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Jiang Zhu became bug-eyed by the sudden question, she didn't think they would also drag her into this.

"N-no, there isn't anyone that I like." She stammered, a light red hue tinting her cheeks and ears.

Embracing the energy of the crowd, Rong Rong joined in by sneaking behind Jiang Zhu and hugging her supple body.

"Wow! Sister Jiang, your body is so seductive, and your face is pretty, surely you have lots of boys fawning over you."

Her hands were erotic snakes, slithering up and down Jiang Zhu's body, using her experience with other girls to touch some naughty places.

"Hya!" Jiang Zhu's blush exploded, and she hurriedly struggled out of Rong Rong's embrace.

Rong Rong wiggled her fingers menacingly as she stared at Jiang Zhu with an inquisitively raised eyebrow.

"Tell us, who has caught the eye of our beautiful sister Jiang. How about Fatty and Oscar, they are also single?"

However, before they could make a romantic connection, Jiang Zhu mercilessly tore it apart in an instant.

"No! Little Brother Fatty and Oscar are not my types. They are only my martial brothers.

The girls saw Jiang Zhu's confidence in rejecting Fatty and Oscar, and couldn't help but giggle.

"The girls seem to be having fun. I wonder what they are talking about?"

Oscar looked in the girls' direction, curious about their sudden burst of laughter.

The boys noticed them glancing over quickly like they were gossiping about the boys.

More specifically, they were glancing at Oscar and Fatty while they were laughing.

Fatty furrowed his eyebrows in deep contemplation, "They are glancing at Oscar while laughing. Why could this be?"

He stroked his imaginary beard as if it would help him think better.

Suddenly, his eyes brightened, and he dropped his fist on his palm like he just solved something.


"I know! They must be talking about the size of Oscar's little brother!" Fatty declared with utmost confidence.

"Pahaha!" All the boys except Oscar burst out in laughter. His face became flushed, and his fist shook.

"Little Fatty, you talk about my size? You do it so much that your thing is all shrivelled up. It is a miracle that it hasn't fallen off yet!"

A vein almost popped out from Oscar's neck as he bared his teeth at Fatty, looking ready to fight.

However, Fatty was ready for whatever retort Oscar had in store.

He twisted his lips into a cynical smile and said, "Boss Dai and Sixth Brother do it a lot more than me. Are you trying to say they are shrivelled up and small too?"


Mu Bai immediately smacked Fatty across the back of the head, and his eyes narrowed menacingly.

"Little Fatty, are you trying to get me in trouble? I don't do that anymore. I am as pure as Tang San."

His gruff voice lowered to the point of a whisper as he cautiously glanced in Little Qing's direction.

He was afraid that if she heard about his sexual exploits, she would become mad again and ignore him for a week.

Meanwhile, Wulin casually held his outstretched hand towards Oscar.

Oscar looked at the hand, then at Wulin, his raised eyebrow, indicating that he didn't understand what is going on.

Wulin smiled knowingly and said, "Compare hands, do it."

Oscar looked at Wulin with narrowed eyes and a suspicious frown, but he complied and placed his hand against Wulin's.
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Being someone with a Monkey Spirit, Wulin received the genetic characteristic of giant hands.

They were perfect for grabbing thick tree branches and had a firm grip strength, so he would never fall.

On the other hand, Oscar had a short stature, only around 1.6m tall, and he had relatively tiny hands.

When compared with Wulin's, Wulin could wrap two knuckles around Oscar's hand.

Oscar frowned when Wulin grabbed his hand, "Sixth Brother, have you become bored of women? Why are you doing this?"

Wulin smirked and laughed, "I just wanted to show you. My little brother is as big as my hand."

Oscar froze, his mouth gaping open and his wide eyes stared at Wulin.

However, it only lasted for a second before Oscar quickly retracted his hand in repulsion.

"You're a monster!" Oscar yelled with a flushed face. He hid his hands behind his back, so the others wouldn't see how tiny his hands were in comparison.

He then looked at the girls' side and said in wonder, "How are they still alive?"

Wulin coughed, and Oscar averted his eyes, "Lots of practice," he answered.

With both Oscar and Fatty in a dangerous position, they had to change the subject quickly.

"Even if I am not the biggest, I am surely not the smallest either," Oscar argued.

"Take a look at Third Brother. He still keeps his purity even when he is going out with Xiao Wu. Is he embarrassed to show her?"

He aimed the spear of the others to Tang San with his suggestive words and escaped condemnation.

Fatty quickly joined in, so he didn't get beaten by Mu Bai.

He scuttled to Tang San's side and slimily put his hand on the latter's shoulder.

He nodded his head in 'understanding', "We are all brother's here, and you don't need to feel inadequate around us. I am sure Xiao Wu will love you a lot, even if your size is small."

Tang San blushed furiously. He was just innocently following along until Oscar and Fatty aimed their knives at him.

"You guys are so indecent! How can you cultivate with these impure thoughts flooding your mind all the time?"

Tang San looked around quickly, feeling embarrassed by the gazes drawn to him.

Fatty was unashamed and proudly said, "I have to take care of my Evil Fire regularly. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to cultivate efficiently."

"Now now, Xiao San, don't hide it from us. How big are you?" Mu Bai decided to let Fatty go for this piece of meat and pressed onto Tang San.

With everyone surrounding him, Tang San was forced to speak, "I-I don't know? I have never measured it before."

"Have you never peed before? You should have an estimate at least!" Oscar retorted.

Tang San looked hesitant, before clenching his fists and putting them on top of one another, "A-around this big?"

"Oh, such an average size. It makes perfect sense when I think about your previous unassuming appearance."

They immediately lost the interest of bullying Tang San now that they found out he was average, but there was another target right beside them.

"Hey, Ning Yuzi. What about you? You are tall and handsome, so you must have girls all over you." Oscar turned to Ning Yuzi and asked.

Ning Yuzi was stunned and went red before stuttering, "I-I'm sorry, I have never done it before, either…"

"Come on, Jiang Zhu! Isn't there anyone you think is handsome or cute?" Xiao Wu pressed on further.

"Could Big Sister like Daddy as well?" Little Jing asked with bright eyes.

"How about Boss Dai or Third Brother? Do you like one of them?" Feng Feng also added.


Jiang Zhu, Xiao Wu and Little Qing cried out at the same time!

"Mu Bai / Tang San isn't allowed to have any other women!" Little Qing and Xiao Wu said in unison, glaring at Jiang Zhu sternly.

They were not as welcoming to a harem situation like Little Jing and the rest of Wulin's girls.

Jiang Zhu quickly shook her head, "I don't like them, either, you girls don't have to worry about that."

"If I had to choose somebody that I liked…" Jiang Zhu looked at the boys' group further away, her eyes landing on a tall blonde-haired figure.

Suddenly, Jiang Zhu looked away and blushed a little, but the rest of the girls did not miss her gaze.

"Ahh! So, you like Ning Yuzi! He is tall, handsome and talented, and you two will be a perfect match!" Xiao Wu teased Jiang Zhu with a bright smile.

"Hehe, you will be coming to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan after you graduate. You will have plenty of time to meet with Ning Yuzi."

"Big Sister Jiang, you should ask him out quickly. I am sure Ning Yuzi won't have any resistance to your charm!"

"That's right! I heard Big Brother Yuzi is popular in the clan, lots of girls also like him. Big Sister Jiang, you should get in there quickly!"

All the girls began encouraging Jiang Zhu to act on her feelings and create a relationship quickly, all the while Jiang Zhu was blushing deeply.

Rong Rong put a finger to her head as she thought genuinely, "If I recall, Yuzi has never been in a relationship before. He is only dedicated to his cultivation."

"He has no experience in relationships. Big Sister Jiang, you have to be the one to lead him!"

"I… I have no experience either, I'm not even sure if I really like him." Jiang Zhu hesitantly denied them.

Feng Feng put a hand on Jiang Zhu's shoulder, "It's alright! We will tell you all about our experiences. Ning Yuzi is a good guy, so I think he will be good for you."

Jiang Zhu looked at Feng Feng, then to the other girls who also nodded in agreement.

Although still hesitant, Jiang Zhu decided she would at least listen to them, in case she needed to put their experiences to use at a later date.

After the final round of battle played through the scored were tallied, and the officiant announced the top five teams.

Along with the announcement, the captain and vice-captain of the top-ranking teams stepped onto the platform.

First place, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, 29 wins 0 losses.

Second place, Shrek Academy, 28 wins one loss.

Third place, Godwind Academy, 27 wins two losses.

Fourth Place, Thunderclap Academy, 26 wins three losses.

Fifth Place, Skywater Academy, 25 wins four losses.

The fifth place was initially tied between Skywater Academy and Blazing Academy as they each had 25 wins and four losses.

However, during their battle, Skywater Academy was the one to prevail, so they gained precedence in the rankings.

Speaking of Skywater Academy, right now, Little Yue was glaring at Shui Bing'er from across the platform.

Shui Bing'er could feel Little Yue's piercing glare and bitterly smiled as she looked over.

Wulin also felt a little awkward and smiled apologetically towards Shui Bing'er.

"Big Brother, do not smile at her!" Little Yue noticed and quickly blocked his face with her hands, stopping Wulin from conveying the message.

Wulin sighed and grabbed her tiny hands, moving them away from his face, "Little girl, why are you so competitive with her?"

Even in the preselection competition, Little Yue was strangely competitive with Shui Bing'er because of their similar Ice Phoenix Spirits.

Not only that, but Shui Bing'er innocently expressed her admiration for Wulin's strength on stage, causing Little Yue to lower the temperature with her rising jealousy.

Little Yue snuggled her head into Wulin's chest with a poof and hugged him tightly like she was trying to show off their affection.

"Mine." Little Yue softly spoke, trying to dig her head even deeper into Wulin's chest.

Wulin gave a weak smile and felt Little Yue being jealous was also cute since she was rarely jealous of anything.

"Yes, yes. I am yours." Wulin gently fluffed Little Yue's hair, receiving the resentful glares of all the males in the arena.

The announcer continued to speak, "Next, His Majesty and Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan master as well as platinum bishop Salas will personally award the proof of qualifications to enter the ranking competition as well as the award money."

Of course, the proof of qualification was, in fact, just a personal letter. In it, it stated that the Seven Treasure Team had gained qualifications to take part in the final competition.

Along with their proof of qualification, Wulin received a Spirit Tool containing ten thousand gold spirit coins that were issued by the Heaven Dou Empire.

This prize was only a small reward in their eyes, but that was because it was just the preselection competition.

The real prizes would be presented in the finals, with the champions receiving three Spirit Bones over 10,000 years old.

After the awards were distributed to the five captains, Emperor Xue Ye walked up to the podium and began speaking.

"First of all, children, I want to congratulate you." He happily smiled as he looked at each of the five teams.

"You've successfully obtained the qualifications to advance in this Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. As the most senior ruler of Heaven Dou Empire, I am proud of you,"

"You are all the future hope of the Empire. And as the leaders of each team, your strength has also shown its most important effect in the competition,"

"Therefore, I've decided to confer upon the ten of you the title of viscount, and to the other competing members of your five academies the title of baron,"

"After you have graduated, the gates of the royal household will stand open to you at any time. Your fiefdoms will all be allocated after your graduation."

Bishop Salas's face immediately turned ugly as he heard Emperor Xue Ye granting them titles of nobility.

How could he not know what Emperor Xue Ye was trying to do?

Emperor Xue Ye was trying to tell the teams that they should be siding with the Heaven Dou Empire rather than Spirit Hall.

"Emperor Xue Ye, don't you think it is inappropriate to give titles of nobility? There has been no precedent of this happening before." Bishop Salas said with gritted teeth, daring to interrupt Xue Ye's speech.

Emperor Xue Ye glanced at Bishop Salas indifferently and answered, "Conferring titles of nobility is an internal matter of the Empire, unrelated to Spirit Hall, and unrelated to the current tournament."

Bishop Salas's face turned shades of green and red as he held in his anger, unable to retort Emperor Xue Ye's remark.

While Bishop Salas was holding himself back, Emperor Xue Ye decided to continue with his promotion.