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Even when standing around the lifeless bodies of his comrades, the man himself was not terrified by what dread one should usually feel, but was instead excited.

"Haha-! What a weird shit to do, well at least something's happening here."

With a laugh of pure madness, he began to hastily sprint towards the area where the demons were, with a speed that had reached an incredible velocity, something of which a normal person could never do.

The man was quickly interrupted though, as a powerful wind blade struck the shoulder piece on his metal armor. He quickly stopped and deployed an extra layer of protection by wrapping mana all around his vitals.

"Come out! I'm not into playing this hide n' seek game with you!"

The man took on a cautious attitude after receiving an attack, briefly before taking a look around until he finally felt something and sent a strike with his long sword. The strike had caused a long streak of red energy to form, and at the location where the strike was heading towards, two dark shadows suddenly sprang out.

Even when the attack had missed its target, the man was not disappointed. He acted as though he had found something interesting instead.

"Ohh, what do we have here? A dumb lizard and a snake with an ass for a head. Haha, and here I thought it was something like those Devils of the Abyssal realm. Didn't expect your shit kind to do this." The man said jokingly.

The two individuals in question were two demons, who both had a scaly appearance. They didn't have the time to retort however, because the man suddenly leapt at them.

Within a moment he had begun attacking them with a fast stab, followed up with a double-spin slash mixed in, while simultaneously spreading a bright red aura around his weapon. The lizardman quickly reacted and put his arms in a guard position.

『الدفاع النهائي - Vajra』

The lizard used a unique spell and his scales suddenly became gray with a tint of blue covering them. The man who had seen all this happen snorted and slashed at the lizard's arm.

*Clang* "Kuu! Oi, the fucks with this strength?!"

Even after he prepared for the strike, he still managed to receive quite a bit damage, judging by the appearance of the long slash mark running across his arm. He used a physical enhancement skill and even still he couldn't fully protect his body.

Fortunately enough, due to the fact that his body naturally resembles an actual reptile, his body was regenerating itself fast, with even the imprint left on his arm starting to disappear.

The other demon quickly fled to a certain distance away and started casting another wind type spell.

『الرياح، وجمع في راحة يدي، تتكثف، لذلك أنا قد قطع العدو - Wind ◦ Blade』

However, instead of just one like last time, there were several dozen blades and they each varied in size.

The flurry of wind blades tore through the air, breaking the flow of battle between the man and lizard demon. With the blades coming towards him, the man made a quick decision and decided to side-step towards the left. He dodged the first few before leaping onto the roof of a two-story building to escape the rest of the barrage.

The man decided that it was time to end this by deciding to attack the mage first by making use of some skills he hasn't shown yet. When the man set the mage as his highest priority, the mage began to feel his murderous intent and began chanting a different type of spell.

"You think I'll let you! [Thunder ◦ Strike]!"

The man jumped off from the side of the building and began to use a high-rank sword skill that induced an additional speed buff. With the use of the movement buff, the distance between the both had closed within a second.

Something unexpected happened though; right when he was about to cut the mage in half, the lizard suddenly got in the way of the strike and was the one who took damage instead. The damage caused the flesh on his arm to burn, and the bones also started cracking.

The man was surprised by the sudden appearance of the lizard, but he quickly regained his composure and followed up with a three-consecutive strike, with the first one cutting off the remains of the opponent's damaged arm.

The lizard was unfazed by the loss of his arm and called out to his partner.

"Oi Vyper, get "THAT" spell ready!" 'Seems like we have to use it now.' -Thought Vyner.

". . ." The mage began contemplating the potential consequences when using the spell.

"Oi, VYPER! It doesn't matter anymore, just do it now while we're still alive."

". . .Understood.『من فضلك، أعطني قوة الآلهة، حتى دقيقة واحدة من السلطة. مع كل حياتي، - 』"

The man didn't understand what was about to happen, mainly due to him being engaged in intense combat between himself and the lizard.

Though even now he was still acting cautious towards the mage, but as when he tried to close the distance on him, would the lizard come and

prevent any further movement.

It was still a tough fight even when the other opponent had one arm, mainly because he had exhausted a lot of his mana with the use of the high-rank skill. Even during the fight he had not let his thoughts wander however, nor did he even think about the reason for the city's destruction.

He knew that the way demons did things were odd and with the language being very distinct from each other, the only way for him to discern what was being said was the "way" it was said. Since mages usually mumbled, it became very difficult to understand what they were chanting, so he could only worry about how to deal with the mage later.

During the fight between the guildmaster and Vyner, Vyner had started using his own attack based skills. He also used another physical enhancement skill, a skill called [Lord's Fortress], that boasted in both defense and power.

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

[Four Minutes Later]


The final conclusion; both parties had received major injuries. The lizard had lost both arms, with only a stub of what remained on the left, and received many scars due to his body not being able to regenerate fast enough, with a large slash mark remaining on the upper-part of his chest.

The guild master was in better condition with having lost just his right arm, but had still lost one of his eyes. His set of armor had also become damaged beyond repair, with a large hole beared in the middle.

Even to now the mage had, without falter, continued to chant his seemingly never-ending spell. Since this spell was one that used it's caster as a medium, it would prevent the caster to collapse in the middle of chanting.

It would both destroy the physical body of the caster and his spirit in trade for "ultimate" destruction.

Yes, this spell was actually a forbidden spell; and their final resort. Though they didn't want to use it, but that's unimportant however as the spell would be finished soon.

"...Oi, the fuck is that guy chanting?"

The man suddenly asked an unexpected question after realizing both of them couldn't move due to straining both of their bodies and at the same time depleting their mana tank.

Vyner was surprised but decided that it was okay with the current situation being what it was, so he began talking in the human language.

"We originally came here to seek opponents who can handle our strength, and after hearing that there was a extremely strong person here, we just set this place as our next stop.

Since it was a hassle to look through everyone, we then decided to then use a Genocide class spell to kill all the worthless ones first. Then if someone survived; that's our guy."

"Eh, I thought you guys were here under the orders of some high-rank official within the demon realm. Didn't think I was just some small fish. And you still haven't answered my question, what is he chanting?" The man pointed at the mage who was still chanting.

『مع السلطة الخاصة بك -』

"As demons, we've been told since childhood that humans must be killed at all costs and as fighters this was even more so. So he's. . ." Vyner then thought for a moment and then proposed that it wasn't a good idea to tell him.

"What, is it some forbidden spell meant to kill us all?" - The Guild Master snorted at his pointless behavior.

". . .hah, it is." 'Since we're going to die anyways, there's really no point to keeping it hidden.'

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

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There was an oppressing atmosphere around them, but after waiting more then 2 minutes they began to get restless. Even when their bodies regained some mobility they did not move, because they both knew that it wouldn't matter in the end.

『الله، اسمحوا لي-』

". . .hey, let's continue this when we're in hell." The man gave one final line with a smirk on his face after knowing the end of his life was coming.

The lizard was surprised but replied a moment later.

"HAHA, you too!"

『ذبح -』

"Looks like it's time~"

『. . .كل واحد منهم - Annihilation』

With the spell's activation, the mage collapsed. Everything went silent as a large energy wave suddenly sprang out of the mage's location. Destruction was brought to them.

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

"Ahh-. . .umm, what was that?"

He remembered feeling an intense pain, and after that he had begun to see some odd things. Even after patiently waiting for a long time, they never stopped and instead kept going on as though it was endless.

He already realized that the things he was looking at were memories, and everything began to go black after he saw the adventurers and the guards running towards the residential district.

The situation between the fighters began to display itself, but compared to his previous experience, it was in third-person.

He was very shocked when he began to see the situation, because while he knew that there were things such as demons after listening through the child's life, he didn't know what magic or power was considered as in this world very much unlike his own.

He was starting to feel agitated when the fight between the demons and the Guild Master was starting to reach its final conclusion. As though to prove his despair, when the spell activated, it had actually caused his point of view to change back towards the host.

He saw the body of a spirit-less boy being crushed inside a pile of lifeless bodies. After that there was silence, complete stillness.

At this point everything had begun to swirl, with the "memories" becoming distorted. Everything started to get farther and farther until-