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Matthew continued to watch Scarlett and her family without them knowing. He wanted to know what it was like. He wished to have had this experience with his family. Scarlett and her daughter always smiled at each other. The child wasn't even 2 years old and the connection between them was something that Matthew always wanted. The feeling of loneliness in his heart would never go away. The longer he spent with people the harder it became for him. This world was tearing him apart.

He left Scarlett for a few days to attempt to find out more about himself. He wanted to run back home to the sky but couldn't. He had nowhere to go and was stuck on earth. His parents told him how bad this place was. If only he listened.

He walked back to the place of his sister's death and stood outside of her old house. He looked in and noticed the man that his sister loved still lived there. His hair was greyer and he was bound to a chair. Matthew walked up to the door and knocked on it without knowing why.

A carer came to the door and asked Matthew who he was. He asked if he would let the owner of this house see his face. Before the worker could even close the door the owner already wheeled himself in front of the door and told his carer to let Matthew in.

"How many years has it been since I last saw you?" The owner said, but Matthew didn't know how to respond. "She often talked about you, Matthias."

Matthew had remembered his real name a while ago. Hearing someone say it out loud was strange. His name was the first thing he forgot after his sister's death. He kept the name Matthew not only because of the similarity but also because it was given to him by a man who he wanted to remember.

"I was only 20 when I married your sister." he began to speak. "It's been almost 80 years since her death. When she saved my life I guess she really did save it. So, what did you come here for, Matthias."

"Matthew. Can you call me Matthew? Matthias is the name my parents gave me."

"Of course." The owner sat in his chair and smiled gratefully at the young man sitting in front of him. Of course, he was only young by appearance.

"My sister… what did she talk about?" Matthew didn't know why he came here and because of it, he didn't know what to say. His body naturally took him here and he wanted to understand why.

"We spoke about a lot. I know all about her and you. She really loved you, Matthew. Although, she was always worried about your parents' influence."

"What do you mean?" Matthew asked.

"I heard they aren't nice people. All of you gods hate it down here, but your sister wanted you to decide for yourself about this place. Your sister saw it as beautiful. What about you?"

"I… I don't know… I've seen many different types of people. I've seen those that didn't fear death, those that wanted to know other's opinions and those that loved others. I don't understand."

Matthew hung his head and refused to look at the man in front of him.

"Well, what do you want to understand?"

"I want to know… what it feels like…" Matthew said struggling with forcing his words out.

"I want to understand it all… I want to understand love…"

"Love, huh. I remember falling in love with your sister. Even after she died I never remarried. I always loved her. Even now I love her."

"Why?" Matthew asked getting slightly more agitated. "Why did you love her?"

"I don't think it's a matter of 'why'. Love is complicated. Sometimes you love, sometimes you hate. Your sister's view of the world was unlike anything I'd ever seen. In a world full of violence and hatred she still loved every part of it. I spent hours just talking to her about this world, on our first date. She smiled so brightly and taught me all about the wonders. Ah! That reminds me."

The owner wheeled himself over to his desk and pulled a note out of one of the draws. It seemed as if it was written recently, the handwriting was unrecognised to Matthew.

"It's a note, from your sister. I don't have the original sheet as it's been many years. But each month I rewrote it, word for word, in hopes that one day, I get to see you."

"Dear Matthias,

How are you? Are you doing well? Are you eating?

Chances are, if you are reading this then I died saving his life. Don't be mad at him, don't be mad at mum or dad. Don't be mad at anyone. This was my choice.

Our parents never knew how to take care of us, I'm sure you know that by now. They were always selfish and always hit us when we messed up. They suffered a lot because of us. You probably aren't going to believe me, but they loved us very much.

They won't force you to do anything. They want you to live your life how you want it. Right now, you probably choose to stay on earth. Good choice.

I don't know if you'll like it here but I did. I found someone I loved and who loved me back.

Love is a strange thing that no one can explain. It's a feeling you get and it gives people the power to do wonderful things.

Knowing you, you're probably thinking something like 'I don't understand' and that's ok. Does anyone understand?

I'm dead and I don't understand. It's just ok.

If you ever come across someone you love. Someone that you'll die for, maybe you'll find the answer you are looking for. I don't know what that this, but I do know that it may not be easy.

It's ok to cry, you know. It's ok to cry when people die. That's what makes them human.

I don't have long left. His death is in 3 days.

I'm scared. I'm scared, Matthias. I wish I had said a proper goodbye to you before I ran away. I'm sorry you had to put up with mum and dad whilst I was gone. I'm sorry I was such an awful sister.

I will always love you. From the bottom of my heart. Please never forget about me."

Matthew gently placed the letter down on a table in front of him as he wiped away the tears from his eyes.

"Your sister, loved you very much." the owner said.

"Thank you." Matthew stood up placed the letter in his pocket, readying himself to leave.

"If you don't mind me asking? How long do I have left?" The owner asked.

Matthew looked at him with a heavy expression, unsure if he should tell him.

"About 2 days." Matthew replied.

"Ah, I see…" The owner laid back in his chair as Matthew left. The owner looked up at the ceiling with a smile on his face.
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"I guess I'll be seeing you soon, my love."

# # #

Upon returning to Scarlett he watched over the chaotic nature of the family. However, this time the chaos became panic. Matthew watched as an ambulance arrived outside her house and quickly rushed off Scarlett's daughter.

The ambulance was followed by Scarlett and her husband who drove behind, as quickly as they could.

At the hospital, the two of them waited outside whilst they operated on her daughter who had stopped breathing.

Matthew watched as they held each other tightly and cried into one another.

"Please…" Scarlett whispered. "Please save her…"

Matthew looked into the room and saw what was happening. He was fully aware that there was no chance of the child being saved. All he could do was watch as the parents cry for their daughter's life.

"Scarlett." Matthew said. "It will be ok."

Inside the operating room the doctors all run around, aware that they have no chance. They slowly lost energy and give up. Her heart rate slowly dropped.

Outside Scarlett's eyes were locked onto Matthew who only she could see. Her crying became screaming as she begged for Matthew to stop.

Before entering the door Matthew stops and turns around.

"Please, give this kid a good future."

Minutes later the doctors went outside to speak to the parents to tell them about their daughter's quick recovery. Scarlett ran into the room to see her daughter but quickly ran out screaming for Matthew who was no longer there.

With what little strength he had left, he visited the location of his sister's grave, given to him by her husband.

He collapsed down in front of it and looked at her grave with a smile. The warmth from the ground made him want to fall asleep. It made him feel safe.

"I… I wonder if I'll get to see them again… all those I met……"

Matthew passed away on his sister's grave. One of the few people he had ever loved. With a smile on his face.