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Chapter 1295 - Lead About Li Qianmei

Wang Lin was only at the Demon Sect’s spatial crack battlefield for a short moment. However, in this short period of time, he had brought indescribable shock to the thousands of cultivators there.

The fierce beasts collapsed, the black skulls extinguished, he had torn the crack open, tamed the Nine Abyss Dragon, and battled the Demon Sect’s elder. Not only had he not lost and had showed overwhelming strength, he had also caused the elder to unknowingly suffer a hidden injury!

All of this terrified the thousands of cultivators outside the spatial crack!

The white clothes and white hair were engraved into the hearts of these cultivators. They could never be erased!

For the people of the Cloud Sea, the spatial crack was both familiar and unfamiliar. They were familiar with the ongoing war but unfamiliar with where it led and ended.

It wasn’t that no powerful cultivators had gone into the spatial crack, it was just they new they wouldn’t return, as it was far too large. It was like its own universe, and it couldn’t be explored with only a few people.

Out of 100 people that enter, less than three people would return. The rest would all die or go missing. However, the Demon Sect had never given up; they continued to send people every once in a while.

Using this high mortality rate method, they slowly found a passage over the countless years. Li Qianmei had become a scout to once again explore the spatial crack. Either she lived and came back with new discoveries, or she’d die and become one of the cultivators that disappeared.

Wang Lin’s divine sense withdrew from the jade in his hand and he looked at the dark world without any light. Even with his cultivation, he could only see about 1,000 feet. Everything else past that was a black blur.

“The path in the jade is a passage into the depths of the spatial crack the Demon Sect obtained by sacrificing countless lives. It is also the path Li Qianmei took, but this place is simply too big. Not even the passage inside the jade really enters the depths.”

Wang Lin stood on top of the Nine Abyss Dragon. It moved extremely fast with its 10,000 foot body like a bizarre bolt of lightning. The reason it was bizarre was that the Nine Abyss Dragon was completely silent as it flew. There were no thunderous rumbles or sonic booms caused by its speed.

As Wang Lin sat on top of the Nine Abyss Dragon’s head, he silently looked around. He seemed to be able to completely fit into this dark world without any discomfort.

After he moved forward for an unknown amount of time, it was no longer silent, and there were bursts of roars coming from the distance.

Because the roars were so far away, it sounded like someone was breathing. However, it wasn’t one, but many...

This strange feeling could make all the Cloud Sea cultivators that had entered for the first time become vigilant. However, none of this affected Wang Lin at all.

He calmly sat there and silently looked ahead, recalling the 10 years when he was a stone statue and couldn’t feel anything in the outside world… Also, the blood light and warmth that were always there while he was inside the Heaven Defying Bead for 10 years.

If there was no blood light, Wang Lin’s soul would have stayed inside the Heaven Defying Bead until he dissipated. He remembered that at the beginning, he was very cold and was slowly dissipating… It wasn’t until the blood light came that he became warm and his body slowly started reforming. He had regained his senses and awakened his memories.

It was because of the blood light that he could find the Lord of the Sealed Realm and enter the dao realm to comprehend his first dao spell.

“Dream Dao… This is the spell that I comprehended in the dao realm. It is my third spell after Sundered Night and Flowing time. It is a dao spell…”

Wang Lin let out a sigh. The more he recalled the old woman’s words, the more he thought about the blood light inside the Heaven Defying Bead. He felt like he owed Li Qianmei even more and was unable to repay her.

Time slowly passed as Wang Lin recalled his memories. The world inside the spatial crack seemed to never change. Everything was always dark.

The only difference was that when Wang Lin occasionally looked up, the beast shadows that appeared 1,000 feet away became more and more numerous. If this world lit up, the sight that would be unveiled would shock any cultivator!

Wang Lin raised his head and origin energy gathered in his right hand. A golden light gathered in his palm and then shot upward like a meteor. It broke the silence and suddenly exploded into a bright light that lit everything up!

The moment the light appeared, heaven-shaking roars came from the surrounding fierce beasts. With the light, Wang Lin could clearly see that many different kinds of fierce beasts had surrounded him and the Nine Abyss Dragon. There were no less than 10,000 of them!

They seemed to be extremely sensitive to the light. The moment the light shined in the darkness, they all roared violently and quickly retreated.

The blinding light was soon devoured by the darkness, causing the world to become dark once more.

The Nine Abyss Dragon was one of the king beasts in the spatial crack, and it gave off an aura that belonged to a king beast. This was preventing the surrounding beasts from approaching. This was why Wang Lin was able to get so far.

All the fierce beasts should retreat when encountering the Nine Abyss Dragon, but due to Wang Lin’s existence, they had become conflicted. This was why so many of them had gathered but didn’t dare to get too close.

The light allowed Wang Lin to see the the surrounding fierce beasts. Although there was a lot, most of them were rank 10. There weren’t many above rank 10.

The light dissipated. Wang Lin was still sitting calmly on the head of the Nine Abyss Dragon when his divine sense spread out. The Nine Abyss Dragon seemed to be stimulated by the divine sense and let out a roar. The roar was heaven-shaking, and it violently echoed inside this dark world.

The Nine Abyss Dragon suddenly sped up and charged ahead. The fierce beasts all retreated, opening a path. The Nine Abyss Dragon broke through the beast herd and pierced into the depths of the dark world.

It was difficult to keep track of time inside the spatial crack. There was no day, only endless darkness. As the Nine Abyss Dragon went deeper, Wang Lin’s expression gradually became serious.

Although he still could only see 1,000 feet ahead, he found that something was different. As he went deeper, the color of this world changed. It was no longer black, but purple!

The Nine Abyss Dragon began to move slower and slower. There was a faint tremble from its soul, as if the purple world terrified it.

If it wasn’t Wang Lin’s divine sense surrounding it, the Nine Abyss Dragon would’ve been trembling violently and would not dare to move further. It would immediately leave and fly away. The beasts that had been following them all trembled and didn’t dare to follow deeper. However, the amount of fierce beasts surrounding them didn’t decrease, but increased. These were all beasts that lived in this purple world.

Wang Lin naturally noticed the Nine Abyss Dragon’s abnormal state. His eyes lit up. Although the amount of time that had passed was not obvious, based on their speed, Wang Lin calculated how far they had traveled. Based on his analysis, he was at the edge of the purple realm that was recorded in the jade.

This was very close to the end of the passage marked in the jade.

Sitting on the head of the Nine Abyss Dragon, Wang Lin closed his eyes and felt his surroundings. He gradually felt faint traces of spells nearby. It was as if someone had just used a spell not long ago.

Wang Lin had come all the way here and was still a bit farther away from the end of the passage. However, he didn’t know if he had followed the right path, not had he found any clue about Li Qianmei. After entering the spatial crack, he faintly felt several powerful auras. They seemed to be aware of Wang Lin but strangely didn’t stop him.

At this moment, this was the first time he had found a clue about Li Qianmei. Although the traces of spells were faint, they were real. They weren’t left by a beast, but a cultivator!

“Li Qianmei… Is it you…” Wang Lin opened his eyes, and they lit up. His hands formed a seal and he pressed it hard between his eyebrows. A powerful force rushed into his forehead, and his origin soul trembled violently.

As his origin soul trembled, the traces of spells changed in a strange way. In Wang Lin’s eyes, the world began to change. The darkness disappeared and was replaced by vertical lines.

“Flowing Time… Reverse…” Wang Lin’s eyes glowed like a torch and suddenly penetrated the darkness. The lines began to move as if they were forming something. The void before him was filled with the power of time, and under this strange power, time began to reverse.

The void gradually began to twist, and the figure of a woman in white appeared. Her face was extremely pale and there were shocking blood stains on her clothes. She held a long sword in one hand, and a golden pen surrounded her as she rushed through the void.