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Chapter 1201 - Guardian

Wang Lin’s mind moved past the three youths and went into the distance. Soon, he saw a mountain peak. This towering mountain had no restrictions around it, and even the fog stayed away, as if it were afraid to get close.

Wang Lin’s mind arrived, but when he was about to enter, an extremely powerful divine sense rushed out. This divine sense collided with Wang Lin’s mind!

A silent roar echoed in Wang Lin’s mind. His originally confused thoughts instantly became sober.

“It has been a long time since I’ve seen such pure domain…” A gloomy divine sense message came from the mountain, and at this moment, an even more powerful divine sense swept toward Wang Lin.

At this moment, the world changed colors and even the seven-colored light retreated. The divine sense turned into a hand and mercilessly tried to grab Wang Lin’s mind.

However, the moment it reached over, Wang Lin’s mind quickly withdrew. The surroundings became unreal, as if the entire world was becoming blurry.

A surprised sound came from the void, and at the same time, a white-haired old man walked out from the peak. He looked at the void and rushed forward. He then raised his right hand and slammed forward.

There was thunderous echo and Wang Lin’s mind trembled. All the illusions collapsed and dissipated completely.

“You dare to use mere illusions before his old man? Since you brought this gift to my door, stay! This pure domain is 100 times stronger than the Enlightened Ones!”

As the old man spoke, he got even closer. His right hand seemed to be able to cover the sky and reach at Wang Lin. His palm seemed to contain a powerful suction force that caused Wang Lin’s mind to twist and be pulled in.

Wang Lin’s mind quickly contracted and formed an illusory figure. He stared at the old man, but Wang Lin didn’t speak. Wang Lin waved his right hand and all the dao intents he had abandoned in the Seven-Colored Realm rushed toward himself.

These dao intents were endless, and as they rushed in, all the fog in the Seven-Colored Realm was stirred up. Even the seven-colored light dimmed. The number of dao intents that had gathered reached a frightening degree in an instant.

As Wang Lin waved his right hand the dao intents formed a giant vortex. This caused the old man to reveal a serious expression and stop his giant hand.

“I am comprehending dao and my mind randomly scattered. I didn’t intent to disturb Fellow Cultivator’s cultivation!” Wang Lin’s body was surrounded by endless dao intents, and even more chaotic dao intents were gathering. They protected Wang Lin’s image formed by his mind.

The old man’s pupils shrank as he stared at Wang Lin’s illusionary figure. He had never seen a mind spell that could condense so many chaotic dao intents before.

After pondering a bit, the old man coldly snorted and slowly said, “Only this once. Don’t repeat it!” He waved his sleeves and returned into the mountain. He then withdrew his divine sense.

Wang Lin retreated. With the endless dao intents surrounding him, he crossed the realm and returned to his body inside the valley.

A moment later, he slowly opened his eyes and a flash of coldness appeared in his eyes. If that old man was determined to keep him there, Wang Lin would have retaliated with all the dao intents.

Standing up, Wang Lin pointed at the sky and the endless dao intents rushed into the valley. The dao intents rushed in from all over the seven-colored realm and condensed into a ball of black light in Wang Lin’s right hand.

A moment later, all the dao intents Wang Lin had discarded had gathered inside this ball of light. All the Lost Ones outside the valley were confused again and scattered. The Enlightened Ones began to mutter and floated away.

Even the rank 12 fierce beasts seemed to become sober and roared as they left. Everything outside the valley returned to normal. Master Ashen Pine’s face was pale and he quickly retreated.

Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and popping sounds came from the black light before it turned into a black crystal. Wang Lin held the black crystal and looked at it for a bit. This was a treasure formed from the chaotic dao intents from all those pills, and it was a very powerful treasure. If it collapsed, the dao intents that would rush out were enough to collapse the dao heart of even a Nirvana Shatterer cultivator.

“What is he guarding…” Wang Lin began to ponder. He thought about the old man. It was obvious that the reason he didn’t attack was because he was worried about something. That old man was at the late stage of Nirvana Shatterer but stayed alone at the mountain. If he said he wasn’t guarding something or plotting something, Wang Lin wouldn’t believe it.

“There were also those three young cultivators, and I’ve seen one of them before. I didn’t expect him to appear here…” Wang Lin frowned.

“However, since this place is related to the Sovereign, then it is understandable for him to appear.” Wang Lin looked up at the sky. He was calm. His eyes gave off a profound glow, as if they contained the heavenly dao.

“When my domain saw the scripture on the skeleton, it broke through. I only need to consolidate it for a bit and then I can reach the mid stage of Nirvana Cleanser.” Wang Lin took a deep breath and his gaze fell outside the restriction. He got up and went out.

The restriction’s ripples echoed as Wang Lin appeared outside the valley. He looked at where Master Ashen Pine escaped to and charged forward like a bolt of lightning.

“Master Ashen Pine has recovered and unexpectedly found me. He hates me to the bones, so I can’t let him escape. Also, I need to learn what the black liquid is and the method to leave this place from him.” There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes and he chased.

Master Ashen Pine rushed the entire way, and his face was pale the whole time. His heart was filled with anger. He thought that his injury had recovered and could easily kill this person named Lu. At most he would spend some effort breaking the restriction. However, when he came within 10,000 feet of Wang Lin, his dao heart was caught and his mind almost collapsed.

In particular, when he was within the endless chaotic daos, he was like a lonely boat in the raging sea. When Wang Lin’s mind swept by, his mind trembled. He had a vague guess that Wang Lin had gained enlightenment and improved his domain, and maybe his his cultivation level was about to increase!

Thinking about this, Master Ashen Pine’s heart felt a chill. Before Wang Lin’s cultivation level increased, he used everything and only manage to end with both sides seriously injured. Now that Wang Lin had a breakthrough, he would undoubtedly die if they were to fight!

Master Ashen Pine felt bitter and roared at the sky. He had prepared for many years, but he had to admit that he had failed with no room to recover. If he continued, it was likely he would leave his life here as well.

“I’ll not resign to this!” Master Ashen Pine’s eyes were filled with monstrous hatred. He hated Wang Lin to the point that he wanted to devour Wang Lin’s raw flesh!

“This person ruined all my effort, and there is also that old woman named Zhao. If she didn’t try to steal from me, that person named Lu wouldn’t have had the chance… Forget it! Forget it!” Master Ashen Pine’s expression was twisted and his eyes were filled with anger. However, it was even more filled with gloom and helplessness.

“I don’t want it anymore. If you all want it, then take it. I’m leaving this Seven-Colore Realm, and I’ll completely seal this place. I’ll destroy the seven-colored crack so that all of you will be trapped here forever! Only then will the anger in my heart ease a little! That person named Lu must have searched Pang Decai’s soul when he killed him. But even Pang Decai doesn’t know the real way to leave. He only knew what I wanted him to know!

“All of you will be trapped here forever for me!” Master Ashen Pine quickly rushed toward the outer region. He moved along a path they didn’t travel before toward the usual path he took to leave this place.

He had traveled his path twice, so he was very familiar with it. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was worried about meeting the Lost Ones, he could move even faster.

However, as he was rushing forward, his body trembled and he suddenly turned around. Wang Lin’s figure appeared in the distance and killing intent surrounded him. This caused Master Ashen Pine’s heart to feel a chill.

He quickly sped up and charged forward.

As Wang Lin stared at Master Ashen Pine’s figure, his hands formed formed a seal and the illusion of the ancient god furnace appeared before him. His eyes lit up and he pointed at Master Ashen Pine.

“Change positions!” The moment he spoke, light suddenly appeared around Master Ashen Pine. Master Ashen Pine disappeared and immediately switched places with Wang Lin.

Master Ashen Pine only felt his vision blur, and when he regained his vision, his expression changed greatly. Wang Lin and Master Ashen Pine’s positions had been switched. Taking the moment that Master Ashen Pine was confused by the spell, Wang Lin closed the distance.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and pressed at the void. His left hand quickly pointed to the back of his right hand. A surge of origin energy rushed into his palm and then shot at Master Ashen Pine.

All of this happened in a flash; it was fast beyond imagination. Master Ashen Pine would have never expected Wang Lin to have such a treasure! When he realized it, the powerful origin energy had already closed in.

His pupils shrank as he let out a scream and his face twisted. Seven blood nascent souls appeared and condensed in the blurry lightning mark between his eyebrows. The mark let out a dazzling glow and shot at the origin energy charging at him.

An earth-shattering rumble echoed across the land. Inside the cave not far away, Chen Tianjun walked out and gasped as he watched the battle between Wang Lin and Master Ashen Pine.