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35 Second Stage of Training!

The next morning, we wake up and quickly take a bath before heading to the cafeteria.

We have breakfast with everyone before going to the training area where Yu Xiao Gang is already waiting. His hands are cross behind his back as he gives off a mysterious air of a master, even though he is weaker than most of us.

He walks around in front of us as he gives a lecture, "The body is the foundation of cultivation, without a good body, how could you support tremendous Spirit Power?"

My eyes widen a bit at his words, they are quite similar to my own theories that I learnt from reading many wuxia novels. It seems that Yu Xiao Gang is really a grandmaster when it comes to knowledge and teaching.

"Many Spirit Masters neglect the importance of a strong body and focus solely on cultivating their Spirit Power and techniques. Perhaps in the short term, nothing can be seen, but after a long time, it will inevitably have a restraining effect on advancing to higher levels." Yu Xiao Gang continued.

"However, having a sturdy body can also bring immediate benefits to all of you. In the recent campaign to Star Dou Forest, Tang San was able to absorb a Man Faced Demon Spider which surpassed his rank. Tang San trains his body all the time which made it incredibly sturdy, of course his firm willpower had an effect, but his body's strength also played a major role."

The others were shocked to find out that cultivating the body had so many benefits, I have been training the girls for a little while now, so they have pretty strong bodies, but it is still no where near as strong as Tang San and me.

Tang San has his own Tang Sect Techniques which can strengthen the body, while I was constantly tempered by extreme gravity from Zhao Wuji. His Technique has caused his body to almost catch up to my own, and it shows no sign of stopping.

This is the difference between a real technique and my primitive training, I have already reached a limit in the effectiveness of weight training, while Tang San continues to grow at a steady pace.

It is about time that I ask Tang San if he can share his techniques with the rest of us.

"Now that you have all trained in your Spirit Power Control, it is time to advance to the next stage of training. I have already understood each of your spirits and capabilities, starting today, you will begin your strengthening training."

Yu Xiao Gang looks at me, "Wulin, step forward." I take a step forward as I look at Yu Xiao Gang. The bright light of the sun shines directly on me as I stand tall, causing a heroic feeling to exude from my body unconsciously.

"I will give you a task, without causing any injuries, you must knock down everyone here, one by one. You are not allowed to use your second transformation ability or domain." Yu Xiao Gang has a flash of appreciation on his face as he looks at me, before it is quickly replaced by a sharp look.

Since I am not allowed my Monkey Emperor Transformation, my physical abilities will drop greatly, which will make it hard for me to finish the battles quickly and conserve my Spirit Power.

Even though I can fight the others and win quite easily, maybe except for Tang San, if I run out of Spirit Power, then I will only be able to rely on my Phoenix Regeneration to have a slug fest with my opponent.

Nevertheless, I nod my head as I look to the others, "Who's first~ This brother wants a good fight!"

Mu Bai steps up first as his eyes pulse with an evil light. He is the oldest brother among us, and also the third strongest, with Tang San and I above him.

Mu Bai instantly transforms into his White Tiger Vajra mode, even though I am not allowed to use my second transformation, I am a couple levels above him and a master at Staff Techniques.

I also use my first monkey form as I integrate with my Spirit and summon my Yin Ice Staff. All my Spirit Rings have almost reached 400,000-years-old, causing them to grow even further. My control over the Yin Ice has improved and now I am able to manipulate the shape of the Staff a little.

The Phoenix Regeneration skill has increased to 150 times my natural regeneration, so by the time I reach a 1,000,000-year-old ring, it will be 500 times natural regeneration.

I changed it so that the body of the Staff fits nicely in my hands while the ends are thicker causing it to look like a double-sided mace, this is the extent of my ability to manipulate the Staff currently.

Mu Bai crouches his body, causing it to become extremely taut and looking like a tiger getting ready to pounce.

Suddenly, he lets his body loose as he kicks off the ground with great power. He lashes at my throat with his claws, but I keep calm and block his attack before pushing him away.

Yu Xiao Gang started giving advice to Mu Bai on the side, allowing him to make adjustments during battle, causing it to become a lot harder for me to fight.

I redirect all of Mu Bai's blows with my staff causing him to retreat. He looks at me and says, "I will show you my strongest move, I wasn't doing nothing during this past month!"

He begins to gather his Spirit Power to his hands as he condenses it together. Suddenly, I use my tail to kick off the ground as I am sent flying towards Mu Bai.

He is caught off guard as I use my Staff to bump him on the head, "You lost…"

Mu Bai is shocked, before becoming a little angry at me, "You didn't even let me use my self-made Spirit Skill! I might have been able to beat you with it!"

I was about to speak when Yu Xiao Gang interrupted, "Do you expect enemies to wait for you to use your strongest attack? No! They will kill you while you are defenceless and unprepared. Wulin was right to attack you at that moment, you were stupid to charge up a strong attack while in a one on one."

Mu Bai has always respected the teacher's word as law, so he is unable to talk back to Yu Xiao Gang and just nodded his head before retreating to the others.

The others seem like they don't really want to fight me, as I am way too strong for them to fight one on one.

Tang San is the one to step forward next as he looks at me with a hint of desire for battle, he hasn't been able to fight at full power except against Er Ming, who was so strong our techniques were useless.

Yu Xiao Gang glances at Tang San but chooses not to say anything, we bow to each other before getting in position, waiting for the start signal.

The second Yu Xiao Gang gives the signal, I charge at Tang San while he uses the Blue Silver Grass to bind me, I use a small barrier made of Spirit Power to block the poisonous effects as I break free, but the Blue Silver Grass seems as boundless as an ocean, always attacking me in waves.

Although this can't stop my charge, it is extremely draining on my Spirit Power to constantly break through and block the poison.

I reach Tang San in a second and stab at his chest using my staff, but his movements turn ethereal as he dodges it swiftly.

Tang San doesn't hold back as he pulls out all his hidden weapons and uses the Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation Technique.

While using his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, he throws his hidden weapons with unnerving dexterity.

I use my Quintessence Staff Arts to defend while also incorporating my tail to block half of them. I jump away before using my Monkey Steps to avoid the rest of his Hidden weapons before looking at him.

"Xiao San, you won't be able to beat me if that's all you can do!" I try to force him to try harder as I get closer using my Monkey Steps. I also lengthened my Staff significantly, so I can strike at him from a distance, but his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track is too mysterious for me.

Tang San stops in his tracks, also causing me to stop. He smiles to me and says, "Alright, Brother Wulin, but you can't blame me if you get hurt!"

"Hahaha! Nonsense, do you think I am Zhao Wuji?! Give me all you've got!" I laugh at his words, but inwardly, I know that I will have to fight seriously against him.

Suddenly, eight Spider Lances appear from behind Tang San as it lifts him off the ground, his body disappears in an instant as he charges at me.

I was surprised by how fast his Spider Lances made him, but it is still within my capabilities. I could use my Golden Fiery Eyes to track him better, but it would drain my Spirit Power too much.

I shrink my Staff back to normal size as I block Tang San's Spider Lances from stabbing me.

I also use the hardening skill of my tail as I whip it at Tang San. We cross weapons constantly as we move using our movement techniques.

His movements are swift like a ghost, with added complexity due to his Blue Silver Grass and Eight Spider Lances, while my steps feel like they are one with nature, yet it is completely unpredictable when added with my pivotal Staff and Tail.

We clash for 5 minutes before coming to a stop, Tang San is breathing heavily from physical exhaustion, he only has about half his Spirit Power left.

My breathing is fine thanks to my Phoenix Regeneration, but the battle has drained my Spirit Power, so I also only have half, but it is still much more than Tang San since I am a whole realm above him.

Tang San also knows that he will lose eventually if we continue to fight like this, so he needs to finish me off with a surprise attack.

He charges at me again while throwing Hidden Weapons to block my view as he uses his Eight Spider Lances to attack me all at once, I leap to the right as I dodge half of them, while blocking the other half with my Staff, but the block felt very light as if it didn't strike.

His lower Spider Lance bounces off my tail with great speed as it dug into the ground, Tang San used it as a pivot as he leaps up and sends a kick at my chest. A sharp blade cuts its way through Tang San's shoes before striking at me.

I quickly use my Golden Fiery Eye's as time seems to slow down, I use one hand to hold off the Spider Lances while I use another to grab at Tang San's foot. Tang San is surprised by my sudden increase in reaction before I swing his leg and throw him away.

I don't want him to try and spit poison into my face, so I don't keep him close to me. Tang San gets up and charges at me again but this time he slips seemingly due to exhaustion and tilts his body forward.

Suddenly, a dart like object is shot out from his back as it aims directly at me, before exploding into a giant spider web.

I manipulate my Yin Ice Staff to expand the top of the staff, so that it looks like a giant circular mace. I point the staff at the Spider Web as it sticks onto the edge of the staff before I cut it off and regenerate my staff to its normal size.

Tang San has a wry smile seeing that even his third Spirit Ability didn't work against me. It probably would have worked on anyone else, but I already know his abilities, so I am prepared for them.

Before I charge at him again, he quickly puts his hands up and surrenders, "I give up! I can't win against you, Brother Wulin!"

I also stop my movements, "You were really strong, you even forced me to use my self-made Spirit Skill at the end, if we were the same Spirit Rank, this battle may have been different." He is a whole realm below me, so he really does deserve praise to fight this long against me.

His Blue Silver Grass and techniques are the true control system, whereas I am more of a hybrid that doesn't belong to any one system, though I lean more to control thanks to my techniques.

"Not at all, you weren't allowed to use your second transformation or your slaughter domain… If you could use that, then I would be useless against you, even if you used that attack use used against the Titan Giant Ape back in the forest, you probably would have killed me in an instant."

Tang San also retreats to the others as we exchange humble words, Yu Xiao Gang didn't speak during our fight as both Tang San and I have a lot of combat experience and strange techniques, so it is difficult to comment on them.

Next, I battled against the rest of them, while Yu Xiao Gang gave them advice on the side. I made sure to keep Rong Rong and Oscar for last, as they are the easiest to beat.

I made sure to fight against Little Yue and Little Jing first, as they have more control, and if I fight Little Jing without any Spirit Power, I will be unguarded against her Mental Attacks.

Next, I fought against Feng Feng and Fatty since they have strong attacks that will cause me to expend Spirit Energy to block before fighting Qing'er who I could redirect and defeat easily thanks to my Staff Arts.

By the time it was Oscar's and Rong Rong's turn, I expended all my Spirit Power and couldn't supply any to my staff, causing it to disappear.

In the fight, I would use my comprehension of nature to add characteristics to my attacks. I kept my body solid and grounded like earth, while using my hands to block all of Oscar's and Rong Rong's attacks, I dragged them into my pace using my water nature before striking them down with a swift and fierce blow.

They felt wronged as they looked at Yu Xiao Gang. Rong Rong gave an aggrieved look as she said, "Why do we have to fight against brother Wulin! We are support classes, it's impossible for us to beat him!"

Yu Xiao Gang just gave her a glance, "Will you ask your enemies to stop attacking you because you are a support class? No! They will aim at you first, so you need to learn how to hold your own against someone like Wulin."

Rong Rong looks mad but she knows that he is right, so she just gives a huff and looks away.