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Secret Marriage : Wife Spoiling Husband


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On the day of her marriage, Li Xiaolu was forced to watch her beloved younger sister marry her fiancé.

Betrayed by her love, her family she was killed. However, she is reborn to three years before where it all began. She aims to take her revenge while also fulfilling her dreams at the same time.

Still one day, she falls for her sister“s underhanded schemes ...
《Secret Marriage : Wife Spoiling Husband》 Volume 1
1 Shattered
2 Wedding of the year
3 A slave
4 I beg you....
5 I'll make you pay
6 Disgusted
7 Meeting Yang Mi
8 This is the truth...
9 It's you...
10 She thinks we are a gay couple
11 You want to snatch Li Roulan's role?
12 Get lost from here
13 Bullying an ill patien
14 The audition
15 Getting the role.
16 The Li family's success party
17 I am going to meet my wife
18 Isn't that Li Xiaolu?
19 The drama starts...
20 He is my father...
21 The eldest daughter of the Li family
22 Is that a hickey?
23 You have to be careful...
24 Handsome human being
25 First kiss...
26 Their first meeting....
27 Will you remember me?
28 She has a boyfriend?
29 I just want her to be happy
30 Her saviour
31 Is he a good kisser?
32 Caught in an ambigious position...
33 A compensation?
34 Zhehan is a big time pervert!!
35 Match made in heaven...
36 Afraid to fall in love
37 Change the actor
38 A bastard
39 Isn't he Chen Yufan's boyfriend?
40 Your heartbea
41 Goodnight beautiful
42 Roaming around naked
43 Remember to wait for me
44 Opening ceremony
45 Where is Li Xiaolu?
46 Do you have any proof?
47 The audition tape
48 Is she really a rookie?
49 Li Roulan's elder sister
50 Running towards you
51 Don't want to be a third-wheel on your date
52 Li Roulan's anger
53 A special person in Zhehan's hear
54 She kissed him
55 Who exactly is your girlfriend?
56 We are innocen
57 Are you challenging me?
58 Being a puppe
59 This is just the beginning
60 The four prestigious families
61 The emotion called love
62 I am going to sleep here
63 How will you stop him from loving you?
64 First day at shoo
65 Director Ye's birthday banque
66 Malicious Plan
67 Mastermind behind everything
68 How can it be her?
69 I love you Li Xiaolu
70 Two conditions
71 I'm married
72 Willing to patiently wait for you
73 A fire scene
74 Are you doubting me?
75 Facing her fear
76 Zhang Ziyi
77 Tang Jun I need your help...
78 Don't want to die again...
79 Will you ever love me too?
80 Visiting Li Co-orparation
81 What do you think of this proposal?
82 Then it's a deal
83 Stay in your limits!
84 Is that blood?
85 I am not his girlfriend!
86 That's a suicide mission!
87 You're allergic to seafood?
88 When did I betray you?
89 Dinner with the so called family
90 So you like her?
91 How are you going to keep that promise?
92 Caught red handed
93 Aren't you going to say something father?
94 I will forgive you but on one condition
95 I know you have a boyfriend
96 Still denying the truth
97 Falling deeper into Li Xiaolu's trap
98 Are you really my father, Mr. Li?
99 Cutting ties with the Li family
100 The war has already begun
101 Star gazing
102 Welcoming gif
103 How can you propose someone else?
104 She agreed?
105 In love Mature conten
106 Can't talk to my fiancé like tha
107 Forgetting her lines
108 Matching useless couple
109 Dinner with Zhehan's friends
110 Torture room
111 Conflicted emotions
112 His little wild ca
113 This weird specimen is your future husband!
114 Do you really love me?
115 What do you think of this proposal?
116 Your precious boss had an acciden
117 Please be alright, Zhehan!
118 Encounter with the enemy
119 Scared Li Xiaolu
120 In-laws
121 We were just acting
122 Have I forgotten something?
123 If I kiss him, would you believe me?
124 Steal you away from me?
125 No kissing allowed for two weeks!
126 Hidden enemy
127 Only for you baby
128 Psycho's love letter!
129 Mr. fluffy
130 That guy is pretty heartless
131 Hubby, it's a surprise for you
132 His whole world
133 You become mine; like I was yours
134 Forever till eternity!
135 Wedding nigh
136 I need you my dear husband Mature
137 I am not doing that again! Mature
138 Three reasons
139 Was that all just a dream?
140 I loved you but I couldn't save you
141 Li Xiaolu's plan
142 What! She married?
143 If he's jealous then let him be
144 Last scene
145 I'll never forgive you for this
146 He really forget to give you some good brain?
147 Crazy and a psychotic person
148 Isn't it ironic?
149 Do you like it?
150 The party
151 May I have this dance with you?
152 An immortal couple
153 How dare you touch my wife?
154 Furious Husband
155 Please forgive me
156 His face was almost unrecognizable
157 Meeting Meng Xuimin
158 Kidnapped
159 I have finally found her!
160 Past Memories
161 My little queen
162 Madness
163 Mission Li Xiaolu's hear
164 Hidden guards
165 She owned his life
166 Not your faul
167 Is there something bothering you?
168 Interview - Part I
169 Interview - Part II
170 Interview - Part III
171 Who is Zhehan?
172 Angry Long Xun
173 Zhehan is way smarter than you think
174 Does it ring a bell?
175 A dangerous man
176 Is he really very handsome?
177 Start of a new friendship
178 Complicated
179 Where is she?
180 Can't I kiss my own wife?
181 Xun Lu Corporation
182 Drunk
183 Boss is always righ
184 Dance for me
185 Let's make a baby
186 You are not willing?
187 Please stop crying
188 Gifts
189 Born to be a actress
190 Do you like it?