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100 Vs Heaven Dou Empire

"Next, Heaven Dou City's Spirit Temple hall master, Spirit Hall Platnium Bishop, Lord Salas, will conduct the preselection competition's first round draw."

"Afterwards, Heaven Dou Imperial Academy's secondary team will fight their first drawn matchup. This is also the only match today." The officiant said.

Salas stood up with a deadpan expression and was led to the side of the officiant by a maid, where he would draw the lots.

'Let's see what it is like for you two to fight against each other! I want to see your face when your silly team loses in front of all these people, Ning Fengzhi!' Salas maniacally thought to himself.

Salas stuck his hand into the box and secretly used a bit of Spirit Power to find the Seven Treasure Team and Heaven Dou Team.

The officiant announced the battles each time Salas draw a pair of lots.

"Preselection competition first round, Blue Sunshine Academy versus Purple Star Academy."

"Preselection competition first round, Auckland Academy versus Blazing Radiance Academy."

"Preselection competition first round, Shrek Academy versus Myriad Jungle Academy."

"And finally, preselection competition first round, Heaven Dou Imperial Academy versus Seven Treasure School!"

Wulin, who had been standing on stage, unaware of the conflict that had occurred between Salas and Ning Fengzhi was surprised at the matchup.

He knew for a fact that Shrek Academy was supposed to be fighting against the Heaven Dou Academy's secondary team today, not them.

But he didn't dwell on it very long, his entire existence has led the world and universe to shift, so it is impossible for events to stay the exact same as in the novel.

Ning Fengzhi and Emperor Xue Ye looked at Bishop Salas with suspicion, for the first round to have these two teams competing, it was a little too coincidental.

Not only them, but the spectators also felt it coincidental, wondering if Bishop Salas had rigged the matches.

"I drew the lots without a shred of falsehood, I swear on the honour of Spirit Hall." Bishop Salas shamelessly spoke.

"At the same time, I hereby declare, of the participating Spirit Master academy students, Spirit Hall will make an exception for anyone capable of reaching the finals, to directly enter the Spirit Temple."

Bishop Salas skilfully misdirected the Spirit Masters suspicions as they were now preoccupied with the prospect of entering the Spirit Temple.

Emperor Xue Ye's countenance visibly dropped as he heard Salas' words. This was simply poaching the Heaven Dou Empire's talents right in front of his face.

The conflicts between the Heaven Dou Empire and Spirit Hall were growing with time, to the point of being unreconcilable.

Ning Fengzhi shook his head to Emperor Xue Ye, giving him some relief that they won't lose the backing of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan.

"Good, then next we will conduct the first match of the first round of the preselection competition, Heaven Dou Imperial Academy versus Seven Treasure School."

"All teams not fighting leave the field. The two academies taking part in the match later please prepare. In one hour, the match will formally begin." The officiant said.

Wulin brought the Seven Treasure Team to the waiting area, quickly followed by the Shrek Academy Team.

Spectators watched the two teams leave as they speculated on the relationship between the two.

"Sixth Brother, you must not go easy on them! Do not forget that they humiliated us back at Heaven Dou Academy!" Mu Bai passionately said.

Wulin nodded his head, "I have not forgotten. We will deal with them swiftly, to regain face for our teachers, and make Prince Xue Xing feel immense regret."




"School Master Ning, what is the relationship between your school and that school dressed in green?" Emperor Xue Ye inquired.

"My daughter and the others study at Shrek Academy, the school dressed in green." Ning Fengzhi simply replied.

"Oh? I thought you would have trained her within the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Is this Academy fostered by you?" Xue Ye asked in surprise.

"I did train her for a while, but her attitude was too naughty, so I sent her somewhere else to learn a lesson." Ning Fengzhi said as he reminisced her devilish attitude.

It hadn't changed much, but she was a lot more tolerant than before, and didn't rely on the power of others.

Thinking about it, Ning Fengzhi didn't know whether that was a good or a bad thing, she was strong enough to take actions into her own hands.

"The Academy isn't fostered by me, its just the people participating in my team are members of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan." He answered.

"I don't think I have ever heard of this Shrek Academy, perhaps I should send my spoilt daughter there too." Xue Ye said.

Ning Fengzhi shook his head, "It is normal for you to not know who Shrek Academy is, you are very busy with governing the Heaven Dou Empire."

"Shrek Academy is the academy responsible for fostering the genius Spirit Master, Qin Ming. They said they only accept cultivation monsters." He added.

Xue Ye was stunned when he heard Ning Fengzhi mention Qin Ming, he was the most talented teacher from Heaven Dou Academy.

Thinking about Heaven Dou Academy, he remembered Meng Shen Ji had once gone to him to lodge a complaint, but he was busy with official business and quite unhealthy, so he didn't pay much attention to the matter.

"How do these students compare towards Qin Ming?" Xue Ye asked, he didn't think that they would be able to compare to one of the most talented Spirit Masters to this day.

Ning Fengzhi thought about it before answering, "All of them are at least equal to Qin Ming, if not even more talented."

Emperor Xue Ye widened his eyes with surprised, Qin Ming was a world-renowned talent, yet there were six more, not to mention the others in Shrek Academy.

"Such talents, it is a blessing for our Heaven Dou Empire. However, I can't help but envy the Shrek Academy." Emperor Xue Ye said jealously.

"It would have been great if they belonged to the Heaven Dou Academy, but it is good enough that they are Heaven Dou Empire people." He said.

Ning Fengzhi and the head principal, Meng Shen Ji winced a little as they heard his words, they knew such a thing could have been possible.

"Actually, they did attempt to partner with the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy but was turned back by prince Xue Xing." Ning Fengzhi said lightly.

"What?" Emperor Xue Ye was shocked, his brother had actually turned away multiple talents of Qin Ming's calibre.

Bishop Salas had an unsightly face, he had also heard of Qin Ming before, and now Heaven Dou Empire had so many other talents.

Ning Fengzhi saying that his people studied at Shrek Academy was basically him saying they are under his protection.

If Spirit Hall tried to strike at that team, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan wouldn't keep quiet.




After the hour was up, a special functionary came to usher Wulin's team onto the stage.

As the showcasing team, Heaven Dou Academy's team was already on stage, the officiant was introducing the names and spirits of each member.

Wulin lead the group to the center of the stage and lined up, directly facing the members of the Heaven Dou Academy team.

Altogether, there was 16 members in their team compared to only seven members of the Seven Treasure Team.

The officiant started introducing the members of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan.

Wulin lied a bit when speaking of the Spirits since he didn't want to cause turmoil before the battles even started.

"You must be Miss Ning, it is a pleasure to meet you. Perhaps, we can meet at a later time over some tea?"

Standing at the head of the Heaven Dou Academy team, a petite and feminine looking male looked at Rong Rong charmingly.

He was absolutely stunned by the beauty of Rong Rong and the other girls, feeling they were the most beautiful girls he'd ever seen.

However, as an aristocrat, he naturally wanted a girl with equal social standing as he, otherwise he would simply be laughed at.

The other males of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy also wanted to try their luck, taking the chance to speak to the girls.

They knew that the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan accepted commoners as long as they were talented, so they wanted to find out their identities before choosing their course of action.

Rong Rong glanced at the feminine captain from Heaven Dou Academy before revealing a face of disgust.

"I am not into men with female genitalia. Don't talk to me, you hermaphrodite." She spat out viciously.

The other girls also didn't pay any attention to the noble men, simply ignoring their existence as they waited for the battle to begin.

The captain glared at Rong Rong angrily, "You little bitch, do you think Heaven Dou Academy is scared of your Seven Treasure Clan?"

Hearing the captain call her a bitch, Rong Rong was incensed, "That's right, I do think so! If you want, let's have your Heaven Dou Academy fight my Seven Treasure Clan!"

Rong Rong wasn't scared in the least, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan had two Titled Douluo's while the Heaven Dou Academy didn't have any.

If they fought, it would be a one-sided slaughter, but the captain was only an aristocrat that didn't have in depth information.
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He thought that they still had Dugu Bo as a protector, and that he could defeat the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan.

But he didn't have control over the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, so he couldn't call the shots like Rong Rong could.

Instead, the captain snorted as he retorted, "Maybe they will one day, but for now, just watch how I will beat you down."

"Even if killing is prohibited, injuries are inevitable. Since you are courting death, don't blame us later." He threatened with a deadly gaze.

Wulin was listening to their argument coldly, when the captain called his Rong Rong a bitch, Wulin already sentenced him to death.

Of course, he couldn't really kill him in front of everyone, so he would do the next best thing, beating him half dead.

"Both sides salute, non-competitors withdraw from the stage." The officiant suddenly called.

Both sides unwillingly bowed to each other, before more than half of the people from Heaven Dou Academy's side left the arena.

Wulin brought the others to one side of the arena, "I will fight by myself. You guys just watch from here."

The girls simply nodded their heads while Ning Yuzi was confused, 'Fighting on his own? Is he looking to die?'

"The qualifying competitions first round, first match, formally starts!" The referee declared the start of the Spirit Master Tournament.

"Everyone, release your Spirits!" The feminine captain of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy yelled, releasing his Spirit Rings.

Two yellow and one purple, he had a smug look on his face as he and the others showed off their optimal Spirit Ring configuration.

Wulin stepped forward on his own, the others simply standing by the edge of the arena.

Ning Yuzi was worried as he turned to Rong Rong, "Young Miss, will Young Master be alright on his own?"

Rong Rong simply laughed, "Ning Yuzi, Brother Wulin is much stronger than anyone in this competition. I doubt any team could fight him when he uses all his power."

The people from Heaven Dou Academy were confused, why was there only one person walking forward, they didn't even release their Spirit Rings.

"You called my wife a little bitch, then you threatened to hurt her. Even if we can't kill, I can make you regret." Wulin's chillingly cold voice resounded in the ears of the Heaven Dou Academy team.

In an instant, infinite bloodthirst spread throughout the arena, creating a dome-like area that encased the competing students from Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.