2 Part 2: Emotions and Detective
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Author :donirfan
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2 Part 2: Emotions and Detective

I have been thinking for a while now that why I was born in this world, do I have any reason to be alive or is there anything that is meant for me to go on a quest to get that but I have trouble in finding that answer I don't know yet. I wonder does anyone know in this world?

and what if that person's mind turning crazy is mostly happen when the person loses his love or at least someone important in his life but it doesn't mean they are dead it does mean they are changed in some way. he turns to the dark side unable to think clearly and

his soul shouts:

"I don't want you to hate me but I don't want you to leave me behind either

thanks for ignoring me when I need you the most

you don't know how much it hurts

all that left is the loneliness don't cry didn't I tell you to kill your emotions

I am just making the same mistake I will get hurt by trusting again

I am tired of fighting a losing war

I was always alone before and now back I am alone again now,"

I think maybe you are living because you will find another reason to live, maybe in some form may be in your family someone can inspire you or force you to get your life together there is always someone who wishes you to be happy.

Well i heard this alot that really good guys don't have girlfriends , yeah they are friend zoned a lot and for very simple reason that is that they don't want to lose the friendship they have and then what about the other guy/girl who is loving you whose watching you with other people what are and will his emotion anger, hurt, loneliness ever single emotion is a mess .

Now, peoples, emotion are one thing

there some other things too that surprise person.

well, some most common things you know them like,

why don't birds fall off the tree when they sleep? I wonder have you ever tried sleeping on a tree.

and when they say dog food is new and improved who tastes it? I read that somewhere man tastes them and check the quality.

this one sure you may have heard " money doesn't grow on trees" didn't you?

well if money doesn't grow on trees then why do bank have branches? why? do anyone know.

if confusion is first stepped to knowledge then I am already a genius right hahaha we get confused a lot in our daily life.

you live out the confusion until they become clear right.

just try to solve these

"four men were fishing in the boat on a lake. the boat turned over and all four men sank into the bottom of the lake. but not one single man got wet. how can this be?"

and there are another let's try to solve some case time to be Sherlock homes oh I guess it is pretty easy for him to solve because he is the greatest and I am one of the fans of his books are written by Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle.

so solve this

a man found murdered on Sunday morning. his wife calls the police, who questions the wife and staff and are given the following alibis: the wife says she was sleeping, the butler was cleaning the closet, the gardener was picking up vegetables, the maid was getting to the mall and the cook was preparing breakfast. the police immediately catch the murderer

the question is who did it? and how did the police know?

Go on solve those and thanks for the reading guys


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