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Chapter 151 - Ten Thousand Devil Hundred Day Kill Order

Wang Lin stopped. He glanced at the token before his cold gaze locked onto Qian Kun. After Li Muwan saw the token, she hesitated before taking a closer look and was startled. She said, “That is the Ten Thousand Devil Hundred Day Kill Order. I can’t believe the Sea of Devils has this kind of treasure. I have only seen it in ancient records.”

Li Muwan quickly explained the details of the token to Wang Lin. Her breathing was ragged by the time she was finished and there was a sense of dread in her eyes when she looked at the token.

Qian Kun was really afraid that Wang Lin wouldn’t recognize the token. If Wang Lin didn’t believe him and killed him anyways, it would be really bad.

However, after seeing the girl explaining it, he finally relaxed. He didn’t believe that there would be someone who would be willing to kill after learning of the effect of the kill order. He relaxed in his heart and said, “Fellow cultivator, what do you think of my proposal? Don’t be too stubborn. If you were to really kill me, you would be marked by the kill order and it would create a lot of trouble for you. The girl with you will also be dragged in as well, so why be like this? Am I wrong?”

Wang Lin didn’t even look at Qian Kun. He turned to Li Muwan and asked,“Are you sure? If I can last 100 days, I can obtain all of his cultivation?”

Li Muwan took a deep breath and nodded.

Qian Kun’s heart skipped a beat as he realized that something was wrong. He started to back away, but Wang Lin’s cold gaze suddenly locked onto him. Wang Lin spat out one word, “Die!”

Qian Kun let out a miserable scream as blood came out of his mouth and nose. Blood also gushed out from his eyes and ears as he died. As he fell, the token in his hand broke and a red light suddenly flew out, forming the world “punish” in the air.

This word was blood-red. It was as if it had just been pulled out of a pool of blood. It floated above Wang Lin’s head and looked very bright.

Wang Lin raised his head and looked at the giant “punish” above him, but there was no expression on his face. The dragon tendon reached out with a strand and grabbed Qian Kun’s body. Wang Lin grabbed Li Muwan and returned to Wu Ding Mountain in the blink of an eye.

Mu Nan and Mu Bei stared dumbfoundedly at the giant, red “Punish” in the air and felt an urge of greed. However, it quickly disappeared as they stood respectfully on top of Mu Ding Mountain with a chill on their backs.

Wang Lin coldly looked at them and asked, “Does the Fighting Evil Sect headquarters have Nascent Soul cultivators?”

Mu Nan quickly said, “There are none. Not to mention the Fight Evil Sect, there are no Nascent Soul cultivators within ten million kilometers of Nan Dou City. How could those seniors be here? They are all at the inner sea.”

Wang Lin stared at Mu Nan’s eyes until Mu Nan’s legs began to quiver before he asked, “What cultivation level is the Fighting Evil Sect’s sect head?”

Mu Bei quickly took a step forward and said. “Senior, the sect head of the Fighting Evil Sect is at the mid stage of Core Formation. However, he is at the peak and is said to be only one step away from the late stage.”

Wang Lin sneered in his heart. A hint of coldness flashed across his eyes as he said, “The two of you, lead the way. We are going to take a trip to the Fighting Evil Sect’s headquarters.”

How would Mu Nan and Mu Bei dare to refuse? They stood up and respectfully led the way. While flying, the two of them looked at the red word above Wang Lin’s head. They prayed that it would attract more people to kill Wang Lin.

Everywhere Wang Lin went, he caused an uproar as all the cultivators below him that saw the red word took deep breaths.

The most conspicuous thing was the blood-red “punish” above Wang Lin’s head. After that were the ten bodies flying behind him like meteors. People couldn’t help but think that those ten people had also tried to kill this person due to the kill order but instead were killed themselves.

This person must have tied up those bodies as a warning to everyone else. Everyone who saw this became unsettled, but they all took out sound transmission jades and sent the news to friends and sects.

The news that the Ten Thousand Devil Hundred Day Kill Order had reappeared in the Sea of Devils quickly spread through various means. This means that if anyone is able to kill this person, they would be able to obtain at least the complete cultivation of an early stage Core Formation cultivator.

This kind of thing was a huge temptation for Core Formation or Foundation Establishment cultivators. For the latter, it would mean becoming reaching the Core Formation stage.

It was also possible for those mid stage Core Formation cultivators to step into the late stage of Core Formation.

What especially made people curious was what cultivation level was the person who activated the kill order at. If it was a late stage Core Formation cultivator, than the craze for it would be even greater.

As Wang Lin flew, a fist-sized golden core was now at the spot where the prototype core was and it filled his body with spiritual energy.

Wang Lin calculated that his Core Formation cultivation was 100x more powerful than Foundation Establishment. He stared at the inner part of the Sea of Devils. His eyes seemed to go directly through the inner sea and landed on Zhao on the other side. He revealed a cold smile and muttered in his heart, “Teng Huayuan, today I have reached the Core Formation stage. The day I reach the Nascent Soul stage is they day I’ll kill my way back to Zhao. Teng Huayuan, you better not die early. I’ll bury every Teng family member with you.”

Mu Nan secretly looked at Wang Lin. The expression he saw made his skin crawl and his heart beat faster. He secretly cursed, “How come no one is coming to kill this person? With that big of a word above his head, someone quickly come and kill him! If we really lead him back, then even if we aren’t killed by him, the sect head will kill us.”

Just as he was praying, a person walked out from the fog. This person looked like a monster. As he walked out, the fog moved out of the way. He had black hair, black eyes, and wore a black robe. His entire person gave off a black light.

If this person had a cool-looking face, he would look like he was filled with killing intent, but sadly, this person was already middle-aged. His stomach bulged out and he had a smile on his face.

As a result, there wasn’t any killing intent. Instead, he looked very sly. Mu Nan and Mu Bei’s expressions immediately changed when they saw this person, but a flash of joy quickly appeared on their faces.

The middle-aged fat man stared at the word above Wang Lin, let out a big laugh, and praised him. “Tsk, Tsk, Ten Thousand Devil Hundred Day Kill Order, good! Good!”

“Junior, I give you half an hour to deal with your affairs before you die. Don’t try to resist; with your mere early stage Core Formation cultivation, you aren’t a match for me, the Black Cloak Devil Lord.” After he finished speaking, he looked to the sky with his hands behind his back, revealing a look as if he was looking down upon the heavens.

Li Muwan let out a smile as she looked at the arrogant fat man. She then looked at Wang Lin and the smile widened.

Mu Nan became excited. Now this was a real expert. This was a rouge cultivator that even the sect head had to be weary of, the Devil Lord Shang Guanmo. It was rumored that his cultivation level was the same as the sect head’s, peak of mid stage Core Formation and one step from late stage Core Formation. His cultivation method was also a step above the head elder’s.

Wang Lin frowned and sneered, “You’re courting death!”

Shang Guanmo was startled as his green eyes looked at Wang Lin and snorted in disdain. “You are really overestimating yourself. Then let this old man send you along. Let me show you what mid stage Core Formation really is…”

Without waiting for him to finish speaking, Wang Lin pointed at the Black Cloak Devil Lord Shang Guanmo and said, “Die!”

The moment the the word “die” came out, a jade flew out from Shang Guanmo’s chest and split into two pieces. It released a cloud of smoke that disappeared into the Sea of Devils.

“What is this?” Wang Lin reached out and grabbed the two pieces of jade. He scanned them with his divine sense, then a look of surprise flashed across his face. After putting the two pieces of jade into his bag of holding, he stared at the terrified Shang Guanmo.

“Death spell!!!” Cold sweat poured down from Shang Guanmo’s face. This piece of jade was given to him by his long dead master. It was said to be able to block an attack from a Nascent Soul cultivator at full power. In these years, he had always been at the outer part of the Sea of Devils and always hid himself whenever he met Nascent Soul cultivators as he didn’t dare to mess with them. If he encountered someone with a cultivation level below his, he would extort everything he could out of them. He created a name for himself by doing this. However, now he finally realized what was happening after seeing Wang Lin’s cold gaze and was afraid that Wang Lin would say die again. His legs became soft and he quickly knelt to the ground and begged, “Senior, have mercy, senior have mercy. Junior Shang Guanmo knows he was wrong, please forgive me.”

Mu Nan stared dumbfoundedly at what was happening, then he secretly looked at Wang Lin. After seeing his cold gaze, he no longer dared to have those thoughts that he had before. Mu Bei also lowered his head to hide his fear.

When Shang Guanmo saw that Wang Lin’s gaze was still cold, his heart skipped a beat. He clenched his teeth and said, “Senior, junior is willing to become your disciple and listen to your every command. Master, please accept me as your disciple.” He looked at Li Muwan and said, “You must be his wife. Please ask him to accept me as his disciple!”

Li Muwan blushed and looked at Wang Lin. However, after seeing his cold expression, she let out a sigh and lowered her head in silence.

Wang Lin stared coldly at Shang Guanmo. The Ji Realm surged in his mind and red lightning could be seen in his eyes. Shang Guanmo was carefully observing Wang Lin this entire time and realized that things were not going well. He knew that because Wang Lin was able to activate his protection jade and split it in half, Wang Lin must have attack power similar to that of a Nascent Soul cultivator. Adding on the death spell, he guessed that even if he ran, it would be hard to avoid death.

Stressed and anxious, he pointed at his brow and his soul essence blood flew out. This drop of soul essence blood was gold-colored. The moment this drop of blood appeared, Shang Guanmo’s body shook as the spiritual energy in his body surged. It seemed like his cultivation level was about to drop.

The higher one’s cultivation level, the more important the soul essence blood becomes. If it is taken, their cultivation level is damaged, and the higher the cultivation level, the more damage there is.

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