing and walking away.

Rong Rong looks angry as her princess attitude comes out, "Brother Wulin! Help me kill that Bastard! I will give you however much you want!"

I look at her, "You should not interfere with their problems, look at what happened, you almost got hurt. Dai Mu Bai isn't an evil person, so I won't kill him. Also, do not ever try to buy me again, I am your friend, not your mercenary."

Once I said that, I took the girls and left a shocked Rong Rong standing there. The others also left Rong Rong to contemplate on my words. We reach the academy shortly and go back to our cottage.

I take a bath with Little Yue and Feng Feng before going to bed. This time, I hug Feng Feng like a body pillow while Little Yue hugs me from behind, squishing me with her soft breasts.

In the morning we get up and go to class. Remembering what the class was, I walk to the assembly point with the face of a man marching directly towards his death. This caused everyone to wonder why I am making such a face, but I tell them that they will know in due time.

I see Rong Rong standing there, with bags under her red eyes. She must have been crying all night. I walk up to her and tell her, "Today, apologise to Mu Bai, you were in the wrong back then. We are meant to be a family at Shrek, so don't purposely cause trouble."

She looks up at me, "I'm sorry, Brother Wulin. It was my fault, please don't hate me anymore!" some tears begin to form in her eyes again.

I rub her hair messily and say, "I don't hate you, as I said, I am your friend. I will help you when you need it and scold you when you are in the wrong."

Rong Rong giggles a bit, "Brother Wulin, nobody has ever scolded me before, not even my daddy! You are my first, you must be ready to take responsibility!"

I blush a little, "You little girl, teasing me already, see if I don't punish you!" Her eyes lit up a bit when I said I would punish her, which didn't go unnoticed by Little Yue.

Rong Rong seems to be relaxed now that we had a talk, and the four of us play around until the others get here.

When Mu Bai comes, I give Rong Rong a slight nudge on the shoulder. She looks at me before looking at Mu Bai and finally walks towards him, "Brother Mu Bai, I am sorry for making fun of you yesterday. We are meant to be from the same Academy, yet I bullied you, and tried to bribe Brother Wulin to kill you. I am very sorry, please forgive me!" When she finishes she gives a small bow to him.

Mu Bai looks a bit surprised and looks towards me, I give him a slight nod. Mu Bai turns back to Rong Rong and says, "It's alright, I shouldn't have attacked you back then too, I was just too angry. We are both from Shrek, so we shouldn't worry about this any longer. Let's be friends from now on, since we will both be students here."

Mu Bai presents his hand to Rong Rong, which she shakes before coming back to us. She comes before me with a happy smile on her face, "Brother Wulin, I did it! You must reward me for this!"

I rub her head again, "If I reward you just for apologising to people, won't you cause more trouble, so you can apologise again?"

She giggles as she pushes her head further into my palm, "I won't cause any more trouble, otherwise you will get angry at me, and punish me!"

After a little while, Flander appears and tells us what our class will be, "Today's lesson is rather easy, you just have to eat Oscar's Tofu."

Everyone screams out, "What!!" and my face of walking to my death also comes back.

Oscar summons some stinky tofu and places them in a bowl for us. I take a deep breath and say, "I will go first."

The girls follow me up while saying, "Big Brother, please don't do it, it's not worth the risk.", "Brother Wulin, if you die what family will we have left!"

Oscar has a tick on his forehead, "It's not that bad! It only smells a little bad, but the taste is fine!"

I nod my head to his words and grab a piece of tofu, I then look towards Feng Feng and Little Yue, "I want one last kiss before I go…" I give Feng Feng a kiss on the lips then look towards Little Yue.

She also gives me a kiss before I tell her, "Turn around, I don't want you to see me like this." Little Yue turns around when suddenly, I grab her mouth and shove the tofu inside. I block her mouth with my hand, forcing her to eat it. She struggles for a bit before swallowing it down.

Once I let go of her, she falls to her knees and starts coughing from choking, I see some juices running down her leg, she probably came from me forcing her. Soon, she calms down and catches her breath, and glares at me with reproach and lust.

"How did it taste? Was it edible?" I ask her, and she just nods her head before saying, "It doesn't have much taste, but the smell made me want to vomit."

Everyone looks at me like I'm a monster, while Rong Rong looks at me with strange eyes, but I just shake it off. Feng Feng looks at me with teary eyes and softly asks, "Brother, you won't do that to me, right?" I nod my head and say, "It's alright, I only needed one sacrifice, and Little Yue is the best candidate."

I pinch my nose as I grab another tofu and shove it in my mouth. Somehow, even when I block my nose, I can still smell a bit of it. It truly is a disgusting smelling tofu, it could probably be used as an attack on its own.

Soon, the others also eat one under my gently insistence, and begin looking sick. Flander also picks one up while saying, "Although Oscar's food smells a little bad, the effects are quick and extremely good." He takes a bite of the tofu before becoming shocked.

He then turns to Oscar and asks, "Oscar, you've reached level 30?"

Oscar nods his head proudly, "That's right, I reached it this morning. I wanted to tell you guys, but since today's lesson was eating my tofu, I wanted to surprise you."

Flander lets out a laugh, "Surprise, you really surprised me! Everyone go pack your bags, tomorrow you are going on a mission. You all will be going to the Spirit Forest nearby to help Oscar get a Spirit Ring."

In this trip to the Spirit Forest, we will be fighting Er Ming, the Titan Giant Ape. Even Zhao Wuji was unable to beat it using his full strength, so I also will not be able to beat it, but it will serve as good combat experience.

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