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Granting You a Second Life


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Li Xiuying is the youngest surgeon the world has ever seen.

Once upon a time her work had meaning; to save lives. But soon surgery lost all of its meaning to her, she became an operating machine. She didn’t even meet the patient until they were unconscious on her surgical table like a piece of meat waiting to be carved.

She neglected love, friendship, beauty, her health all to...
《Granting You a Second Life》 Volume 1
1 In This Life...
2 Snake Wrapped in Human Skin
3 Illusion of Being Free
4 Mother's Stolen Jewellery
5 Pep Talk
6 Like a Sack of Rice
7 Trip To The Hospital
8 Qualified Doctors, Really?
9 All The Signs Point To...
10 Where Is The Humanity?
11 Who Is This Child's Father?
12 Thud!
13 Warm Like A Summer's Day
14 Food diagnosis
15 Little 4th To The Rescue
16 New Job
17 Truth Behind The Engagemen
18 Answering The Call For Death
19 Witch?!
20 Bar Code Reader
21 Switching
22 Cards Declined
23 In The Credit Business
24 New Home
25 First Day of Work
26 Hard Work
27 Only 24 Hours
28 Polite to Annoyed
29 A Sense Of Loss
30 Folie A Who?
31 Help A Brother Ou
32 Emotional Roller-coaster
33 Is My Time Cheap?
34 Facade Falls
35 Hoax
36 Didn't She Love me?
37 Momentary Indiscretion
38 Closer To Li Xiuying
39 Sold Off His IQ and EQ
40 The Nightmare Begins
41 48 Hours In Hell
42 One Small Dose of Revenge
43 Smacked In the Forehead
44 Television Drama
45 Don't Tell Ren Shirong
46 The Soul Unraveled
47 Killing Two Birds With One Stone
48 MY Help
49 In Your Face
50 Running Late
51 The Pressure Of Silence
52 The Predator Becomes The Prey
53 The Blindest Mole
54 Male White Lotus
55 The Dr. Li Protocol
56 The Soulless
57 Physically and Psychologically
58 Storming Off
59 Good
60 Utter Disbelief
61 Generosity
62 So It Begins
63 Tears of Anguish
64 So Little Time So Much Revenge
65 Broken Ties
66 Interfering and Meddling
67 Keep Your Friends Close ...
68 If a Dog Bites You
69 The Hero Li Yu Yan
70 Help Us Please
71 What a Depraved Human Being!
72 It Isn't Black and White
73 Lame Superhero
74 Who Could Resist?
75 Bottomless Pi
76 Personal Accounts and Investments
77 Where Is Your Loyalty?
78 Imaginary Lock and Key
79 Huge Appetite
80 Clearly The Enemy
81 Self Awareness
82 Little Sister I have Missed You
83 Odometer and Mileage
84 Appease The Savage Beas
85 Lost Opportunity
86 The Cloak Of Denial
87 Flawless Makeup and Synthetic Tears
88 Hello Handsome
89 Dr. Houdini
90 Romance In the Air
91 Unreceptive Audience
92 As Odd As Each Other
93 She Had Been Checkmated
94 Minzhe's Miracle Management Plan
95 Date Night!!
96 Maybe I've Finally Met My Match
97 Diamond vs. Glass
98 Once Upon A Time...
99 And What Do You Think It Is Prosecutor Ren?
100 I've Found Her
101 Weren't Doctors Meant To Be Sensible?
102 Stop Cross-Examining Me
103 Chong Guiton
104 Human Chess
105 You Reap What You Sow
106 Job Remi
107 Deliberately Antagonistic
108 Behaving Strangely
109 Dr Daddy
110 Dr Wu Wake Up
111 Mighty Temper For One So Small
112 I'm A Married Woman
113 Grim Reaper
114 Time To Talk
115 Unfair Dismissal
116 Hard Taskmaster
117 Where Did You Learn That?
118 Phased Ou
119 Orchidectomy
120 Japanese Imports
121 Which Ending Do You Like?
122 Qilin and The Enchanted
123 Cut Off Ties
124 Prepare For Battle Ladies!
125 Table for 6
126 Act Natural
127 Friends Just Like You
128 Reality Is Her Drama
129 Rules and Restrictions
130 Pretty Gentle Means
131 If I Can't Have You...
132 Shrewd Minds
133 Keep Your Body Parts To Yourself
134 It's Too Early To Be Related
135 No Body, No Murder
136 Sacrifice One For The Good of The Many
137 The Most He Could Do For Her Was To Let Her Go
138 Eliminating Weeds From Their Roots
139 He Cringed At His Own Words
140 Maybe I Should Take An Advil To Get Through The Day
141 Speak of The Devil And He Shall Appear
142 I Don't Know, But I'm Going To Find Ou
143 There Is No Smoke Without Fire
144 I'm Not Amenable To Any of The Contents
145 Leaving Themselves An Escape Route
146 I Am Not Suggesting, Stating or Insinuating
147 Let His Thoughts Drown Him
148 The Black Curtain
149 Contingency Plan
150 Intellectual Accumen
151 You've Lost Your Purpose
152 The Truth Shall Set You Free
153 Potential Ideas
154 The Lesser Cousin
155 Medical Student Extraordinaire
156 Now That's Buisness