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Wulin held the tusk of the Ground Fur Boar gently, his face a little scrunched up as he asked, "Did somebody pee themselves?"

The Ground Fur Boar was still trying to run in its place, kicking up dirt and digging ditches in the ground under its hooves.

*Grunt! Grunt!*

Hearing his voice, Little Niu hesitantly opened her eyes, seeing the broad frame of a man standing in front of her.

Taking notice of the almost holy white coloured robes he wore, Little Niu identified him to be the one she saw in Pachong's room.

'W-what is going on? Why is he saving us?' she thought to herself, still in a state of shock.

The large and scary Ground Fur Boar was standing right in front of Wulin, its sharp tusk was in line with her neck.

If Wulin had not stopped the tusk fast enough, or if he let go, the Ground Fur Boar would immediately pierce through her neck.

Seeing this low intelligence Ground Fur Boar still attempting to fight back, Wulin glared at it intently.

"Go away!" He directed some of his aura at the Ground Fur Boar, allowing it to know it was facing something way out of its league.

Then, with a flick of his wrist, he flung the tusk of the Spirit Beast so forcefully that it spun 180 degrees before he kicked it forward.

Like a frightened pig, the Ground Fur Boar squealed like mad and ran away as quickly as possible.

Wulin watched it run away for a little while before turning his head to Little Niu and Pachong, who was on the ground behind him.

Their faces were wet with tears, while a small puddle of liquid formed where Little Niu was sitting. Obviously, she couldn't control her bowels in the face of fear.

The two girls were staring at Wulin in shock, trying to understand what was going on.

Soon, the girls realised that they were alive, and their bodies began to relax as it felt like they turned into jelly.

And, as a natural reaction coming from a six-year-old child that just experienced something scary, they began bawling their eyes out.

"Wahhh! Mommy, Daddy!"

"I want Mommy! Uwahhh! Wahhh!"

The girls almost cried out a river as water poured out of their eyes like a raging torrent, their high-pitched voices echoing through the forest.

Wulin couldn't help but look at them dumbfoundedly, they were so brave before, but now they were crying more than he had ever seen somebody cry before.

Unsure of how to handle the situation, he decided he would bring them back to the Flowing Leaves Village before anything else.

Wulin crouched down and wrapped his hands around each of their stomachs, before standing and lifting them.

"Alright, alright. Don't cry so much, and I will take you back to the village. You will see your parents soon enough."

Wulin spoke to them softly, but they ignored him and continued to cry as they dangled under his armpits.

He shook his head helplessly and carried the two of them back to the village, only reaching it when the two of them cried themselves to sleep.

He entered Pachong's house, where Ning Yuzi was still standing in the centre of the room.

He looked like a giant golden-haired statue, unmoving and untiring as he patiently waited for Wulin to return.

As for the other four, or rather five now, they were sitting at the dining table while quietly conversing nervously, there was an unfamiliar man.

Quickly, Ning Yuzi turned around and saw Wulin carrying two 'lifeless' bodies, and one even had dried up blood down her legs.

Although he had many questions, he didn't ask them as he knelt, "Young Master!"


Suddenly, the unfamiliar middle-aged man jumped to his feet, knocking the chair he was sitting on skidding to the side.

A twisted look of fury grew on his face as he screamed, his eyes turned red with anger, and he seemed ready to pounce at Wulin.

Wulin looked at the man and assumed he was Little Niu's father.

The middle-aged man wore simple long and baggy brown pants with a white short-sleeved T-shirt stained with dirt marks.

There was no need for Wulin to retort Little Niu's father, as his loud voice was more than enough to awaken the girls from their slumber.

They jolted from the sudden scream and opened their eyes in alarm, before looking around to find themselves in a familiar room.

"Mommy! Daddy!"

Little Niu and Pachong both struggled their way out of Wulin's arms, falling onto the ground before they got up and jumped into their parents' arms.

The middle-aged man was astonished when he saw the girls suddenly begin moving.

From the conversations of his wife and friends, they believed that Pachong would be murdered, and it was hard to say if Little Niu would also be killed for protecting a monster.

However, it didn't last forever as he quickly moved forward and swept Little Niu up into his arms.

The other parents also jumped from their chairs and went to hug their children, and tears cascaded down their dirty faces.

"They ran into the forest and came across a Spirit Beast. Pachong tripped and scraped her knees, so she has a little blood."

Wulin gave a little explanation for the sorry appearances of the two girls after he saw the parents anxiously searching their bodies for injuries.

Little Niu's mother hurriedly came before Wulin and began to kowtow again, "Master, thank you so much for bringing Little Niu and Pachong back to us!"

Pachong's parents, while still holding her, also rushed forward and kowtowed to Wulin.

"Master, we beg that you do not kill Pachong! She is not a monster; she is just a little unfortunate!"

They lowered their heads deeply and begged Wulin for mercy.

"Alright, calm down. If I were going to kill her, you would be carrying a corpse instead of a cute little kid."

Wulin waved his hand graciously and joked a little. However, the others knew that there was truth within the joke.

All of them saw how oppressively strong Ning Yuzi was, so they believed Wulin must be even more powerful.

The three of them stayed on their knees but didn't kowtow anymore when Wulin motioned for them to stop.
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"Now that everyone is gathered let's get back to business. We, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, would like to extend an invitation to Little Niu."

Wulin changed his tone of voice, becoming severe as he moved onto the main topic he and Ning Yuzi focused.

"We would like for Little Niu to join the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan. As a talented individual, we will spare no expense to nurture her into a powerhouse."

Then, he moved his gaze onto Little Niu's parents, "Of course, I will not ask for you to separate with your child. You will also be invited to live in the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan's territory."

The eyes of Little Niu's parents immediately lit up with excitement.

The life as a member of a Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan compared to the presence of a simple farmer; it was obvious which one is better.

Not to mention, their Little Niu could become a powerhouse in the future, bringing an infinite number of benefits to their family.

However, before they could agree, Little Niu shouted out, "No!"

"I won't go! I won't leave Chong Chong here by herself. Everyone else will bully her without me here!"

Her parents faltered at Little Niu's words. They also liked Pachong and her family a lot; they were like a big family together.

They felt guilty and ashamed that they were so ready to abandon the three of them, but it was indeed too good an offer to refuse.

Wulin looked at Pachong's family.

Her mother and father were staring at Wulin with pitiful eyes. It was unknown if they were begging to come with them, or if they were sad to let Little Niu and Pachong part.

As for Pachong, she was staring at Little Niu intently; tears had already gathered in her eyes as she listened to Little Niu's heartfelt words.

Wulin thought for a little bit; it wouldn't be a problem if he wanted to bring a couple of extra people to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan.

It was just, Little Niu and Pachong were in two different leagues. In the future, Pachong will hit a pause in her cultivation, while Little Niu will continue forward.

And this is in the near future. Eventually, the two girls would become worlds apart and likely drift away from each other naturally.

This is their destiny, one being a genius that awakened a Spirit Power of nine, and the other being a mutant with an awakened Spirit Power of four.

However, there was a way for Wulin to change this destiny. He could give both of them some liquid from his Spirit Ability and raise their talent to the max.

The only problem was, Wulin wasn't sure if he wanted them to know about the Spirit Liquid and its purifying capabilities.

However, Wulin was a little moved by the strong relationship the two girls possessed with each other.

Also, he wanted to see what Pachong could become. She was not like Little Jing or Wulin, but instead, she was a genuine mutation of Spirit and human.

Little Jing was an Evolved Spirit Beast, and Wulin had a perfectly compatible External Spirit Bone permanently fused into his body.

Before, when Wulin was carrying the two kids back to the Flowing Leaves Village, he noticed Pachong had some strange bodily changes besides her tail.

Some parts of her body had patches of scaly skin that felt kind of rough and leathery at the places where her skin and scales met.

If he allowed her to drink a Spirit Liquid that cleansed both her body and soul, then she may become something incredible.

Wulin decided to allow Pachong to join the Clan as well because her bond with Little Niu could prove to have hidden benefits.

In reality, there was no need for Wulin to do things like recruiting talented Spirit Masters to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan.

If he wished, he could raise a batch of death soldiers from birth to be utterly loyal to him.

With his Spirit Gourd, he could create any amount of geniuses he wanted.

Wulin could create an entire army of great geniuses that could shake the world. However, that would also bring about many implications to the Spirit Master World.

The worst one being that the continent will rapidly run out of powerful Spirit Beasts, which is already a growing concern as it is.

"I could allow Pachong to enter the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan," Wulin slowly spoke.

Little Niu and Pachong's parents glowed in anticipation and expectancy, but Wulin wasn't finished.

"However, Little Niu and Pachong must agree to become my disciples."

Ning Yuzi was so surprised by Wulin's condition that he yelped, "Young Master?!"

"It's alright. I can handle it," Wulin raised his hand, indicating Ning Yuzi not to worry.

Without Little Niu or Pachong's consent, their parents immediately answered, "Yes! They will become your disciples!"

Even if they were simple farmers, they knew how strong Ning Yuzi was from his performance earlier.

Also, Ning Yuzi called Wulin 'Young Master', so they could only determine that Wulin was of higher status, and probably stronger than Ning Yuzi.

Little Niu and Pachong were wide-eyed with happiness. They couldn't believe it was that easy for them to stay together.

The two families looked ready to celebrate with each other, while the Village Chief had a mixed expression.

"Mwaster, will Chong Chong still get bullied at the Seven… Seven Clan?" Little Niu got out of her parents' arms and ran up to Wulin, her new teacher.

Wulin laughed; this was the least of his worries.

"Nobody would dare to bully you or Pachong in the Clan," he said confidently.

"I don't believe I have properly introduced myself yet. My name is Chen Wulin, and I am the future master of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan."

As he spoke, he unfurled his long Monkey's tail and stuck it out his clothes, revealing it for the others to see.