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79 I Am Not Ugly!

Rong Rong, Feng Feng and Little Yue all drank the Spiritual Liquid smoothly, without undergoing any Secondary Awakening.

After the three of them left, I refilled the cup once more, "Skipping me, we can move onto Xiao Wu. Perhaps you can be the second to undergo a Secondary Awakening."

Only Xiao Wu knew the hidden connotations in my words.

As a Spirit Beast like Little Jing, it is entirely possible that she could also have a Secondary Awakening.

Handing the cup to her, she looked towards Tang San in hesitation.

Tang San nodded his head encouragingly as he gently pat her head, "It will be fine either way, don't worry too much."

Filled with the courage of her loved one, Xiao Wu didn't hesitate any longer and quickly downed the cup.

I had some expectations on her Spirit Mutating just like Little Jing. However, it proved to be fruitless as she didn't seem to undergo any kind of awakening.

After getting a whiff of the stinky impurities, Xiao Wu scrunched her nose and quickly retreated to her room.

Tang San looked a little disappointed that Xiao Wu wasn't successful in undergoing a secondary awakening.

"Don't mind it, Tang San. Even if she doesn't undergo a Secondary Awakening, her cultivation speed will increase immensely with her cleansed pathways." I console him.

Tang San thought about it and nodded his head, "You're right, I shouldn't be so greedy. Fatty, it's your turn now. Perhaps you will be the lucky one."

Fatty's cheeks were blushed red in excitement as he confidently punched his chest, "No worries! I am blessed by the heavens, I will definitely undergo a Secondary Awakening!"

I shook my head as I filled another cup, my Spirit Power was quickly draining thanks to the amount of Spiritual Liquid that I had to create.

"Fatty, your Spirit is quite strong already. Even without a Secondary Awakening, your Spirit is one of the strongest in terms of fire power."

I handed the cup to Fatty as he immediately took a large drink. After gulping it all down, he let out a satisfying burp as he said, "Delicious!"

Before he could do anything else, he immediately sat down allowed the medicine to take its effects.

Like Xiao Wu, Fatty didn't show any changes other than the expulsion of impurities, which was a little surprising for me.

I know that Fatty undergoes a Secondary Awakening after he absorbed the Fierce Nine Headed Serpent Neidan, so I thought that he would still awaken if he drank my Spiritual Liquid.

However, this was not the case, meaning that external items can act as a catalyst and mutate the Spirit even when it does not originally have this potential.

Fatty even seemed to lose a bit of his fat, with most of it being forced out of his body. Even though he seemed big, it was possible to see some muscles as he quickly ran to his room.

Next, it was Tang San's turn. He should definitely receive a Secondary Awakening since his Blue Silver Grass is part of his bloodline.

"Here, Tang San. I think you will be the next lucky one and achieve a Secondary Awakening."

I handed the cup to Tang San as I said. He gave a light laugh, not believing my words, "I am content with just cleansing my body, the benefits are already enough."

Tang San calmly drank the contents and sat down with his eyes closed. Right now, it is only Oscar, Mu Bai, Xue Mei, Yu Xiao Gang and I that are left watching.

The rest are still cleaning themselves and checking the changes in their body.

As expected, Tang San quickly showed signs of a Secondary Awakening.

His Blue Silver Grass was unconsciously summoned from his body and floated near his heart region, extending and swaying like tentacles.

The features of his face became more handsome and his hair grew longer and turned into a deep blue.

His body was trembling slightly, but he silently endured as the Blue Silver Grass slowly merged back into his body.

Soon, the rest of the impurities were expelled, and his Secondary Awakening was completed as he slowly opened his eyes.

Mu Bai, Oscar, and Xue Mei were completely shocked by the changes that happened to Tang San.

Although covered by impurities, they could tell his face became much more handsome than his previous average looks.

He also now had a pair of deep blue eyes, looking similar to an ocean. It gave a feeling of boundlessness.

"Wow! Third Brother, you have changed so much! You even became handsome." Oscar had wide eyes as he stared at Tang San.

"Indeed, Tang San has changed a lot, it is quite surprising. If possible, I would like to conduct in depth research on Secondary Awakenings."

Yu Xiao Gang was intrigued by the physical changes a Secondary Awakening had on people and wanted to research it further.

Tang San got up, smiled lightly and went to his room. We would have to wait for everyone else to finish before we gather and compare our gains.

"Alright, Oscar. You are next." I refilled the cup and handed it to Oscar.

"Hehe, perhaps if I also have a Secondary Awakening, I will become even more handsome. Like a son of heaven!" Oscar had stars in his eyes.

"Hmph! Perhaps you will become extremely ugly as well. Who knows what effects the Secondary Awakening could have on you." Mu Bai retorted.

Oscar was frightened silly by Mu Bai's words as he quickly turned to me, "Sixth Brother, that isn't possible, right? Right!?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "I don't know. Only Tang San had a large physical change when he had a Secondary Awakening. Perhaps you will not have any changes, perhaps you will become ugly, or more handsome."

"I-I don't think I can drink this anymore, I don't want to become ugly!" Oscar began chickening out instantly.

Oscar only had two things in his favour, he was a genius, and he is incredibly handsome. If he lost one of those things, he would be devastated.

Looking over to Xue Mei, I saw her face was pale and heard soft murmuring, "Please don't have a Secondary Awakening, please don't have a Secondary Awakening, please…"

Knowing that I messed up, I quickly moved to Xue Mei as I pet her head in consolation, "It's alright, it is only purifying, it should make you prettier instead of ugly. The rest of the girls didn't become ugly, so you won't either."

Xue Mei lifted her head with tears in her eyes, "But… what if I do become ugly…?"

"I won't treat you any differently, don't be scared." I take hold of her hand as I pull her to stand by me.

"Just hurry up and drink the thing, Oscar! You don't want to be left behind by the rest of us, do you?" Mu Bai rushed Oscar.

Hearing that he would be left behind, Oscar's face hardened. I also felt Xue Mei tighten her grip on my hand.

"Fine! But if I become ugly, you must find me a girlfriend!" Oscar said before he quickly forced himself to drink from the cup.

Oscar sat down with his eyes shut, his body was trembling, but I was not sure if it was from fear or expelling the impurities.

Soon, impurities began to get forced out of his body as his Spirit was summoned above his head.

"Is he really going to undergo a Secondary Awakening?!" Mu Bai uttered in shock.

Yu Xiao Gang stared at Oscar intently as he tried to discern any differences between his Secondary Awakening and Tang San's and Little Jing's.

His Food Spirit began switching from food to food like a certain mystery box in a game. Apple, grape, steak, onion.

It was a completely unusual awakening, as if Oscar's Spirit was going to be chosen at random.

After quickly cycling through tens of foods, it began to slow down and finally settled down on a sausage.

The sausage merged back into Oscar's body as if nothing had ever happened and the purification process soon ended.

Oscar's eyes swung open as he quickly ran away to his room, not bothering to speak to us.

As I began preparing the next cup for Mu Bai, we could hear Oscar's laughing voice, "Hahaha! I am not ugly!"

Chuckling slightly at Oscar's heartfelt relief, Mu Bai took the cup and drank it without hesitation.

Sadly, Mu Bai didn't appear to undergo a Secondary Awakening and only cleansed his body.

His hair became a bright silky blonde and the overbearing aura he possessed was increased.

When he opened his eyes, his evil eyes seemed to exude a ray of light, the devilish feeling was much clearer than before.

Mu Bai laughed greatly as he rushed off to his room, leaving Xue Mei, Yu Xiao Gang and I left.

As I refilled the cup, some sweat has appeared at my brows. The amount of Spirit Power drained from creating new Spiritual Liquid was immense.

More than half of my Spirit Power is already gone. I place the cup into Xue Mei's hands as I ruffled her hair gently.

Xue Mei looked up to me and nodded with courage, she stared at the cup for a couple seconds before bringing it to her lips and drinking it all.

Thankfully, nothing bad happened to Xue Mei and her body was cleansed normally. After she left, I turned to Yu Xiao Gang.

"Alright, you are the last one. With this, you should be able to cultivate as if you were young again. Don't give up hope, Liu Erlong is still waiting for you."

Yu Xiao Gang was brought into deep thought at my words, I filled the cup and set it down in front of him.

If Yu Xiao Gang decided not to drink the cup, then that would mean he is giving up on his chances to change himself.

After a short internal consultation, determination shined through Yu Xiao Gang's eyes as he held up the cup.

He calmly sipped the liquid, as if he was drinking water. However, this calmness didn't last long.

Shortly after he finished drinking, his heart beat at an audible rate and Luo San Pao appeared in front of him.

Luo San Pao was trembling as it's purple horn began shining. I was able to see its body growing at a rate visible to the naked eye.

In just a couple minutes, Luo San Pao grew a couple sizes bigger, no longer looking like a fat puppy.

Yu Xiao Gang on the other hand was shaking greatly and seemed to be in great pain. Impurities were being expelled from his body at an incredible rate.

In these short couple minutes, he expelled more impurities than any of us youngsters had expelled, and it wasn't stopping.

"Secondary Awakening!" I exclaimed.
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I knew that Yu Xiao Gang was quite special, so I hoped for him to undergo a Secondary Awakening and unlock his hidden potential.

Unable to hold his voice back, Yu Xiao Gang let out a painful scream, loud enough for everyone in the cabin to hear.

I continued to watch Yu Xiao Gang as I heard many footsteps rush towards us.

Luo San Pao grew larger by several sizes and its tail also elongated as much as its body. Not only this, but his cute paws were slowly changing into claws and his horn become more pronounced.

The peculiar thing was, there was a golden sheen emitting from under Luo San Pao's furry body.

"What is going on!" Tang San was the fastest to rush out, immediately appearing before Yu Xiao Gang and Luo San Pao as he asked hurriedly.

The rest of the others also appeared quickly, staring at the mutating Luo San Pao in astonishment.

"This is Yu Xiao Gang's Secondary Awakening. This is something he has to overcome on his own, there is nothing we can do to help." I said.

Suddenly, Yu Xiao Gang coughed up a large amount of black blood.

"Ah!" Tang San cried out in alarm, looking ready to pounce towards Yu Xiao Gang.

"Tang San, stop! Look at the colour of the blood, he is only expelling some foul blood." I quickly blocked Tang San's way as I pointed to the blood.

Tang San stopped and took a glance at the blood. Sure enough, it was black blood, probably congested for a long time in his body.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Tang San stepped back, paying close attention to the still screaming Yu Xiao Gang.

Although his face was pale, it still looked a bit ruddier than before thanks to the expulsion of the black blood.

As we watched Luo San Pao grow, Yu Xiao Gang's three Spirit Ring's floated out from his body and revolved around Luo San Pao.

Two yellow and his newly received purple Spirit Ring.

Luo San Pao's body grew to become two metres long, and his tail elongated even further, reaching three metres in length.

His tail was wide and looked like a lizard tail, the fur on its body began to shed, showing a scaly golden armour underneath.

His face no longer looked like that of a dog, becoming larger and more imposing and majestic.

Luo San Pao occasionally growled, exposing a row of razor sharp fangs. Each of them looked like a double-sided blade forged by a master blacksmith.

Luo San Pao was not the only one to undergo a physical change.

Yu Xiao Gang no longer looked like a sickly middle-aged man, his entire frame seemed to be nourished by something, becoming one size larger.

From the roots of his head, a faint touch of gold crept further along his strands of hair, slowly dying his entire head in a royal golden colour.