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Talisman Emperor

Author:Xiao Jinyu

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Updates:Chapter 1435 Betrothed Before Birth


Chen Xi was a jinx who radiated misfortune the way a torch radiated light, and everyone around him knew it. His entire clan was annihilated when he was young, and not too long after that his parents disappeared. His marriage contract? Poof. Torn to shreds and gone up in smoke before the eyes of everyone in the city, almost humiliating his grandfather to the point of suic...
《Talisman Emperor》 Book 1 — Winds of Change Blow Over Pine Mist City
Chapter 1 - Chen Xi
Chapter 2 - Departure
Chapter 3 - Grievous News
Chapter 4 - Enemy
Chapter 5 - Jade Pendan
Chapter 6 - The Manor
Chapter 7 - Ji Yu
Chapter 8 - Fuxi Divine Statue
Chapter 9 - Skystar Institution
Chapter 10 - Combat Tactics
Chapter 11 - Clear Stream Restauran
Chapter 12 - Spirit Chef
Chapter 13 - Body Refinemen
Chapter 14- Cultivating
Chapter 15- Wondrous Effect of the Soul
Chapter 16 - Little Princess
Chapter 17 - Tes
Chapter 18 - Du Qingxi
Chapter 19 - Quiet Room
Chapter 20 - The Wimp
Chapter 21 - Bizarre Battle
Chapter 22 - Wandering Cloud Sword Sec
Chapter 23 - Exquisite Pavilion
Chapter 24 - Guidance
Chapter 25 - Grand Collapsing Fis
Chapter 26 - Redleaf Institution
Chapter 27 - Southern Barbaric Forbidden Area
Chapter 28 - Violet Rhino Greater Demon
Chapter 29 - Tribute
Chapter 30 - Collapsing a Rock Into Powder
Chapter 31 - Li Huai
Chapter 32 - Su Jiao
Chapter 33 - Disciple of Dragon Lake City
Chapter 34 - Icetail Bee
Chapter 35 - Gather
Chapter 36 - Numerous Experts
Chapter 37 - Southern Barbaric Nether Domain
Chapter 38 - Netherezim Baleful Qi
Chapter 39 - Bloody Mountain
Chapter 40 - Killing Bandits
Chapter 41 - Bloodbath City
Chapter 42 - Chen Xi’s Rage
Chapter 43 - Fight!
Chapter 44 - Broken Sword
Chapter 45 - Answer
Chapter 46 - Nether Enlightenment Token
Chapter 47 - Crimsonflame Mountain Range
Chapter 48 - Unexpected Even
Chapter 49 - Cavern
Chapter 50 - Note Within the Immortal’s Abode
Chapter 51 - Treasure Hall
Chapter 52 - Pixiu
Chapter 53 - Forces Gather
Chapter 54 - Playing Tricks
Chapter 55 - Hundred Herb Hall
Chapter 56 - Kill!
Chapter 57 - Li Ming
Chapter 58 - Goldsoul Lotus Frui
Chapter 59 - Taking Every Possibility Into Accoun
Chapter 60 - 10,000 Year Wai
《Talisman Emperor》 Book 2 — Slaying a Trail of Demons
Chapter 61 Mu Kui
Chapter 62 Li Hu
Chapter 63 Continuous Pleasant Surprises
Chapter 64 Advancing to The Violet Palace Realm
Chapter 65 Greater Demons Visit to Congratulate
Chapter 66 Xiong Pi
Chapter 67 Wind Dao Insigh
Chapter 68 Chen Xi’s Combat Strength
Chapter 69 Come Knocking
Chapter 70 Battling the Black Ape King
Chapter 71 Vengeful Spirits
Chapter 72 Thousandhawk Grand Formation
Chapter 73 Battling The Thunderhawk King
Chapter 74 A Chance Encounter of Old Friends
Chapter 75 Pointing His Sword At Moonhowl Ridge
Chapter 76 A Change In Situation
Chapter 77 Dark Wyrm King
Chapter 78 Godly Illusion Arts
Chapter 79 Prison Battle
Chapter 80 Battling The Roc King
Chapter 81 Tidal Dao Insigh
Chapter 82 Incorporeal Wind Sword
Chapter 83 Friendship
Chapter 84 The Old Turtle King’s Purpose In Coming
Chapter 85 River Diagram
Chapter 86 Closed Door Cultivation
Chapter 87 Element Inversion Mountain
Chapter 88 Profound Disruption Mountain
Chapter 89 Leaving For Home
《Talisman Emperor》 Book 3 — The Path Of Revenge
Chapter 90 Arriving
Chapter 91 Misty Sea City
Chapter 92 Violetgold Treasure Heaven Token
Chapter 93 Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation
Chapter 94 When The Home Is Gone, One Should Kill!
Chapter 95 Storm In The City
Chapter 96 - A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! Part 1
Chapter 97 - A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! Part 2
Chapter 98 - A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! Part 3
Chapter 99 - A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! Part 4
Chapter 100 - A Feud Of Blood, Kill! Kill! Kill! End
Chapter 101 Taking Advantage Of The Situation
Chapter 102 - Chase To Kill
Chapter 103 Starsoul Meteorite
Chapter 104 Fifth-Earth Shaman Marking
Chapter 105 Soulfuse Arts
Chapter 106 Six-Winged Sandworm
Chapter 107 Grand Astral Palm
Chapter 108 Nine-Wyrm Earth Umbrella
Chapter 109 Boundless Secretrealm Discovering Pearl
Chapter 110 Meeting
Chapter 111 One Against All
Chapter 112 Annihilation
Chapter 113 Spoils of the Battle
Chapter 114 Shocking Dragon Lake City
Chapter 115 Battle Deep In The Fores
Chapter 116 Outside Dragon Lake City
Chapter 117 Signing Up for the Competition
Chapter 118 Immortal Assembling Pavilion
Chapter 119 The Dignity of A Nobody
Chapter 120 Arena Battle
Chapter 121 Battling Tang Xu
Chapter 122 Chen Xi’s Persistence
Chapter 123 Bad News
Chapter 124 Ascending The Mountain
Chapter 125 Traversing The Formation
Chapter 126 Dragonhell Peak
Chapter 127 Daoist Wen Xuan
Chapter 128 Azure Lake In The Secluded Valley
Chapter 129 Acceptance and Goodwill
Chapter 130 Pre-Competition Bitter Training
Chapter 131 Hidden Dragon Rankings, Begins!
Chapter 132 Rules
Chapter 133 What a Coincidence!
Chapter 134 Luo Xiu
Chapter 135 Red Clouds With A Bloody Glow
Chapter 136 Blood Corrosion Dao Territory
Chapter 137 Under Attack From All Sides
Chapter 138 Making A Move
Chapter 139 Go Prison 3,000 Slashes
Chapter 140 Chen Xi’s Counterattack
Chapter 141 Entering The Four-Symbols Layer
Chapter 142 Nameless Divine Wood
Chapter 143 Unforeseen Even
Chapter 144 Advancing Triumphantly
Chapter 145 Great Conspiracy
Chapter 146 The Hearts of People
Chapter 147 Soul Suppression Runes
Chapter 148 Mount Meru
Chapter 149 Seizing
Chapter 150 Monstrous Power and Prestige
Chapter 151 True Heart Peak
Chapter 152 Visitors at the Peak
Chapter 153 Devil Sect Looming
Chapter 154 Chen Hao’s Rage
Chapter 155 Unexpected Meeting
Chapter 156 Netherflame Soul Refining
Chapter 157 Turning Disaster Into Good Luck
Chapter 158 Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 159 Azureflower Spiritlord
Chapter 160 Breakthrough
Chapter 161 Bai Wanqing’s Decision
Chapter 162 Taking Revenge
Chapter 163 Avenged
《Talisman Emperor》 Book 4 — Fearless Under The Heavens (Part 1)
Chapter 164 Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture
Chapter 165 Five Years
Chapter 166 Invitation to Attend the Ceremony
Chapter 167 Paying Respect At The Peak
Chapter 168 A Nobody and A Somebody
Chapter 169 Visit From Old Friends
Chapter 170 Nine-Yang Profound Qi
Chapter 171 Sect Entrance Tes
Chapter 172 Hua Hong
Chapter 173 Exiled to Dragonhell Peak
Chapter 174 Sword Visualization Stone
Chapter 175 Departure
Chapter 176 Jungle Training
Chapter 177 Six-Winged Blood Dragonba
Chapter 178 Qian Yuan’s Treasure Vaul
Chapter 179 Golden Hall Realm
Chapter 180 Encountering Danger in the Forbidden Area
Chapter 181 Emeraldcloud Gorge
Chapter 182 Trade
Chapter 183 Leaving The Gorge
Chapter 184 Grand Dao of Slaughter
Chapter 185 Pitch Black Sickle
Chapter 186 Slaughter Dao Territory
Chapter 187 Turning The Situation Around
Chapter 188 Xiao Jun
Chapter 189 Eradicating Future Troubles
Chapter 190 The Grand Oceanic City
Chapter 191 Chu Tianju
Chapter 192 Dao Grade Martial Technique
Chapter 193 Clearmist Spirit Tea
Chapter 194 Critical Factor to Advance
Chapter 195 Qing Xiuyi
Chapter 196 Reincarnated Heavenly Immortal
《Talisman Emperor》 Book 5 — Fearless Under The Heavens (Part 2)
Chapter 197 Tantai Hong
Chapter 198 Devil’s Rock
Chapter 199 Arriving In A Throng
Chapter 200 Five Element Tempes
Chapter 201 Five Element Ruins
Chapter 202 Each Carrying Their Own Motives
Chapter 203 Cloud of Ice Bats
Chapter 204 Teng Brothers
Chapter 205 God Killer Arts
Chapter 206 River of Blood
Chapter 207 Condemn Evil Brush’s ‘’ Character
Chapter 208 Unexpected Change In The Netherworld Register.
Chapter 209 Rise Of Malicious Inten
Chapter 210 Seizing
Chapter 211 The Rise and Fall of the World, Sigh!
Chapter 212 Samsara
Chapter 213 Paramita, Oblivion, Terminus
Chapter 214 A Strand of Will
Chapter 215 Oasis Fores
Chapter 216 Misty Rain Dao Territory
Chapter 217 Fan Yunlan
Chapter 218 Earthly Immortal Jade Talisman
Chapter 219 Fresh and Mellow Fragrance
Chapter 220 Arousing Tune
Chapter 221 Straddled
Chapter 222 Heavenly Fragrance of Intoxication
Chapter 223 Sinister Plo
Chapter 224 At Death’s Door
Chapter 225 Oracle Mountain
Chapter 226 My Little Junior Brother
Chapter 227 Baleful Fiend Burial Grounds
Chapter 228 The Sword Of Righteousness
Chapter 229 The Descent Of The Treasure Vaul
Chapter 230 Breaking Through and Entering
Chapter 231 Eight Paths
Chapter 232 Unbridled Plundering
Chapter 233 Three Tests
Chapter 234 The Test Begins
Chapter 235 Grand Obliteration Fis
Chapter 236 Equipment Emperor’s Dao Measuring Stone
Chapter 237 Competing In Dao Insigh
Chapter 238 Yue Qi Making A Name For Himself
Chapter 239 Shocking Dao Insigh
Chapter 240 Shocking Everyone
Chapter 241 Fierce Beast Suanni
Chapter 242 The Alliance For Seizing The Treasure
Chapter 243 The Ferocious Might Of The Suanni
Chapter 244 Sky Key
Chapter 245 A Frenzied Chase
Chapter 246 Stellar Aquamirror Arts
Chapter 247 He Has Returned
Chapter 248 The Arrival Of Formidable Foes
Chapter 249 Fearless Towards Death
Chapter 250 Sword Formation Shooting Into The Sky
Chapter 251 Converging From Everywhere
Chapter 252 Coming To Look For Trouble
Chapter 253 Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan
Chapter 254 Little Chen Yu
Chapter 255 Infinite Obliteration
Chapter 256 Treating Ling Bai
Chapter 257 Sunchaser Realm
Chapter 258 World Of Stars
Chapter 259 What Are Divine Talismans?
Chapter 260 Talisman Armamen
Chapter 261 The Netherworld Emperor
Chapter 262 Impending Beast Tide
Chapter 263 Inscribing Divine Talismans
Chapter 264 Beast Tide Crisis
Chapter 265 Five Element Sword Sec
Chapter 266 In Confrontation
Chapter 267 Goldflame Sword Technique
Chapter 268 The Four Realms and Twelve Levels Of Dao Insigh
Chapter 269 Desperation
Chapter 270 Incoming Danger
Chapter 271 Mountaineater Ra
Chapter 272 Divine Lightning of the Five Elements
Chapter 273 Reunion of Master and Servan
Chapter 274 Heaven Shaking Roar of Rage
Chapter 275 Ancient Fiendgod
Chapter 276 Dragon Transformation Pool
Chapter 277 All The Way North
Chapter 278 Myriad Venom Mountain Range
Chapter 279 Corrosion Dao Insigh
Chapter 280 Maple Leaf City
Chapter 281 Miss Ya Qing
Chapter 282 Force Field
Chapter 283 Auction
Chapter 284 Baleful Divinewater
Chapter 285 Fierce Bidding
Chapter 286 Endless Twists and Turns
Chapter 287 End of the Auction
Chapter 288 Transformation of the Dao Hear
Chapter 289 Resuming Talisman Crafting
Chapter 290 The 15th Day
Chapter 291 Assassins In The Shadows
Chapter 292 A Taste of Their Own Medicine
Chapter 293 A Storm Is Brewing
Chapter 294 Raid In The Fores
Chapter 295 Setting Up A Trap
Chapter 296 Yellow Dragon’s Shield
Chapter 297 Talisman Battle Tactics
Chapter 298 The Aftermath of the Battle
Chapter 299 Sudden Arrival of the Tribulation
Chapter 300 Advancing to the Golden Core Realm
Chapter 301 Goldlake Meeting
Chapter 302 The City of A Thousand Lakes
Chapter 303 The List Is Ou
Chapter 304 Viburnum Restauran
Chapter 305 Two Women
Chapter 306 The Competition Begins
Chapter 307 The Body Refiner, Ji Yue
Chapter 308 Ascending The Ring To Do Battle
Chapter 309 40 Consecutive Victories
Chapter 310 Dragolion Vidyaraja Seal
Chapter 311 The Energy of Buddha and Devil
Chapter 312 Fleeing In Defea
Chapter 313 Dragonsoul Jade Pendan
Chapter 314 Hua Mobei
Chapter 315 Renouncing The Right To Challenge
Chapter 316 Endless Brightray
Chapter 317 Huangfu Taiwu
Chapter 318 Can’t Be Compared To The Pas
Chapter 319 A Multitude of People Coming To Offer Congratulations
Chapter 320 Blacksun Ambush
Chapter 321 The Reason For The Ambush
Chapter 322 Courier
Chapter 323 Golden Core Realm In Body Refinemen
《Talisman Emperor》 Book 6 – 100,000 Leagues of Blood and Death
Chapter 324 Firecrow Town
Chapter 325 Star
Chapter 326 The Five Great Villains
Chapter 327 Firecrow Tavern
Chapter 328 Annihilating Villains
Chapter 329 Ambush
Chapter 330 Gloom Fores
Chapter 331 Breaking Out of the Tight Encirclemen
Chapter 332 Chained Fiendgod
Chapter 333 Following Like A Shadow
Chapter 334 The Targe
Chapter 335 Turning The Situation Around
Chapter 336 Starting To Draw In The Ne
Chapter 337 One That Kills Will Usually Be Killed
Chapter 338 The Trap To Annihilate All Enemies
Chapter 339 Layer Upon Layer of Traps
Chapter 340 Phantom of the Fores
Chapter 341 Collapsing In Succession
Chapter 342 Travelling With A Beauty
Chapter 343 Fort Desolate
Chapter 344 Bloodbath
Chapter 345 Conceit From Seniority
Chapter 346 Violent Slapping
Chapter 347 Refining The Talisman Armament Once More
Chapter 348 Setting Out To Thunder City
Chapter 349 Violent Armored Bear
Chapter 350 Affection Troubles The Hear
Chapter 351 Arriving At Thunder City
Chapter 352 Happy Reunion
《Talisman Emperor》 Book 7 – Reigning Supreme
Chapter 353 Banque
Chapter 354 Provocation
Chapter 355 Please Enlighten Me
Chapter 356 The Might of A Single Finger
Chapter 357 Impervious To Reason
Chapter 358 Shocking Origins
Chapter 359 Yun Na's Origins.
Chapter 360 Bringing Disaster To The Yun Clan
Chapter 361 Severing All Resentmen
Chapter 362 A Storm Is Gathering
Chapter 363 He Lianjun
Chapter 364 Minor Inciden
Chapter 365 The Capital
Chapter 366 Nine Dragon Sacrificial Altar
Chapter 367 Experts Converge
Chapter 368 Beauties Assemble
Chapter 369 Drawing The Curtains
Chapter 370 Ascension Peak
Chapter 371 Dao Insight Pressure
Chapter 372 Silken Palace
Chapter 373 Ferocious Counterattack
Chapter 374 Flying
Chapter 375 Stamping With Rage
Chapter 376 Unexpected Reunion
Chapter 377 Martial Dao Token
Chapter 378 Ascending The Peak
Chapter 379 Proclamation Of Battle At The Waterfall
Chapter 380 Shocking All With A Single Strike
Chapter 381 Martial Dao Divine Throne
Chapter 382 Central Area
Chapter 383 The Divine Thrones Emerge
Chapter 384 Making A Move In Succession
Chapter 385 Fierce Battle
Chapter 386 Insanity
Chapter 387 Varying Opinions
Chapter 388 Completely Annihilated
Chapter 389 Martial Dao Sacrificial Altar
Chapter 390 Obtaining Precious Treasures Successively
Chapter 391 Phenomena Emerging
Chapter 392 The Light of Sacred Sacrifice
Chapter 393 The Eye of Divine Truth
Chapter 394 Shocking Rewards
Chapter 395 Advancing Twice
Chapter 396 Devilbane Arena
Chapter 397 The Competition Proceeds
Chapter 398 First Battle
Chapter 399 Formless Nightmare Sword
Chapter 400 The Top 12
Chapter 401 Peerless Grace
Chapter 402 Goldjade Dragonform Technique
Chapter 403 Bloodsky Voidslaughter Blade
Chapter 404 Intense Clash
Chapter 405 Ranking In The Top 5
Chapter 406 Peerless Karmic Luck
Chapter 407 Embodying Judgmen
Chapter 408 - Emperor Chu’s Grandeur
Chapter 409 Chen Xi VS Zhao Qinghe
Chapter 410 The Might of Divine Truth
Chapter 411 That Child
Chapter 412 For The Sake Of Victory
Chapter 413 Eight Moves Combined Into One
Chapter 414 Breaking Through Once Again
Chapter 415 Shocking All With A Single Strike
Chapter 416 Reigning Supreme
Chapter 417 The Imperial Family’s Treasure Vaul
Chapter 418 The Dragon Transformation Pool Emerges Into The World
Chapter 419 Soul Core Image
Chapter 420 Breaking The Record
Chapter 421 The United Voice of The Entire City
Chapter 422 The Competition Comes To An End
Chapter 423 Father and Son
Chapter 424 The Profundity of Rebirth
Chapter 425 Returning Home With His Son
Chapter 426 He Has Returned
Chapter 427 A Great Banquet For Seven Days
Chapter 428 Criminal Of The Three Dimensions
Chapter 429 Stellar Lightningform
Chapter 430 The Might Of Three Points
Chapter 431 One Year Later
Chapter 432 Setting Out Once Again
《Talisman Emperor》 Book 8 – Primeval Battlefield
Chapter 433 Thunderstorm Region
Chapter 434 Treasured Fan With A Flaming Glow
Chapter 435 Quasi Immortal Artifac
Chapter 436 Transformation Of The Dao Hear
Chapter 437 The Primitive Sea
Chapter 438 Spatial Rif
Chapter 439 The Isle of Fallen Treasures
Chapter 440 The Crown Prince of the Darjin Dynasty
Chapter 441 Merciless Fire and Water
Chapter 442 The Overbearing Chen Xi
Chapter 443 Tempest of Sea Demons
Chapter 444 Comprehending Fist Insigh
Chapter 445 Killing Inten
Chapter 446 Violent Waterflame Apes
Chapter 447 Obliteration Table
Chapter 448 Underwater Kingdom
Chapter 449 Skysorrow Sword
Chapter 450 Skywolf Dynasty
Chapter 451 Arriving At The Isle
Chapter 452 Numerous Experts
Chapter 453 Peerless Flying Beas
Chapter 454 Rising To The Challenge
Chapter 455 Crushing His Enemies
Chapter 456 Deterring All Experts
Chapter 457 Treasures Left Behind By The Gods
Chapter 458 A Precious Treasure Emerges
Chapter 459 Battling The Sword Crazy Kid
Chapter 460 Whitebone Divineflame
Chapter 461 The True Appearance
Chapter 462 A Secret Realm Emerges
Chapter 463 Surrounded By Numerous Enemies
Chapter 464 Lending A Hand
Chapter 465 The Battle Erupts
Chapter 466 Rebirth Is Arriving
Chapter 467 Heavenly Immortal’s Decree
Chapter 468 Inescapable Doom
Chapter 469 A Slim Chance of Survival
Chapter 470 Both Tribulations Arriving In Unison
Chapter 471 Unusual Change In The Tribulation Lightning
Chapter 472 Facing Death
Chapter 473 Surviving
Chapter 474 The True Meaning of Rebirth
Chapter 475 His Wai
Chapter 476 Invasion Of Experts
Chapter 477 Peerless Migh
Chapter 478 Enemies Everywhere
Chapter 479 Overcoming The Tribulation
Chapter 480 Will Of The Heaven Dao
Chapter 481 Castle of Lightning Spirits
Chapter 482 Phoenix of Rebirth
Chapter 483 I Should Be Reborn Here!
Chapter 484 The Tribulation Lightning Comes To An End
Chapter 485 Counter Kill
Chapter 486 Reunion
Chapter 487 Flame God Fan
Chapter 488 Primeval City
Chapter 489 Suddenly Encountering A Pursui
Chapter 490 Fleeing For His Life
Chapter 491 Watch Me Kill
Chapter 492 Crushing His Opponents
Chapter 493 Heading To Primeval City
Chapter 494 Luo River Kingdom’s Shang Clan
Chapter 495 Chaotic Devilbody
Chapter 496 Martial Emperor’s Warsoul Table
Chapter 497 Changing The Rankings
Chapter 498 Successive Miracles
Chapter 499 Shocking Everyone
Chapter 500 The Firs
Chapter 501 Receiving Invitations Successively
Chapter 502 Layer Upon Layer of Traps
Chapter 503 That Figure
Chapter 504 Turning The Situation Around
Chapter 505 Revealing His Overbearingness
Chapter 506 Unrestrained Slaughter
Chapter 507 Shocking Everyone
Chapter 508 Losing His Composure Repeatedly
Chapter 509 Breaking and Entering
Chapter 510 Assaulting The Shang Clan Alone
Chapter 511 Darkgold Palm
Chapter 512 Annihilating The Will
Chapter 513 Sword Shaped Nimbus Cloud
Chapter 514 Targeted By All
Chapter 515 The Grand Dao of Tai Chi
Chapter 516 Phenomena Descending From The Sky
Chapter 517 Emissaries of the Dark Reverie
Chapter 518 The Might Of An Earthly Immortal
Chapter 519 A Visitor
Chapter 520 A Hundred Reincarnations
Chapter 521 Establishing Ownership
Chapter 522 Bing Shitian
Chapter 523 Refining Treasures
Chapter 524 Sudden Change In The Tiny Cauldron
Chapter 525 A Heavenly Immortal Descends
Chapter 526 The Might Of An Immortal Emissary
Chapter 527 Blazing Rage
Chapter 528 Specter Cavalry
Chapter 529 The Power of Divinity
Chapter 530 Goldplate Cavalier
Chapter 531 Xeno-race Experts
Chapter 532 The City Is Under Siege
Chapter 533 Living For Battle
Chapter 534 Charging Into The Heavens
Chapter 535 The Tiny Cauldron’s Divine Migh
Chapter 536 All-Powerful
Chapter 537 The Curtains Descend
Chapter 538 The Aftermath of the Battle
Chapter 539 Undercurrents Are Brewing
Chapter 540 Recruitment Lis
Chapter 541 Blazing Rage
Chapter 542 The Punishment Of A Heavenly Immortal
Chapter 543 The Great Sage, Heaven Trampler!
Chapter 544 The Saintly Land of Ascension
Chapter 545 Great Figures
Chapter 546 The Agreement of 100 Years
Chapter 547 A New Journey
Chapter 548 Shocking The Darchu Dynasty
Chapter 549 Crowded With Visitors
《Talisman Emperor》 Book 9 – The Dark Reverie
Chapter 550 The Nine Radiance Sword Sec
Chapter 551 Suddenly Encountering Provocation
Chapter 552 Mighty Counterattack
Chapter 553 The Dispute For The Position Of Peak Master
Chapter 554 The Benefits of Being Bashed
Chapter 555 The Five Great Elite Disciples
Chapter 556 Sword Purification Pool
Chapter 557 Letting None Escape
Chapter 558 Fuck Off, All of You!
Chapter 559 Overbearing
Chapter 560 Peak Trials Showdown
Chapter 561 - The Sea of Dao Comprehension
Chapter 562 Art Cultivation Grounds
Chapter 563 The Domains of the Lotus
Chapter 564 Ascending The Lotus Step By Step
Chapter 565 The Domain of Lightning
Chapter 566 Stepping Onto The Top
Chapter 567 Shocking The Higher-ups
Chapter 568 Bamboo Slip Book Demons
Chapter 569 Discussing The Dao
Chapter 570 Allheaven Truth
Chapter 571 Fickle
Chapter 572 Holding The World In His Palm
Chapter 573 Infinite Obliteration
Chapter 574 Sword Qi Threads
Chapter 575 Seeing Through Reality
Chapter 576 The Light of Eradication
Chapter 577 Lawless
Chapter 578 Kneel
Chapter 579 Fierce Pursui
Chapter 580 Turning The Situation Around
Chapter 581 Shocked Silen
Chapter 582 The Curtains Descend
Chapter 583 Shocking Changes
Chapter 584 Comprehending The Profound Technique
Chapter 585 Chaotic Divine Lotus
Chapter 586 Performance Hall
Chapter 587 Huji Xueyan
Chapter 588 Wings of Disruption
Chapter 589 Monstrous Crimes
Chapter 590 Lend Me Your Head
Chapter 591 A Flash
Chapter 592 Paying A Visit Domineeringly
Chapter 593 I'll Surely Kill Without Mercy
Chapter 594 Goldlight of Deliverance
Chapter 595 Pure Blooded Dark Pheasan
Chapter 596 Divineflame, Darkwater
Chapter 597 Blackhole World
Chapter 598 Numerous Gains
Chapter 599 Burning Battle Inten
Chapter 600 Bashed Miserably
Chapter 601 Taking Assignments
Chapter 602 Specter Soulpearl
Chapter 603 The Mortal World
Chapter 604 Advancing
Chapter 605 The Peak Trials Begin
Chapter 606 Lacking A Single Person
Chapter 607 Competing For Possession Of The Rings
Chapter 608 The Tactic of Overwhelming With Numbers
Chapter 609 Shocking The World With A Single Step
Chapter 610 Surrounded By Divine Rings
Chapter 611 Peerless Imposing Aura
Chapter 612 Crushed Completely
Chapter 613 Seed Disciple
Chapter 614 Immortal Stone
Chapter 615 Azurecloud Pavilion
Chapter 616 Heedless of Consequences
Chapter 617 White Emperor’s Metal Eyes
Chapter 618 Dark Brilliance Spirit Vein
Chapter 619 Joining Forces
Chapter 620 Profound Disruption Divineligh
Chapter 621 Coming To Cause Trouble
Chapter 622 Making A Ferocious Show of Strength
Chapter 623 Savage Five Element Bow
Chapter 624 A Battle That Shocked Divine Radiance Peak
Chapter 625 Blasted Flying With A Single Slap
Chapter 626 Skill That Shocked Divine Radiance Peak
Chapter 627 Dark Parasol's Abyss
Chapter 628 Grand Dao Fragments
Chapter 629 The Domain of Ice
Chapter 630 Icesoul Divine Tree
Chapter 631 A Bronze Coffin
Chapter 632 Experts Converge
Chapter 633 Slap! Slap! Slap!
Chapter 634 Every Word Is Like A Blade
Chapter 635 Provoked Again
Chapter 636 Bashing Domineeringly
Chapter 637 Forced To Make A Move
Chapter 638 Staging A Farce
Chapter 639 Heaven Refinement Furnace
Chapter 640 Unexpectedly Obtaining A Treasure
Chapter 641 The List Of Experts
Chapter 642 A Fluctuation That Surged Through The City
Chapter 643 The Divine Towernine Mountain
Chapter 644 The Three Great Treasure Troves
Chapter 645 Mysterious Guests
Chapter 646 Hanging On By A Thread
Chapter 647 An Enormous Claw That Covered The Sky
Chapter 648 Ferocious Beast, Yazi
Chapter 649 The Death Of The Ancestor
Chapter 650 A Land Of Gold
Chapter 651 Encountering Provocation Repeatedly
Chapter 652 A Storm Of Seizing
Chapter 653 Advancing To Two Times Combat Strength
Chapter 654 Breaking Through Successively
Chapter 655 Prisoners
Chapter 656 Arriving Alone
Chapter 657 The Slaughter Burns Like Flames
Chapter 658 Eight Illusion Immortal Cage
Chapter 659 Unexpected Events Occurring Repeatedly
Chapter 660 Flame World Palm
Chapter 661 A Battle Between Geniuses
Chapter 662 The Shadow Of Xeno-race Experts
Chapter 663 Turning The Tides In A Hopeless Situation
Chapter 664 Shocking Everyone
Chapter 665 Sacred Water From The Nether Springs
Chapter 666 Primeval God Devourer Ants
Chapter 667 Divine Palace of Creation
Chapter 668 A Mass of Doors
Chapter 669 Immortal Brewed Divine Wine
Chapter 670 Moving The Stars and Shifting The Moon
Chapter 671 An Earthly Immortal's Attack
Chapter 672 Repairing His Body With Divine Wine
Chapter 673 Golden Emperor Ants
Chapter 674 Infuriating Earthly Immortal Realm Experts
Chapter 675 The Door of Profundity
Chapter 676 Dimensional Maze
Chapter 677 - Divine Medicine and Treasures
Chapter 678 Octopole Darkligh
Chapter 679 Seizing Treasures
Chapter 680 Heavenly Suppression Pagoda
Chapter 681 Xeno-race Saint Emperor
Chapter 682 The Heavenly Sword of Creation
Chapter 683 Going Against A Heavenly Immortal
Chapter 684 Shattered Blackhole
Chapter 685 A Place Of Exile
Chapter 686 Xiao Yan Don’t Cry
Chapter 687 Black Cerberus
Chapter 688 Receiving Control Of The Clan
Chapter 689 Lessons
Chapter 690 Blood Peach
Chapter 691 Passing Down The Dao
Chapter 692 Violet Lightning and Azurefros
Chapter 693 Entranced
Chapter 694 Strange Fish At The Bottom Of The River
Chapter 695 The Writing Of Fiendgods
Chapter 696 Enlightened
Chapter 697 Annihilating The Entire Camp
Chapter 698 Azuresun Netherflame Formation
Chapter 699 Sudden Enlightenmen
Chapter 700 The Advancing Youths
Chapter 701 A Dreamlike Victory
Chapter 702 Lord Yun Su
Chapter 703 Dark Violet Ice Lotus
Chapter 704 A World Of Talisman Markings
Chapter 705 The Charm Of That Sword Strike
Chapter 706 Extreme Cultivation
Chapter 707 Saint Emperor Chi Yan
Chapter 708 The Great Blaze City
Chapter 709 Violet Cloaked Young Woman
Chapter 710 Treasure Gathering Pavilion
Chapter 711 Fiercely Slapping Her
Chapter 712 He’s The Outside Help
Chapter 713 Immortal Indulgence Inn
Chapter 714 An Issue Of Dao Companions
Chapter 715 Overbearing Young Master
Chapter 716 Shocking Everyone
Chapter 717 Slaughtering Yan Shisan
Chapter 718 Master Yong
Chapter 719 Master Yong’s Provocation
Chapter 720 Black Quartz Jade Token
Chapter 721 Shocking The Entire City
Chapter 722 Drawing The Dao Into His Body
Chapter 723 A Young Woman Fell From The Sky
Chapter 724 Seagod’s Hear
Chapter 725 Looking Down On Others
Chapter 726 Whitejade Dracophan
Chapter 727 Killing On The Streets
Chapter 728 A’xiu’s Rage
Chapter 729 Making Concessions
Chapter 730 Making No Concessions
Chapter 731 Song of Fire
Chapter 732 Unsettled Mind
Chapter 733 Shocked
Chapter 734 Nine-Profundity Immortal Wok
Chapter 735 Eternal Spirit Mountain
Chapter 736 Ninesplit Grace
Chapter 737 He’s Too Ferocious!
Chapter 738 Sword Evaluation Hall!
Chapter 739 Baili Yan
Chapter 740 Five Element Physique
Chapter 741 Taking A Yard
Chapter 742 Admit Defeat Or Die
Chapter 743 Eternal Profundity
Chapter 744 You’re Very Unnecessary
Chapter 745 Eternal Dao Scripture
Chapter 746 Openly Challenging Chen Langya
Chapter 747 As If Struck By Lightning
Chapter 748 The Grand Meeting Of The Extraordinary
Chapter 749 I’ll Bring You Along To Go Kill People
Chapter 750 Invading The East Radiance Peak
Chapter 751 Everyone Has Arrived
Chapter 752 Was Today’s Show Entertaining?
Chapter 753 Overflowing With Guests
Chapter 754 Two Immortal Artifacts
Chapter 755 In Confrontation
Chapter 756 The Five Moves of The Eternal
Chapter 757 Father’s Figure
《Talisman Emperor》 Book 10 – Rivalry
Chapter 758 The Arrival Of His Rival In Love
Chapter 759 Shameless Boasting
Chapter 760 The Rage Of A Heavenly Immortal
Chapter 761 Xueyan Becoming His Servan
Chapter 762 Refining The Laws
Chapter 763 Ascending To The Exalted Rank
Chapter 764 Bai Jingchen
Chapter 765 Comprehending Creation
Chapter 766 Bloodsoul Sword Cave
Chapter 767 Treasure Emperor Silkworm
Chapter 768 Who Is Senior Brother?
Chapter 769 Blood Robed Man
Chapter 770 Bloodsoul Qiongqi
Chapter 771 Chaotic Source Crystal
Chapter 772 Unexpected Gains
Chapter 773 Gravitational Restricted Area
Chapter 774 Shocking Sword Technique
Chapter 775 A Myriad Of Techniques Emerging From A Single Sword Strike
Chapter 776 Dividing Up The Spoils
Chapter 777 Secret Area Within The Pool Of Lightning
Chapter 778 Terrifying Mysterious Person
Chapter 779 Promoted To Elder
Chapter 780 Worldmend Technique
Chapter 781 Villain Rankings
Chapter 782 Sky Dao Abandoned Mountain
Chapter 783 Marquis Wen’s Estate
Chapter 784 I Don’t Know Her
Chapter 785 Great Sinners
Chapter 786 Enforcing Justice On Behalf Of The Heavens
Chapter 787 Warning Others With An Example
Chapter 788 Goldlight Of Virtue
Chapter 789 Prime Blood God
Chapter 790 The Netherworld Register Demonstrating Its Migh
Chapter 791 Killing Successively
Chapter 792 Forcing The Great Figure Back
Chapter 793 Stirring The Dark Reverie
Chapter 794 Audacious Servan
Chapter 795 Enemies Drop In
Chapter 796 Dao River and Dragon Mountain
Chapter 797 Universal Devil Suppression
Chapter 798 You Group Of Old Dogs
Chapter 799 Breaking Apart The Five Elements
Chapter 800 Slaughtering Successively
Chapter 801 Refining The Grand Formation
Chapter 802 Taia Nine Spiral Bell
Chapter 803 Turning Around An Adverse Situation
Chapter 804 Ruthlessly Crushing A Flower
Chapter 805 The Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s Fury
Chapter 806 Kneeling Down and Begging For Mercy
Chapter 807 Dao Platform To Impart Knowledge
Chapter 808 Little Bear With Gold Fur
Chapter 809 The Thief Makes An Appearance
Chapter 810 Heaven Imprisoning Dao Shackles
Chapter 811 Reunion
Chapter 812 The Holy Land of Talismans
Chapter 813 Hello, I’m Liang Bing
Chapter 814 Cosmos Beas
Chapter 815 Virtue Plate
Chapter 816 The Test Begins
Chapter 817 Four Immortal Artifacts
Chapter 818 I Won’t Fucking Accept This
Chapter 819 Blasted To Death With A Single Strike
Chapter 820 The Tempering Begins
Chapter 821 Dealing With The Calamity
Chapter 822 Heaven Discernment Ruler
Chapter 823 To Leave Or To Stay
Chapter 824 Like A God
Chapter 825 Terrifying Will
Chapter 826 Thousand Fortune Granny
Chapter 827 The Enemies Are At The Gate
Chapter 828 Special Treatmen
Chapter 829 Talisman Diagram Grandhall
Chapter 830 Talisman Formation Grandmaster
Chapter 831 Breaking The Rules
Chapter 832 Attacking Flagrantly
Chapter 833 Pulling Weeds By The Roo
Chapter 834 The Descendant Of The Eastern Emperor
Chapter 835 Extraordinary Skill
Chapter 836 Who Exactly Is It?
Chapter 837 Young People Are Too Boastful
Chapter 838 Evil Reveals Its Tracks
Chapter 839 Azure Winged Vampire Ba
Chapter 840 Malicious Woman
Chapter 841 The Luo Clan’s Young Master
Chapter 842 Chaotic Divine Artifac
Chapter 843 The Descendant Of An Immortal
Chapter 844 Undercurrents Are Brewing
Chapter 845 A Sincere Invitation Doesn’t Exis
Chapter 846 Encountering Repeated Provocation
Chapter 847 A Battle Of Life And Death
Chapter 848 Footsteps That Shook The Skies
Chapter 849 Tearing Off The Skin Of A Tiger
Chapter 850 Grim Situation
Chapter 851 Grand Deduction Tower
Chapter 852 The Tower Has 10 Levels
Chapter 853 Tacit Understanding
Chapter 854 Nether Crane’s Wings
Chapter 855 In Confrontation
Chapter 856 A Familiar Voice
Chapter 857 The Tiny Cauldron Has Changed
Chapter 858 Launching Sneak Attacks Repeatedly
Chapter 859 Deducing The Secrets Of The Heavens
Chapter 860 Affecting The Talisman Dimension
Chapter 861 Immeasurable Virtue
Chapter 862 Reuniting With His Enemies
Chapter 863 I’m Late
Chapter 864 Ancestral Secret Technique
Chapter 865 Peerless Elegant Demeanor
Chapter 866 Oracle Poin
Chapter 867 Dao Struggle
Chapter 868 Imagination Running Wild
Chapter 869 Took Me As An Enemy
Chapter 870 Completely Enraged
Chapter 871 Commit Suicide To Atone For Your Crimes
Chapter 872 Worse Than Dog Shi
Chapter 873 Two Heavenly Immortals
Chapter 874 Whipping A Heavenly Immortal
Chapter 875 An Omen Of Great Chaos
Chapter 876 Deadline To Overcome The Tribulation
Chapter 877 Everything Is Ready
Chapter 878 Azure Lightning Tribulation
Chapter 879 Charging Through The Sky
Chapter 880 Immeasurable Virtue
Chapter 881 Advancing Into The Earthly Immortal Realm
Chapter 882 Returning To The Sword Cave
Chapter 883 Unexpected Event In The Sword Cave
Chapter 884 The Struggle Between Dao And Evil
Chapter 885 Dao Calamity Sword
Chapter 886 Passing by Swallow Kingdom
Chapter 887 Moonhowl Extermination
Chapter 888 Trying To Get A Sense Of Existence
Chapter 889 Annihilating All With One Strike
Chapter 890 The Silkworm Blackie
Chapter 891 Soul Combat Puppe
Chapter 892 Mysterious Sacrificial Platform
Chapter 893 The Honor Of Mortis
Chapter 894 The Shadow of Enemies
Chapter 895 The Strength Of Mortis
Chapter 896 Saint Emperor Gui Su
Chapter 897 Blasted Back With A Single Punch
Chapter 898 Those Opponents
Chapter 899 Provocation
Chapter 900 Bashing
Chapter 901 The Immortal Sword Scarlet Holly
Chapter 902 Supreme Nirvana
Chapter 903 I Guarantee I Won’t Bash You To Death
Chapter 904 Devilkiller Tristrike
Chapter 905 Horrifying Bai Cheng
Chapter 906 Old Friends Meeting Again
Chapter 907 The Pas
Chapter 908 Iris Immortal Prison
Chapter 909 Testing His Strength
Chapter 910 Heavily Injured From A Single Punch
Chapter 911 Destruction Of The Ages
Chapter 912 Returning
Chapter 913 Sending Out Invitations Far And Wide
Chapter 914 Creating Divine Talismans
Chapter 915 The Grand Dao Is Incomplete
Chapter 916 Devour Divine Talisman
Chapter 917 Advancing Repeatedly
Chapter 918 A Husband That’s On Par With The Wife
Chapter 919 Peak Sovereign
Chapter 920 Self Illumination
Chapter 921 Time Flows Like Water
Chapter 922 Tempering The Heart In The Mortal World
Chapter 923 Obstructed At The Entrance
Chapter 924 Successively Breaking Through The 18 Levels
Chapter 925 Killing His Way Into The Hall
Chapter 926 Immortal Bewitchmen
Chapter 927 Ruined And Disgraced
Chapter 928 Unparalleled Battle
Chapter 929 Astonishmen
Chapter 930 Killing Intent Of The Heaven Dao
Chapter 931 Annihilated
Chapter 932 Unprecedented
Chapter 933 Azureforest Academy
Chapter 934 Aura Of Righteousness
Chapter 935 Cubic Inch Battlefield
《Talisman Emperor》 Book 11 – Path Of Blood Through The Netherworld
Chapter 936 The Netherworld
Chapter 937 Blood Red Moon
Chapter 938 Nine Spirits Carrying A Coffin
Chapter 939 Enmity Of The Cui Clan
Chapter 940 Spirits Worshipping The Moon
Chapter 941 Ghost Emperor’s Bodhi Hear
Chapter 942 Accompanied By An Exper
Chapter 943 Ghost Qilin
Chapter 944 Ghost Path’s Judge Of Life
Chapter 945 Grand Rebirth Technique
Chapter 946 Asura Path’s Judge Of Life
Chapter 947 Chen Xi Making A Move
Chapter 948 The Whereabouts Of The Netherworld Disk
Chapter 949 Judgment Profundity
Chapter 950 Dog Eat Dog
Chapter 951 Baiting
Chapter 952 Taking Advantage Of The Situation
Chapter 953 Nether Spring Grand Emperor
Chapter 954 Paramita Descending Into The World
Chapter 955 The Grand Emperor Appears
Chapter 956 The River of Forgetfulness
Chapter 957 Feigning Weakness To Trick His Opponents
Chapter 958 Hexavoid Bloodgod
Chapter 959 Omniscient Pavilion
Chapter 960 Thousandeye Ghost Ape
Chapter 961 Flare Godfis
Chapter 962 Killing Their Way Into The City
Chapter 963 Seal And Annihilate All Techniques
Chapter 964 In Confrontation
Chapter 965 Intense Confrontation
Chapter 966 Ancestor Of The Cui Clan
Chapter 967 Reduced To A Chess Piece
Chapter 968 Mysterious Ancestral Treasure
Chapter 969 The Struggle Between The Immortal And Buddhist Sects
Chapter 970 Seven Moves Of Judgmen
Chapter 971 The Sea Of Misery
Chapter 972 Travelling With An Immortal
Chapter 973 Calamity Ward Green Lantern
Chapter 974 Void Raid Ring
Chapter 975 Destiny
Chapter 976 Myriad Star Islands
Chapter 977 Slaughter
Chapter 978 Reversio Disk
Chapter 979 Foolish Yaksha
Chapter 980 Misery Crystals Of Oblivion
Chapter 981 A Sword Strike That Shook The Heavens
Chapter 982 Annihilation
Chapter 983 Blazing Fighting Spiri
Chapter 984 Peerless Amongst Earthly Immortals
Chapter 985 The Restriction Of Oblivion
Chapter 986 Sink Into The Sea Of Misery
Chapter 987 Heaven Suppression Scripture Of Oblivion
Chapter 988 Wiped Ou
Chapter 989 King Chu Jiang’s Migh
Chapter 990 Identity Uncovered
Chapter 991 Changes In The Situation
Chapter 992 A Brush That Startled The Universe
Chapter 993 The Emperor’s Migh
Chapter 994 The Sunset Of Terminus
Chapter 995 Returning To The Dark Reverie
《Talisman Emperor》 Book 12 – Ascension
Chapter 996 Being Unreasonable
Chapter 997 Monstrous Background
Chapter 998 The Path To Eternal Life
Chapter 999 Rescued From A Hopeless Situation
Chapter 1000 The Law of Ligh
Chapter 1001 Misty Immortal Mountain
Chapter 1002 Exaggerated Wisdom
Chapter 1003 That Glory
Chapter 1004 Imparting Knowledge
Chapter 1005 Calamity Descends
Chapter 1006 The Heaven Dao Shatters
Chapter 1007 Overarching Heaven Ne
Chapter 1008 Arrival of Old Friends
Chapter 1009 Ascension
《Talisman Emperor》 Book 13 - Immortal Strife
Chapter 1010 Ascending Into Immortality
Chapter 1011 The Mysterious Immortal Meng Xing
Chapter 1012 Azuresoul Mine
Chapter 1013 The Grades of Immortal Artifacts
Chapter 1014 Ambushed On The Way
Chapter 1015 Unfathomable Movement Technique
Chapter 1016 The Immortal Monarch’s Decree
Chapter 1017 Annihilating A Heavenly Immortal
Chapter 1018 Azuresoul Divinejade
Chapter 1019 Calamity Ward Radiance
Chapter 1020 The Moment Of Retaliation
Chapter 1021 Crushing Them One By One
Chapter 1022 Confrontation
Chapter 1023 Setting his Sights On A Mysterious Immortal
Chapter 1024 A Battle Of Two Realms
Chapter 1025 Five Element Sword Veil
Chapter 1026 The Four Great Immortal Kings
Chapter 1027 A Golden Immortal Arrives
Chapter 1028 The Six Blazing Suns
Chapter 1029 Ascensio Immortal Rankings
Chapter 1030 Floating Wall Of Ligh
Chapter 1031 Warran
Chapter 1032 Goldwave Immortal Pavilion
Chapter 1033 Driving Back His Enemies
Chapter 1034 Treasure Exchange Hall
Chapter 1035 Avoided Safely
Chapter 1036 A Test In The Dao Of Talismans
Chapter 1037 Fifth-Earth Netherstar Immortal Talisman
Chapter 1038 Damaged Ancient Talisman
Chapter 1039 Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form
Chapter 1040 Supreme Body Refinement Technique
Chapter 1041 Fight To The Death
Chapter 1042 The Might Of A Single Sword Strike
Chapter 1043 The Furious Immortal Monarch
Chapter 1044 A New Star In The Dao Of Blades
Chapter 1045 Four Divinity City
Chapter 1046 Evening Banquet In The Liang Clan
Chapter 1047 The Seven Forbidden Talismans
Chapter 1048 The Exchange Begins
Chapter 1049 Pressing Down Step By Step
Chapter 1050 Rivers Of Stars Filling The Sky
Chapter 1051 Leaving In Rage
Chapter 1052 New Ranking
Chapter 1053 Martial Dao Will
Chapter 1054 Martial Emperor Domain
Chapter 1055 Training Arena
Chapter 1056 Unruly Young Woman
Chapter 1057 He’s Doing It Intentionally
Chapter 1058 Conflic
Chapter 1059 Crimsonray Immortal Sword
Chapter 1060 Yin and Yang Sword Qi
Chapter 1061 Issuing A Challenge
Chapter 1062 You’re Unworthy
Chapter 1063 None Rise To The Challenge
Chapter 1064 All I Seek Is Defea
Chapter 1065 Ruthlessly Crushing A Flower
Chapter 1066 How Great Is Their Enmity?
Chapter 1067 Four-Symbol Divine Fis
Chapter 1068 Coming For Vengeance
Chapter 1069 Azure Dragon Ocean
Chapter 1070 Welcoming The Battle With Rage
Chapter 1071 As You Wish
Chapter 1072 Lightningarc Blade
Chapter 1073 God Killer Needle
Chapter 1074 A Storm Rises Once More
Chapter 1075 The Rules Of The Game
Chapter 1076 Equipment Refinement Technique
Chapter 1077 Old Dog Yin
Chapter 1078 Thorough Examination
Chapter 1079 The Price
Chapter 1080 The Extreme
Chapter 1081 Grand Mountain and River Seal
Chapter 1082 Treasure Measurement Stele
Chapter 1083 Overjoyed
Chapter 1084 100 Ingenious Methods
Chapter 1085 Breakthrough
Chapter 1086 Booming Popularity
Chapter 1087 Flamespirit Devilslaughter Blade
Chapter 1088 Coming Uninvited
Chapter 1089 Stamping With Rage
Chapter 1090 Eastern Illumination
Chapter 1091 Who Subdued Whom?
Chapter 1092 Ascending Rapidly
Chapter 1093 A Storm Is Brewing
Chapter 1094 Iris Continent’s Zuoqiu Clan
Chapter 1095 Void Guard
Chapter 1096 Starsoul Immortal Beas
Chapter 1097 Enmity And Death Knocking On His Door
Chapter 1098 Causing Trouble Deliberately
Chapter 1099 A Storm Caused By A Misunderstanding
Chapter 1100 Senior Brothers
Chapter 1101 Scent Tracking Seal
Chapter 1102 The Battle Erupts
Chapter 1103 Turning The Situation Around
Chapter 1104 Nine Profundity Wind Grand Formation
Chapter 1105 Ji Yu’s Words
Chapter 1106 The True Inheritance Of The Master Of The Manor
Chapter 1107 The Critical Factor To Advance
Chapter 1108 The Stars Sway Beneath The Veil Of Eternal Nigh
Chapter 1109 Threads Of Rain That’re Like A Blade
Chapter 1110 Double Pupils
Chapter 1111 Devil Vanquish Slaughtering Immortals
Chapter 1112 Thousand Autumn Sword
Chapter 1113 Dreamlike Drizzle
Chapter 1114 Valiant Star Restriction
《Talisman Emperor》 Book 14 - Dao Emperor Academy
Chapter 1115 Darkombat City
Chapter 1116 A Storm Gathers In Darkombat City
Chapter 1117 Conflic
Chapter 1118 The Seven Ancient Clans
Chapter 1119 Visit and Invitation
Chapter 1120 Violet Ribbon Starcres
Chapter 1121 Seven Days Later
Chapter 1122 Half-step Immortal King
Chapter 1123 It’s Impossible To Become A King Without Karmic Luck
Chapter 1124 Shocked!
Chapter 1125 Rising To Fame
Chapter 1126 Bloodlands
Chapter 1127 Sorlo Boa
Chapter 1128 Illusory Demonflower
Chapter 1129 Devilsow Bird
Chapter 1130 Minor Thunderclap Devilbreak Slaughter Formation
Chapter 1131 Despicable Native of the Three Dimensions
Chapter 1132 Making Every Second Coun
Chapter 1133 An Army Surrounds The Formation
Chapter 1134 Trap!
Chapter 1135 Path Of Death
Chapter 1136 Utterly Defeated
Chapter 1137 Taking Action
Chapter 1138 Sudden Change In The Rankings
Chapter 1139 Barbaric Blood Lake
Chapter 1140 Hawksorrow Mountain
Chapter 1141 Bloody Slaughter
Chapter 1142 Only Seeking Self Preservation
Chapter 1143 Firs
Chapter 1144 Plague
Chapter 1145 Astral Whitebale
Chapter 1146 Experts Arrive
Chapter 1147 A Descendant Of Evernight Immortal King
Chapter 1148 Rockface Spiritking
Chapter 1149 Lucky Coincidence
Chapter 1150 Divine Azurelotus Pond
Chapter 1151 Primordial Azurelotus
Chapter 1152 The Eleventh Hour
Chapter 1153 Firs
Chapter 1154 Soul Suppression
Chapter 1155 The Clear Cry Of A Young Phoenix
Chapter 1156 Heart Reflection Lake, Dao Sharpening Stone
Chapter 1157 Riding The Waves Forward
Chapter 1158 Dao Emperor’s Golden Decree
Chapter 1159 The Praise of the Gods
Chapter 1160 An Omen of Great Calamity
Chapter 1161 The Praise Of The Gods Descends Like Rain
Chapter 1162 Extraordinary Splendor
Chapter 1163 The Dao Bell of Vie
Chapter 1164 The Dean’s Decree!
Chapter 1165 The Test Concludes
Chapter 1166 Nuwa’s Dao Palace
Chapter 1167 Allheaven Golden Rankings
Chapter 1168 Emperor Grade Abode
Chapter 1169 The Tiny Cauldron Awakens
Chapter 1170 Shocking Discovery Of A River Diagram Fragmen
Chapter 1171 The Accomplished Rule
Chapter 1172 Domineering Probe
Chapter 1173 Bound By Common Hatred
Chapter 1174 Leaving In Defeat and Disgrace
Chapter 1175 Assignment Mountain
Chapter 1176 Just Wait and See
Chapter 1177 Xuanyuan Society
Chapter 1178 Hustling About To Earn Starpoints
Chapter 1179 Who’s Chen Xi?
Chapter 1180 Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron
Chapter 1181 Renowned In The Academy
Chapter 1182 The Three Souls Are Linked and Profound Vitality Emerges
Chapter 1183 Enforcers
Chapter 1184 Where Does His Confidence Come From?
Chapter 1185 Karmic Luck
Chapter 1186 Hua Jiankong’s Swords
Chapter 1187 The Path To Become A Sword God
Chapter 1188 Obtaining Precious Treasures Successively
Chapter 1189 I Must Strive For It!
Chapter 1190 Burning Fervor
Chapter 1191 The Tiny Cauldron’s Inheritance
Chapter 1192 Repression Operation
Chapter 1193 Perfection In The Five Elements
Chapter 1194 Invitations
Chapter 1195 Accompany To The End
Chapter 1196 Controlling Water In His Palm
Chapter 1197 The Dao Of Sword Control
Chapter 1198 Imminent Battle
Chapter 1199 Crushing His Opponents
Chapter 1200 Fierce Whipping
Chapter 1201 Peak Battle
Chapter 1202 Unparalleled
Chapter 1203 Unhindered
Chapter 1204 Renowned Throughout The Academy
Chapter 1205 Establishing The Star Alliance
Chapter 1206 The Book Demon Benji
Chapter 1207 Obtaining Dao Scriptures
Chapter 1208 Illusory Heaven Immortal Domain
Chapter 1209 Star
Chapter 1210 Crushing All Obstacles
Chapter 1211 Peerless In History
Chapter 1212 Only Battle Can Bring Him Success
Chapter 1213 The Aura Of The Heaven Dao
Chapter 1214 Divine Crest Bestowed By The Heavens
Chapter 1215 Spatial Divine Cres
Chapter 1216 Endless Disturbance
Chapter 1217 Domineering Counterattack
Chapter 1218 Forced Back With A Single Strike
Chapter 1219 Like Crushing Dry Leaves
Chapter 1220 Confrontation
Chapter 1221 Arriving In A Threatening Manner Yet Leaving With Anxiety
Chapter 1222 Impossible To Escape
Chapter 1223 You’re Too Young
Chapter 1224 Five Months Later
Chapter 1225 Ancient Dao Emperor Grounds
Chapter 1226 The Shadow Of Immortal Kings
Chapter 1227 Void Hawks
Chapter 1228 Enemies In The Shadows
Chapter 1229 Clean Sweep
Chapter 1230 Where Fortune Resides
Chapter 1231 Taking Advantage
Chapter 1232 The Heavens Play Tricks On All
Chapter 1233 The Tomb Of An Immortal King
Chapter 1234 Skyearth Gourd
Chapter 1235 Heaven Dance
Chapter 1236 Undying Bats
Chapter 1237 There’s Great Terror In The Moment Between Life and Death
Chapter 1238 The River of Fiery Refinement, The Bridge to the Deep
Chapter 1239 Vying Domineeringly
Chapter 1240 Fighting All By Himself
Chapter 1241 Subduing The Fish King, Capturing Precious Treasures
Chapter 1242 Emperor Yu’s Nine Cauldron Palaces
Chapter 1243 Fortune
Chapter 1244 Unsurpassed Beauty
Chapter 1245 The Arrival Of Trouble
Chapter 1246 Crushing His Enemies
Chapter 1247 The Nine Continent Divine Cauldron
Chapter 1248 A Struggle Between Immortal Kings
Chapter 1249 Divine Blood Resin
Chapter 1250 The Mantis That Stalked The Cicada
Chapter 1251 A Battle Between Half-step Immortal Kings
Chapter 1252 Heart Towards The Grand Dao
Chapter 1253 Leaving In Anger
Chapter 1254 Who’s Number One?
Chapter 1255 News About An Old Friend
Chapter 1256 Slave Trade
Chapter 1257 The Golden Immortal, Wang Tu
Chapter 1258 Utter Annihilation
Chapter 1259 Master And Disciple Mee
Chapter 1260 Merciless Whipping
Chapter 1261 This Kid Is Difficult To Deal With
Chapter 1262 A Saint Immortal Arrives
Chapter 1263 Shocking Secre
Chapter 1264 The Influence Of His Reputation
Chapter 1265 Clearance
Chapter 1266 Legendary Experience
Chapter 1267 Unexpected Even
Chapter 1268 A Treasure In Return
Chapter 1269 Make The Best Use Of Every Second
Chapter 1270 Making Every Second Coun
Chapter 1271 The First Class
Chapter 1272 Squatting On The Ground And Drawing Circles
Chapter 1273 Raising A Storm
Chapter 1274 Qing Ye
Chapter 1275 Unexpected
Chapter 1276 Sword Room
Chapter 1277 Fight For Supremacy In The Dao Of Swords
Chapter 1278 Coming To Request For A Spar
Chapter 1279 Classified Information
Chapter 1280 Ancestor Of The Phoenix Clan
Chapter 1281 The Birthplace Of Phoenixes
Chapter 1282 Depressed
Chapter 1283 Only Battle Can Calm His Hear
Chapter 1284 The Might Of A Sword God
Chapter 1285 Swaggering Through The Streets
Chapter 1286 Disturbance In The Restauran
Chapter 1287 Terrifying Reputation
Chapter 1288 Divine Abyss Of Darkness
Chapter 1289 Prehistoric Ruins
Chapter 1290 The Rise Of Chaos
Chapter 1291 Ye Tang’s Dao
Chapter 1292 The Path To Overcoming The Levels
Chapter 1293 Seven Academy Dao Discussion
Chapter 1294 The Sovereign Forgets All Emotions
Chapter 1295 Quintessence Of The Grand Dao
Chapter 1296 Chen Xi, Where’re You Going?
Chapter 1297 Blazing Suns Mee
Chapter 1298 Qin Ling
Chapter 1299 The Might Of Space
Chapter 1300 Vie For Supremacy In The Sword Dao
Chapter 1301 Unexpected Events Occurring Successively
Chapter 1302 Disciple Of The Sovereign Sec
Chapter 1303 Battle Between Blazing Suns
Chapter 1304 Severing An Arm
Chapter 1305 Chen Xi Vs Yan Yun
Chapter 1306 Thrashing
Chapter 1307 Domineering And Fearless
Chapter 1308 Sea of Golden Flames
Chapter 1309 Inborn Sain
Chapter 1310 Face Slapping
Chapter 1311 Origin Disruption Divineligh
Chapter 1312 Shapeless Calamity
Chapter 1313 Sovereign Tribulation Dao
Chapter 1314 Chen Xi’s Strength
Chapter 1315 Champion’s Prize
Chapter 1316 The Dean
Chapter 1317 The Seventh Blazing Sun
《Talisman Emperor》 Book 15 – Godhood (ch1318-1540)
Chapter 1318 Unexpected Meeting
Chapter 1319 Immortals Hunters
Chapter 1320 Sin City
Chapter 1321 Place Of Unres
Chapter 1322 Elder Ge Yun
Chapter 1323 The Might Of An Immortal King
Chapter 1324 Successive Pleasant Surprises
Chapter 1325 Darkbale Divine Ridge
Chapter 1326 God Attainment Region
Chapter 1327 The Secret To Attaining The Dao And Becoming A God
Chapter 1328 Godslaughter Bloodlands
Chapter 1329 Ancient Bloodgod Corpse
Chapter 1330 Unexpected Change In The River Diagram
Chapter 1331 Divine Mountains Flying Over
Chapter 1332 Sacrificing Immortal Kings
Chapter 1333 Unexpected Even
Chapter 1334 Clear Sword Lotuses
Chapter 1335 Dao Calamity’s Migh
Chapter 1336 Fusing With The Sixth River Diagram Fragmen
Chapter 1337 Mysterious Eye
Chapter 1338 Saint Dao Laws
Chapter 1339 Chaos Between The Sects
Chapter 1340 God Attainment Palace
Chapter 1341 Combat King Restriction
Chapter 1342 Enduring Divine Cres
Chapter 1343 Shaman Python Restriction
Chapter 1344 Successive Unexpected Changes In The Situation
Chapter 1345 Shocked Immortal Kings
Chapter 1346 Unexpected Advancemen
Chapter 1347 God Attainment Altar
Chapter 1348 God Attainment Path
Chapter 1349 Dao Fruit’s Spiri
Chapter 1350 Whip Of Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 1351 Cage Of The Grand Dao
Chapter 1352 Divineking Soul Streamer
Chapter 1353 Heavenly Tribulation Chains
Chapter 1354 Sovereign Jade Table
Chapter 1355 Dao Fruit’s Spiri
Chapter 1356 Chaotic Devil Spiri
Chapter 1357 Falling Into His Arms
Chapter 1358 Heavy Oath
Chapter 1359 Godrank Char
Chapter 1360 The Destruction Of The Prehistoric Ruins
Chapter 1361 Zuoqiu Linghong
Chapter 1362 Cousin Brothers
Chapter 1363 A Blazing Sun Falls
Chapter 1364 The Zuoqiu Clan’s Shock
Chapter 1365 Endless Internal Strife
Chapter 1366 Ladies Man
Chapter 1367 Presumptuous Junior
Chapter 1368 Azure Phoenix Divine Carriage
Chapter 1369 Immortal Emperor Zi Heng
Chapter 1370 Back At The Academy
Chapter 1371 Asking For Rewards
Chapter 1372 Three Treasures
Chapter 1373 Comprehending The Saint Dao
Chapter 1374 Enmity In The Zuoqiu Clan
Chapter 1375 Strength Tes
Chapter 1376 Searching For An Immortal Sword
Chapter 1377 Azurelotus Immortal Sword
Chapter 1378 Breaking The Sword
Chapter 1379 Opening Of The Ancient Grounds
Chapter 1380 The Eternal Tomb Of Kings
Chapter 1381 Life And Death In The Blink Of An Eye
Chapter 1382 Paying Close Attention
Chapter 1383 - The Heart Will Be Free Of Restrictions When There's No Fear Of Life And Death
Chapter 1384 Nether Immortal Region
Chapter 1385 Breaking Through The Restrictions
Chapter 1386 Comet Corridor
Chapter 1387 Advancing Step By Step
Chapter 1388 Heavenly Heart Circulation Divine Pill
Chapter 1389 Chen Xi’s Invitation
Chapter 1390 There’s A Show To Watch Now
Chapter 1391 Subduing Without Battle
Chapter 1392 The Talisman God Realm
Chapter 1393 Breaking Out Of The Final Restriction
Chapter 1394 The Last Three Days
Chapter 1395 Past Life Combat Puppe
Chapter 1396 The Energy of Past Life
Chapter 1397 The Light Of Dusk
Chapter 1398 The Might Of Terminus
Chapter 1399 Inheritance Brand
Chapter 1400 Renowned Throughout The Academy
Chapter 1401 Sudden Increase In Starpoints
Chapter 1402 First On The Saint Rankings
Chapter 1403 Daoseal Mark
Chapter 1404 Harboring Malicious Inten
Chapter 1405 Turning The Situation Around
Chapter 1406 Taken Away By Force
Chapter 1407 Dangerous Turn Of Events
Chapter 1408 Planning To Return
Chapter 1409 Calamity Shackles
Chapter 1410 The Minor World, Ancient Hall
Chapter 1411 Returning To The Mortal Dimension
Chapter 1412 Miss Dou Dian
Chapter 1413 Traces Of The Xeno-race
Chapter 1414 A Sword Strike That Shook The World
Chapter 1415 Unexpectedly Meeting An Old Friend
Chapter 1416 Sighing With Emotion All Along The Way
Chapter 1417 Change In Status
Chapter 1418 Ji Yu’s Identity
Chapter 1419 Revelation Of The Truth
Chapter 1420 The Bitter Beauties
Chapter 1421 Heavy Favor
Chapter 1422 Loneliness Of Standing At The Peak
Chapter 1423 Golden Rain Of Immortal Energy
Chapter 1424 Like A God
Chapter 1425 On The Verge Of Going Mad
Chapter 1426 Pressing Down Step By Step
Chapter 1427 Meeting Again
Chapter 1428 Winning Steadily
Chapter 1429 Calamity Resurrection
Chapter 1430 Returning To The Immortal Dimension
Chapter 1431 Invitation To A Birthday Party
Chapter 1432 Conflict During The Birthday Party
Chapter 1433 Xuanyuan Poxiao
Chapter 1434 An Enormous Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 1435 Betrothed Before Birth