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His Personal Bed Partner


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Kaylee McCain is an obedient child who was raised by her loving grandmother. On the day of her graduation, her loving and caring grandmother passed away. It was supposed to be the happiest day but it ended up the saddest. On the very same day, her life changed. She was left with her aunt and her cousin, Aria. She wanted to find a job but her aunt didn“t let her step out of the house. They make he...
《His Personal Bed Partner》 Volume 1
1 The cold-hearted, handsome demon and dominant CEO
2 Her life completely changed!
3 Are you still a virgin?
4 He laughed!
5 The contract has been signed
6 First night!
7 Topher's future wife!
8 Stop picking on Kaylee
9 Why it has to be me?
10 Why do I feel hot all of a sudden?
11 I'm fine, really.
12 For your information, I am your fiancee.
13 Are you underestimating Kaylee?
14 To All the Boys I've Loved Before
15 It has nothing to do with me
16 It is really hard to seduce this boss
17 Call me Top from now on
18 Do you expect me to believe that?
19 What the hell, Charlotte?
20 Stop denying your feelings
21 I'm sorry.
22 Marry me!
23 I will
24 I think...
25 Sitri Mirajane Sieghild
26 Is it possible to fall in love with him?
27 I'm sorry. I can't help it!
28 Kiss on her nose.
29 Sleep tight, my queen.
30 Want to take a bath together?
31 Cold look of yours
32 First Date
33 All the information about her
34 Jealous strike
35 Completely ignore
36 Image of her
37 Are you trying to seduce me?
38 Dejected face
39 Stay away from Kaylee!
40 Her grandmother
41 Mixed feeling
42 Did you miss me?
43 I do!
44 Girlfriend!
45 Contract!
46 All yours!
47 I am happy
48 Love and Lus
49 I want us
50 Just a bad dream?
51 Date whoever you like. Just don't...
52 Two people in love!
53 Jarvis' Mansion!
54 Charlotte
55 That makes you so cute!
56 Brother-Sister tandem
57 Chrisette Jarvis
58 Are you planning on marrying her?
60 Mom! I'm sorry!
61 What was that for?
62 His anger!
63 Empire
64 Flirt whoever you like but not...
65 Pregnant?!
66 Liliana