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Rebirth of the Little Military Wife


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Updates:76 Liu Xiaoyu's Concern

With her husband and cousin scheme, Tang Huai lost her life. Once again, she was reborn.

In this world, Tang Huai polished her eyes to see people for who they are, and kick the slag man, and tear her cousin“s white lotus facade.

Some sergeant broke into her bedroom: “I am the one you can“t let go!“ It’s time to let everyone know how amazing she is.

《Rebirth of the Little Military Wife》 Volume 1
1 Betrayal
2 Rebirth
3 Interest Rate
4 Meeting Young Master Jing
5 Meeting Young Master Jing 2
6 Tang Huai's Misdemeanor
7 Face-smacking
8 Face-smacking 2
9 Dug a hole
10 Stolen food
11 Tang Huai deliberately disgusted them
12 Tang Ying I
13 Tang Ying II
14 A Sneer on her face
15 We're not doing bad things
16 Carry her home
17 This is an illness that will be inherited
18 The Man with a Wolf's Heart and a Dog's Lung
19 This little girl really knows how to speak
20 Meeting again Young Master Jing
21 Brother Jing Xuan, you won't understand
22 Breaking that Membrane?
23 I really like Jing Peng
24 Using Young Master Jing as a Shield
25 Money loss
26 Tang Huai was beaten
27 Injured
28 Part 1: Big Brother, do you like Tang Huai?
29 Part 2: Big Brother, do you like Tang Huai?
30 I loved you when you were an ugly little girl
31 Do you want me to send you back?
32 She can't marry Brother Jing Xuan
33 Many Interactions with Jing Xuan
34 Tuition fees
35 Soup Dumplings
36 Why do I feel like you hate me?
37 Scorpion
38 Losing Money!
39 Grievances
40 Grievances 2
41 Is it an illusion?
42 Plead for them
43 Grandfather
44 Vengeance from her previous life
45 Warmth
46 Teach them how to make buns
47 Good aspects of Tang Huai
48 Flash of slyness
49 Tactics of Tang Huai
50 Venomous Scorpion
51 Scorpion Sting
52 The scorpion listen to her very well
53 Don't you feel ashamed?
54 Sly Tang Huai
55 Separation
56 The Village Head's Old House
57 The Village Head's Old House 2
58 Jing Xuan's Love Letter
59 You slept in my brother's room
60 Old Lady Jing
61 The Perfect Woman in His Hear
62 My Eldest Brother Is Most Prosperous
63 Make good use of this chess piece
64 Move In
65 Start of School
66 Start of School II
67 Stealing Pens
68 Stealing Pen II
69 Return
70 Stunned
71 Stingy Young Master Jing
72 Kindness
73 Domestic Violence
74 I like Tang Huai
75 Jing Xuan sending back Tang Huai
76 Liu Xiaoyu's Concern