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30 Monkey God“s Nimbus!

A couple days pass and everyone has begun to get used to training, Mu Bai was able to successfully destroy 100 bowels, and Fatty blew up the kitchen a couple times. Rong Rong has recovered and taught us the Heart Separation Technique, so we can train it when we have time.

Little Yue and Feng Feng have made significant progress since they train together and are able to compare with each other and exchange ideas. Apparently, they have already mastered their Spirit Fusion, but they refuse to show me yet.

Now, they are focusing on creating their own Spirit Skills. In this time, I was able to master the Monkey God's Nimbus technique to a significant degree thanks to my extra time spent in the Immortal Realm

My Monkey God's Nimbus can now travel at 5 times my movement speed for 4 hours before I have to take a break. This will allow me to make 20 hours of ground in just 4 hours, almost an entire day's worth of travelling.

I have spent most of my time in the Immortal Realm grinding Spirit Beasts, however, I haven't had any luck in finding Spirit bones, causing me to wonder if it is even possible. I didn't state it in my wish nor did Sun Wukong say anything about it.

The Spirit Ascension Realm creates real life Spirit Beasts for me to fight against and take their Spirit Rings, so logically it should also be possible to get Spirit Bones.

Perhaps the age of the Spirit Beasts is too low, or I need to upgrade the level of the Realm first. The chances of finding a Spirit Bone could have also been decreased because of the nerfing of the Immortal Realm.

Because I already slaughter so many Spirit Beasts in the Spirit Ascension Realm, I do not like to kill them if I don't have to in the real world, which causes my chances of finding a Spirit Bone to decrease significantly.

Hopefully my conjecture is correct, and I am only unlucky with finding Spirit Bones in the Spirit Ascension Realm.

In the morning, as usual I am sleeping with the girls, but this time we were all suddenly awoken by a high-pitched voice, "Daddy! Daddy! Wake up! I did it! I did it!"

I wake up as Little Jing's body bounces on the weak part of my stomach, almost winding me. I pick her up as the rest of the girls also wake up, "What did you do, why are you screaming so early in the morning?"

Her bright eyes stare at me as she happily struggles out of my hold, "Daddy! I made a breakthrough! Hahaha!! I am level 30 now!" When she struggles free, she puffs up her chest and puts her hands on her waist as she proudly boasts.

My eyes light up in joy as I pull her into a hug, "Oh! You are level 30 now! Good girl, you are so talented! My daughter is the most talented!" I praise her endlessly as I stroke her ego.

She giggles happily as her hands are holding onto my shoulders, "Of course I am talented! I am Daddy's number one daughter!"

The rest of the girls are also awake now and they also start praising Little Jing. Although she is our age, her mental age and body is much younger than us, adding in her cute features, she is loved by all and doted on the most.

I give Little Jing a kiss on the forehead as she clings to my body. We take a bath as everyone pampers Little Jing and has turns hugging and kissing her. Then we go to breakfast and tell everyone the good news.

The others also congratulate Little Jing and spoil her, in these few days, she has gotten to know everyone and became the treasure of our group. Even Mu Bai is unable to stay mad at her if she does something wrong, as long as she gives her pitiful eyes.

Little Jing is sitting on my lap, eating breakfast while I talk to everyone, "After breakfast I will take Little Jing into Star Dou Forest to get her third Spirit Ring. It may take a couple days so don't wait for us tonight or get worried if we don't come back quickly."

I have to tell them otherwise they will get worried for Little Jing, Mu Bai speaks up, "We will also come with you, it will be safer and easier for Little Jing to get a Spirit Ring!"

The others also nod their head in agreement, I can understand their sentiments, but Little Jing needs to materialise her Spirit Ring, and the less people that know, the better.

I make up an excuse as I deny them from following us, "No, you guys have to complete the special training. You only have a month to complete it. I will be moving at top speed, so you guys will only slow me down, and I can run away from strong Spirit Beasts if I have to."

Mu Bai looked a little hurt and discouraged by my words but knew that I was right, as he hasn't made much progress in the special training. He nods his head, "Alright, the earlier you go, the earlier you come back. You are the strongest amongst us, so you should be safe, and it will be easier to run away from danger. Just make sure to stay safe!"

We finish our breakfast and gather at the entrance of Shrek Academy. I say goodbye to everyone before carrying Little Jing in my arms as I use my Spirit Skill.

A large cloud forms beside me as I jump onto it and sit down, I give them a wave before the cloud shoots into the sky, towards the direction of Star Dou Forest.

We fly through the sky quickly as Little Jing is screaming happily, "Hahaha! Daddy! This is fun!"

I use my Spirit Power to fuse the cloud with my body as I begin to make more complex manoeuvres. We fly over cities as Little Jing's bell-like laughter echoes in the air, in only 10 minutes, we made it to the edge of Star Dou Forest.

I bring us to the ground as I don't want to agitate any strong Spirit Beasts by flying around in their domain. Together, we move through the forest as I look for a suitable spot for Little Jing to Materialise her Spirit Ring.

I can't be too close to the edge of the forest, otherwise a human might come wandering in and find us, and I can't go too deep, otherwise I might encounter a strong Spirit Beast that wants to attack us.

I wonder around in the forest as I go deeper, the beasts that I encounter are scared off by my Red Spirit Rings. By now, all my Spirit Rings have reached at least 200,000-years-old and has gained a gold mark on the Spirit Ring.

After a couple hours of wandering in the forest, I can hear some Spirit Beasts fighting near us. I decide to give it a look as I go towards the noises.

I can hear two voices, one is howling, and the other is screeching. Soon, I come across the battle as I see a Monkey Type Spirit Beast fighting against a Bat Type Spirit Beast, I can also see a small Monkey, lying motionless on the ground. I use my Observation Ability on both the Spirit Beasts.


Name: Iron Tailed Monkey

Age: 12,319-years-old

Spirit Ability: Tail Hardening



Name: Poisonous Vampiric Bat

Age: 10,848-years-old

Spirit Ability: Blood Drain.


From the looks of it, the Vampiric Bat killed the Iron Tailed Monkey's child, causing the Iron Tailed Monkey to fight the Vampiric Bat to the death, but even though the Vampiric Bat's age is lower, it is a more vicious creature, causing it to be more powerful than the Iron Tailed Monkey.

Both Spirit Beasts are badly wounded as they continue to battle, but it seems the poison is taking its effect as the Iron Tailed Monkey is losing strength.

I set Little Jing down as I tell her, "Stay here, I am going to help that Monkey out."

She looks like she wants to stop me, but she eventually nods her head, "Ok, Daddy… Please be safe!"

I rub her head as I say, "I will be fine, I will show you my strength!"

She hides behind a tree as I dash forward. I summon my Yin Ice Staff as I transform into my Monkey Emperor Transformation, The Iron Tailed Monkey is barely able to stand anymore as it looks at the Bat with deep hatred.

The Vampiric Bat just flies at the defenceless Monkey as it aims to end its life.

Using my Monkey Steps, I quickly appear in front of the monkey as I slam my Staff into the Bat's head, it is knocked back a couple metres as it screeches in pain.

As it regains it balance it glares at me with killing intent before flying at me, aiming to use its talons to tear me apart.

The Iron Tailed Monkey looks at me with its weary eyes, it can barely keep them open as the poison is slowly killing it, it falls to the ground as its legs weaken, before looking towards its child.

I watch as the Vampiric Bat comes closer to me, I use my Quintessence Staff Arts to redirect the force of the Vampiric Bat, as it tumbles to the ground. I then enlarge my Staff a bit as I supply it with Spirit Power.

I use a weakened Raging Monkey God's Slam while the Bat is still on the ground. It sees my staff crashing towards it as it tries to get out of the way, but the width of the staff is too much for it to get away.

My staff crashes into the body of the Vampiric Bat and crushes it. Its head was able to poke out from under the staff but all the bones in its body was broken, so it couldn't move.

I walk up to the Vampiric Bat as I shrink my staff. The Vampiric Bat stares at me with hatred in its eyes, I also look at it as I say, "I have nothing against you, but as a Monkey Type Spirit Master, I can't just stand there and watch as you kill them. Even if I can't save them, I can still help them get revenge. Goodbye."

I use my staff and infuse it with Metal nature essence and stab the staff into the brain of the Vampiric Bat. The bat twitches as it dies, still staring at me with malice and hatred. A black Spirit Ring appears from within its body, floating in the air.

I ignore the Spirit Ring and turn around to the Iron Tailed Monkey, oblivious to the fact that a certain body part of the Vampiric Bat started glowing, but luckily it didn't go unnoticed by Little Jing.

I wave to Little Jing as I signal that it is safe and I go up to the Iron Tailed Monkey. I look at it as it also looks at me, "I am unable to heal your injuries or cure your poison, but I was able to get revenge for you. At the very least, be relieved that your enemy has died."

As a 10,000-year-old Spirit Beast it is able to understand human words, and as a Monkey Type Spirit Beast, it is smarter than average Spirit Beasts. The Iron Tailed Monkey looks at me for a moment as it nods its head, before looking towards the little monkey and whimpering.

Its body trembles as it tries to move, but the poison has seeped too far into the bloodstream, so it can barely move.

I quickly walk up to the little monkey as I carry its body towards the big monkey. I set it down right next to the big monkey.

The big monkey looks at the little monkey as it strokes its fur, some tears flow out of its eyes as it makes soft crying noises.

Little Jing stares at the Monkey family as tears gather in her eyes. She also begins to cry as she buries her head into my waist while I stroke her head gently.

The big monkey looks to be on the verge of death as it looks towards me gratefully, before hugging the small monkey and closing its eyes.

Suddenly, the tail of the Big Monkey begins to glow, I stare at it for a little while in shock before shouting, "External Spirit Bone!"

I look at the Iron Tailed Monkey gratefully as I take the Spirit Bone and storing it in my Immortal Realm. I dig a hole in the ground and place both monkeys' inside, before burying them. It is the least I can do for them since the Big Monkey was nice enough to leave behind it's Spirit Bone.

After Little Jing and I pay our respects to the Monkey family, I turn to the Vampiric Bat as I was going to integrate its Spirit Ring into my own ones.

Suddenly, Little Jing made a small exclamation noise as she ran towards the Vampiric Bat. She grabbed something from it before running back to me.

She has a happy smile on her face as she says, "Daddy! You didn't notice before, but this Vampiric Bat also dropped a Spirit Bone!"

I look at the Spirit Bone in surprise, it is a pair of long sharp fangs, they don't fit in the conventional six positions, so this one is also an External Spirit Bone! Possibly due to hatred that the Vampiric Bat felt towards me, who killed it, and the gratitude of the Iron Tailed Monkey felt when I got revenge, they both dropped Spirit Bones, which is already rare.

Two External Spirit Bones, One 12,000-years-old and the other 10,000-years-old. If word got out of their existence, then it would cause a major bloodbath, especially for old ones like these.

Feeling excited, I pick Little Jing's body up and hug it tightly as I give her a big kiss on the lips. Her face is blushed, but she still laughs happily, "Daddy, I am a good girl, right?"

I give her another kiss on the forehead as I say, "You are a very good girl! I have such a perfect little daughter!"

Little Jing giggles as she hugs my neck, she seems to be a little bit more affectionate now and it feels like she is more genuine. I know that she is a bit scheming, so she would pretend to love me even if she doesn't, so that I protect her, but now I can't feel her scheming nature.

But, I did kill a Spirit Beast in front of her, and I know that Xiao Wu doesn't like to kill Spirit Beasts, so I look deeply into Little Jing's face, "Are you not angry that I killed that Vampiric Bat? The Monkey family was already doomed, but the Vampiric Bat could have lived if I didn't interfere…"

Little Jing looks at me with a hint of surprise, but her expression softens as she looks at me gently, "No, Daddy. This is the law of the forest, the weaker will die and the strong will have a full stomach. I am extremely happy that you are thoughtful of Spirit Beasts and do not kill randomly, but some Spirit Beasts are too vicious to live among us more peaceful Spirit Beasts…"

I contemplate on her words a little. Indeed, even in Spirit Beast society, there are many carnivores and vicious Spirit Beasts that kill others. They also know that it is impossible to live peacefully, and that strength rules all.

I take the Spirit Bone from her and store it in the Immortal Realm. While carrying Little Jing, I continue to wander around the forest looking for a nice place for Little Jing to Materialise her next Spirit Ring.