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I wake up the next morning and send the girls off to their special training, while I prepare to go to Sou Tuo City. I plan to buy a ring for Rong Rong and see if there are any talented people that weren't found in the original novel, like Little Yue and Feng Feng.

There is another self-made Spirit Skill that I am trying to master, which I call Monkey God's Nimbus. It is a movement skill that will allow me to cover long distances quickly. I can create it now, but the Spirit Power drain is too much to be practical, so it will take a little longer to master.

I run to Sou Tuo city and reach it in an hour. Since I have plenty of time, I stroll around the city, moving from one jewellery shop to another as I look for a suitable marriage ring for Rong Rong.

I scoured four shops before finding a ring that I was satisfied with, it was a semi translucent metal, with a pink diamond embedded on the top, in the shape of a flower. I thought that it was the perfect ring for her, so I bought it without even looking at the price.

After storing it in my Immortal Realm, I continued to stroll the streets while using my Observation Ability.

Most people were weak Spirit Masters at Spirit Elder and below, but there were a couple people who were decent. Still nobody who could be considered a monster by our Shrek Academy terms.

I walk around Sou Tuo City, eating street food and looking at people. Just idling away, until I come across an Orphanage.

Thinking that there might be a hidden genius in there, I use my Illusion Ice Transformation to become a middle-aged man before walking inside.

Once I walk past the gates, I can see a middle-aged nun who is doing the laundry. She also spots me once I walk near her and she smiles, "Hello, Sir. What can I do for you?"

I look around the Orphanage, before turning my sights back onto the nun, "I am just here to look for a child, if I like them, then I will adopt one."

The nun looked at me intently but seeing that I was just an average middle-aged man she couldn't tell much about me. Giving up, she smiled at me while hoping that I find a child to adopt, "Of course, There are lots of children here, and they are all very cute and friendly, I'm sure that you will be able to find one that you like."

I walk to the backyard of the Orphanage and I see a couple children playing tag, they look pretty ordinary, but I use my Observation Ability on them anyway.


Name: Xiao Ling

Spirit Power: 2

Spirit: Not Awakened



Name: Huo San

Spirit Power: 0

Spirit: Spade


The children seemed to notice me as I was using my Observation Ability. They all wanted to be adopted into a family, so they came close and tried to talk to me. Some of the boys tried to show off by running fast or carrying some rocks.

But, I just use my Observation Ability on them without talking, I can't be bothered to deal with a bunch of children that don't have any potential.

Suddenly, I see someone hiding behind a tree in the yard. I look toward it and see a little girl around 8-years-old. But the surprising thing is that she has fox ears twitching on her head.

I was about to use my Observation Ability, but she quickly ducked her head behind the tree again. Curious, I push the kids out of the way and walk towards the tree.

I get behind the tree and see the little girl, staring at me. I can get a better look now that we are up close. She is very petite and has silver hair like mine. On her head are a pair of silver fox ears and behind her is a swaying fox tail. She has adorable large eyes that stare directly into my eyes, combined with her delicate and soft looks, it makes people want to protect and spoil her.

I use my Observation Ability on her,


Name: Huli Jing (Moonlit Fox)

Age: 12 (100,012-years-old)

Spirit Rank: 29

Spirit: Moonlit Fox

Spirit Ability: Sweet Fog


I look at her while feeling shocked, 'She's an evolved Spirit Beast, but why does she have her fox features even though she is human, did the evolution not complete? And why is she so small when she is 12-years-old?' while thinking such things I ask her, "I am going to adopt you, what is your name?"

Her large beady eyes stare at me pitifully, she has a look of hesitation on her face, but still decides to tell me, "My name is Huli Jing, but Aunty Nun calls me Little Jing…"

I nod my head, "Alright, I will be your daddy from now on, ok? You will come and live with me from now on."

She takes half a step back as she looks a bit frightened, but I try to assure her, "Don't be afraid! I will bring you somewhere safe, there will be lots of big sisters there to play with you as well!"

She still looks hesitant, but I can see a small scheming look in her eyes. She tries to mask it, but it is impossible to hide from me. Maybe it is her instincts as a Fox Type Spirit Beast to scheme and manipulate feelings or something she learned when growing up.

She nods her head, as she cutely says, "Ok, Daddy! I will go home with you…" She raises her hands to me as I pick her up and carry her out of the backyard.

Soon, I find the nun again as I walk towards her carrying Little Jing.

"I will be adopting this child, how much do I need to pay?" I ask the nun. She looks at Little Jing with shock, "Are you sure that you want to adopt this child, she has been adopted a couple times before but is always brought back, the families all hate her, and now she isn't adopted anymore."

Little Jing in my arms gives me her most pitiful look as tears gather in her eyes, I just pat her head a bit as I say, "It's alright, I won't send her back. How much to adopt her?"

Seeing that I didn't mind, the nun doesn't try to convince me anymore as she says, "It only costs 50 gold coins, we only ask for this much to help support our Orphanage survive and to make sure that the adopted child is going to a family that can provide for them."

I nod my head and give the nun a bag of 100 gold coins before carrying Little Jing out of the Orphanage.

I look at Little Jing as I walk, "Little Jing, why do you have a tail and ears?" I can feel her tail swaying on my arm as I hold her.

Little Jing stares at me and suddenly pulls my head to look into her eyes, "Daddy, please don't ask me about this, I don't want to talk about it, please?"

Her eyes change a bit as they glow, I can feel a bewitching power confuse me. I could feel a compelling power which tried to force me to do as she says. This is probably one of her Spirit Abilities, but she is too weak to go against me right now, so it could only stun me for a second.

I was feeling a little mad that she is already trying to control me when I just adopted her, she probably also used this move on other families causing them to send her back.

Since I want to punish her, I pretend that I was successfully bewitched by her to lower her guard. Little Jing looks at my vacant eyes and she gives a sigh of relief thinking that she was able to charm me.

She looks into my eyes and uses a delicate voice, "Daddy… Will you take me shopping…? I don't have any clothes other than this…"

I nod my head again before suddenly, I grab her and pull her close to me, forcing my lips onto hers, her lips are so soft and juicy. I stick my tongue into her mouth and find her little tongue. I flick it around and suck on it, she is completely shocked by this before quickly trying to push me away while struggling.

Since I am stronger than her, she is unable to push me off as I kiss her for a little while longer, she loses her strength and can only passively accept my deep kiss while giving out little whimpers.

I break the kiss after a minute and tell her, "That is punishment for trying to bewitch me with your Spirit Ability!"

Little Jing was shocked that I broke through her Spirit Ability, but I just tell her, "There is nothing that can escape my eyes, little fox…"

Hearing my words her body jumps and then she instantly let loose another Spirit Ability, her nails turn into claws as she stabs them at my neck with great speed, but I was able to catch it easily.

"Do not try to attack me, I already said before, that I would take you somewhere safe." I hold her hand as I gently tell her.

She still has a frightened look on her face as she asks, "How much do you know…?"

I use my Golden Fiery Eyes as I look at her, "I know that you are a 100,000-year-old Moonlit Fox that evolved into a human, as I said, nothing can escape my eyes."

She is shocked as she hadn't shown her Spirit Yet, so it should be impossible for me to know what Spirit Beast she was. She curled up a bit as her eyes water, pitifully, she asks, "What are you going to do with me… Please… I don't want to die…"

I sigh as I pat her head gently, I cancel my Illusion Ice Transformation as I say, "You won't die, I will be bringing you to live with me, I will protect you."

She is shocked to see my real form, as it is a lot more handsome than the average middle-aged man I was before, and my eyes give off a feeling of warmth. She stares for a couple seconds before she becomes sad again.

She still has a pitiful look on her face, like she believes she will die, "Daddy, I'm begging you… Please don't hurt me…"

"I won't, just trust me, I will bring you to see a big sister, she is also an evolved Spirit Beast like you." I stroke her hair as I talk, she looks into my eyes to tell if I'm lying but can't find anything. She gives in since she can't fight against me, "Ok, daddy, I will trust you, please protect me…"

She snuggles into my neck and she wraps her tiny arms around me, she is so adorable, my heart is filled with warmth. I stroke her back as I walk around the city.

I went to buy her some nice clothes since she has nothing to wear. Although she was still hesitant around me, she didn't try to run away or try anything as she knew she didn't stand a chance.

I changed her into a cute and frilly black dress, and I poked a hole in it for her tail, otherwise it would show her underwear all the time, which is good for me but bad for others.

After storing all the clothes inside the Immortal Realm, it was already 4 in the afternoon, so I should probably start heading back to the academy.

I carried Little Jing as I jogged back to the academy, making some small talk with Little Jing along the way.

"You never told me before, why do you have a tail and ears? The other evolved Spirit Beast I know doesn't have them?" I ask her because I was curious.

Little Jing looked at me as she said, "They are my Spirit Bones, my tail and ears are External Spirit Bones. My ears give me enhanced hearing and sound location, while my tail is very strong, so I can use it as a weapon."

"Ohh… And why do you look so young, even though you are 12-years-old?" I ask again.

"In the Spirit Awakening Ceremony, my External Spirit Bones awakened and fused with my body, it made me age a lot slower than normal people…"

I nod my head and continue jogging. This time, Little Jing asks me a question, "Daddy, how are you going to protect me? Are you strong?"

"I am not strong yet, but I am able to cast illusions and transform your body so that nobody can tell that you are a Spirit Beast, not even a Titled Douluo will be able to tell." I say that as I use my Illusion Ice Transformation on her, and her features change into that of Little Yue when she was 6, also hiding her tail and ears.

I give her a mirror as she looks into it, shocked. I cancel the Transformation as she happily stares at me, "Daddy, you must protect me with this, okay?"

I nod my head as I say, "Of course I will protect you, but you have to be a good girl, otherwise I will punish you. That means doing what I tell you and not creating trouble everywhere."

She just happily hugs my neck as she nods, "I know, daddy! I will be a good girl!"

I remember something, "Right, you are almost level 30, aren't you?"

Little Jing nods her head with wide eyes, "Daddy, you can even tell this?"

"Of course, once you reach level 30 I will bring you into the Star Dou Forest, so you can materialise your next Spirit Ring. Although we can do it at the academy, it is safer to be among Spirit Beasts than Humans" I say as I stroke her back.

Little Jing is happy that I am thinking this far for her, as it could mean I am really willing to protect her. She hugs my neck tightly as she plants a tiny kiss on my cheek, the feeling of her soft and delicate lips is so heavenly, words are hard to describe it.

She blushes soon after before curling herself back into a ball while burying her head in my neck. I just stroke her back as I go back to the academy.