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Elf Village ②

The next day, Katia and I were taken along by Sensei, and we went to a certain place in the Elf Village.
Actually, I don't want to part with Anna in the present state, but because Hyrinth-san said 「Leave it to me」, I have decided to depend on the kindness.
If possible, I wanted to go to the place where we are heading now with Katia only.
The place we are heading now is the place where the reincarnated people are sheltered.

Because similar trees grow in abundance, the scenery that doesn't change continues.

「It's a considerable walk」
「Yes. The Elf Village is wide after all. The vicinity of the center of the forest called the Garam Large Forest is approximately the same as Tokyo's 23 wards in wideness」
「That much!?」
「Yes. Because there's the agriculture ward, the population density is not so high though」
「Rather than a village, it's a country」
「That's right. Here has the natural fortress called the Large Forest, and double defense called the barrier that boasted of its impregnability for a long time. If you exclude that the Elves are exclusive, I think that it's the safest and easy-to-live place in the world. I thought of it before」

Sensei sighs.

「If the barrier is really destroyed, the safety can't be guaranteed. Because there's a distance from the outer circumference to the village, there won't be dangers in the village immediately after the barrier is destroyed, but it's likely to become a severe fight」
「Does Sensei think that the barrier will break?」
「It's just a possibility. Just because it hasn't broke even once so far, it can't be said that it won't break in the future. Overconfidence is a taboo」
「The barrier never broke before, huh? By the way, since when the barrier is put up?」
「I don't know. Even the eldest Elf except Potimas was told that the barrier was there since birth」
「By the way, that person's age?」
「I think that it was about 480」
「The scale is different」

While talking so, we arrived at the destination.
The enclosure of a small field and livestock, and the people who plow the field and take care of the livestock.
One of them notices us.

「Sensei, welcome back」
「Yes, I just came back」

A cold greeting.
Sensei's expression is somewhat firm.

It was one girl who approached.
Her age is probably the same as me.
Because the words that she speaks are Japanese, I understand it.
She is a reincarnated person.

「So, are those two people the new victims?」
「They are not victims」
「That will be a difference in consciousness. At least, I think that you are the assailant though. Well, never mind. So, what are your names? Ah, not your present names, but your former names」

The girl turns her gaze here with a serious atmosphere.

「I'm Yamada Shunsuke」
「Ooshima Kanata」
「Eh? Ooshima-kun?」
「That's right」
「What's with that reaction. Who are you?」
「I'm Kudo Sachi. Well, as the people who are abducted, let's get along well」

Kudo Sachi.
It's the girl who did the chairperson of the class.
Our relationship was not so good, and speaking clearly, although she has a lot of enemies because of her personality, she also has a lot of allies.
Because of her personality, she comes into conflict with Yuugo several times.

But, what's on my mind now is Kudo-san's attitude towards Sensei and many disturbing words.
The relationship between Kudo and Sensei should have been good because Kudo is the chairperson and she has a lot of chances to come into contact with Sensei.
She is glaring at Sensei like seeing her parents' enemies.

The reason is probably the word "abduct" that came out from her mouth.

「Sensei, what does she means by abducted?」
「You two are not abducted by Sensei?」
「We came here to stop Natsume」
「Natsume-kun? Is he here?」

Kudo-san frowns.
I also frown seeing her state.

If it's this state, that means that Kudo-san doesn't know that Yuugo is invading the Elf Village.
I look at Sensei wondering what is this.
Sensei shakes her head silently.
Is it not to say unnecessary thing?

「Kudo-san, Natsume is trying to invade here now leading an army」

Katia tells the truth.
Ignoring Sensei's glance.

「Sensei, sorry. After seeing such a condition here, I can't trust Sensei after all」

Katia who folds her arms and says so with a sigh.

「From what that can be heard in Kudo's story, the people here are all abducted and brought along to here, right? Moreover, after being brought, they are left to support themselves」
「Not wrong. I was separated with this world's parents and was brought here, and the others are almost the same」
「That's what she says. Besides, you isolate them so that they don't receive any information, right?」
「Yeah. The life here is almost self-sufficiency. Although the Elves will bring anything insufficient if we ask, that's only the minimum. Get up in the morning, plow the field, take care of the livestock, cook it and eat it. That ends a day. Because the Elves are monitoring us, we can't escape, and because the Elves don't speak of any unnecessary things, we don't know anything about the outside」
「No, the purpose of self-sufficiency is to develop your self-support ability!」
「Even though we can't get out of here? Is there a need for such thing like self-support ability in such a keeping-until-death condition?」

Sensei hesitates to say.
Everyone stopped the work and looked at the state.

「Yamada-kun and Ooshima-kun come here because I want to ask a lot of questions」

Leaving the silent Sensei behind, Kudo-san begins to walk.
Katia follows her without hesitation.
I glanced at Sensei once, and pursued the back immediately.
Sensei looked down with the face that seemed to burst into tears.