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32 Give me Suggestions! not a chapter


Ok! So currently in the raws, there is talk about the emergence of the Tang Sect, and I need ideas of what to do about it.
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Before you ask why I would lower myself to be part of Tang Sect, it's not like Wulin is position hungry, otherwise Mu Bai wouldn't be the boss of Shrek Academy. And he doesn't plan on making a Sect of his own, so why not join for free techniques!

Back to suggestions!

I have a couple things figured out but my insignificant brain can't compete with your collective minds.

Right now there is:

14 founding/core members = 2 teams

Group Name: Tang Sect's Guardian Gods

They each have a unique God Title, e.g. Wulin = Monkey God, Fatty = Phoenix God, Little Yue and Feng Feng will be the Sun and Moon Goddesses.

Numbered rings for the 14 core members.

Core members must be trustworthy and a monstrous genius like the rest.

Unique cloaks, like the Akatsuki (because they are awesome). But I need a design, since using clouds seems too cliche and not using any pattern is dull. I've already thought of using a specific Spirit Beast as a thread, Oh! Perhaps we can make like a Blue Silver River Grass spiraling up and rising from the bottom, like a fire! Good job brain!

That's all I can think about right now, give me ideas on what to do with Tang Sect and if you have a better pattern for the cloaks. Anything else you can think of just send it and I will think about it.
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