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68 Lengthy Flaccid Banana!

Tang San then turned to Yu Xiao Gang as he pulled out a mushroom like Lingzhi from his purse.

"Teacher, this treasure is called Nine Treasure Purple Zoysia, it has the effect of strengthening foundation and promoting energy. It should have a beneficial effect on your body."

Tang San didn't wait for Yu Xiao Gang to try and decline the Zoysia as he quickly pulled off the mushroom cap and presented it to Yu Xiao Gang.

Yu Xiao Gang sighed a little, thinking it was a waste to give him a treasure when he is already so weak and past the prime cultivating age.

However, since Tang San has already pulled the cap off, he couldn't refuse. Yu Xiao Gang took the mushroom cap and consumed it, leaving to sit in a corner of his own.

Finally, Tang San turned his attention to my group as he quickly began handing out treasured herbs.

As expected, Rong Rong received the Beautiful Silk Tulip which will help her Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda to mutate.

I smiled to Rong Rong, lightly patting her shoulder, "Go, quickly absorb that herb, I'm sure you will get unexpected benefits."

Rong Rong didn't know where my confidence came from, but still nodded her head and went to a corner to cultivate.

Next, Tang San looked at Feng Feng and Little Yue, bringing out two mysterious fruits.

"This Volcanic Fire Peach and Ice Crystal Plum are for Sister Xifeng and Sister Yue. All you have to do it consume it and allow the medicinal powers circulate your body."

The two of them nodded as they took the fruits and sat near Rong Rong, directly consuming the Peach and Plum before closing their eyes.

"Little Jing, this Hundred Cyclone Dandelion has the effect of strengthening your mental capabilities and improving foundation. It should push your Spirit Abilities power to the next level."

Tang San pulled out a bronze case, "You have to quickly inhale the Dandelion when you open the case, otherwise it will wither and blow away, becoming useless."

Little Jing took the bronze casing as she sweetly said, "Thank you~ Big Brother Tang San!"

Then she came back to stand by my side, she is waiting for her human sitting mat, so she can cultivate in comfort.

"Brother Wulin, this Immortal Herb will soften your bones and strengthen your joints, allowing your close combat have more variety."

Tang San pulls out an ordinary looking banana from his Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

My eye unconsciously twitched as I thought Tang San was making a joke, but I could see the abundant Spirit Power inside the banana peel.

I took the banana and felt that it was very soft and flexible, giving me an unnerving feeling.

"What is the name of this Immortal Treasure, I don't think I have heard of it before?" I ask.

"It is called the Lengthy Flaccid Banana. Actually, Brother Wulin, this Immortal Herb also has a legend about its origin—"

"I don't want to know!" I quickly interrupted Tang San.

That kind of naming, and it has a legend about it… If I heard about the legend, I might not be willing to eat the banana anymore.

I put the Lengthy Flaccid Banana into my Immortal Realm since I don't want to hold it anymore. I looked back to Tang San and saw him hesitating.

Tang San was glancing from Xue Mei to me, unsure of what to do with her. Xue Mei was only silently standing behind me, looking at her feet as she wasn't expecting anything from Tang San.

However, since I have already accepted her as my own, I am unwilling to let her be left out.

I point to Xue Mei with my thumb while I ask, "Do you have any Immortal Herbs that are suitable for my Xue Mei?"

Xue Mei's head shot up as she stared at me with wide eyes, she had been thinking to put in extra efforts into her cultivation, so she doesn't fall behind the others.

"What she needs most is something that can increase her blood generation or to strengthen her foundation, she has a Plant Type Tool Spirit, Blood Rose, Auxiliary System." I say.

Tang San nodded his head and fell silent as he searched through his mind and Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

Finally, he pulls out a sky blue rose that gives off a graceful atmosphere, as if it stands above everyone else.

"I don't have any treasures to increase her blood production. However, this Graceful Sky Rose should be most suitable for strengthening her foundation."

I nod my head as I say, "That will be fine, I will be able to deal with her blood problems once her body is strong enough."

Tears gathered in Xue Mei's eyes as she listened to our conversation. Today was her first meeting with Tang San, so they haven't created any camaraderie at all.

"You only met Xue Mei, yet I have asked you to give her an Immortal Herb. I know they are priceless treasures that can't be bought with money…"

Tang San shook his head, "It's fine, since she is part of our group, she should also share in our benefits."

"I know, but I still feel bad for asking. I hope you can accept a small gift from me at least." I say.

Tang San was about to try and refuse me but saw what I had pulled out of the Immortal Realm, Plate Crystal Gold!

I had been planning to give it to Rong Rong since she is talented in Hidden Weapons, but I feel bad to take a priceless treasure from Tang San without giving anything in return.

Plus, Rong Rong has her family connections to find more Plate Crystal Gold in the future, while Tang San has nothing.

Tang San's eyes went wide as he quickly counted the number of hairs inside the Plate Crystal Gold.

"This won't be able to pay for the Graceful Sky Rose, but it should be something of use to you." I stretch my hand out for Tang San.

Tang San hurriedly nodded his head, "Graceful Sky Rose is only useful for medicine pills, they are basically useless to me. This Plate Crystal Gold is worth a lot more in my eyes."

I smiled as the two of us traded items, 'Truly as the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure.'

I parted from Tang San and Xiao Wu as I took Xue Mei and Little Jing to our corner.

Xue Mei was silently sobbing as she followed me.

I handed her the Graceful Sky Rose as I gently swept the tears on her face, "Don't cry anymore."

Xue Mei stared deeply into my eyes, "Master… Why did you do that?"

I smiled as I stroked her hair, "As Tang San said, you are a part of our group now, you should share in our benefits. But most importantly, you are mine, and I am unwilling to let you be left out."

Xue Mei teared up as she quietly said, "But… This rose is a priceless treasure, why would you trade something of equal wealth just for me… I am already ahead of the others, if I try hard, I won't fall behind."

I shake my head, "After they absorb their Immortal Herbs, they will all catch up to you in an instant."

"The worth of everything is subjective. The Graceful Sky Rose couldn't be bought with money to the right people, but the item I traded could be bought from an idiot for just a couple hundred Gold Spirit Coins."

"Just like to some people, you are worth less than 800,000 Gold Spirit Coins. However, to me you are already a priceless entity."

Xue Mei was shocked when I said that everyone would catch up in an instant but melted when I called her priceless.

She smiled brightly as her tears stopped, "Thank you, Master. I will work hard to be worthy for you."

I gave her head a couple pats, "Alright, quickly absorb the Graceful Sky Rose. After you finish, I will bring you to get your fourth Spirit Ring."

Xue Mei was shocked, "This will be able to boost me to Spirit Ancestor?"

I nodded my head, "It should be able to, quickly go and absorb it to find out."

Xue Mei nodded her head as she sat down and began absorbing the Graceful Sky Rose, eating each petal in two second intervals.

I turned to the small Little Jing who is standing beside me, "Sorry for the long wait, let's begin our cultivation."

My talk with Xue Mei only took a couple minutes, but Little Jing was standing silently beside me, allowing me to focus on dealing with Xue Mei.

Little Jing had a cute smile on her face, "It's okay! It didn't take too long, quickly sit down so I can start absorbing this Immortal herb!"

I sat cross-legged on the floor while Little Jing sat in my lap.

I watched Little Jing as she opened the bronze case, showing a dandelion with white premature petals, the kind that can fly in the wind if blown strongly.

Little Jing quickly picked up the dandelion and took a deep inhale, the petals of the dandelion broke from the stem and flew into Little Jing's nose.

After breathing all the petals in, Little Jing shut her eyes as she began cultivating.

Seeing that she was able to absorb the Hundred Cyclone Dandelion without any troubles, I turned my attention back to my own Immortal Herb.

I looked at the Lengthy Flaccid Banana, an urge of unwillingness surged from my core. I didn't want to put the banana in my mouth.

'What Spirit Master doesn't do things he doesn't like to become strong. I just have to eat this banana, and I will become a Spirit King!'

'Ignore the legend, ignore the name! It's just a normal banana, and you are just a normal monkey!'

After some internal conflict, I built up the courage as I quickly peeled the banana and ate the banana.

It was unnervingly floppy and seemed to melt before I could even swallow it. I felt like crying but held back as I looked into myself.

I could feel a large pool of Spirit Power and medicinal energy originating from my throat as it spread to every corner of my body.

The medicinal energy spread to my bones and joints as it washed over them, softening and smoothing them, allowing my flexibility to rise.

I allowed the Spirit Power and medicinal energy flow through my body, my Spirit was unconsciously released during the process.

Because of the gentle nature of the Lengthy Flaccid Banana, I didn't suffer any pain during the absorption process.

I could feel Little Jing's body shivering slightly in my lap, but I was concentrating on my own transformation.

Everyone was experiencing different reactions towards their Immortal Treasure Herbs, some experienced pain while others were serene as if they forgot the world.

I quietly sat as I watched the medicinal energy enhance my body, I could feel my Spirit Rank quickly increasing.

Forty eighth… Forty ninth… Fiftieth! In six hours, I was able to break through three levels to reach the fiftieth rank!

I could also feel some residual Spirit Power hiding inside my body, so I would likely skip a level once I get my next Spirit Ring.

I slowly opened my eyes as I stretched my arms.

Pop! Crackle!

My bones and joints made a loud cracking sound, but I realised when stretching my arms, they bent back even further than before.

I wondered if my legs would suddenly turn into ostrich legs if I tried stretching too hard.

The others were also beginning to awaken as Little Jing opened her eyes.

She turned to look at me as she smiled brightly, I was surprised when I looked into her eyes. They seemed so clear and glassy, I could see myself clearly in the reflection.

"Daddy, guess how strong I am now~" Little Jing changed positions, so she is facing me.

I hold her up as I stand up, all the joints and bones in my lower body also popped.

Not wanting to let Little Jing get the upper hand, I use my Observation ability on her to have certainty of her level.


Name: Huli Jing (Moonlit Fox)

Age: 13 (100,013-years-old)

Spirit Rank: 38

Spirit: Moonlit Fox

Spirit Ability: Sweet Fog


I look at Little Jing as I smile knowingly, "Let me guess~ I think you are rank thirty-eight. Am I right?"

Little Jing's mouth makes an o-shape, before she pretends to pout, "Humph! So what if you guessed it right!"

"Well, Daddy thinks he should get a reward for guessing it right, won't Little Jing reward her Daddy?" I ask her softly, blowing lightly into her fox ear.

Her body trembles at my breath and she can't keep her pouty expression for long.

While blushing slightly, Little Jing wraps her arms around my neck, "Well, for the good Daddy that guessed Little Jing's rank, I will grant you a kiss~!"

I let Little Jing initiate it as we share a passionate kiss for a couple seconds.

She broke off the kiss quickly and smiled naughtily, "You only get that much right now, but you can have more later~"

I nod my head in acknowledgement as I turn my attention to the others who are mostly awake now…