The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
922 Gu Jingze Said I Will Handle My Own Affairs
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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922 Gu Jingze Said I Will Handle My Own Affairs

In the car, Lin Che said to Gu Jingze, \"Mr. President must be preparing to announce the happy news now. It's been three months.\"

\"Yeah, he should be. That is why we're having a gathering at home so that we can all celebrate.\"

Lin Che and Gu Jingze also prepared a gift for Minmin's child. Seeing that Gu Jingze prepared something rather expensive, Lin Che decided to gift some clothes. She even took Niannian's baby clothes. It was an old wives' tale that a baby would grow healthily by wearing hand-me-downs.

Lin Che also intentionally kept Niannian's old clothes which were all adorable and worn only a few times. She kept them in pristine condition and were brought them with her now.

At the Gu family's home, it was indeed lively.

When Lin Che entered, she saw Yu Minmin who looked rounder sitting there. Gu Jingming had really taken good care of her during this period.

Gu Jingming stood beside her with a hand on her shoulder. When he saw Lin Che and Gu Jingze arrive, he put down his hand.

\"Wow, Minmin! You look great!\" Lin Che said.

Yu Minmin smiled and said, \"You're here! I was wondering when you'd arrive.\"

\"I brought some baby clothes for you. Take a look.\"

\"Really? Let me see.\" Yu Minmin looked at the clothes that Lin Che took out. They were adorable and she quickly accepted them. She said to Lin Che, \"They are so pretty. Did Niannian wear them when he was younger?\"

Lin Che said, \"Yeah, when he wasn't such a troublemaker, he would wear anything I made him wear.\"

Niannian looked at those cute clothes and was speechless.

Lin Che said, \"I even made Niannian wear Yunyun's clothes before and he looked great. He looked like a little girl.\"

Niannian's face darkened.

Lin Che started scrolling through photos on her phone. \"See, see. We took photos of him.\"

Niannian quickly tried to snatch the phone.

\"Mommy! How come I wasn't aware of this?\"

If he had known, he would have definitely deleted them!

Lin Che held her phone up high so that Niannian could not reach it. She grunted at Niannian. \"Hehe. I'm going to treasure this so that when you disobey me in the future, I'll show them to everyone.\"


Niannian jumped with all his might but it was futile.

He could only look at her phone silently. Sooner or later, he would delete those photos! They absolutely must be deleted!

Lin Che had not talked to Yu Minmin in a long time. She had so much she wanted to chat about.

Yu Minmin said, \"I saw the reality show. It's really not bad! You're indeed quite suited for reality shows.\"

\"Alright, alright. It's just to liven the show a little. I don't want to be a comedian…\"

\"Don't worry. After this, you won't have to do other things consecutively. Also, if reality shows do well now, they can go on for years.\"

Lin Che said, \"It's just that Yang Lin is so annoying.\"

\"I don't know where she came from either.\"

\"Exactly, it's so frustrating. Oh right, you must have gotten many gifts for this pregnancy. Hehe. Are you feeling rich yet?\" Lin Che narrowed her eyes and asked.

Yu Minmin replied, \"Relax, I haven't gotten as much as you.\" Her eyes shifted to Gu Jingming.

His status was on the line, so they naturally couldn't accept gifts from outsiders. It was very strict in this aspect. They could only accept gifts from family. If outsiders gave clothes or just well wishes, they could accept them. Anything more expensive and they probably would not.

Lin Che said, \"Okay. It looks like you can't chase wealth and power at the same time. Tsk, tsk.\"

\"Yeah, I'm still going to depend on you guys in the future…\"

\"Really? Then you'd better serve this master of yours well.\" Lin Che raised her chin and looked at her. Then, she exclaimed, \"Oh my, you're going to have a double chin!\"

\"Idiot, don't mention it!\" Yu Minmin covered her face immediately. \"I feel like I can't face anyone now. I'm only three months pregnant and it already feels so fast. What's going to happen in the future?\"

Lin Che said, \"But if you don't puke initially, you might become a little chubby. If you have morning sickness later, you might slim down. However, I believe that Mr. President feeds you so well that you probably won't be able to slim down.\"

\"…\" Yu Minmin looked at her sadly.

Gu Jingming was indeed a little too concerned about her. He would accompany her for all three meals now and take her everywhere he went. All appointments that were far away were pushed back only because he did not want to tire her out. When he met guests in Glazed Tile Palace, she would be at the back resting. When he went out for meetings and work, she would also tag along.

The parliament was also already used to seeing her in the parliament building but Yu Minmin always felt rather embarrassed.

At this moment, Gu Qigang and Mu Wanqing walked in together.

After Lin Che knew about the Black Eagle incident, she always had a weird feeling whenever she saw Gu Qigang.

However, Mu Wanqing indeed smiled more often now. She did not have the heart to disturb them.

Gu Qigang looked at Gu Jingze. \"Jingze, you're here. I heard that you went to M Nation a few days ago.\"

Gu Jingze looked up. \"Yes.\"

Gu Jingming watched from the side. \"Not only did you go there, but I also heard you made quite a name for yourself.\"

Gu Jingze said, \"They were rather arrogant, so I merely gave them a warning.\"

\"Hmph. Be careful not to go overboard and create trouble for yourself.\" A voice could be heard, accompanied by the sound of crutches. Gu Xiande was here.

Beside him were a few seniors of the Gu family. Until now, these relatives were still on his side, insisting on restoring the family's old traditions. However, they were helpless. The head of the family was a different person and Gu Jingze never liked to be controlled.

Gu Jingze turned around. \"You're right, Grandpa, but the Gu family has our own power. When it's time to do something, we shouldn't let others climb over our heads, right?\"

Gu Xiande scoffed and looked at Gu Jingze. \"I'm talking about the Yun family. I am aware that when you were there, you didn't acknowledge the Yun family at all. I'm warning you not to fall out with the Yun family. If that happens, I'll see how you can still hold power in M Nation. If the Yun family teams up with M Nation to fight against our family, will you be able to fend them off?\"

Gu Jingze stood proudly and unwavering. He looked plainly at Gu Xiande. \"Grandfather, since I can do what I did, I can definitely fend them off as well.\"

\"Very well. I'll wait and see how you're going to do that.\" Gu Xiande scoffed and went inside. He glanced at Lin Che but did not say a word.

Gu Qigang watched and shook his head. He walked to Gu Jingze and said, \"Alright, it's time to eat. Oh right, I have something to ask you.\"

Gu Jingze looked deeply at Gu Qigang. His eyes moved quietly before he nodded. \"Okay.\"

Outside in the garden.

Gu Qigang let the attendant retreat.

Then, he looked at Gu Jingze, \"Any updates on the thing I asked you to investigate?\"


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