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The next morning, everyone gathered at a restaurant next to the inn to have breakfast. Tang San and Xiao Wu were the last ones to come in, Xiao Wu probably wouldn't wake up when Tang San tried.

When Qing'er saw the two of them, she started blushing and quickly looked away, but it didn't escape my eyes. She was obviously awake last night and heard everything Xiao Wu and Tang San did.

Little Jing went bright eyed when she saw Xiao Wu, but knowing from experience, I quickly cover her mouth with my hand before the tactless girl starts saying embarrassing things again.

It's not that she is innocent or anything, she knows about all the relations between man and woman through the girls and I, but she is a mischievous little fox, so she likes to pretend to be innocent and ask people embarrassing questions.

After breakfast, we continued on our journey to Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, but this time, Flander didn't speed up like last time and just jogged at a constant pace.

We felt a little weird that the miserly Flander didn't speed up to gain more ground, but since he isn't pushing us hard, we won't complain.

We quickly left the Balak Kingdom's border and entered the Silver's Kingdom territory, by the time the sky started to darken, we arrived at the Silver's Kingdom Capital located near the southern border, Silver's City.

Even more surprisingly, Flander chose to rest at this expensive city, there is still a bit of light in the sky, so if we ran quickly, we could make it to a small village where we can rent a cheap inn.

Flander brought us to an expensive hotel to check in, causing Yu Xiao Gang to be worried for his best friend, "Flander, are you alright? Did the heat get to your brain? Did you finally go senile from old age?"

Flander just laughed it off, "I am fine! It is good to live lavishly every once in a while." Not taking any offence to Yu Xiao Gang's words, he just checked in the hotel and brought us to dinner, which was also expensive.

Of course, he couldn't mask his true colours for too long. At dinner, Flander was sitting at the head of the table with a smile as he raised his cup, "We have travelled a long distance from our home, to thank you for all your hard work, please eat to your hearts content."

Then he looks at us youngsters, "You little monsters can only drink one cup of wine." Then, he led by example and drowned the cup of win in his hand, before happily eating his food.

Everyone felt uncomfortable, there had to be some kind of trick involved for the miserly Flander to eat and live lavishly. Even his smile when eating the food looked so treacherous, like he caught all of us in his scheme.

Little Jing, as a Fox Spirit Beast that excels at manipulation and deception, felt her instincts going crazy. She looked at me with alarmed eyes and pulled my shirt to bring my ears to her mouth.

"Daddy, my instincts are telling me that uncle is scheming something. Look at his smile, it is so devious, he is definitely up to no good!" She whispered lightly into my ear.

At Flander's level, even if Little Jing whispered lighter, he would easily be able to hear her voice, I could see Flander's face twitch a bit as he glanced at us but kept up his smile and continued eating heartily.

I pet Little Jing's head as I say, "It's alright, it has nothing to do with the two of us… Just continue to eat your food, he doesn't let us eat like this often."

She is a little hesitant, but cutely nods her head in the end, "Alright then, but I still like Daddy's food more, you have to make more fish for Little Jing~!" She leaned into my chest as she coyly said.

I have been cooking lunch for Little Jing and the girls often, and now that I have bought a lot of vegetables and crops, along with a couple different fish, so now my meals have become more varied and delicious.

I picked up the wine cup and brought it to my face, giving it a slight sniff. It has a smooth fruity smell to it, with a gentle hint of sweetness.

Taking a sip, I could taste a sweet fruity texture that left a mellow aftertaste, it tastes kind a high-class fruit juice, but leaves a satisfying warm sensation wherever the wine passes.

I could tell that this is definitely an expensive wine, made from high quality ingredients. Perhaps I should also make some wine in the Immortal Realm. Or I can try to teach Little Rice to make wine out of some of the plants and fruit in the Immortal Realm.

I probably shouldn't teach it how to make rice wine, otherwise it will cry for its fallen brethren.

I also let Little Jing take a sip of the wine, she is old enough anyway and it doesn't have anything harmful in the wine. She instantly fell in love with the fruity taste and drank the entire cup.

I have controlled my Phoenix Regeneration to lower itself, so that I can feel the effects of the wine, otherwise I would be able to drink it like water and process it before I even finish the cup.

After Flander finished his third cup of wine, he glances at all of us as he mildly says, "You guys haven't had any real combat in two months, it is good to get some exercise in when you can. There is a Great Spirit Arena in Silver's City, this evening you guys can go and fight a battle. There is no need for individual battles, just a team battle will do…"

The rest of the students could instantly tell Flander's intention now, and just decided to go along with what he wanted. Since it didn't have anything to do with Little Jing and I, we began to drink even more under the jealous stares of the others.

By the time everyone finished eating, Little Jing had a little blush on her face as I carried her out of the restaurant while Flander asked for directions to the Great Spirit Arena.

The Great Spirit Arena in Silver's City was even more magnificent than the Great Spirit Arena in Sou Tuo City. All of us got our masks out again and wore them while following Flander and Yu Xiao Gang to sign up for a team battle.

However, the words of the receptionist left Flander dumb struck, "I'm sorry, respected Spirit Master, I'm afraid you can't participate in the team battle."

Flander was close to losing his mind, he had just spent so much today already, and if he can't make the money back through gambling on the team fights, then all he done today would have been for nothing.

"Our Silver's Great Spirit Arena doesn't have any gold spirit fighter team for a fair fight." The receptionist said.

Zhao Wuji on the side smiled with schadenfreude, "Apparently, someone's plan fell through."

Flander was unresigned, "Isn't there anything we can do?"

The receptionist nodded, "It's not that there are no ways. If everyone agrees to surpass levels to join a Spirit Fight, I can naturally arrange it. You can challenge one of the lowest fortieth level Spirit Fighter Teams, almost all fortieth level teams are Silver Ranked Spirit Fighters, you can choose as you wish."

Flander thought about it for a little before looking at me, 'If Wulin also fights, we should be able to win pretty easily. Great! It's decided!'

He asks the receptionist, "I would like to add a member to the team."

Suddenly, Yu Xiao Gang interrupts Flander, "Wait! I think it is still possible with just them."

Flander frowned, "Xiao Gang, what kind of joke is that? Are you trying to send the children to their death?"

Yu Xiao Gang shook his head, "Flander, you know I wouldn't let them take risks. There are many differences in fortieth level teams." He then looks at the receptionist, "You will let us choose anyone?"

The receptionist nods his head.

"Among the fortieth level teams, do you have one that is especially cruel? It is better if they often kill and injure the opponents in every fight. The more vicious a team the better." Yu Xiao Gang calmly said.

The receptionist was stunned as he looked at Yu Xiao Gang's deadpan face, thinking if he wanted to kill his team, he nodded his head, "Y-yes we do have one such team. Fiend Team, fortieth level Silver Ranked Spirit Fighter Team, since entering the Silver Grade, they have killing 63 opponents and injured a further 98. They are called the 'Murder Weapons' of Silver Ranked Spirit Fighter Teams."

Yu Xiao Gang nodded satisfied, "Good. Then we will challenge this Fiend Team, our team is called Shrek's Demonic Generation."

Flander looked at Yu Xiao Gang angrily, "Xiao Gang, I know that you usually have something in planned for the children, but if you let them die, don't blame me for not being your friend anymore!"

Yu Xiao Gang smiled softly at Flander, "I already have it planned out for them, there should be no risk. This is something they have to experience sooner or later, best to be with everyone together."

The receptionist quickly signed up the team and sent notice to the Fiend Team. Now, all we had to do was wait for the battle to begin.

The Great Spirit Arena became bustling once news of a level surpassing battle was happening, because it would either be exciting to watch a lower levelled team able to beat a higher levelled team or watching them get slaughtered by the vicious Fiend Team.

Of course, nobody thought that Shrek's Demonic Generation could beat the Fiend Team, and everyone placed their bets against Shrek, causing Shrek's betting odds to rise.

Everyone has seen the info sheet of both teams, the Fiend Team is comprised of vicious killers all above the fortieth Spirit Rank, while Shrek's Demonic Generation still has people in the twentieth Spirit Ranks.

Even if Shrek's Demonic Generation uses their best team, they will still have one Spirit Grandmaster fighting.

On the two betting sides, the line for the Fiend Team was filled with spectators fearing they wouldn't be able to place their bets before the Spirit Fight began.

On the other hand, Shrek's side was completely deserted, and the betting staff looked like they were about to fall asleep.

Suddenly, a completely solemn voice sounded out, waking the Shrek's betting staff from their drowsiness, "I want to place a bet, 50,000 gold spirit coins. Shrek's Demonic Generation."

The betting staff was shocked as he asked, "What was that? How much?"

Flander frowned a bit, he didn't want to stay for too long and make a scene, "I said 50,000 gold spirit coins, Shrek's Demonic Generation's victory. Alright?"

50,000 gold spirit coins was a massive amount, but not unheard of in the Silver's Great Spirit Arena. After all, this is the capital city of Silver's Kingdom, so there are nobles who sometimes bet high.

The betting staff looked at Flander's completely lifeless and solemn face, he couldn't help but feel saddened as he thought, 'This man, he is probably a noble wanting to blow all his money away before he takes his life… The noble life isn't any easier than a peasant's…'

Flander gave him several gold coin transfer cards, they are all the money from the students and teachers, gathered together to make a large bet.

I didn't give him any since I have plenty of money, and any more will make him stand out too much. I also can't use the tactic of using many appearances to bet, otherwise the odds will lower, and we will get less money.

The people standing at the Fiend Team's betting line were laughing at Flander, looking at his face, they could tell that he never expected to win and was just doing it to get rid of money.

A couple of them jeered at him, to give them the money directly instead of throwing it away on useless bets, but Flander ignored them.

He was trying his hardest to keep a sombre face right now, if he betted with a suicidal look on his face, nobody will follow him in betting and lower the odds.

After his bet was registered, he quickly left under the jeers of the other spectators.

Yu Xiao Gang was talking to Shrek's Demonic Generation, deciding on who will be fighting. Since I know what Yu Xiao Gang is trying to achieve, I interrupted them, "Little Yue and Feng Feng will sit out, they have gone through this before."

Only Tang San and Yu Xiao Gang understood what I meant as Yu Xiao Gang glanced at Little Yue and Feng Feng, nodding his head.

Yu Xiao Gang said, "Alright then, Chen Yue and Yan Xifeng will sit out, the rest of you will fight in this battle. Xiao San, you know what to do."

Tang San nodded his head, and Yu Xiao Gang left to the VIP lounge booked by Flander.

The others were slightly nervous, but Tang San encouraged them, "It's alright, we will not really be fighting against the Fiend Team. We will be using this hidden weapon instead." He pulls out a crossbow.

"This is called the 'Godly Zhuge Crossbow', it is able to defeat them as long as they do not use their third or fourth Spirit Ability. If they block it, then we can instantly admit defeat and run away. There is no need to worry, Master has everything figured out." Tang San said.

Fatty was still worried about it, "But what if they do block us and chase after us, won't we be dead before we know it?"

"They are vicious Spirit Masters who are of the fortieth Spirit Rank, they will never go all out on a couple of low level Spirit Masters, we even have three that are still Spirit Grandmasters. If it goes according to plan, they will not use any high-level Spirit Abilities in the beginning. That is when we will strike!" Tang San said, this is what Yu Xiao Gang is also betting on, otherwise Flander will have to intervene to save the children.

Tang San distributed a Godly Zhuge Crossbow to everyone and they stored it in their Storage Items. Soon, the battle was announced, and the competitors had to go on stage.

We gave them a couple words of encouragement before heading to the VIP lounge. We can see them faced off against seven buff males looking like savages.

The spectators were in a frenzy, screaming to tear up the Shrek's team and slaughter everyone.

In the one minute given to summon their Spirits, the Fiend Team released their Spirits, all seven of them were Power Attack Spirit Master's and their bodies expanded a bit.

They seemed to lose a bit of sanity, as they began roaring and beating their chests, their eyes were red as they rampaged in their own area.

Tang San simply said a word, and everyone pulled the Godly Zhuge Crossbow from their Storage Items. They were positioned in a strange formation, having one person directly in line with another from Fiend Team.

The announcer is already flying in the air as he shouts, "Team Spirit Fight! Shrek's Demonic Generation versus Fiend Team! Level surpassing challenge, begin!"


2nd Spirit Ability: Yin Ice Staff

Description: Create a Staff from Yin Ice. The age of the ice is equal to the age of Spirit Ring (Older = more durable). Size of the staff can be manipulated with more Spirit Power.

White: Create a staff from 10+ year old Yin Ice. Drains a lot of Spirit Power to summon and maintain it.

Yellow: Create a staff from 100+ year old Yin Ice. Drains Spirit Power to summon and maintain.

Purple: Create a staff from 1000+year old Yin Ice. Drains a bit of Spirit Power to summon and maintain.

Black: Create a staff from 10,000+ year old Yin Ice. Drains a small amount of Spirit Power to summon and maintain.

Red: Create a Staff from 100,000+ year old Yin Ice. Drains a fraction of Spirit Power to summon and maintain. Can manipulate the shape of Yin Ice Staff slightly, increases per 100,000-years on Spirit Ring.

Gold: Create a Staff from 1,000,000+ year old Yin Ice. Drains a fraction of Spirit Power to summon. Can be maintained indefinitely. Can manipulate Yin Ice to become any shape in high detail.

Basically a Yin Ice Manipulation Spirit Ability, but it can't be used as an attack, unless you create a weapon and use it physically.

Yes, he can turn it into a hidden weapon, but he cannot split the staff into pieces, meaning he will only have the one needle or whatever. Good for assassination with 1 hit, bad for prolonged battles.

Further increases in Spirit Ring's age will increase the age of the Yin Ice, though it is nearly indestructible at 1,000,000-years-old.)