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The Mysterious CEO


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“I want to rethink your discussion”
“It seems that Miss Lu is questioning my authority”
“I don’t mean that…”
“I don’t want to repeat myself, do it or leave”
“What do you want in return?”
“Marry Me”
Business tycoon Si Li lived two lives. The one was the business world and another one was the leader of the underworld. For the sake of his family, he proposed a contr...
《The Mysterious CEO》 Volume 1
1 1. A NIGH
2 2. Crying.
3 Meeting
4 Grand Welcome
5 Huge Change.
6 What you want in return?
7 Marry Me.
8 I give you 24 hours
9 I am ready
10 I want to see which language President Joi could use
11 I want you to transfer Miss Lu’s parents’ house to her
12 Do you know who I am?
13 I don’t think it is a smart way to insult my girlfriend in front of me
14 Darling, I want to go home
15 And she is your mother.
16 Xiao Xuelon don’t worry, I will make that bitch Lu Lan to pay
17 “How’s my treat…. LU LAN”
18 Love of His Life
19 “I…I’m sorry I didn’t protect you”
20 Past of Little Champ
21 Why did you worry about your illegitimate daughter?Huh?
22 You said you trust me
23 “Really to go?"
24 "Don’t worry it’s all the part of the plan"
25 Don’t worry, Elder Lu, I have already started investigation and I will get the information of them in an hour. Is that okay with Madam Lu?”
26 Culprit behind the Lu La's attack
27 “Fine, Xiao Lan. Tell me, how do you want grandfather to punish your mother?”
28 "Ohh…I forgot to mention that I have kidnapped Xiao Xuelon. I don't know that at what condition she will be returned at home?"
29 "No need"
30 “Fine, you can play, but there is one condition”
31 “What are you doing there?"
32 Did you really kidnap her?
33 “Taking my revenge”
34 “Miss me”
35 Pay Back time
36 “Find out where is he?”
37 "And the most important thing….regarding your wife…Don't worry I will make her my mistress. I am sure, the women who won the heart of King of underworld must be good in bed also...right?"
38 "Mr Robot, do you like my payback method?"
39 "Xiao Lan, don’t leave Xiao Li alone,okay!"
40 "It would be better for you to go home and leave for Country M, tonight"
41 Did you really plan to give her to that bas*** Qian?
42 "You did the same way as your friend did me. You abandoned her, didn't you?"
43 "President, Miss Lu resigned from Si Corporation and joined Shin Industries".
44 "Will you wait for me?"
45 “Miss Lu, you are fired".
46 “I like you too”
47 "Did you cancel your engagement with the daughter of Mr Fan?"
48 "I love you"
49 "I dare to let me go".
50 “I miss you”
51 "Is...Is really necessary for me to go?"
52 “Xiao Lan….It’s just that… I think he like somebody else”
53 “Really then tell me, why did you send me to Country M?”
54 “In this life, I have only you”
55 “If you don’t want to, then don’t go. I will protect you”
56 Unexpected guests
57 "Spend less time with another man"
58 Fight between father and son...
59 "Trust me, you can do it"
60 Romantic Dinner....
61 "Hello Mrs. Si".
62 Sorry, Mrs Si, you won't able to meet your family before your death
63 Accident....
64 Guilt....
65 "She don't want to meet you".
66 "I Love You Hubby..."
67 Shamless Si Li....
《The Mysterious CEO》 Volume 2
68 "I missed you Father"...
69 "Otherwise how can you complete with my stamina?"
70 "Now, would you tell me about that thing?"
71 "Miss Lu, it seems that someone is waiting for you at home".
72 "Miss Lu, from now onwards I have decided that you are no longer be my student anymore".
73 A Weak Person...
74 “What happened?”
75 "But…Don't worry. I have a plan".
76 "As a Mother I won't allow you to force him..."
77 Family time....
78 "Thank you for the wonderful day..."
79 "Do you want my help?"
80 Result...
81 President has hostage my wife...
82 "Miss Lu, please, don't put blame on the innocent person when you don't have any evidence".
83 Live with the title of 'Husband of Fraudulent Woman'
84 Partnership Cancel...
85 Decision....
86 3 months...
87 "No, Wait…We can't"
88 2 hours...
89 "I dare you to take away my son from me"
90 Mo Jiang...
91 Men can't cry...
92 Weird Conversation...
93 "You can't organize a party for Little Champ's birthday"
94 "Why are you so mysterious?"
95 "Who is going to fly this helicopter?"
96 Marriage Proposal...
97 Their first night...
98 Wedding Gift...
99 "Now…How about we satisfy your hunger? Hmmm?"
100 Underestimate his stamina..
101 Hacker 'X'
102 He is a child. Danmit! I am his second uncle and I won't allow you to harm him"
103 Mo Jiang is going to come back…
104 "That's why we need Little Champ's help. Now it's the time, he should open his mouth and tell us everything"
105 "You don't care about your girlfriend, but I care about my wife"
106 You should focus on your husband instead of someone cheap 'X'"
107 Juan's Villa...
108 "Ohhh… Isn't it Juan's villa, which vanished in a bomb blast?"
109 You better separate your illegitimate daughter from Si Li...
110 Didn't she dating Young Master of Si family? Now, what is she doing with Second Master?
111 You are an illegitimate child of my husband and your mother...
112 "Fine… We will do the DNA test"
113 "President… There is a bad news"
114 "Elder Si, whatever had happened it was not Xiao Lan's fault"
115 Unspeakable rule between father and son...
116 Si Li's attack
117 "Your friend is under my men's control"
118 She is the person, who tried to kill your friend...
119 "He is still alive and I will make sure he will come to meet you soon"
120 "Good then, Go die as soon as possible"
121 "Old Man, I want to meet my great-grandson. Can you help me?"
122 "Miss Lu, cooperate with us and hand over him to us. Otherwise, you might get hurt also"
124 Little Champ's pain...
125 "Why don't you kill him instead of torturing him?"
126 "Do you really think that you have the right to ask this question?"
127 “I heard that your husband’s friends found you… Liu Ruolan...oops...It’s Liu Juan, right?”
128 "We need to talk."
129 "Lan, I lied to you. I didn't adopt Little Champ from any orphanage. He is Mo Jiang's son."
130 “I won’t finish my own family, but I had destroyed many other families.”
131 "Please don't kill me….I didn't save her…"
132 Little Champ's miserable condition...
133 "Didn't your dad told you that men don't cry?"
134 "Then can you drop your position of the Underworld and live like a normal man?"
135 "When Mr Mo would wake up, would he take away Little Champ from us?"
136 "Juan is dead, darling. Now, you have only me."
137 Father's Legitimate Elder Son...
138 Good News...
139 Jealous Lu Lan...
140 Horrible nightmare...
141 Next Hier...
142 I will take back all the things which belong to me including Si Li.
143 ‘Victim Active.’
144 Disappointment...
145 “It’s good to see you again.”
146 ‘Sleep outside the room for tonight...’
147 "NO! You upset her. Now, I will protect my mommy and my little sister."
148 Punishment: Be Personal Slave...
149 Punishment turned into his advanagte...
150 Saviour...
151 Mysterious's Liu Juan...
《The Mysterious CEO》 Volume 3
152 "Very good, now you will get the reward."
153 Ten Thousand dollars per man...
154 Loyal Dog Of Bo Xiao
155 Mo Jiang's Sacrifice
156 Lost track of GPS.
157 Shy Girl.
158 Fired On Her First Day Of Job.
159 Liu Juan, how dare you touch me?
160 "I will adopt her. Tell Bo Xiao to take care of her."
161 Her Big Sis wasn't coming with her!
162 Is she dumb?
163 Run Away....
164 Trusted Wrong Person.
165 Water....
166 Lost All The Trust...
167 "Open your eyes."
168 "Master Bo, Boss has called and asked whether this girl is Liu Juan or Liu Ruolan? What should I say to him?
169 "Where is Liu Juan?”
170 An ant before an elephant!
171 A Weak girl.
172 No difference.
173 Beg to save his life!
174 Living a good life!
175 'Hmph...under Bo Xiao's care. What a joke!'
176 “Big Sister….help me...where are you?...”
177 Source of Money and Pleasure.
178 Start of torturing days....
179 Being his Puppy!!!
180 Ideal opportunity to run away
181 Teach her a lesson.
182 Only wish to die!
183 Chance to earn more money!
184 "For a good work, it's never too late."