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I sit her on a stool at the showering area and let her body rest on my chest. I pour water on her body, causing her to open her eyes wide.

I slather some soap on my hands before massaging her body, she is blushing furiously as she weakly says, "please… stop…"

I don't bother stopping as I massage the front of her body. Her head is resting on my shoulder, so her words are like whispers in my ear.

"No. You can't even resist me, how do you plan to wash yourself without my help." I say, "If you haven't noticed, your body isn't very appealing right now…"

Xue Mei looked annoyed but didn't say anything. She really hasn't seen her body since she was brought to the Heaven Dou Auction House.

I quickly washed her entire body before washing it all off. I carry her light body to the hot spring as I let her body into the water, resting against the side.

I go back to the showers where I wash Little Jing as well. After I rinse her with water, I smack her butt playfully as she laughs and runs to the hot spring.

Rong Rong and Feng Feng wash each other while I sit down. Little Yue comes over and straddles me.

While facing each other, we slather ourselves in soap as we wash each other while kissing. I massage her ass while she washed my chest with her breasts.

We rinse off with water as the four of us walk to the hot springs. Xue Mei is facing us and sees us when we walk over, she looks directly at my private parts as she looks astonished before shutting her eyes tightly.

I slide into the hot spring and sit against the side. Little Yue sits on my lap while Rong Rong and Feng Feng lean on my shoulders.

Little Jing is swimming around happily, she is unable to sit in the hot spring because she is too short, so she must hold onto the side or latch onto one of us.

Xue Mei's eyes are still tightly shut, I'm sure that if she could move, she would have run out of here already.

"We are already in the hot spring, there's no need to cover your eyes anymore." I laugh as I look at her.

She no longer looks as pale as before, the hot springs have a beneficial effect on her blood circulation. However, it will still take a while before she is back to normal.

Xue Mei hesitantly pry's her eyes open, looking at me. My lower body is hidden by the dark water, making It difficult to see anything under it.

Naturally, as a Spirit Elder, if she strained her eyes, she would be able to see through it, but there is no way that she would do that.

Xue Mei looks at me carefully, "Why did… you buy… me…?"

"You are quite talented as a Spirit Master, and I need another Auxiliary System Spirit Master, so I am giving you a chance to prove your worth." I say.

Xue Mei felt gloomy at my words. Her Spirit is the reason her body is like this, if her only worth is in her abilities as a Spirit Master, she will not live long.

"You don't have to worry about your body or being overworked. You cost me most of my life's savings, I won't let you die so easily." I laugh.

She doesn't feel any better hearing that, if I am a bad Master, it will only be prolonging her suffering.

Feng Feng is watching Little Jing play around in the hot spring while Rong Rong is staring at Xue Mei, or more specifically, her breasts.

"It's no fair… She is skin and bones, yet she is still as big as me!" Rong Rong mutters lightly.

Xue Mei blushes as I laugh a little, "It's fine, she is seventeen and you are thirteen. When you are her age, you will have grown a lot."

Though this is only when she is skinny like this, I can't promise that she will stay this size when her body recovers. Let's keep that to myself though, don't want Rong Rong sad again.

I look at Xue Mei as I say, "There is still a month until Tang San is meant to come back, so until then, you will be on a trial period to see if you are compatible with the rest of our group."

Xue Mei looks confused, "What group?"

"We are a group of geniuses that will one day shake the entire Douluo Continent. We are close like family and are willing to do anything for each other, even helping each other get revenge…" I say.

Xue Mei's eyes shine a bit when I talked about revenge, as I thought. Even if her clan is reclusive, a genius like her would be tightly guarded, so it is likely that her Clan was attacked, and she enslaved.

"Well, there is still a month of trial period, let's get to know each other first. As I said before, I am Chen Wulin, your Master. I am a Control System Spirit Master, forty sixth ranked Spirit Ancestor, thirteen years old."

Xue Mei's mind blanked when she heard me, with a vigour she never showed before, she said, "That's impossible! Even reaching the Spirit Elder realm at thirteen hasn't been heard of, let alone Spirit Ancestor!"

I laugh a little, "It's not impossible, who knows, I might even reach Spirit King before I turn fourteen. Well, moving on, this beauty in my lap is Chen Yue, Control System, Rank thirty-four Spirit Elder, thirteen years old. My wife and little sister."

I then put an arm around Feng Feng's neck, "This is Yan Xifeng, Power Attack System, Rank thirty-four Spirit Elder, thirteen years old. My wife and childhood friend."

I then look to Rong Rong, "The one with pink hair is Ning Rong Rong, Auxiliary System, Rank thirty-one Spirit Elder, thirteen years old. My wife and heir to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan."

Finally, I point to Little Jing who is still swimming around, "That little one is Huli Jing, Mental Control system, Rank thirty-three Spirit Elder, thirteen years old. My wife and adopted daughter. She looks like that because of a mutation during her Spirit Awakening Ceremony."

Xue Mei had lifeless eyes by the time I finished introducing them. She was too shocked to find out that each of these people are monstrous geniuses that have already broken the record of youngest Spirit Elder.

She only knew of one person as talented as her, and she only reached the Spirit Elder Realm at fifteen!

"How is… this possible… so many talents…" She murmured softly.

"There are a couple more, but they don't live with us, I will introduce them at a later date." As I said that, Little Jing swims over to us.

She climbs onto Little Jing's thighs as she plops her butt down on Little Yue's Lap. With the combined height of Little Yue and my thighs, Little Jing is able to sit down and keep her head above water.

"There are… even more?" Xue Mei said to herself.

"There are 11 of us right now, but we are looking to become 14 to become two teams. I am the leader of one team with my wives and can invite two more people. I am giving you a chance to join us." I nod my head lightly.

Xue Mei went silent as she thought about it, I have not mistreated her that much and even fed her expensive replenishing soup. The only bad thing is that I touched her body and looked without permission, but that is something that can't be helped with her status as a slave.

I leave her to think about it on her own as I play with Little Jing. Soon, we have been in here for half an hour, any more and our skin will start to prune.

Putting my arms around Little Yue, I quickly stood up, causing her to let out a cute yelp. Little Jing was also surprised, but she was holding onto my neck, so she wasn't as bad.

Xue Mei who was contemplating intently, coincidentally had her gaze in my direction, so when I quickly stood up, it shook her out of her contemplation as she looked at me.

Seeing my half erect penis, she stares unconsciously for a second before letting out a squeal and turning her head to the side while blushing furiously, her eyes shut as tightly as possible.

I laughed as I say, "It's about time we get out, otherwise our skin will get wrinkly like old people. I will get a divorce if you girls turn wrinkly and old when you are only thirteen!"

Rong Rong laughs at my joke as she threatens, "You still dare to divorce me? You have already cooked the rice, daddy will definitely destroy you if you leave me!"

I quickly put on a face of fear as I say, "No! My beautiful wife, even if you stayed in here for a year, your skin would not prune. How could I ever divorce such a goddess!"

Rong Rong gives a puff, "Humph! That's better!"

I carry Little Yue and Little Jing out of the hot sprint as I dry them off before we head to our room, Rong Rong and Feng Feng will help Xue Mei dry off and get dressed.

I didn't bother putting clothes on because we usually sleep naked together anyway, I remember that being the tradition in some Asian cultures in my previous life.

Soon, Feng Feng and Rong Rong come in carrying Xue Mei but for some reason she is still naked, "Why is Xue Mei still naked?"

Rong Rong and Feng Feng looked a little surprised at my question, "Isn't she going to sleep as well?" Feng Feng asked.

"Of course, but she is lacking in blood right now making her body cold, so she needs some clothes to warm her up, only using the blanket won't work and she will get sick." I say.

I pulled out a spare shirt and one of Feng Feng's underwear as I helped Xue Mei into the clothes while the girls held her up.

Xue Mei quietly stared at me with a blush on her face, she doesn't have the power to cover herself, so she can only passively watch as I dress her.

Even in her clan, no man has ever seen her naked body before, not even her father has seen her body since she was a child.

In the Heaven Dou Auction House, she was only seen by women, to stop men from being tempted into raping the goods and lowering their worth.

This could be considered the first time she has come into close contact with the other sex before, she could barely concentrate as a naked man looked at all her most private parts.

I took her from Rong Rong and Feng Feng as I lay Xue Mei on one side of the bed and tuck her in, the bed is plenty large enough to fit the six of us, plus the girls will be cuddled up with me.

"I will feed you another soup tomorrow morning, take your time in making your decision, there is plenty of time to sort everything out." I move some hair out of her face before I go to the other side of the bed.

I climb in with the girls before I turn off the lights and go to bed, leaving Xue Mei to her own thoughts.

She is having trouble telling whether I am a good person or not, I have insulted her body and threatened her, but on the other hand I have treated her gently and am helping her recover.

This is just her first day as an owned slave and she has already had many new experiences that she has never had in her clan, causing her to have mixed feelings of confusion, fear and surprisingly a bit of excitement.

What she does know, however, is that if she wants to get revenge, this group of geniuses are going to be her best chance. She has no idea if she would be given another chance like this again.