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Chapter 1811 - Scaring Du Qing!

“He is currently trying to devour the earth fire here. The earth fire here is not normal, so he can’t devour it as easily. Right now is the best time to kill him!” Du Qing revealed a decisive gaze. He charged into the fire without hesitation.

Du Qing saw Wang Lin. Inside the fire, Wang Lin also felt Du Qing outside the fire!

An aura that was infinitely close to Void Tribulant came from Du Qing’s body. When his body became a wooden body, Wang Lin sensed this even more clearly.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm. He had long known that Du Qing was chasing him, and being caught up to was expected. At this moment, he didn’t panic or even pay any attention to Du Qing. The 16 fire dragons and the Vermillion Bird charged at the incoming fire dragon formed by the child earth fire vein.

The two were not far apart. As the two sides closed in, they immediately collided. Even though Du Qing wanted to charge in, he was a step too slow.

The 16 fire dragons were the first to come in contact with the child earth vein soul, and a thunderous rumble echoed across the earth. The moment the two collided, Wang Lin pointed down as he stood on the head of the Vermillion Bird.

The 16 fire dragons roared and wrapped around the child earth fire vein like chains, tying it down. The soul of the vein let out a deafening roar.

At the same time, the Vermillion Bird under Wang Lin charged out and overlapped with the child earth fire vein soul. It began its crazy devour and fusion.

All of this happened in an instant. From Du Qing’s perspective, everything had happened smoothly without any delay.

The child earth fire vein soul’s body twisted and it continued to roar. It was no longer fierce but revealed a painful expression. One could vaguely see the Vermillion Bird inside it and the white-haired Wang Lin standing between the horns on its head.

Wang Lin raised his left hand and controlled the 16 chains formed by the fire dragons. It looked like he was holding the chains.

This was a shocking scene, enough to shake the heart of any cultivator that saw it.

Wang Lin was surrounded by fire as if he was the emperor of fire. Even the dragon below him seemed like it had to yield to become his mount!

The dragon’s roar was heaven-shaking. It was at this moment that Du Qing rushed through the sea of fire and closed in on Wang Lin.

As Du Qing closed in, Wang Lin suddenly looked up. The fire dragon under Wang Lin had to raise its head as Wang Lin’s left hand pulled the chains. It let out a violent roar that wanted to tear the world apart, and fire rippled in all directions.

At the same time, an endless source of fire erupted from the 16 chains in Wang Lin’s left hand and entered his body. The cry of a Vermillion Bird came from the fire dragon below Wang Lin.

When the Vermillion Bird cried, a powerful surge of earth fire from the fire dragon below rushed into Wang Lin. At this moment, the power of fire he controlled was heaven-shattering!

Wang Lin raised his right hand and waved it at the void before him!

This wave contained his fire essence that had increased in power several fold. The power of this fire essence was equal to the full power of all of Wang Lin’s essences in the cave world!

One essence was comparable to the seven from before!

The growth of his fire essence was what made Wang Lin very excited along the way!

With this wave, the world rumbled and the sea of fire gathered around him. It fused with the fire essence inside his body and formed a giant handprint.

This handprint had clear fingerprints; it was Wang Lin’s right hand! This right hand was thousands of feet tall and burned everything in its path as it flew toward Du Qing!

Du Qing’s pupils shrank. His right hand formed a seal and a large distortion appeared around him. The distortion turned into a vortex and then a giant, wooden arm stretched out toward Wang Lin’s handprint.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. When the handprint and the wooden arm collided, a thunderous rumble echoed and a terrifying shockwave scattered.

Wang Lin’s handprint collapsed, but the wooden arm formed by Du Qing’s spell was surrounded by a sea of fire from the collapsed handprint and began burning.

Du Qing let out a muffled groan. He retreated three steps and suddenly looked up.

He saw Wang Lin unphased, standing on the fire dragon. However, the fire dragon’s body trembled and began to collapse on a large scale. It was as if its flesh and skin were being split open.

This was because Wang Lin had transferred all of the force from Du Qing’s attack onto the fire dragon. He had borrowed Du Qing’s power to seriously injure the fire dragon he still could not devour.

The fire dragon let out a miserable cry and retreated. Its body continued to collapse, and everytime it collapsed, the Vermillion Bird inside its body became even more clear.

Du Qing’s expression changed and his eyes revealed a gloomy gaze. He had seen through the fact that this white-haired cultivator was borrowing his power to devour this earth fire.

When he looked up, Wang Lin’s cold gaze met with Du Qing’s gaze for the first time!

With this blow, Wang Lin had seen through Du Qing’s cultivation. This person had not reached the Void Tribulant stage, he was still at the Arcane Tribulant stage. From the power of that attack, he was stronger than the Sovereign but could not compare with the likes of the Seven-Colored Daoist or Old Ghost Zhan!

Wang Lin had seen through how strong Du Qing was, but Du Qing wasn’t able to see through Wang Lin.

“Judging from the aura, this person is at most at the peak of Spirit Void and hasn’t even reached Arcane Void… But such a cultivator could not have withstood my attack or devoured the earth fire!

“His body should have collapsed from my spell, but his expression didn’t change at all. Also, he transferred most of the force into the dragon soul below him, so it’s impossible to see through his true cultivation!

“But I don’t believe he is only at the peak of Spirit Void! He must be hiding his cultivation level; otherwise, he wouldn’t have escaped back in the Blue Dragon Sect!” The two looked at each other and began to speculate about the other.

Du Qing was a cautious person, and everything he had encountered along the way made him hesitate. After seeing his attack repelled, his eyes shined as he stared at Wang Lin, and he didn’t act recklessly.

“Who are you? Why did you destroy the Blue Dragon Sect? If you don’t give me an explanation, then you can stay here!” There was a flash of coldness in Du Qing’s eyes as he spoke.

“Your Blue Dragon Sect disciple wanted to refine me into a puppet. I just destroyed your sect and didn’t kill a single person. That was me being kind.” The 16 fire dragons controlled by Wang Lin’s left hand that were binding the large fire dragon trembled. The earth fire soul let out a roar as its body collapsed even more. The Vermillion Bird’s shadow began to overlap with the dragon as the devour was about to complete.

When Du Qing saw this, his body began to distort again and he was going to turn back into a wooden person. The roar from this child vein affected the fire essence in his body, causing it to become restless.

“What a joke. You killed thousands of my Blue Dragon Sect disciples, and you say you didn’t kill a person!” Du Qing stared at Wang Lin and the fire dragon soul below him. He began to hesitate again.

Wang Lin gave him a mysterious feeling, and everything he saw made Du Qinq lose confidence.

After hearing Du Qing’s words, Wang Lin simply decided to not speak anymore. He stood on the fire dragon’s body and continued to control his fire essence to devour this fire dragon soul.

After a short period of calmness, the fire dragon soul let out an extremely poignant and anxious roar. Du Qing’s fire appeared outside of his control and the coldness in his eyes became even stronger. If he continued to ignore the call of the fire, then his fire essence might start rejecting him.

“Give me an explanation!” Du Qing no longer hesitated; he charged at Wang Lin. As he closed in, Wang Lin sneered and he pointed at the sky.

The sky rumbled and the clouds churned, then a giant palm print appeared in the sky. It was the War Spirit Print!

The moment this print appeared, the world changed colors, and it charged at Du Qing.

The moment Du Qing saw the palm, his expression changed greatly!

“The World Sect’s grand handprint, War Spirit Print!! You are someone from the World Sect from the Soul Cloud Continent!!”

After hearing Du Qing’s words, Wang Lin’s heart skipped a beat. As the War Spirit Print descended, he formed another seal and pointed at the sky.

Seven-colored light instantly gathered before Wang Lin and shrouded the surrounding area. The Seven-colored light rapidly gathered to form the Seven-Colored Lance!

The moment the lance appeared, Du Qing’s pupils shrank and were filled with horror. He no longer charged forward but retreated several steps.

“The Dong Lin Sect’s Seven-Colored Spell, you… you… Are you someone from the World Sect or a disciple of the Dong Lin Sect!?”

“What do you think…” After using two different spells, Wang Lin raised his right hand and millions of restrictions flew out from his hand into the sky. The world changed colors as a giant, ancient umbrella suddenly appeared before Du Qing’s eyes.

Du Qing’s body trembled and he revealed a look of disbelief. He subconsciously retreated a few steps and looked at Wang Lin with extreme fear in his eyes.

“The strongest sect in the 72 continents personally appointed by the Celestial Emperor, the Three Dao Sect… Song Yun Dao’s spell that is not passed down… Realm Burning Umbrella…” Du Qing’s face turned deathly pale and his scalp went numb. He didn’t think Wang Lin had learned these in secret. These spells looked extremely authentic, and they were not things one could secretly learn!

“Who the hell are you!?”
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