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56 Fun Night! H-Chapter


I smile as I quickly close the door and strip off my clothes. I walk towards the girls as blood pumps to my penis, allowing it to rapidly rise in front of their eyes.

They get a little wide-eyed as they see it grow from a small monster to a big monster. It really makes them wonder how they are able to fit it in their bodies.

I start with Rong Rong as I give her a deep kiss, my rod pushes into her stomach and rests against it, no matter how many times she has taken it before, it still gives her a bit of anxiety when it presses against her like that.

We share a passionate kiss for half a minute, we are still drunk, so it was a bit messier than usual, but it served to increase our pleasure. While kissing, I stroked her backside causing her to shiver slightly as the garden between her thighs became a little wet.

I broke off the kiss and moved onto Little Yue and Feng Feng, where I do the same thing.

Finally, it's Little Jing's turn as I pick her up and kiss her while I bring her to the bed, the other girls also follow.

I climb onto the bed and prop myself against the headrest, Little Jing is kneeling between my legs as she looks up at me, "Daddy, I will help you get ready."

I gently rub her head and give her another kiss, before I watch her move backwards a bit, so her head can reach my penis.

Little Jing holds my penis in her hands as she licks it all over, stroking it gently and sometimes sucking on my balls. Since I can't have sex with her, she can only help me with her mouth and hands, causing her to become extremely proficient in it.

It is also her hobby to lick my neck and give me kiss marks, so she gets plenty of practice in to pleasure me best. Feeling her tiny tongue snake its way up and around my penis causes it to constantly twitch as Little Jing lets out a couple noises of happiness.

Little Yue and Rong Rong are sitting on my legs as they move their bodies back and forth. They bring their heads to my chest as they begin licking and feeling all over my body.

I can feel some wetness on my legs as their vagina's continuously leak their love juices. They have a drunken look of lust in their eyes as they cling to my body.

Feng Feng is kneeling to my side as she pulls my head to face her. I look deeply into her eyes and see endless love, she gives me a deep kiss as her tongue desperately searches for mine.

I use one hand to stroke Feng Feng's ass while using the other to massage Rong Rong and Little Yue's breasts. I sometimes slip a finger to touch Feng Feng's vagina, giving her a slight stimulation that causes her to moan.

Despite her fiery personality outside, she is like a little kitten in the bedroom, and is sensitive to the slightest touch. The four girls try their best to give me pleasure, with so many stimulating feelings, I can quickly feel myself coming close to climax as my penis twitches violently.

Little Jing also knows from experience what my twitches mean as she opened her mouth as wide as possible and swallowed my penis.

It is only recently that she has been able to fit my penis in her mouth, but she can only take it just past the tip. She grows three times slower than others, so it will be a long time until I am able to have any proper sex with her.

Feeling the warmness of her mouth, and the slight grazing of her teeth on the glans of my penis, I couldn't hold it back anymore as I spew out all my semen directly down her throat.

I try to cut it off halfway through so that I don't shoot out too much into her, otherwise she will choke and vomit, she doesn't have a large stomach like the other girls and can't hold an entire load.

She sucks on the urethra to get some of the remaining semen out before pulling her head off my penis. I can see a couple strands of saliva connecting her mouth to my penis, giving me another rise as it hardens again.

"Daddy, did I do a good job?" Little Jing is stroking my penis with both her hands as she asks me, I can see her belly looks a little full.

"Of course, you are the best with your mouth and hands. You did a great job." I gently stroke her Fox Ears, causing her to purr a bit as she leans into my hand.

I pick her up and bring her to my other side as I look to Rong Rong, "You are the main girl today, you can go first."

Rong Rong smiled as she coyly says, "I will have to make breakthroughs more often then~ I will be taking Brother Wulin first~!"

She straddles my waist as she positions my penis to her vagina, Little Yue had to move because she was in the way and decided to go behind Rong Rong to massage her breasts and help her move.

Rong Rong lowered her waist quickly as my penis was constricted by her warmth, I quickly reach her cervix as it presses hard against it, trying to break through.

Rong Rong's knees shiver as she lets out a seductive moan, "Nhgnn~" I can see a small outline of my penis as well as a bulge under her stomach where my penis is pushing her cervix.

Rong Rong moves her hips up and down as I feel her vagina twitch and tightly wrap my penis, unwilling to let go.

With Little Jing and Feng Feng licking my body and kissing me, I am quickly brought back to climax. Rong Rong was already close to climax the second she inserted my penis and with Little Yue's help, she has been twitching like crazy as she forces herself to move.

I pull Rong Rong's body towards me as I give her a kiss and thrust into her vagina. I pressed hard against her cervix as I felt it open up a little.

I blow my load directly into her womb as she has a shaking orgasm, her knees have already buckled and is held up by my hands, her vagina is constricting my penis as if trying to break it off, but it only gives me pleasure as I shoot everything inside her.

I give her a minute to recover before I pull my penis out and begin with Little Yue. She also straddled on top of me and moved her hips seductively while I was inside.

While she was moving, I sucked on both of her breasts and massaged them, causing Little Jing to get jealous. I laughed and forced Little Jing to suck on the other breast, she looked a little reluctant at first, but once she started, she was like a baby fox trying to suckle milk from her mother.

My seductive actions and Little Jing's baby-like actions caused Little Yue to feel confused and aroused as she felt the different sensations on both breasts.

I don't hold back my hips while I was sucking her breasts as I hold her ass and thrust into her. She was moaning loudly as she used her hands to pull Little Jing and my head closer into her breasts.

Soon, the both of us felt the built-up pressure wanting to release and we didn't hold it back. I released another load into Little Yue's vagina, painting the insides white.

I give Little Yue a kiss before I pull her off and place her to the side with Rong Rong. The two of them hug each other and play with each other while they wait for their turn again.

I pull Feng Feng and lay her down before spreading her legs and lifting her feet a bit. She is a submissive person while in the bed and likes it when I take charge.

I press into her before I rest my weight on her body, pushing her into the bed slightly. Feng Feng wraps her arms around my neck as she gives me a passionate kiss.

I also wrap my arms around her waist as I begin moving my hips. She starts moaning constantly as she calls out to me, "Ahn~ Hubby, it feels so good, it's alright to go a little harder~"

I let out a couple grunts as I thrust harder into her body, causing her to let out a joyous moan. I can feel her erect nipples rubbing against my chest as I hold her body closely against mine.

Feng Feng's vagina is twitching violently as it grasps my penis tightly, I can feel my climax rising again as I tell her, "Feng Feng, I am almost there, hold on a little longer!"

I speed up my hips as I thrust her hips into the soft bed, her body would sink into the bed before bouncing back up into my waist as I piston my hips hard.

Soon, we reach out limits as we both release everything, Feng Feng has a look of ecstasy on her face as she screams, "Ah! So warm, I love it! Hubby, I love you!"

I give her a kiss as I also say, "I love you too, Feng Feng!" We share a kiss for a minute while Feng Feng stops shaking and twitching, allowing me to pull out.

Now, it is finally Little Jing's turn, she jumps into my embrace as I hug her body tightly. Her tail is wagging furiously as she gives me many kisses on the lips.

She has been waiting patiently for her turn, so now she is in full force. I reciprocate her kisses as I take her little tongue into my mouth and play with it. I use one hand to stroke her tail and the other to massage her tiny butt.

I use a finger to rub her slit as I open it a little and push against her clit, I don't put any fingers inside her vagina since I am worried that I might break her hymen by accident.

After a couple minutes of kissing and playing, I bring her to the other girls as I say, "Are you girls ready for more?"

They nod their heads eagerly as they stare at me with lust, "We are ready…"

I place Little Jing on top of Rong Rong's body, so they are both facing each other. I slide my penis between their bodies, sandwiching my penis.

I begin moving my hips as I feel both of their clits rubbing against the shaft of my penis, my balls are also slapping against the opening of Rong Rong's vagina, causing her endless pleasure.

Little Jing is quickly brought to climax as she wraps her legs around Rong Rong's waist tightly and squirts out love juices.

I alternate the pairings of girls as I feel the comparison between their vagina's, or the smoothness of their bodies when they are paired with Little Jing.

By now, all my drunkenness has dissipated, and I increased my Phoenix Regeneration so that I could produce more semen for the girls.

I continued to have sex with the four of them for a couple hours until they were too exhausted. All four of them were covered in sweat and semen as we cuddled up in bed before falling asleep.