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105 Preselection Competition Part 3

"How could they be so heavy-handed! Disqualify them from the competition! We do not need murderers here!" Prince Xue Xing jumped from his chair, his eyes raging like an inferno.

However, his 'rage' was nothing more than an annoying tantrum to those in the VIP section.

"Enough! None of this would have happened if you didn't chase them away."

Emperor Xue Ye couldn't hold it in anymore and snapped at Prince Xue Xing in front of everyone.

He didn't care about the fact that the Heaven Dou Team got brutally beaten.

However, the fact that all those children could have been a part of Heaven Dou Academy hurt his intestines.

Prince Xue Xing immediately closed his mouth, wholly startled that his brother scolded him once more.

"It is only a scuffle between children, and it has no further meaning."

Ning Fengzhi saw Emperor Xue Ye's sombre expression and reassured him.

Xue Ye nodded his head, "I know that, but it still pains me to see that they were treated unjustly in my empire."

If Shrek Academy felt hostility towards the Heaven Dou Academy because of that treatment, it wouldn't just be the student's fighting.

Flander and the others were angry, but they were wise people and knew better than to create chaos in the empire for a little face.

Sitting on the other side of Emperor Xue Ye, Bishop Salas was deep in thought.

'It seems like this Shrek Academy is stronger than I thought. And that young Control System Spirit Master! If they don't join Spirit Hall, don't blame me for what happens next…'

Bishop Salas was contemplating his next actions, and he doubted the Shrek Academy students would join him since they affiliate with the Seven Treasure School.

In that case, he had to destroy them before they were able to grow up and become nuisances to the Spirit Hall.

If he recalled correctly, there was one of the Seven Great Sects competing in the Heaven Dou Imperial City, Elephant Armoured Academy, was it?

He decided he would talk to the Clan Master, Huyan Zhen, and make sure they do not hold back anything in their fight.

As for the other team, the Seven Treasure School's Team, he would have to wait and see how strong they are first.

In the afternoon, Wulin and the others were in the waiting room with the Shrek Academy group.

It was the Seven Treasure School's turn to battle next. Ning Fengzhi already told Wulin he couldn't use his illusions to hide the fight again.

Wulin didn't plan to use it anyway, and he only did it last time so he could hide his Slaughter Domain.

He didn't wish to reveal all his capabilities just yet.

The group were talking to each other about their next opponent, the Animal Kingdom Academy.

From the information Rong Rong got her clan to gather, they are just an average academy like the Brave Sword Academy that they beat up before.

Soon, a couple of functionaries arrived at the waiting room and begun guiding the competing teams to the arena.

"Good luck, and don't beat them too badly! We will be watching from the viewing platform." Xiao Wu waved a big and juicy carrot as she walked away happily dragging Tang San behind her.

It was a carrot grown from the Immortal Realm, but it was Tang San who gave it to her for winning the battle.

Well, 'gave' isn't an apt choice of word. Xiao Wu was very forceful in her coercion to get Tang San to give her a carrot.

As Tang San got dragged away, he looked at Wulin and signalled to him while whispering silently.

Reading his lips, Wulin nodded his head. Tang San wanted to buy some more carrots from him.

Once the Shrek Academy group left, Wulin and the others followed the functionary through the hall and onto the centre stage.

"The last team to come out, Seven Treasure School's mysterious team of seven!" The announcer called out.

"Yesterday, they defeated the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy's second team while masking the battle with some illusion or barrier, will they do the same this time?"

The audience was silent.

They wanted to cheer for the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, but if they can't even watch a battle, is it still worth cheering?

Sensing the awkwardness of the crowd, Wulin laughed but didn't do anything to repair the situation. He knew they would be going crazy soon enough.

"Both sides salute, non-competitors withdraw from the stage." Like the two rounds prior, the referee announced the beginning of the competition.

Soon, there were only seven people on each side, and they bowed towards each other. Wulin looked at the Animal Kingdom Academy competitors using his Observation Ability.

None of them possessed a Spirit Rank above 40. Or rather, none of them had a Spirit Rank above 35.

Wulin and the rest of the Seven Treasure Team completely outclassed them.

As Wulin had inferred by their Academy's name, each of them had a Beast Spirit relating to an animal.

All seven of them seemed to be standing in the front, meaning they were planning to attack and win through force.

It was as expected, all their Spirits were Beast Spirits, and they didn't have any elemental type Beast Spirits either.

Although this was a comfortable victory for the Seven Treasure Team, they kept their usual position and decided to practice coordinating with Ning Yuzi.

They took their usual formation, Wulin and Feng Feng taking the front line. Ning Yuzi also took to the right of Wulin as a power attack system.

Standing a little further behind them was Little Yue. She was the command centre that kept an eye on the entire battlefield and changed tactics accordingly.

At the back, Rong Rong and Xue Mei are protected by Little Jing. Rong Rong and Xue Mei had zero combat power without their hidden weapons, so they needed somebody guarding them at all times.

On the other hand, Little Jing had little physical combat power. All her prowess lay in her powerful mental abilities.

She can best use them from a distance, and they can buy time to protect Rong Rong and Xue Mei, should an enemy reach them.

Once everyone was ready, the referee began speaking again, "The qualifying competition's first round, third match, formally starts!"
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Although Wulin isn't the type to carelessly reveal all his powers, he also wasn't the type to hide his strength when he needed to show it.

While wondering if the opposing team would surrender once they saw their Spirit Rings, both sides yelled, "Release!"

The seven from the Animal Kingdom Academy released their Spirits and their Spirit Rings, with three Spirit Rings coming from each competitor.

Each of them had the optimal Spirit Ring Configuration of two yellow and one purple ring. Not surprising since they were the best nurtured by the Academy.

Half a second later, Wulin, Ning Yuzi and the girls also released their Spirits and Spirit Rings, displaying the real might of the Seven Treasure Clan.

Wulin grew a couple of centimetres taller as he integrated with his Spirit. Soft, grey fur grew out from all his pores except for his face.

His entire frame became a size larger, causing him to resemble an Ape more than a monkey.

Ning Yuzi's transformation was no lesser than Wulin's. He became even more massive and bulkier, and his hair turned a golden colour.

His eyes were also dyed a golden colour, and his fingernails turned into claws. This was his Golden Lion Spirit.

The one with the smallest physical change was the petite Little Jing. From the very beginning, she already possessed ears and tails, so when she integrated with her Spirit, she only grew some claws while her enchanting aura increased.

As for Little Yue and Feng Feng, both chose the Spirit Armour route instead of the Physical route.

Instead of taking on a physical change brought by the Beast Spirit, they solidify their Spirit Power into an armoured form.

Elegantly patterned white and red armour quickly began forming across their bodies, originating from their hand.

Rong Rong and Xue Mei, being Tool Spirit Masters, didn't solidify any armour at all, merely summoning their Spirits in their hands.

From the bodies of everyone, four Spirit Rings floated outwards and circled their bodies, two yellow and two purple.

Just this alone was enough to show the outstanding difference between the two teams, but one more Spirit Ring flew out from Wulin's body.

He used his Illusion Ice Transformation to change his Spirit Rings to become the Optimal Spirit Ring Configuration.

Seeing five Spirit Ring's coming from a single person, the entire audience went wild with curiosity, shock, and disbelief.

"Wow! A Spirit King! A Spirit King is competing in the tournament!"

"You idiot, do you know what this means?! To be able to compete, this Spirit King is at least younger than 25!"

"But that man looks no older than 20, could it be a Spirit King before twenty years old?! How could that be possible?"

"Their Spirits are also incredibly rare! Look at those Spirit Marks, A golden lion, a nine-tailed fox, two phoenixes!"

No matter if it was the Spirit or Spirit Rank, they were beyond what ordinary people were capable of achieving.

At this time, however, somebody noticed the peculiarity of Rong Rong's Spirit.

"That Seven Treasure girl, doesn't her Spirit look a little different to normal Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda's?"

"Huh? You're right. It does look a bit different, but what could it be?" his friend also focused on her Spirit, trying to find what was so special about this one.

"Heavens! Count the layers of the pagoda! There are nine layers, not seven! She has a Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda!"

Somebody yelled loudly, attracting the attention of everyone in the vicinity. Immediately, discussion broke out among the crowd.

Not all of them understood what that Spirit Meant, but the more experienced and well-informed Spirit Masters knew.

The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda is the publicly known most formidable Auxiliary System Spirit even when they cannot cultivate past the Spirit Sage level.

However, the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda can surpass the Spirit Sage level, putting it in a league of its own.

"Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda! My god!" Emperor Xue Ye couldn't help himself as he shouted out.

Bishop Salas's jaw was hanging open in astonishment, 'Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, a Spirit King under 20-years old! I must report this to the Supreme Pontiff.'

Quickly closing his agape jaw and returning to his usual countenance, Bishop Salas sinisterly thought, 'These people, they must not be allowed to live. Especially that Nine Treasure girl!'

Emperor Xue Ye quickly turned his head to Ning Fengzhi who had a satisfied smile on his face.

"Congratulations to School Master Ning, it seems your clan is destined to rise above the masses." Emperor Xue Ye sincerely praised him.

Ning Fengzhi laughed happily, "Thank you, Your Majesty. My daughter has been lucky enough to receive such a blessing."

"It is not just your daughter, but you as well. To be able to raise such a young Spirit King and those other Spirit Ancestors. No normal man could achieve those feats."

Emperor Xue Ye looked at Ning Fengzhi pensively as he asked, "May I know who those people are?"

Emperor Xue Ye knew that the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan immediately grew in terms of potential, and when those Spirit Masters grew up, they would be unstoppable.

As someone who was favoured by the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, Emperor Xue Ye could only gain benefits from their ascension.

Ning Fengzhi nodded his head towards Emperor Xue Ye, a broad smile on his face, "Of course. How about this, why don't I bring them to visit you tomorrow after their battle?"

Emperor Xue Ye's eyes lit up, "That would be great! But how could they want to meet an older man like me? I will get my children to come, as well. Hopefully, they can get along."

In his mind, he thought it would be a perfect chance for his youngest son, Xue Beng, to apologise for his actions in Heaven Dou Academy.

At the same time, he could allow his eldest son and his daughter to get to know the future leaders of the next generation.

If they could get along, he wouldn't have to worry about the safety of the Heaven Dou Empire when he passes the crown to his son.