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Oni vs Oni ②

The discomfort that seems to go through my body.
It looks like the Oni also has begun appraising at the same time as me.
But, the Appraisal level of the Oni is 2, so only my name can be known.
I'm more advantageous in the first information war.

Although I know the skills and titles of the Oni, the opponent doesn't know it.
That means that I can set up something unimaginable, and as for me, I can predict what the opponent will do to some extent oppositely.
I will make full use of the Thought Acceleration and the Future Vision, and on top of that, predict the opponent's next attack from the skill.
As might be expected from Master's golden combo, I can obtain the evasion ability that may be said to be cowardice judging from the opponent.

I understand that the opponent's attribute is more on flame and thunder when I see the Appraisal result.
Although I have both resistance, the flame is my weakness attribute.
It's hard to say that the thunder is my strong point, so I must be careful.

The ones that caught my eyes in the skills are Sword God, Wrath, and Illusion Weapon Creation.

『Sword God:The extremity of sword. The maximum correction is applied on movement when using the sword』

『Wrath:n% power capable of reaching the Gods. Expand the divinity area possessed personally. In exchange for parting with one's sense, combat ability skyrockets. In addition, the W system is surpassed and the the right to interfere with the MA area is obtained』

『Illusion Weapon Creation:Create weapon by consuming MP. The quality of the created weapon depends on the skill level and the consumption of MP. In addition, it's possible to give a special effect to the weapon』

Although there's the skill called Enma, this skill is not usable after all, so I ignored it.
As expected, the Sword God is the final stage of the Sword Hero skill that I have.
Although it's a skill that raises the ability of the sword, when it's the highest rank, I can't seem to win in sword skill.
In addition, because he has the Slash Nullity, I lose in the match of sword from the beginning.
Because my weapon is a heavy greatsword, there's damage of striking even if I can't cut him, and I still have a way to fight.

The Wrath is the Seven Sins series skill same as my Envy.
It looks like he hasn't activate it yet now.
Although I don't know how much status will rise if he activates it, I must prepare myself that it will rise considerably because it's a broken skill according to Master.
Even without that, I lose in the status.

And, the final one is the Illusion Weapon Creation.
The katanas held by the Oni, this world also has katana, huh? Assuming that those are made with the power of the skill, it should be endowed with special ability.
I turn my consciousness to each katana held in both hands, and activate Appraisal.

『Flame Katana Suzaku:Offensive Ability 3000, Durability 9973, Special:Divine protection, Fire attribute attack addition, Automatic repair, Automatic recovery, Magic storage:The sword created by creation』
『Thunder Katana Seiryuu:Offensive Ability 3000, Durability 9978, Special:Divine protection, Thunder attribute attack addition, Automatic repair, Automatic recovery, Magic storage:The sword created by creation』

What a high ability.....
Although my greatsword is a gem made by a famous Demon swordsmith, it's a terrific ability that can't be compared with it.
In the first place, it's strange when there are five special effects.
It's said that there's only a little Magic Swords that have special effects.

In addition, as long as I see the name, it can be thought that there's Genbu and Byakko, right?
Isn't it unfair to have more trump cards remaining?
Come to think of it, I wonder why does he know about the Four Gods?
I never heard the story of the Four Gods in this world before.

Well, it's fine.
Rather than that, I must think about how to defeat this monster now.
Judging from the conclusion, the close combat is a suicidal act.
My tryout attack was easily defended, and when I see the status rose immediately after that, it's clear that he has applied buff.
The status is more on magic, but as far as I see the composition of the skills, I think that he's more in close combat.
If that's the case, long distance battle is an ideal by making full use of magic and the special ability of Vampire.
If he exchanges shots with me, I can see my victory.

I activate Blood Mist, and a red mist wraps me.
In addition, I activate the Water Magic, and mix it with the mist.
Red water surrounds me.
Fufu, he's surprised.
This is the strategy that I thought out by combining the Vampire's ability and magic.
Although I can't put Acid Attack in magic, I can remove the limitation if I mix it with Blood Mist like this once.
Although I don't know the detailed theory, it's something like a trick.
A tsunami of strong acid that melts if it's touched.
That changes form as I want and attacks.
This technique that Master named as Vermilion Sea.
One of my main weapons.

That katana can't defend against it, right?
That's why, the Oni only have the choice to approach me for a close combat while avoiding it.
I keep a distance with him and intercept him so that it won't happen.

Yes, I predicted it.
The action that the Oni took betrayed my prediction.
Innumerable swords appear out of nowhere.

『Exploding Sword:Offensive Ability 2500, Durability 100, Special:Fire attribute attack addition, Self-destruction, Flying sword:The sword created by creation』

Ah, this is bad.

I cover my body instinctively with the Vermilion Sea.
In the next moment, innumerable swords come flying and pierce the Vermilion Sea that I made as a shield.
And, explode.
About half of the Vermilion Sea vanish.

It's like a missile.
Hey, isn't that cheating?
Not only in close combat, but you're also properly strong in long distance battle.
Like this, it's a different story.

But, I wonder why.
I can't help being fun.
He make full use of the strategy to overturn my prediction with only one skill called Illusion Weapon Creation.
What will fly out next?
There's somewhat an exciting feeling like the time to open a mystery package.

I wonder what will he show me next?