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Eternal Reverence


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《Eternal Reverence》 Text
Chapter 1: Li Fu Chen
Chapter 2: Golden Amule
Chapter 3: The Martial Library
Chapter 4: Talent Restored
Chapter 5: Live Combat Practice
Chapter 6: Martial Artist Accessories
Chapter 7: Yang Qi
Chapter 8: The Sensation
Chapter 9: Ambush
Chapter 10: Kill or be Killed
Chapter 11: Bone Frame
Chapter 12: Shen Tu Clan
Chapter 13: Tempering Pool
Chapter 14: Resolve
Chapter 15: Sixth Rank Red Jade Technique
Chapter 16: Scarlet Snow Pill
Chapter 17: Sixth Rank Mid Stage
Chapter 18: Li Shanhe
Chapter 19: The Touch of Red Jade
Chapter 20: The Eve
Chapter 21: Genius Contest, Begins
Chapter 22: Enemy of All
Chapter 23: Secret Message
Chapter 24: For the Larger Interes
Chapter 25: Li Clan’s Founder
Chapter 26: Left in Shock
Chapter 27: Demoted to Branch Family
Chapter 28: Bane of Guan Clan
Chapter 29: The Struggle for First Place
Chapter 30: Seize the Win
Chapter 31: Rewards
Chapter 32: Onwards to the Cang Lan Sec
Chapter 33: Bone Frame Examination
Chapter 34: Qingyun Path
Chapter 35: 1st Grade Outer Sect Disciple
Chapter 36: Scarlet Fire Technique
Chapter 37: Prowess Showcase
Chapter 38: Body Tempering Pill
Chapter 39: Fishing Errand
Chapter 40: Grilling on the Palm
Chapter 41: Second Tier Treasure Fish
Chapter 42: Death by Red Jade
Chapter 43: Rules and Ability
Chapter 44: Crimson Battle Form
Chapter 45: Ore Mountain
Chapter 46: Splitting the Ore
Chapter 47: Huge Boost in Ability
Chapter 48: Beating Down Zhou Huailong
Chapter 49: Famous in the Outer Sec
Chapter 50: Green Soul Spiri
Chapter 51: Crushed
Chapter 52: Impervious to Sword and Spear
Chapter 53: Top Ten Prodigies
Chapter 54: The Fight on Water
Chapter 55: Nie Ming’s Defea
Chapter 56: Two Prodigies
Chapter 57: Tower of Tribulations
Chapter 58: Fifteen Ticks
Chapter 59: Technique Achievement Reward
Chapter 60: Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique
Chapter 61: Qing Shaoyu
Chapter 62: The Outer Sect’s Four Beauties
Chapter 63: Red Copper Ore
Chapter 64: Iron Dipper Form Versus Crimson Battle Form
Chapter 65: Unnamed Figh
Chapter 66: An Angered Qing Shaoyu
Chapter 67: One Punch
Chapter 68: Yu Wen Tian
Chapter 69: The Hundred Beasts Fores
Chapter 70: One Against a Hundred
Chapter 71: Mutated Demonic Beas
Chapter 72: Cold As Ice
Chapter 73: Dominion Sword
Chapter 74: Fight for the Top
Chapter 75: Sunset Sword Style
Chapter 76: Outer Sect Top Disciple Part 1
Chapter 77: Outer Sect Top Disciple Part 2
Chapter 78: Tower of Tribulations Rank 1
Chapter 79: 7 Ticks
Chapter 80: Origin, Origin
Chapter 81: Origin Returned Qi
Chapter 82: Shocking News
Chapter 83: Inner Sect Trials Part 1
Chapter 84: Inner Sect Trials Part 2
Chapter 85: Inner Sect Trials Part 3
Chapter 86: Light Body Technique, Wind Shadow Steps
Chapter 87: Meteor Fall
Chapter 88: Sect Mission
Chapter 89: Jiang Dahai
Chapter 90: Instant Kill
Chapter 91: Black Wind Bandit Band
Chapter 92: Slaughter
Chapter 93: Formidable Foe
Chapter 94: A Tough Foe to Kill
Chapter 95: Double Success
Chapter 96: Fight Between 3 Clans
Chapter 97: Easily Oppressed
Chapter 98: Defeating Guan Xue
Chapter 99: Sweeping Anyone Below Fifth Level
Chapter 100: The Battle of the Tops
Chapter 101: Achievements
Chapter 102: Onwards to Shouxue Town
Chapter 103: Liao Hailong
Chapter 104: Rich and Dense Qi
Chapter 105: Beast Wave Eruption
Chapter 106: Melee
Chapter 107: Both Ladies in Shock
Chapter 108: Frigid Irony and Scorching Satire
Chapter 109: Heaven Dipper Realm Martial Artis
Chapter 110: Hand Over the Demon Core
Chapter 111: Dominance
Chapter 112: Deterrence of the Strong
Chapter 113: The One Year Promise
Chapter 114: Hidden Blood Body Technique
Chapter 115: Hundred Clan Sword Style
Chapter 116: Sword Inten
Chapter 117: Feng Yun Stage
Chapter 118: Plenty of Criticism
Chapter 119: Qi Burst Pill
Chapter 120: One Arm with One Slash
Chapter 121: Grand Elder Zhao Wujin
Chapter 122: Becoming Inner Sect Prodigy
Chapter 123: Speed Killing
Chapter 124: Zheng Clan
Chapter 125: Mystical Dragon Secret Technique
Chapter 126: Thousand Years Milk Stone
Chapter 127: I’m Going to Kill You
Chapter 128: Drenched with Swea
Chapter 129: The Horror of a Secret Technique
Chapter 130: The Arrogant Ma Clan
Chapter 131: The Meaning of Dominance
Chapter 132: Third Rank of Mystical Dragon Secret Technique
Chapter 133: Mystical Dragon Qi
Chapter 134: So What if it is the Shen Tu Clan
Chapter 135: Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain
Chapter 136: I Am Too Outstanding
Chapter 137: Soaring Cloud Sword Inten
Chapter 138: Sword Intent Again
Chapter 139: Secret Technique Versus Secret Technique
Chapter 140: Sword Demon
Chapter 141: Choosing of Secret Technique
Chapter 142: Scarlet Fire Inten
Chapter 143: Onward to the Hidden Domain
Chapter 144: Prodigies From Each Sec
Chapter 145: Flourishing Tree in the Fores
Chapter 146: Ice Fire Flower
Chapter 147: Chen Shijie, Do You Need Help?
Chapter 148: Three Blades
Chapter 149: Earth Shattering Frui
Chapter 150: Encounter with Blood Sabre
Chapter 151: Astounding Ability
Chapter 152: 8th Level of Origin Realm
Chapter 153: Miserable Liu Wuhuang
Chapter 154: What is Heaven Defying
Chapter 155: Sword Demon Li Fuchen
Chapter 156: Hanging By a Thread
Chapter 157: Repelled
Chapter 158: Core of the Hidden Domain
Chapter 159: 1st Level of Earth Realm
Chapter 160: Encounter Again
Chapter 161: Horrifying Qi Presence
Chapter 162: Seven Colour Glazed Grape
Chapter 163: Rage of the Three Sects
Chapter 164: Sect Origin Swords
Chapter 165: Life Sword Energy
Chapter 166: 10 Million Contribution Points
Chapter 167: Sect Patriarch
Chapter 168: True Inferno Technique
Chapter 169: Returning Home
Chapter 170: The Patriarch Position
Chapter 171: Oppression
Chapter 172: This is Qi Presence
Chapter 173: Killing Towards the Shen Tu Clan
Chapter 174: Shen Tu Lang, Dead
Chapter 175: Dismissing the City Lord
Chapter 176: Xiang Clan Seeking for Forgiveness
Chapter 177: Dominating the Sky Single Handedly
Chapter 178: The Sect Elder Visits
Chapter 179: Pale Blue Soul Spiri
Chapter 180: Extreme Perception
Chapter 181: Ten Sword Intents
Chapter 182: Divine Wind Faction
Chapter 183: Jiang Nuohai
Chapter 184: Devil’s Hand Guild
Chapter 185: Emotionless Sword
Chapter 186: Elder Scorpion
Chapter 187: Hunting the Rankers
Chapter 188: Crisis
Chapter 189: The Great Escape
Chapter 190: Hanging by a Thread, Counterattack
Chapter 191: Patrol Elder
Chapter 192: The Strength of Reincarnation Realm
Chapter 193: Second Floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower
Chapter 194: Devil Break Arrow
Chapter 195: A Rain of Prodigies
Chapter 196: Rose Merchant Guild
Chapter 197: Weapon Shard
Chapter 198: Earth Class Weapon Shard
Chapter 199: Leaves Burrow
Chapter 200: Li Wuxue
Chapter 201: Wanted Situation
Chapter 202: Silver Cloth Sect and Carefree Sec
Chapter 203: An Incomplete Map
Chapter 204: The Inevitable Clash
Chapter 205: Li Fuchen?
Chapter 206: I Shall Kill Whoever Makes Another Move
Chapter 207: The Land of Fog
Chapter 208: The Chaotic Battle at the Entrance of the Tomb
Chapter 209: Defense Inten
Chapter 210: Star Stone and Life Fountain Technique
Chapter 211: Blood Battle
Chapter 212: Desperate
Chapter 213: Inheritance
Chapter 214: Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter
Chapter 215: Demon Spiri
Chapter 216: Breakthrough
Chapter 217: Third Level of Earth Shattering Realm
Chapter 218: Tomb Master?
Chapter 219: Choosing a Host Body
Chapter 220: Reformation of the Consciousness
Chapter 221: A Formidable Consciousness
Chapter 222: Sword Pattern
Chapter 223: Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch
Chapter 224: Black Iron Sword Essence
Chapter 225: Azure Water Sect’s Response
Chapter 226: First Stage of the Star Road
Chapter 227: Surpassing Han Feng
Chapter 228: Monument of Names
Chapter 229: Potential of a King’s Class
Chapter 230: Xiahou Shi
Chapter 231: Star Road Anomaly
Chapter 232: Reincarnation War
Chapter 233: Ranking Number 1
Chapter 234: Unprecedented in History
Chapter 235: The Strongest Anomaly on the Star Road
Chapter 236: Autumn Rain Tea Party
Chapter 237: Xiao Bai Making a Move
Chapter 238: Boasting Shamelessly?
Chapter 239: Face Slapping
Chapter 240: Do You Have Anything Else to Say
Chapter 241: Divine Whip Devil Lady
Chapter 242: Blaze Devil Sword Ar
Chapter 243: Integrity and Honor
Chapter 244: One Against Two
Chapter 245: Xiang Lei
Chapter 246: Mystic Martial Hidden Domain
Chapter 247: Sword Tiger
Chapter 248: Creating a Kill Move
Chapter 249: A Battle Between Sects
Chapter 250: Sword Maniac
Chapter 251: Wolf Sword Kill
Chapter 252: Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye
Chapter 253: Recognized
Chapter 254: Opening of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain
Chapter 255: Restoring the Original Looks
Chapter 256: One Step Faster
Chapter 257: Dragon Class Burst Strength
Chapter 258: The Preeminent Man Opened His Eyes
Chapter 259: The Unyielding Heaven Fiend Sec
Chapter 260: The Great Terror of Life and Death
Chapter 261: Heaven Defying Willpower
Chapter 262: Door of Earth
Chapter 263: Personal Disciple
Chapter 264: The First Mountain
Chapter 265: Earth Class Sword Move
Chapter 266: Second Kill Move
Chapter 267: Challenge
Chapter 268: Third Kill Move
Chapter 269: Blaze Devil Sword Inten
Chapter 270: Gathering of Experts
Chapter 271: Return Back to Sect With an Uproar
Chapter 272: Attempting the Tower of Inheritance Again
Chapter 273: Star Stone Reward
Chapter 274: The Selection Tournament Begins
Chapter 275: Transformation of the Mental State
Chapter 276: Consecutive Victories with Ease
Chapter 277: Dark Horse or King
Chapter 278: Fight Against Sword Maniac
Chapter 279: No.1 Direct Disciple
Chapter 280: 7th Level of Earth Shattering Realm
Chapter 281: Bronze Sword Pattern
Chapter 282: Pure Yang Dipper Qi
Chapter 283: Mt. Star Fate
Chapter 284: Two Young Masters
Chapter 285: Immovable King Star
Chapter 286: Cultivation Difference
Chapter 287: Top Ten Sects
Chapter 288: Imperious Aura
Chapter 289: Ascending the Mountain
Chapter 289: Ascending the Mountain
Chapter 290: Display of Abilities
Chapter 291: Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar
Chapter 292: Contest for the Stone Pillars
Chapter 293: Heaven Dipper Great Array
Chapter 294: Heaven Dipper Battle Qi
Chapter 295: Four Reserves for Elite Prodigies
Chapter 296: Battling Xiahou Shi
Chapter 297: Battle of Elites
Chapter 298: A Single Palm
Chapter 299: Battling Murong Di
Chapter 300: Fought and Won
Chapter 301: Fierce and Forceful
Chapter 302: Battle With Another Young Master
Chapter 303: Hidden Blood Body Technique Inten