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64 Xue Mei“s Story

Xue Mei stared at me in a daze, she felt warm in her heart as she saw that I was thinking seriously about her.

She was feeling determined to make a good impression on everyone so that they accept her in the group, she didn't want to miss out on the chance to join us.

"Master, please take me with you to cultivate from now on, I don't want to fall behind everyone!" Xue Mei had a firm look in her eyes as she looked up at me.

I nodded my head gently, "Alright, I have a bed in my cultivation area, so if you feel tired, you can rest."

Seeing me readily agree, Xue Mei smiled brightly and relaxed in her chair.

"I am nearing my fortieth level breakthrough, so I will soon be going into secluded cultivation. Hopefully I can break through before Xiao San comes back." Mu Bai suddenly speaks up.

All of us give him some early congratulations, causing him to laugh, telling us to knock it off. He is naturally confident in his ability to break through and so are we.

After we finish our breakfast, each of us go our own ways, with Xiao Wu, Rong Rong, Fatty and Oscar going to classes while the rest went to cultivate.

Those four are more social than the rest of us, especially Xiao Wu and Rong Rong. Fatty and Oscar are mainly there to try and find girlfriends.

In my mimicry cultivation area, I pulled the large bed from the Immortal Realm and placed it on the ground.

Little Jing instantly jumped onto the bed and lay spread eagle as she relaxed, lacking any sort of lady-like grace.

I moved a couple pillows to make Xue Mei comfortable before letting her rest against the head rest.

"I will be cultivating my body further away from the two of you, if you need anything just ask Little Jing. I will come back in the afternoon." I say as I make sure she is comfy.

Xue Mei nods her head gently, "I will be fine, Master. Please take your time."

I leave the two of them and go to my physical training, pushing my body to the limits constantly.

In the afternoon, I come back with a body full of sweat as I pull a towel out and dry my body. Xue Mei awakens from her cultivation and stares at me while I am drying myself.

I change shirts as I flash Xue Mei a quick smile, causing her to blush and look away.

After gently shaking Little Jing to get her attention, we leave the mimicry cultivation area and have dinner before going back to the dorms.

We are currently soaking our bodies in the hot spring, I am hugging Feng Feng's body as I rest along the side of the pool.

Xue Mei decided to not sit away from us and is sitting next to Rong Rong as they chat together.

After flirting with Feng Feng and the rest of the girls for a while, we dried each other off and got dressed before going to the bedroom.

This time, I carried Xue Mei with me as I got in bed, I sat against the head rest as I kept Xue Mei in my embrace.

Xue Mei's heart started racing as she blushed, thinking that I was going to do something to her, however her heart and body weren't ready.

"Master, please give me some time to prepare myself first…" Although she wasn't physically ready, as long as I asked, she would not be able to say no.

I smiled as I stroked the collar on her neck, "I am not looking for that, I want to talk about something more serious…"

Xue Mei was confused as she nodded her head, the rest of the girls also climbed into bed, taking each of my sides. They could probably already guess what I wanted to know, so they didn't try to flirt with me.

"Xue Mei, someone like you shouldn't have ended up in slavery. I have never asked because I wasn't sure if you would join us, but now that you want to, it is time for me to hear your story."

Although Xue Mei is from a reclusive clan, if it is able to nurture her to this level, it naturally shouldn't be a weak clan.

I want to know how Xue Mei could have been sent into slavery. Xue Mei's countenance dropped considerably as she no longer paid attention to her embarrassment.

Her face was dark, and tears began to gather in her eyes as she remembered her Clan. Sometimes, she would wake up during the night and start crying, causing the girls to wake up.

Naturally, I am in the Immortal Realm, so even if the girls raped me, I wouldn't wake up, much less Xue Mei's crying.

"I know that it is tough for you to tell us, and it has only happened recently, but I want to know more about you. We are your friends, we are all willing to help you." I gently gripped her shoulder.

I spoke for every one of my girls, they often comforted her at night when she cried and quickly bonded together.

Although she is still on her trial period, all my girls like her a lot and already started treating her like a sister.

Honestly speaking, I could allow her to join us already since she will be a part of my team, but I feel it is better for her to get to know everyone first.

Little Jing put a hand on Xue Mei's thigh, we gave her some time to reign in her emotions.

"Master… I am willing to tell you, I must face this sooner or later… It feels much better to be around friends when doing it." Xue Mei gave a slight smile before starting her story.

"I am from the Blood Clan, it is a reclusive clan deep in the west of Heaven Dou Empire's territory, only neighboured by a couple small cities and villages.

Our clan is said to be descendants of the Blood God, our bloodline is strong and only awakens Spirits that has relations to blood."

"Even my condition of drawing blood with my Spirit Abilities is not a rare sighting in my clan, which is a strong reason why we do not come out to the public. Although we are strong, we cannot win a battle of attrition."

"My father was the head of the Blood Clan, he held the most authority other than the two Grand Elders. He is usually busy with the clan, so he rarely saw my sister and I…"

"My sister and I are the only children of the Clan Head and we are the two most beautiful and talented girls of our clan, so fearing the enticement of our clan's tradition, we were kept away from the rest of the clan." Xue Mei had a strange look on her face.

I was confused, "What tradition made you and your family fear so much that you were kept away from the rest of the clan?"

Xue Mei hesitated a little, but sighed and continued, "The women of the Blood Clan are devoted to only a single man in our entire lifetimes. If a man takes our virginity, by clan traditions, we must take them as our husband and remain loyal to them until we die."

I was a little shocked, I didn't know that such traditions actually existed. But I also understood the complications of that tradition…

"You mean, even if you are raped, you will be forced to marry your rapist and be loyal to him?" I ask.

Xue Mei looked at me with watery eyes as she nodded, "That's right… The only way out of that is to end your life, otherwise if you choose to live, you must remain loyal and devoted. As a slave, I am forbidden from ending my life…"

She stared at my face, trying to look for any changes in my expression. She hesitated on whether to tell me or not, but decided to in the end.

It must have taken a lot of courage to tell me that, I haven't been using my powers as her Master to force her to speak, so everything is of her own free will.

I gently stroke her head, "Your body is still weak, even if I wish to take you, it will be later on and I will be very gentle."

Xue Mei blushed deeply, she still wasn't ready to give herself to a man, but she thought to herself, 'If I had to give it to someone…'

Xue Mei was shocked by her embarrassing thoughts and tried to shoo it from her mind. After a little internal conflict, she continued her story.

"My family feared that people would not be able to resist the temptation of becoming husbands to the two of us and become the next Clan Head. We stayed alone in our house cultivating and learning life skills from our mother."

"We only left home in order to get our Spirit Rings, at that time, we were lead into the nearby forests with a team of female warriors, including the female Grand Elder. With her around, nobody would dare come near us."

"However, my sister was never satisfied with being cooped up in the confines of our home. Two years ago, when she broke through to the Spirit Ancestor Realm, she left the Blood Clan in order to adventure on her own."

"She wanted to find a husband that she chose for herself. She often sends me letters about her travels, however, she won't be able to find me anymore…"

Xue Mei teared up again, now that she left the Blood Clan, her sister won't know where to send letters to… In this world with lacking communication technology, she might never meet her sister again.

I gently stroked her back, causing her to let out her tears. She leaned into my chest as she tightly held my shirt while crying.

I sighed a little, the girls also had a sad expression, looking like they were about to start crying with Xue Mei.

"It's alright, I'm sure your sister is fine right now, as long as the both of you are alright, there is a chance you can meet again." I try to console her.

"Xue Mei, my clan has information networks all over the continent… If you give me a description of her, I can use my connections to find her for you!" Rong Rong spoke up.

Xue Mei stopped her crying as she shook her head, "No… just let her be, since she was constantly on the move, I could never send letter to her… she probably doesn't know about anything that has happened."

"One week ago, my Blood Clan was destroyed… it was a complete ambush without any warning…" Tears flowed down Xue Mei's face as she recollected the event.

"Everyone was living peacefully, when suddenly the gates to our clan exploded as an army of Spirit Masters rushed in and started attacking everyone…"

"I rushed out from my home with my mother to participate in the battle. My mother went to the front lines while I stayed back, supporting everyone from the back lines.

All the Spirit Masters of our clan fought valiantly and held off the invaders for a little while, but many Spirit Master of my clan have the same body condition as me and are less experienced in combat."

"After a couple minutes, half of the Spirit Masters in our clan began to weaken significantly and our casualties grew. After our weakened Spirit Masters fell, the rest were outnumbered and quickly started to fall as well."

"Blood was constantly draining from my body as I used my Spirit Abilities to try and help, but it was no use. At that time, my father and the two Grand Elders joined the battlefield and quickly turned the tides."

"My Father is a Spirit Sage and the two elders are Spirit Douluo's, so they were able to fight back. However, some more people came out and fought the three of them…"

"The leader of the invaders was a Titled Douluo… he barely gave the Grand Elders a chance to fight back as he killed the two of them quickly."

"My mother and father were captured by their leader and killed in front of the entire clan. I was helpless to do anything, my body was already drained of lots of blood and I struggled to even stay upright."

"The Clan was sent into turmoil as all the adults were killed and the youngsters were captured. All the youths with high potential were taken by them while the rest of us were sold as slaves or killed. I was sent to Heaven Dou Imperial Capital because I would make the most money here…"

Tears flowed from her eyes as her voice choked, I hugged her fragile body closely as I felt agitated. She has had a similar experience to Little Yue, Feng Feng and I, all we can do is to help be here for her.

Little Yue and Feng Feng had tears running down their face as they hugged each other, they have had more than six years to cope with it, but Xue Mei's story brought their memories back.

I pulled the two of them to me as they laid on my body while tearing up. Little Jing and Rong Rong gave us some space, sitting together on my other side…