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80 Luo San Pao? Golden Saint Dragon?

Turning back to Luo San Pao, it was possible to see that it was struggling with something.

At two points between its shoulder blades, something seemed to be trying to escape from inside Luo San Pao's body, constantly pushing against the skin.

At this moment, most of us had already figured out what Luo San Pao was transforming into, a dragon!

Yu Xiao Gang is originally from the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, his Spirit mutating into a dragon is not something unbelievable.

Sparks of lightning began to appear around Luo San Pao's body as it struggled further. The thing fighting inside its body was becoming increasingly violent.

Finally, the skin on Luo San Pao's back relented as two large golden wings protruded out.

Luo San Pao's eyes opened wide, looking like two yellow diamonds. It let out a deep roar, like a dragon awakening from its slumber.

The roar was so loud and oppressive, it seemed to project throughout the entire Academy.

All of us who were standing close to Luo San Pao were forced back a couple metres as we tried not to fall to our knees.

Following the roar, the three Spirit Ring's revolving Luo San Pao shattered like glass, causing all of us to cry out in shock.

At the same time, Yu Xiao Gang stopped screaming in pain and turned into a statue-like state.

He was completely still and the only thing that signalled him being alive was the small movements his chest made with each breath.

Luo San Pao faced Yu Xiao Gang as it placed its head by his side and closed its eyes.

The now pure golden horn glowed mysteriously.

Before we could take any actions, a new Spirit Ring began forming above Yu Xiao Gang's head, equally surprising all of us.

After the first Spirit Ring, a second began forming, and a third.

In total, seven Spirit Ring's formed above Yu Xiao Gang's head, each of them black in colour.

"Black Spirit Rings! 10,000-year-old Spirit Rings!" Mu Bai cried out.

I was intrigued by how such a thing was possible. Unlike Yu Xiao Gang, I only read books and never actually experiment or researched further.

So, an event like this is an oddity that is hard to explain. I doubt even Yu Xiao Gang with his wealth of worldly wisdom could debunk this without extensive research.

However, there was one key knowledge I knew about that helped me theorise an explanation, Evolved Spirit Beasts.

Watching Yu Xiao Gang, I realised that it looked extremely similar to the way Little Jing materialised her Spirit Rings, only a lot faster.

However, Yu Xiao Gang definitely wasn't an evolved Spirit Beast, which lead me to believe that he has a Spirit Beast living within his body or soul.

Yu Xiao Gang's condition is likely similar to Huo Yuhao, the protagonist of the second novel, except he only has the one Spirit, Luo San Pao.

It was too much to try and deduce in a short period of time, so I stopped thinking further and returned my attention to Yu Xiao Gang.

By now, all seven black coloured Spirit Rings were fully formed and revolving around Luo San Pao.

Luo San Pao lifted its head once more and opened its eyes, emitting intelligence and profundity that signified its own consciousness.

Luo San Pao looked around the room and saw me, I could feel a slight majestic pressure but easily resisted it.

It nodded towards me in what I assume was appreciation, for allowing Yu Xiao Gang and it to go through an awakening.

Then, it dissipated into Spirit Power and returned to Yu Xiao Gang's body with the seven Black Spirit Rings following afterwards.

Seeing the lone Yu Xiao Gang sitting on the ground, Tang San was the first to cautiously move forward.

As we approached Yu Xiao Gang, he seemed to awaken as he slowly opened his eyes, they were also a shiny golden colour.

He looked around and saw us who were hesitantly inching closer as he asked, "What happened?"

Seeing nothing abnormal about him, everyone relaxed as Fatty excitedly began ranting.

"Grandmaster, it was amazing! Luo San Pao turned into a golden dragon, and it formed seven Spirit Rings, and it nodded to us!"

"Wh-what?" Yu Xiao Gang stuttered in astonishment, unable to comprehend the mass of information that Fatty was relaying.

"Yu Xiao Gang, go and clean up first while you examine yourself, then was can discuss what happened here."

I wanted to give Yu Xiao Gang some time to investigate his own body and gather his composure.

He could only nod blankly as he shuffled out of the room, leaving the rest of us to wait.

Shortly after Yu Xiao Gang left, the front door burst open as an agitated Liu Erlong, Flander and Zhao Wuji rushed in.

"What happened! Are you guys okay? Where is Xiao Gang?!" Like a machine gun, Liu Erlong fired questions at us, emphasising on the last question.

"We are fine, Teacher underwent a Secondary Awakening and Luo San Pao turned into a dragon. He is currently cleaning the impurities off his body." Tang San answered her.
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Liu Erlong was about to rush over to see Yu Xiao Gang, but was quickly restrained by Flander, "Sister Erlong, I don't think Xiao Gang will want you to see him naked."

Liu Erlong froze, before struggling with even greater might, "This is my chance! If he is already naked, I don't have to fight him to get his clothes off!"

Flander restrained Liu Erlong to the best of his abilities as he prayed for Yu Xiao Gang to come back quickly.

Zhao Wuji only stood to the side, looking confused and not sure of what to do.

Five minutes later, Yu Xiao Gang walked inside, he had regained some of his composure but obviously not enough since he didn't spend any time checking his condition.

Liu Erlong, Flander and Zhao Wuji stared at Yu Xiao Gang in astonishment, he had changed so much since they last saw him this morning.

Yu Xiao Gang glanced at the three of them before turning to our group, seeking answers to his condition.

Knowing that he didn't spend any time investigating his condition, he probably also doesn't even know the changes to his body other than feeling stronger and healthier.

I pulled a body length mirror from the Immortal Realm and allowed him to look through it, "You underwent a Secondary Awakening, and the changes are not small."

Yu Xiao Gang stared into the mirror and saw a handsome middle-aged man with strikingly gold hair and eyes.

Astonished, he touched his hair and saw the figure inside the mirror do the same.

"Th-this… is me?" he slowly stuttered out, unable to believe his changes.

His originally white hair turned a golden colour, as did his eyes. It gave a kind of surreal feeling in addition to his previous wisdom, creating a strange combination.

His frame became one size larger, no longer looking sickly like he did before, but instead like a normal slightly muscular man.

"Teacher, have you checked your Spirit Power yet? Your Secondary Awakening was very unique, I have never seen anything like it before." Tang San said.

"Unique? Let me see…" Not having any time to recover from realising his shocking appearance, Yu Xiao Gang investigated his body for the change in his Spirit Power.

Suddenly, Yu Xiao Gang's eyes opened wide like saucepans. His body turned rigid, looking as if time stopped at this moment.

"This—this… seventy second rank… I am a Spirit Saint…?" Yu Xiao Gang was barely able to utter the words.

"What!" The three teachers cried out in shock, especially Liu Erlong.

She flickered in front of him and grabbed his wrist, sending her Spirit Power inside to investigate for herself.

Her results ended the same as Yu Xiao Gang's as she instantly became teary eyed, "Thank the heavens, you have not forsaken him, you have not forsaken my Xiao Gang!"

Liu Erlong's legs gave out as her well developed buttocks plopped on the floor, dragging Yu Xiao Gang down with her.

Yu Xiao Gang was still too shocked and couldn't resist her in time, he quickly fell to his knees due to her force.

"I suspect Luo San Pao has evolved into a Golden Saint Dragon. Yu Xiao Gang, if you go to the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, they wouldn't dare call you trash anymore." I clapped Yu Xiao Gang on the shoulder as I said.

Let alone not calling him trash, they would probably beg him to become the Clan Master and procreate with every female clansman.

The others also quickly gave their congratulations to Yu Xiao Gang as he processed this information.

"Golden Saint Dragon… I am no longer a trash. Hahaha! Fate is too funny sometimes, truly too funny…" Tears gathered in Yu Xiao Gang's eyes as he laughed miserably.

With Liu Erlong and Yu Xiao Gang on the floor crying, I glanced around the room and shared an understanding nod with the others.

Silently, we left the two of them to lean on each other as we moved to another room.

"You guys, explain what happened here from the beginning." Flander immediately said once we were inside.

Since I was the only one here at the time, I explained from the beginning as Flander and Zhao Wuji listened intently, fearing to miss a single detail.

"Truly a peculiar Secondary Awakening. Since Luo San Pao has become a Golden Saint Dragon, what will become of our Spirit Fusion? Are we no longer compatible?"

Flander's face fell slightly as he thought about no longer being able to be the Golden Iron Triangle anymore.

"I don't think that is the case. Luo San Pao shows a consciousness not possible in ordinary Spirits, leading me to believe that he is somewhat special." I said.

I can't give them a full explanation otherwise they might find out about Spirit Beast Evolution and find out about Little Jing and Xiao Wu.

"Luo San Pao was also able to create its own Spirit Rings, and the age of the rings were all over 10,000 years old."

"With Luo San Pao's intelligence, it could have stopped the age of the rings at Yu Xiao Gang's limit right now."

"This can indicate that Luo San Pao has more power still stored within Yu Xiao Gang's body, waiting for him to grow stronger before releasing more."

"If you and Liu Erlong Spirit Fuse with Yu Xiao Gang, I believe that it will release more of Luo San Pao's hidden powers, even reaching the level of a 100,000-year-old Golden Saint Dragon."

Hearing my explanation, Flander was both amazed at my conjecture and relieved at the same time.

The others also nodded in understanding, thinking that this was the most reasonable explanation.

"Big Brother still needs to take the Spiritual Liquid." Little Yue succinctly said.

I nodded my head, "Right, I still haven't taken it yet. You guys can watch over me while my body is purified."

Flander and Zhao Wuji seemed interested to see the process as Flander asked, "Are you also going to undergo a Secondary Awakening?"

I shook my head, "I don't think so, I have already gone through it once. Little Yue and Feng Feng also didn't undergo another one, so I doubt I will."

After answering them, I summoned the gourd and drank directly from it, allowing Spiritual Liquid to flow into my body…