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Currently, we were waiting to be called while cultivating in the lobby of the Great Spirit Arena. It was decided that Little Yue and Feng Feng will be sitting out first, since they have more combat experience than the others.

They were cultivating silently while I was playing around with my girls and flirting. Suddenly, a tall and very muscular large man walked into our direction. I noticed him as one of the people I beat a while back, so I didn't pay him any attention.

He looked to be around 30-years-old and refused to wear a shirt to expose his muscles. He looked like a strong opponent, but he was only rank 37 back then, and I easily beat him to the ground, so he probably hasn't grown much since then.

He looks at the others who are cultivating before looking at the four of us who are playing around. He walks up to us as he looks at Little Yue, "Hey, sexy lady, with your figure, what are you doing covering your face? Let Big Brother have a look."

We stop talking and look at him, the other also stop cultivating as they turn around. Little Yue has a frosty face as she coldly spits out, "Get lost."

He gives a laugh as he said, "Could it be that your face is shameful? Little girl, don't you know who I am? You dare talk to me that way." He raised his big hand looking like he was going to swing his palm at Little Yue.

I stand up and coldly look at him as I move myself in front of Little Yue. He looks down at me since I am not yet two metres tall, "What? Are you looking to play with me?"

I slowly summon my staff as I smile, "So what if I am?"

He sees my Staff as his face visibly drains of blood, he steps back with a pale face, "St-Staff God!"

I take a step forward, closing our distance again as I continue to stare at him, "First you try to hit on my girl, but when she rejects you, you try to boast your name and want to slap her? Tell me, what should I do to you?"

He continues to stumble back as I follow him, he trips and falls on his butt as he tries to shift himself backwards while shaking his head rapidly, "I didn't mean to hit on her or anything! I was just trying to scout my team battle opponents by aggravating them, I didn't know she was your girl, Staff God!"

Suddenly, a neutral voice sounded out, "Please stop! Fights are forbidden in the waiting area, if you want to fight, then it must be on the Spirit Arena!"

A middle-aged man approached with large strides. Although he recognised me as Staff God, I am only a Spirit Ancestor and a Gold Ranked Spirit Fighter, so he didn't give me much face.

I turn around and head back to my girls as I spit out, "Watch yourself."

He quickly gets up and scurries out of the waiting area, the middle-aged man turned his gaze to the rest of us, "You must be the newly registered team Shrek's Demonic Generation. That was Mad Xi, the leader of Mad Battle Team. Coincidentally, your teams are going to be facing each other today. Remember the rules of the Spirit Arena, this is your first and last warning, remember it."

He walks away after his warning as the others look to me. I sit down and pull Little Jing into my lap as I say, "Looks like you guys may have gotten a free win."

The others are slightly confused but I tell them, "Mad Xi probably thinks that I am a part of Shrek's Demonic Generation, and he just pissed me off, so he will likely forfeit the match and run away."

As I expected, a receptionist came in soon after telling us that the Mad Battle Team forfeited due to their leader leaving without explanation.

They were happy to get a free win, but also wanted to have a battle, but I consoled them that they will be able to fight tomorrow.

I had Rong Rong get my betting money and returned with a large sack of money. Now, I have a couple hundred thousand gold to spend again.

We go back to the inn after some dinner and go to bed, since everyone will be fighting the next day as well.

When I went to register the next day, the receptionist told me that nobody is willing to fight me anymore and put my name down as an automatic forfeit.

I heave a sigh and leave with Little Jing, we watch the others one versus one and two versus two battles. They are still winning with ease, so it looks like they will be undefeated until they get their Silver Spirit Fighter Badge.

Soon, a month passes, and I stopped bothering going to watch the others fight, since they all had an undefeated title.

In this past month, there were a couple arrogant people who thought they could beat me, but they were beaten too fast for me to have fun. I didn't fight any battles above my grade, because they might be able to force me to show my Spirit.

I also placed a couple random bets on the others, allowing myself to accumulate over one million gold, I change my appearance every time I place a bet, so Great Spirit Arena only thinks they are losing some money to multiple people.

I spent most of my days practicing the Tang Sect Techniques and playing with Little Jing while browsing the market for hidden treasures.

I was able to find a couple ginsengs that were still alive and decided to cultivate them in my Immortal Realm along with other random herbs. Old ginsengs have a replenishing effect on the body and can boost the natural recovery rate permanently.

When they are old enough, I plan to give them to Little Jing and Rong Rong so they don't run out of stamina so fast.

Currently, plants in the Immortal Realm grow at 200 times the speed they normally would outside. This is due to the abundant Spirit Power and time difference, giving it a 25 times rate. Adding in the Flower of Life, it grows another 8 times faster, coming up to 200 times.

So, every year outside the Immortal Realm, the plants will grow by 200 years.

The Little Rice Plant Spirit Beast also grows at that rate, because the Flower of Life increases the growth of all plants, including Plants that became Spirit Beasts.

In this one month, the Little Rice Plant that I affectionately named Little Rice, has grown an additional 16 years.

This morning, we are having breakfast together before they head out for their battles, when Yu Xiao Gang comes in with some papers in hand.

"When I was registering the team to fight tonight, the receptionist asked if our team could be moved to the Central Spirit Arena to fight on the main stage. They want us to deal with a team called Emperor Battle Team." Yu Xiao Gang said.

"What have they done, and why do they need us to deal with them? Can't they send out another team?" Fatty asked.

"Emperor Battle Team is a team brought in by nobles, and they are betting large amounts of money causing the Great Spirit Arena to suffer major losses, but that isn't the point. This Emperor Battle Team will be a good fight for all of you."

Yu Xiao Gang hands out the papers, on them, they have details about all the fighters of the Emperor Battle Team.

Everyone read through them and realised that all their opponents are above rank 35 and have the best Spirit Ring Configuration, meaning that they weren't easy opponents.

Yu Xiao Gang pointed out some things about the opponents, "Their battle team is a nearly perfect combination, but there are two individuals you must pay the most attention to, their captain and vice-captain, the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, and Jade Phosphor Serpent."

Yu Xiao Gang and Flander informed the rest of us about the possible relations between this Jade Phosphor Serpent user and the Jade Phosphor Douluo, as well as the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, causing the others to worry a bit.

Rong Rong who is reading the papers exclaims, "In the fight, our most important objective should be to take out the support system Spirit Master."

Yu Xiao Gang is surprised, since Rong Rong, as the princess to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, should know about the terrifying backgrounds of these members, yet she still thinks to focus on the unknown support system.

"I know of this Nine Heart Flowering Apple Spirit, it has only one kind of effect. No matter how many Spirit Rings it has, it only has one Spirit Ability, healing. The higher the rank, the more Spirit Rings, the more its healing can be used. It is said that with a Nine Heart Flowering Apple Spirit Master, even if you want to die, it wouldn't be easy." Rong Rong informed everyone of the powers of her Spirit.

Although they are strong and have a great combination, our team also has a very powerful combination, no weaker than theirs. We only lack in some Spirit Power.

Tang San, as the strategist, decided on the team roster. It was decided that Fatty and Qing'er will be sitting out. We were considering letting Qing'er and Mu Bai use their Spirit Fusion, but they have not practiced it before, so we don't want to rely on chances.

Yu Xiao Gang left us to deal with the battle details ourselves and left with Flander and Zhao Wuji.

I look to Little Yue and Feng Feng who are sitting to my left, "It looks like you guys will finally show me your Spirit Fusion, right? If not, you guys might lose this battle."

They have not shown their Spirit Ability Fusion at all during these this time, since they want it to be a big surprise for me, and now they have the opportunity to show it off.

They nod their heads with a smile, and Little Yue says, "Big Brother, our Spirit Ability Fusion is really strong, they don't stand a chance!"

Tang San creates a plan to win the battle as swiftly as possible, because they are lacking in Spirit Power, they can't fight a prolonged battle.

After a while, they consolidate their plan and get into their peak condition. When it is time, I take Little Jing, Qing'er and Fatty to the stands as we watch them enter the stage.

A beautiful woman with a Spirit Tool that acts as a voice amplifier introduces each of the members of the Shrek's Demonic Generation and Emperor Battle Team.

One by one, she calls out the names and Spirit of the competitors before they are all on stage facing against each other.

The crowd cheers in a frenzy, it is hard to tell which team is more popular. We are at the front row as we sit down and watch them.

Fatty is holding onto the railing as he cheers their name while Little Jing is standing on my thighs. Qing'er and I are sitting down as we wait for the fight to start.

The announcer uses their Spirit Ability to fly in the air as she calls out, "Both sides, you have one minute to begin summoning your Spirits. When I declare the beginning, both sides can attack, until one side concedes, all have collapsed or been thrown off the spirit stage."

Yu Tian Heng and Mu Bai are at the front of their teams while they glare at each other. Based off the pressure both sides give, they can tell that this battle will not be an easy one.

Mu Bai is slightly weaker than Yu Tian Heng and looked to be having a hard time withstanding the pressure.

Suddenly, Qing'er stands up and moves toward the railing, in a cold but soft voice, she says, "Don't lose."

It was impossible for many people to notice her voice when it is being drowned out by the noise of the crowd, but it resounded clearly in the ears of Mu Bai.

He looks up to us as he shares a look with Qing'er, she only gives him a glance before sitting back down beside me.

Mu Bai gives a booming laugh, shocking the Emperor Battle Team. Suddenly, as if he was playing around before, his pressure more than doubles as his eyes start shining in an evil light.

"We are Shrek's Demonic Generation! We are undefeated and will always be undefeated! Release!" Mu Bai's voice booms and silences the crowd, at his final word, everyone released their Spirits and shoots their Spirit Mark into the sky.

"Remember us, we will shake the world!" At his command, everyone can't help but turn their gaze to the Spirit Marks in the air.

I nod my head at Mu Bai's action, he really has an air of domination that can force others to kneel just from his pressure and momentum.

Yu Tian Heng, unwilling to be beaten by Mu Bai, also yelled out, "We are Emperor Battle Team, the strongest generation ever! Release!"

The members of Emperor Battle Team also released their Spirit Marks in to the air as they summoned their Spirits.

The intense battle lust and momentum of both teams were clashing fiercely, scaring the announcer into flying to a much higher altitude. It didn't seem like a normal Silver Ranked Team Battle with only Spirit Elders and a Spirit Grandmaster.

The beautiful announcer couldn't last much longer, so she quickly declared the start of the battle as she flew away, "Let the battles, begin!"