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Chapter 28 - Conflict




When Arthur arrived, the competition was already about to start.

By his side is the Patriarch, who is also his father, Jiu Vermillion. As they went through the martial arena through the back, not much people actually saw and recognized them.

When they reached where all the participants were supposed to gather, Arthur asked Jiu Vermillion, "Father, why must you include those poor mortals in this harsh competition? They will undoubtedly lose anyway."

Jiu Vermillion answered him with a laugh, "Supposedly, when our ancestor was a mortal, he could defeat a first stage Body Strengthening Realm cultivator bare handed. His blood runs through ours, you'll never know, there might be some disciple capable of doing that."

If that were true, then that particular disciple would long ago be famous throughout the country, and he would instantly be recruited by those gargantuan Sects and Families.

Such an absurd reason. Arthur thought to himself.

"Is our family really that desperate to cling on to that impossible hope?"

Jiu Vermillion only replied with a loud laugh. Clearly not intending to answer Arthur's question.

At this moment, Elder Giu spoke with a loud voice.

"Now! Those two participants who were called just now, please come up to the stage!"


It was already midday when the "underdog fights" nearly came to an end. Just one more match and it will be completely over. The crowds watching were almost bored to death, with some even leaving, clearly not entertained.

Now, mostly, only those normal people remain.

"F*ck all my ancestors. What is this dogshit martial competition?!"

"All the matches so far ended with the other surrendering! Not even a little exchange of moves!"

Finally, the last "underdog fight" came, two figures came up to the stage.

When both reached the center. Words came from the other man that piqued some interest from the onlookers nearby.

"This junior's name is Lin, I have a humble request to Senior if I may be allowed to ask."

The man cupped his fist while bowing his back slightly.

"Ho?" the second stage Body Strengthening Realm disciple calmly replied, then he continued, "What is it?"

"I wish to learn and exchange a few moves with Senior."

The second stage disciple could barely hold his laughter when he heard those words. But as if remembering that he was in a place where there were a lot of people. He only muttered to himself: 'This stupid ant...'

He gave a dry cough and replied, "Fine..."

With a signal from Elder Giu. The match began.

The second stage Body Strengthening Realm disciple didn't move from his position. On the other hand, Lin dashed towards him with a fierce look.

He only ran slow at first, but when he reached a certain distance from the second stage Body Strengthening Realm disciple, his speed suddenly exploded!

Although he was going at a speed that was fairly easy to follow for second stage Body Strengthening Realm cultivators. But currently, his opponent has all his defenses down!

This was the best moment to strike the enemy while his guard was off!

And then, it happened...


A reverberating punch landed on the second stage Body Strengthening Realm disciple's face. It was exactly right at the point of his nose.

Normally, such a punch would be futile since it could easily be dodged by a cultivator on his level. However, his cultivator is too low to produce Qi Energy that can deflect physical harm to a certain extent even while his body is relaxed.

Furthermore, his muscles right now were too relaxed to reduce the impact of the force from the punch.

At this moment, a small deep red blood leaked from the second stage Body Strengthening Realm disciple's nose.

This was caused by the enemy's cunningness and efficiency, and also his overconfidence, stemming from his arrogant attitude.

Rage welled up in his heart.

The contempt he long had for those beneath him immediately exploded forth right at this moment.

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He quickly moved behind Lin's back. He then made a grabbing motion aiming towards Lin's head.

Terrified, Lin tried to run away but it was already too late.


Lin's face hugged the ground. From the impact alone, it was too easy to guess that he would obviously be knocked out from that.

But the second stage Body Strengthening Realm disciple didn't stop there.

Pah! Pah! Pah!

He kept on kicking the already unconscious body of Lin.

"Lowly trash!! You dare put your dirty hands on my face! I will make your life miserable!"

Then, as if unsatisfied with his current actions. He tightly grabbed Lin by his neck, then slowly lifted him up in the air.

Unbeknownst to him, a figure appeared by his side the moment he finished uttering his earlier words.

The figure calmly looked down upon him, his eyes calmly radiating a ferocious killing intent that seemed to burn the very existence of the second stage Body Strengthening Realm disciple.

He realized it too late. Before he could stretch his hand which was holding Lin up, the silhouette of an arm appeared before his eyes.


Another reverberating sound was heard. But this time it wasn't a punch, but a slap.

The figure spoke grimly: "Stop it. I will surrender on his behalf."

He unintentionally let the body of Lin go after being slapped. Thereafter, he turned towards the figure. In his eyes, pure rage could be visibly seen.

He was humiliated yet again!

In his mind, he swore that he would tore whoever it was who hit him to shreds.

But then, when he recognized who the figure was, he hesitated for a bit.

"Isn't that the infamous Arthur of the Vermillion Family?"

"Is that him? He looks... frailer than what I'd imagined."

The onlookers derided Arthur. They were a bit displeased after having a "fun spectacle" interrupted before them.

Meanwhile, the person beside Arthur on the stage looked at Arthur with a slightly apprehensive expression. He was, after all, dealing with someone whose status is higher than his.

However, when he heard how those people surrounding them curse Arthur on his face. His unvented rage began to boil once more.

"Why is it a failure like you meddling with here?! Interruptions between matches are obviously forbidden!"

He pretended to ignore Arthur's existence as he walked towards Lin who was now lying limply on the ground. But after taking a step, his wrist was abruptly gripped by Arthur, with him saying in a sinister voice: "If you take another step, I will break all your limbs."

This was a threat that the second stage Body Strengthening Realm cannot ignore. Because he knew that the one who uttered those words had the capability to do so.

Even then, as he was reminded by the cultivation stage of his opponent, which was a stage lower than his own. Adding to the fact that this was a legal competition. The punishment he would receive upon "accidentally" hurting Arthur would surely be less.

"You forced me to do this! Let's see whose limbs are going to be broken by whom!"

He threw a fist at Arthur after saying those words. His expression confident, as if he was sure that his punch would absolutely land on Arthur's face.

However, before his fist could even get near. Arthur stretched out his right leg and kicked him on his groin!

His body bent forwards, but Arthur didn't even give him a chance to moan in pain. With Arthur's hands still gripping the man's wrists, he landed a barrage of kicks on the man's body. And when he felt that the man was about to pass out, he stopped...

"No, no. I am not done. Wake up."

And then... a snapping sound was heard. The onlookers, which were mostly composed of mortals, felt their scalp tingle when they heard that.


The second stage Body Strengthening Realm disciple which was on the verge of collapsing, immediately went wide awake. The pain in his arm being intensely dislocated, being the case.

"Ah, you're too loud. There are a lot of people nearby, don't you have any shame?

"Hey, your other arm looked a bit injured from all those punches you threw. Here, let me help you..."



Yet another sound of broken bones sounded out. The second stage Body Strengthening Realm disciple's eyes were red from all the tears that passed through it. His face, thoroughly distorted, it was clear how much agony he was feeling right now.

In a desperate pleading voice, he said: "S...Stop... P...Please..."

The onlookers' breath was now ragged after witnessing this scene play out.