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54 Out of Sight, Out of Mind!

I smile lightly as I mirror his words, "This is my cultivation area, if you do not leave, then I will have to force you."

My nonchalant attitude angers Tai Long greatly as he roared, "Since you want to fight, then so be it! I won't go easy on you just because you are new!"

I push Little Jing to the side as I summon my Yin Ice Staff, the majestic dragon head gleams in the sunlight, looking as if had come to life.

"Make sure you use all your strength, I don't want others calling me a bully because you didn't use all your power." I say mockingly.

Tai Long lets out a wild howl as he releases his Spirit. His already large and sturdy figure expands as he bulks up even more.

His arms elongate down to his knees and his hands become much larger, black fur starts growing everywhere on his skin, including his face, turning him into an ape-like person.

Four Spirit Rings float out of his body, two yellow and two purple. Tai Long glares at me and after giving a growl, rushes toward me.

He bends his back a little to let his hands touch the ground as he uses them to gain momentum, once he gets close, he leaps off the ground and throws a fist at my face.

My face goes a little strange as I stare at Tai Long, could it be that he is naturally stupid or is it his Spirit that has made him stupid?

It is common knowledge that attacking in the air is much weaker than attacking while grounded. He probably thought to use his superior weight to gain momentum and crush me, but I specialise in misdirecting power, so he has essentially served himself in a platter to me.

I thrust out my staff as I connect to his fist, I can feel the force travel through my arm as I quickly spin the staff in a mysterious circular motion. The momentum and force that Tai Long had was dispersed into the air and ground below me.

Now that Tai Long has no momentum, he is influenced by gravity and begins to fall out of the air. However, I don't give him the chance and I twirl the staff 180 degrees, smashing the staff into his stomach and sending him back into the air.

Tai Long lets out a painful groan, but quickly stops and glares at me while in the air, his body is extremely tough, so he is able to resist the pain of my Staff. I also don't want to go too far to hurt him since he is still a student of Shrek Academy.

I toss him back into the air a couple times before I ask him, "How about it, do you give up yet?" I have a slight smile on my face, Little Jing is on the side cheering as she counts how many times I throw him up.

Tai Long is incredibly stubborn even in this hopeless situation, he glares at me as he yells, "I won't give up! This much is nothing, it feels like you are giving me a light massage! Once you are tired, I will beat you down!"

I felt a little helpless as to what to do with Tai Long, he looks as if he won't stop until I kill him. I ponder for a couple minutes while tossing him in the air.

Suddenly, I feel as if a light bulb went off in my head as I remembered a saying from my previous world, 'Out of sight, out of mind.'

I get to work immediately as I direct the flying Tai Long to the centre of the main campus. I throw Tai Long high into the air as I smoothen the tip of my Staff.

Pointing it to the ground, I start supplying the Staff with Spirit Power as it quickly grows larger. The Staff enlarges at a rapid rate, catching Tai Long in the air as it continues to grow.

Soon, the Staff looks like a huge Dragon Shaped Pillar, standing over 200 metres in height with a 30-metre diameter.

The top of the Staff, where Tai Long is on, is even above the clouds, completely out of sight.

"When you want to come down, just say that you give up. I am going to cultivate now, so I might not hear you!" I yell up to him as I cup my hands, trying to project my voice further.

Afterwards, I clap my hands together, wiping the imaginary dust off as I say, "Job well done, Wulin."

Little Jing giggles at my antics as she comes over to hold my hand, "Daddy, you are so smart!"

I feel my ego grow with her words as I laugh and rub her head, "Of course, I am the smartest in the world!" Naturally, I boast in front of Little Jing, causing her to laugh and continue to praise me.

We reach the mimicry cultivation area, it is really just a forest with many trees and plants everywhere, but the Spirit Energy in the atmosphere is more abundant than outside, and it will have a synergistic effect when cultivating our Beast-type Spirits.

I pull the bed out of my Immortal Realm as I throw Little Jing on it. I tell her that I will be training my body away from her, so I don't disturb her cultivation, and after a quick kiss, I flicker away.

I plan to temper my body through the use of my Endless Chaos Hammer Technique. Right now, I can only complete 40 strikes before the power of each strike is enough to tear my body apart, causing me to stop.

Using this with my Phoenix Regeneration, I am able to push myself to the limit constantly, slowly tempering my body. Although at my level, the strength gain progress is slow, each little bit adds up and, in the end, it will be like a qualitative transformation.

There is only a year until the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, so there is not much time for everyone to learn anything new, it is much better for them to increase their Spirit Power to catch up with other academy's students.

I continued to cultivate until late in the evening. Little Jing was also getting hungry, so we stopped cultivating and went outside.

As we were walking, a couple students run past us while whispering to themselves, "Did you hear? A gigantic pillar suddenly appeared in the main campus this morning, the teachers have no idea what to do with it!"

"I know, I heard! Apparently, it is indestructible and can't be moved, rumour has it that the top contains a rare legacy left behind by a dead Titled Douluo!

Listening to their words, I realised something, 'Shit! I forgot about Tai Long!'

I quickly pull Little Jing's hand as I drag her to where I left the Pillar. There are a lot of students and teachers surrounding the pillar. Some teachers are trying to attack it with all their strength, while some students are trying to climb it.

The others are just whispering with each other, spreading multiple rumours about the mysteries and treasures at the top of the pillar.

There are no Shrek Students or teachers around, they probably realised that the pillar is my staff, and just left it alone.

I used my Illusion Ice Transformation to create an illusion of the pillar and made myself invisible. I put a hand on the real pillar and shrank it down to normal size.

The Pillar shrunk at a pace so that Tai Long won't accelerate and fall from a high height, I couldn't hear any noises when shrinking it, so I was a little worried that I killed Tai Long.

Once the staff disappears, I could see Tai Long's body in the middle of the illusionary pillar, his body is covered in frost as he is shivering hard, he is still alive, but it looked like his mouth was frozen shut during his stay in the sky.

Seeing that he is fine, I leave under the illusion before dispelling both of them. A commotion starts as the giant pillar suddenly disappeared, and what they saw was Tai Long shivering with frost all over his body.

I bring Little Jing to the dining hall where we meet the rest of Shrek's Demonic Generation, Oscar begins questioning me right off the bat, "Sixth Brother, why did you leave your staff in the middle of the campus? Were you cultivating in the sky?"

"No, some guy wanted my cultivation area, but he was too stubborn to admit defeat when I beat him up, so I put him on my staff and sent him into the sky. I went to cultivate with Little Jing and forgot about him, I only let him down just now." I shook my head.

The others shivered a bit, the pillar appeared after our morning classes, so Tai Long has been up there for many hours, luckily, he has a strong body, otherwise he might be dead.

I sat down and began eating while we were talking about our progress in cultivation. They can clearly feel the difference in their cultivation areas, it is almost like twice the result for half the effort.

The rumours quickly reached the dining hall that Tai Long was born from the giant pillar, it was quickly becoming a Mysterious Wonder of Shrek Academy.

After eating, everyone went back to their cultivation areas to cultivate for the night. I went to sleep while Little Jing cultivated at the foot of the bed.

The next day, I woke up as I left the Immortal Realm and noticed Little Jing sleeping on my chest. I smile wryly, I could guess that this would happen since she likes to play around instead of cultivating.

As an evolved Spirit Beast, Little Jing has amazing talent, even greater than most human geniuses, so she is able to keep up with the others cultivation pace even when she plays around, just like Xiao Wu.

I pinch her butt, causing her to wake up quickly. I put on a fake expression of anger as I say, "You are meant to be cultivating, why are you sleeping on me?"

Little Jing smiled as she crawled up my body, "Daddy, don't be mad, Little Jing cultivated for a long time! Your sleeping body just looked too comfortable, I couldn't help but want to rest a little!"

She makes a little excuse before giving my eyebrows a little kiss, "No more pouting! Your face will get stuck like that!"

My expression quickly melts as I laugh, I flip my body as I pin her under me, giving her a couple kisses. She wraps her arms and legs around my body as she tries to press herself closer.

After a couple minutes, I get off her as she breathes heavily, I smile as I pick her up and leave for the path behind the academy.

We agreed earlier that all of us would continue to train our Tang Sect Techniques together during the mornings before breakfast.

Since we don't have Tang San with us, we can only use trial and error to find our way around the techniques.

After training together, we had breakfast and went to our classes that were taught by the original Shrek Teachers. After classes, everyone went back to the cultivation areas.

We continued this routine for a while, on the weekends, the girls and I would spend our night together in the dorm.

Soon, four months pass and all of us have made considerable progress in our cultivation. However, now, Fatty has broken through to the thirtieth rank and is in need of his Third Spirit Ring.

Since Qing'er and Rong Rong are close to making a breakthrough as well, we were deciding to leave the Spirit Ring gathering for when all of them are ready.

This also made Fatty happy since he could go back to play in the brothels while he was waiting, but Liu Erlong took it upon herself to help Fatty get his Spirit Ring, dragging Yu Xiao Gang along with her.

The two of them have established their relationship, but Yu Xiao Gang still refuses to have any sexual relations with Liu Erlong.

This problem stems from his feelings of inferiority to his clan and because of his mutated Spirit, causing him to feel like any sexual contact with Liu Erlong is besmirching her.

I suggested Liu Erlong should use an aphrodisiac and just rapẹ him, but she was worried that he would run away again if she did so. Eventually, she decided to keep it in her mind as a last resort.